Nation Restructuring v2.0 — La Concha de Tu Madre, part deux

Efeméride: 10 de diciembre, 1948; los franceces re inventan el derecho de Ser y Estar… y por eso la Asamblea General de la ONU aprueba en París la Declaración de los Derechos Humanos.

Uso justo de todos los Magnums reportando Sin Fronteras… contexto sobre Los Años de México en Francia y las mafias que adentro de ese entorno se acomodan, a seguir. TimeStamp:23h00 CET

ISSY; a phonetic play on words on the Spanish language translation of the affirmative: Oui, via Les–Moulineaux •—• y por eso •—• We [the staff] chose this double-entendre for at least one of several reasons, but mainly because as DESTINY, KARMA, and FATE would have it: ISSY–Crossed–Our–PATH.

Image courtesy of my Favorite Jewish Cunt. •—_!_—•  Sarah, you make me wanna love New Hampshire, and i ain’t never even been there… atte. la redacción.

and we shit-you-not, Sarah, most-if-not all of these reasons FALL within a three mile radius of the exceptionally mapped* Equinox, a dive that every 15th of September becomes ground zero for the yearly Mexican Independence ball in Paris and where all the little Mexican mafias go and gather to echo the Mexican ambassador’s shout-outs in honor of the INSURGENTS that gave my parental units Great-Great-Great-Grand–Parents what we —the current Mexican generations— think that it is Patria, which has the same roots as the word Patriot, but has nothing to do with the concept of Motherland, which is more kin to the love of the land and its natural resources, than it is to the love of  Flag and Country, which is reminiscent of the Fatherlands of yesteryears.

Context to follow…

Anygüey, Sarah, in that respect what my aunts, uncles and cousins south of the Rio Grande, think that it is a sovereign land; en la realidad, is nothing short of a Banana Republic… right, Gustavo?

Which brings us [the staff] to the following, we are willing to bet Gustavo’s caboose that if you are still reading this, then you are probably wondering WTF does this information have to do with our 2nd favorite jewish person? And we [the staff] would answer: nothing. Not a God Damn Thing, because we [the staff] were referring to Chayes, as in the leading expert on world-wide corruption—Sarah Chayes, and not our 3rd favorite Alpha Cunt: Sarah Silverman […Silverman’s words, not ours] but regardless of that, we [the staff] noticed that Laughter’s Mom sure is able to shape them obscene fingers of hers (again, Silverman’s observation, not ours) into a mean subliminal Nº 3, disguised —no less— as a Número Uno.

In Europe it’s already Carlos Gardel‘s Birthday, but in Tijuana it’s still the tenth: Timestamp—02h00 CET

Contexto del Bufón de la Televicracia a seguir: Licenciado Brozo… chingas a tu madre. ¡SALUDOS! y prestame una feria para no tener que ir a  venderle mi ALMA a InteeMercado.

Anygüey, we [the staff] invoked Dr. Chayes because we brought about the topographical trivia surrounding the Equinox in Paris and its relation to the little mafias** or “Amigos of México in Francia.”

en el cuadro de espaldas, y en el marco, arriba de Solárzano, a un lado de “El Chompiras” y “La Chimoltrufia” el escritor y periodista, René Avilés Fabila, quién asegura que en México las mafias grandotas [culturalmente hablando] ya dejaron de existir; palabras más o palabras menos según Avilés, las mafias de Octavio Paz, las de Carlos Fuentes, las de Monsivais murieron cuando murió el autor de “El Castillo de Cristal” obra que a lo mejor fue inspirada por los corridos norteños de la década de los 90’s en Ciudad Juárez

But speaking of mafias** on a day like today, but in many different years, a bunch of Nobel Prizes for Literature found a mantle in many different famous homes, one of these shelves included la Casa de Paz, Octavio [one-each] for a piece of work that for our taste is right there next to, “Los Hijos de Sánchez”… dicho de otra manera, PORNO PARA LA ARISTOCRACIA representada por los dos monos de pie y las dos monas sentadas a quienes Cartier-Bresson capturó infraganti en el México de 1953; página 76, en Reporters Sans Frontières yearly fund raiser catalogue of 1999, featuring Henri Cartier-Bresson.


* We [the staff] call that quadrant exceptional because in so far as the 20 Parisian arrondissements, which are perfectly fitted into a Snail-Shaped figure these are also delimited by “Le Periph Interior,” which has its vehicular flow orbit the outer arrondissements clockwise. In this sense everything to the right of the interior “Freeway” is considered part of the  jurisdiction of The City of Paris; whereas, everything that is to the left of “Le Periph Exterior,” which circles in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) is consider part of the suburbs of the French Capital… o como dicen allá en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: parte del catastro de  LA PERIFERIA.

