Who wore it best* — Paris Fashion Week

*~. Katty Kay did, but Mika made that pole 💈 look sexy as hell. It’s strip tease at The Karaoke Bar next to Mika Brzezinski’s Penthouse on Third Rock.

Dyerville para Chile and chile for your CORN…
𝄆 Mariposas amarillas, Mauricio Babilonia snippet 𝄟 comes courtesy of Indian poet, Varghese Kuncheria³.


³~. https ://www .poetrysoup .com /poem/im_a_timid_butterfly _1286613 in:
Butterfly Child Abuse Poems

And, Cousin Joe, I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name called 🏞️ ATLAS RANGE 🏜️


For A Few Dollars More… Penthouse Stories now with music by Maricones 🤠

Claudia Sheinbaum sings all the whacked themes of Houston’s crack House… that’s her prerogative.


🕯️… must be the lighting.

Most beautiful lighting, —in°deed. And it’s all because of them 9th month abortions in East Rutherford, New Jersey… JET!


Any how, with September 11 out of the frame let U.S. re-focus on the one thing that Eye has no control of, and that off-Course, is Stanley Kubrick and the musical Morricone-es-es who closed their jeepers Wide Open during the orgy scene at Victor Hugo’s miserable abode on the north eastern corner of Place des Vosges, and if your name is Professor Johanne Grazia Poisson, well then you might remember what an unhinged Ferrari door-job looks like, of


what a classic Jaguar suspension lift feels, —when you are down and out on the periphery of La Bastille.

Répétition to the left followed by Sandwich 🥪 a la tetona.

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