Intermission with Rosemary’s Baby 🍼


All the fits that’s news. By : Douglas Winston Adams Lennon. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Le Beaubourg… Ewe cocksuckers are going to like the Güey you look, —Eye Guarantees, IT!


Is America a cult?

— Only the Fire Woman 👠 part, it’s a “relativa³” de Marianne, a French floosy who makes the new Balompie Champions of The World look like las guardianas de la veladora de la castidad en el Toledo de un S-Mart. One Schokolate-au-lait, S.V.P. 💃🏿

Previously on Special Delivery for El Museo de La Lucha Libre en la hora feliz. It’s Quetzalcoatl.

³~. Tin-Tânīsmö del Anglosajón, relative, a kin to someone, pues.

Note to non-readers, las micheladas corren por cortesía de  Huitzitl, y la cuenta de Xóchitl en el Electrik Cue.

Katty Kay narrates. And Katty Kay, this is Julio Guernacas cue to whip-out his copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Samalayuca! Es más, Dan, a feeling.

By Joe Scarborough.

Answer: yes it is. But it’s a good cult, period!


After the break, it’s Florida Politics… who gives a fuck, in México, we are burning books, just like communists warned about fascists.

For context, math errors on school books is no reason to burn books, that is what a shredder is for, because as the IMER morning edition chiapaneco says, “where books burn, people often follow”. And if you are from Aguascalientes, would it make the Archbishop there feel better if instead of a penis, a fucking banana was used to show your future SICARIOS how to wrap their Johnson?

She’ll start gushin’, period!


It’s strategic not religious

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