Las fuentes, dignas de doña Vilma:

1. “UNIVERSAL” Mr. Macron, includes Jupiter, as in: YOU too are to be accountable, regardless of Special Institutionalized Oversights and outreaches .

2. … RSF…

Sarah’s “Slow Motion Nightmares”


So, Rachel, we [the staff] recently learned from a redditor called “Thecoller,” what a slashed “s” (/s) stands for, we did so after reading an incendiary comment that was posted on the comment section
of an NPR story that covered one of the many American issues that really tick-us–off; so there… it’s a good thing that our Rotulista Extraordinaire, “Sego Arma” took his chill pills on that particular day, and only wrote two paragraphs, as a response and not his usual scroll… /s.

Entonces pues, doña Sarah (Chayes) we [the staff] would like to segue into today’s entry by probably anticipating what the “geniuses” [/s] at Morning Joe are going to say about our continuing follow-through of those —your—recurring “Slow-Motion Nightmares” that have been unfolding since January 20th of this, our Chinese Year of The Rooster and, its similarities with many backwards countries forms of Corruption and Institutionalized Graft, which according to you —Ma’am— “it’s SO Familiar from HONDURAS, from Azerbaïjan, [and] from Afghanistan“.

Our educated anticipation [/s]… tells us that given the upcoming Alabama Governor’s Mansion race, Cousin Joe is going to say that Now is Not the Time to question him about that iPhone X, and neither is it the moment to bring back the folly of the 2009 U.S. Backed Coup in Honduras, against President Zelaya’s pajamas.

Foto cortesía de La Jornada [de] Mme. Secretary Rodham-Clinton… en el 2009.

To which we [the staff] would answer to Willie Geist, that we actually wanted to re-take this angle about recurring Slow-Motion Nightmares —particulary South of Tijuana— because [Dr. Chayes] during your brief conversation with Dr. Maddow (October 20th, 2007, TRMS) you explained to Maddow’s audience how the banking scheme in Azerbaïjan is spearheaded by the “president’s” immediate relatives; and, how in Afghanistan the government backed construction industry is colluded with opium drug lords who also control the Portland Cement distribution racket industry, however; Dr. Chayes, will you deny that during that Voice of America segment on The Rachel Maddow Show you forgot to bring out the corrupting variable —that is So Familiar [/s]— with latin American elections since the days that .: Benjamin Franklin :. was flying kites during his “Missionary Work” [/s] —in France… which brings us to a lighting round of our Daily Double Jeopardy segment of… Of Course You Know That It Was The French Who Invented…

– – Your Categories Are:
• French Legacies
• French Patrimonies
•French Glory

– – FOR $5000, which of the French King’s is Responsible for the portrait on the Federal Reserve’s  $100 Bill 

-Contestant presses the annoying buzzard button, and hurries his answer:

— The Martyr King of L’Ancien Regime

-Alejandro Trebek responds:

– – Can you phrase your response in the form of a question?

-Contestant, Armando Álvarez responds:

— “Who is The Martyr King of L’Ancien Régime, King Louie XVI?

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, pending what the other Sarah, of our Dreams, Silverman has to say on tomorrow’s show we [the staff] would like to take this opportunity and try to “fill in the blanks” of that particular Honduras void that you left empty during your Raquelito interview… AMAZING C.V. that follows you, by-the-way [/respect].

Yes we know that given Trump’s crumbling presidency, it’s not “kosher” to talk bad about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in the Zelaya’s pajamas affair, but you know what, Dr. Chayes, We The Staff Did TAKE A LEFT IN ALBUQUERQUE during the Bernie Sanders run, and as a matter of fact, world events don’t just stop because The United States of America is having an Emotional Meltdown, geo politically speaking, —of course… “¡HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!” And, Merry X–Mas, Revolution!


https ://www .reddit .com/r/mexico/comments/7gdvdm/mexico_struggles_to_integrate_foreign_students

Sarah Chayes on TRMS:

In Search of Diderot – a “Second Paraghraph*” for Rachel

For Your Consideration: dear, Rachel.

Meet Prof. Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés

Per vostra considerazione: cara Raquelinna, si prega di essere consapevole del fatto che a causa della situazione molto particolare con l’affare coregone “PesceBianco”, noi [il personale] sarà salto di frequenza (frequency hopping) tra le voci di oggi e di ieri Blog, questo ricorso è al fine di consegnare a voi un “secondo Paragrafo* “, Ciao, bella. <•~~-{ Translation courtesy of the FAO. }-~~•>  Context follows.

… people Who Know, know That Pedro knows a thing or two, about the dangers of a:

Triple “T” diet

Anne Applebaum, author of “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine”, appears courtesy of Cousin Pepino y ‘los’ msnbc’s de La Piazza Rockefeller en Nueva Yo’l; and from Just-in-Time Anecdotes—Just in time anecdotes is a subsidiary of SERENDIPITOUS Publishing & Randomly Clearing House. <•~~-{ Dear, Cousin Joe… “For fresh opinions, sharp analysis and powerful essays,” please quit being a “liddle” Stalin… ay-ay-ay… one more again: please quit your “liddle” Stallin’ around,  and send over that dang’on iPhone [X]. }-~~•>

TimeStamp: the top of Cousin Joe’s last segmented hour. 14h45 CET

The top section of the Sand Glass is empty; it’s time for a new hour, join us as we [the staff] flip the old clock and watch “liddle” granules reveal a tale.

¡No se vaya!, porque al regresar, sigue: Verificadores de la historia: una mirada al régimen de Giussepe “mano dura” Stalin, y a la presidencia de Donato “paperino” Trump.

TimeStamp follows: 21h12

A warning from ’65.. Las quesadillas, Amigo, llevan queso.

Context follows, in the mean time, please refer to référence numéro 6 on yesterday’s posting of this little fucking blog that The Devil doesn’t read. }-~~•> Fair Use of Paul Harvey: The Voice of America. Vía YouTube.

The world is like a Tortilla productions presents:
The Sources…
Starring Liam Neeson

Cousin Joe: vodka is fine, but Whisky is chiller! Take it from a guy who’s been to Scotland. — fair use of Cousin Joe and Game Three of the “World” Series…. GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

In Search of Diderot – Well, Rachel…

We [the staff] have never been to Anchorage, but we kind of like the halibut. Say the ladies all cook it well there, and they sure know how to serve it*.

Halibut, it sure is our 2nd favorite Whitefish, next to the poorman’s lobster: the Monkfish.

It had to be you

… Context on the Whitefish kickback to follow; intermittent connectivity and treacherous conditions are straining the flow of this transmission. During this difficult trial we ask that you please wait for the TimeStamp before assuming that a sentence is complete. Por ejemplo, Raquelito: TimeStamp: 0800 hours CET.

The Voice of America… en Francés

Hey there, Rachel, you’re old enough to remember this classic scene; you must however, read it in a Cheech Marín, voice: 🎤 Mexican Americans—love education, so they go to night school, and they take Spanish—and get “B”… “It’s like a protest tune.” [2]. As a product of both the Mexican grade school system, and of one of the many–many–many independent (High School) districts in the Great State of California, i always found that entire scene funny —if not hillarious, and mostly because of how crisp and true it rang to all my fellow Chelas, and Chanos, sitting in High School next to me. Language barriers from English to Spanish were always a riot; not so much the other way around when the Sand Glass was flipped, because  getting lost in translation from Latin American to White Anglo Saxon Politics was a diferent kind of riot, one with no punchlines, but rather punches for every point grounded in facts. From fellow students, to American History teachers, and of course my counselor: Uncle Sam’s America was always right, “here’s your “D” in American History.” Next year you are enrolled in “Home Ed” class. The note had to be signed by the “parental units,” i received the barely passing grade not for lack of knowledge (if i remember well) but for lack of attention and for disturbing the class… it was sometime between 1986 to ’89; Gibson hit one of the greatests home runs in “World” Series History, and yours truly was already soaked in testimonials and first person anecdotes about what went on in a ranch called Bufalo; but most important about the tales of the man who took down FBI agent Enrique Camarena… on the Billboard charts Point Dexter was feeling “hot-hot-hot,” just as Oliver North was raising his right hand in front of the Senate in order to justify “the gipper’s” Iran Contra “Gun Walking” program.  Fucking Nancy was giving major Shade To Her Former Friend Rock Hudson: SHE JUST SAID NO to him when a Parisian hospital called to secure Ronnie’s support: REPUBLICAN COMPASION AT ITS Best! Oh, Isaac, those were the days my friend; those Were the days, Right, Sarah? —•¡•— TimeStamp: 14hoo on CET, piggybacking on the KasieDC time slot.  Kasie, please don’t make fun (anymore) of that “dedicated follower of fashion” Donnie Deutsch… 🎵 “Oh yes he is—oh yes he is…”

Dear Rachel, thanks for not reading us. It really boosts our Morales, y como todos en Tijuana lo saben, eso es Terrible; anygüey Raquel, as we shadow-box with the News of the day we [the staff] cannot tell if you can spot the parallels between the ambush of the four G.I.’s in Niger, and the “Gun Walking Policies” (just [1] example) of how strategic U.S. Foreign Policy compromises American National Security in the first place … hold that thought, we see a blackout aproaching. TimeStamp: 1000 hours CET.

Two X-mas’ ago we [the staff] received a multimedia box set about “The Salt of The Earth,” or something like that. We never found the time to watch it (a second time) so the gift just sat there; waitng for someone to put it on the disk drive and hit the playback mode.  •—¡—•.  EFEMERIDE IMPROVISADA… fue PRECISAMENTE en un día como ayer, pero de 1945, cuando La Carta de Las Naciones Unidas entró en efecto, la organización de Países Alineados después de la 2da Guerra Mundial tenía … perdón tiene, sigue teniendo la esperanza de que todo el mundo algún día cante al unísono, la canción de Disneylandia: “It’s A Small World After All.”  [3]  .•—!—•.  Let’s take this last theme song sentence up a notch, shall we? According to Sarah Chayes, a leading authority in the field of corruption, according to TRMS, and her work (Sarah’s not Rachel’s) in Afghanistan, “people subjected to systematic corruption react  by going to extremes.” TRMS 23/Oct/2017. [1].  If we heard right, Chayes attributes the success of the Boko Haram affiliate ambush in Niger as a territorial consequence, rather than an ideological inspired attack… i once had the very brief opportunity of exchanging “off the record” comments with a Food an Agriculture U.N. oficial, it was around the time when the current Mexican Secretary of the National Sports Commision, el licenciado Alfredo Castillo, was charged with disbanding the “auto defensas” in the Tierra Caliente  of the State of Michoacán…. Hold that thought, right now we have to ‘race like a pissed horse’ and another blackout is headed to our parade. •—¡—• TimeStamp: 19h30 CET.


P.S. Dear Eric Holder, i have never been to Alaska; and you sure sound different as a private citizen, i take back the “Motherfucker” that i tagged you with [Sir] on a different post; until you go ahead with your decision to run for The Office. [Context follows].

* Based on a true Three Dog Night corrido en Inglés.

1 Maddow, R., “TRUMP FLOUTING NORMS RISK VENAL TURN IN US [sic]”, via: Now then, Rachel, with regards to Sarah Chayes commentary about the report by Voice Of America (on its French language station), it turns out that one “liddle” piggy was sleep at the wheel, while the other “liddle” piggy (according to Politico [dot] com 19/9/2017) was having too much CRISPY SESAME beef with Donald Trump… (Please use a Bugs Bunny WWII correspondant voice when reading this reference).

“It turns out that this village was a << liddle >> contaminated by hostile forces… the unit stayed a << liddle >> longer than expected because, apparently people were aware that something [fishy, perhaps?] was going on.” }-~~•> Excerpt was piggybacked from a segment of the TRMS aired on Monday the 23rd of October, the link to that clip is hyperlinked in “Thing 2” below…  the segment was the prelude to Eric Holder expert opinion on the relationship between the current Attornney Gral. of “King” Donald the boar, first of his name, and The White House.

2 Voice of America en Francés; fast forward to 6m12sec to skip to this particular context:

… Did you know that it was the French who invented the Voice Of America? That’s why the Frogs are our first ally… “and now you know, the rest of the story.”  —_~.  Fair use of AFN and Paul Harvey..

3. Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite per l’alimentazione e l’agricoltura, Internationale Atomenergie-Organisation, Internationale Fernmeldeunion, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, the Unesco (except in the U.S. Of A. and the Tribe of Israel), Union postale universelle, et. al

Ensalada de maracas… entonando el átun (o las tuna’s en Inglés) allí mero por La Défense—Uso justo de Las Naciones Unidas y Direct Matin •—_—•. Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017; copyleft. •—•.  TimeStamp: 18h30 CET

4 “And now, Page Two“… please read this reference in Paul Harvey’s voice, “Good day!”

Image courtesy of Radio France International, en Anglais, et certainement sans doute, avec la conscription du CNEWS Matin… remember, folks, when participating in “FreeStyle Hoboing” there is no better cushion for your cardboard mattress than good’ol crumpled up CNEWS direct Matin’s. The more in-your-face advertising that they use to cover the front page of each edition, the better it is for us [the staff]… o como dice el Pinche Brozo: porque CNEWS direct Matin tiene patrocinador, nosotros podemos dormir más calientitos y mejor! Ria_Ta-Ta—TEN-ga.

If i were the Devil, i’d buy a cover page @ Direct Matin:

5 Pinche Politico, try a fucking salad instead… might we suggest a “French version” of the Mexican Maracas Salad, ingredients include: Minced Tuna and Red Beans; and let me tell you, Schumie: de que  con el [Heavy] Nopal en la frente, y un gusto en particular por toda clase de frijoles en el mercado internacionalista, we [the staff] don’t mind the stereotype, because WE love Chech & Chong!


6 “If I were the Devil”… i’d probably invent the “Quesadillas Sin Queso“:

Dedicada a todos los chilangos huapangueros de Tamaulipas… “Mi ciudad”… versión “Heavy Nopal”. 🎵 Cabalgo sobre sueños…

http ://kiosque .cnewsmatin .fr/Pdf .aspx?edition=NEP&date=20171023

7 Blueberry note:

8 “No tengo tiempo de cambiar mi vida”, en la voz del Sol mexicano de Italia:

… De pronto FLASH!

En busca de Diderot episode X – Madame de Pompadour; bottom of the 3rd: eschatological masturbation.

¡Hay SaraƧ como las quiero!“… y Juanita de mi 💔 a ti también!

Episode two… check your local internet provider’s listings for showtimes and availability…. Uso justo de IMbD.

Lo bueno de este blog, es de que el Dr. (Ph.D) Fernando Buen Abadlo va a ignorar [2], pero no importa, Madre de Todas las Risas, porque sin ti [Sarah (1)] Benicio del Toro, Rafael Caro Quintero [3] no podría soltar una carcajada, —con lo que hoy pasa por noticiaen el mundo de Sean Penn.

La popo en tiempos de Enrique. Fair use of La Jornada.

A propósito, el primer actor, Eric del Castillo, (que en paz descanse), pobre señor, resultó que sufrió otro ataque al corazón (¿asté cree? pobtecito señor como sufrió) tras recibir la noticia en estos Últimos Días de las jornadas de doña Kate… “de mi corazón”, dijo El Chapo cuando ella (la hija del Castillo) andaba de “narco-periodista” con el Pen…Eh, what’s up, Sean?Más información sobre el infarto del pobre de don Eric en la sección del bebe-leche con Carlos Loret-de-Mola… neta que ni “La Guzmán,” en sus tiempos —de Pandora— hizo sufrir tanto así a su papá, el señor César Costa… ¡Chihuahua, Enrique! Así no se puede.

… Toda persona iniciada en la grilla mexicana sabe que ya pasadas las campañas y consumada la Elección Presidencial, el dedo sirve nada más para repartir el  átole al pueblo.

Dear Sarah Chayes*, please stand by for our capsulated commentary about your interview on The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS) via Cousin Joe’s, msnbc’s. De cualquier manera, Sarah Chayes*, sirva esto como un abono a la introducción del concepto mexicano de “el dedo” en la grilla nacional. 

Still to come, former Attorney General sits with Raquelito for “the interview.” Tomorrow at 9pm Eastern Standard Time, on the ‘msnbc’s.

Fuentes fidedignas (we hope):

1 Sara-Sara-Sarah_rah_rah—rah:

… para salir de la cárcel en México se necesita tener uno de estos atributos: ser hermano del presidente, tener mucho dinero (licito o ilícito) o tener la nacionalidad francesa en tiempos de acuerdos económicos y estratégicos bi-nacionales

https ://m .youtube .com/watch?v=Sd3nzBwbDB4    Sara.

2 Fernando Buen Abad:

Diciembre del 2011, año del odio en la campaña electoral mexicana. Aquí, Buen Dr., mis observaciones a lo que pasó por esos días. •—•  Resulta, Doc, que exhausto de navegar al margen de Los Amigos por La Paz, los #YS132, Los Indignados,  y de los Zapatistas de París, pues yo por aquellos días comencé a buscar nuevos horizontes y fui a dar a Radio La Nueva Republica, buscaba —se pude decir— un díalogo para entender mejor esa marea de movimientos que todavía andaba con el vuelo de La Prmavera Arabe y el Movimiento de Los Indignados de España. Entonces, Doc, yo me enfoqué todos los días en un programa que se llamó El Alternativo, con Jorge Saldaña.  Me propusé escuchar y llevar un archivo de los temas y las reflexiones del Sr. Saldaña (Q.E.P.D.) para mejor complementar mi labor de campo (SHOE LEATHER REPORTING / REPORTERO DE A PIE) hasta que llegará el desenlace de los comicios a mitad de año en el 2012, y pasar a la segunda fase de mi investigación; la relación Francia-Mexico con dos nuevos presidentes, (para Mayo del 2012 Hollande ya esperaba a Peña Nieto… Véase: LA MANO DE BERNARDO GÓMEZ). Entonces, Doc, para dar ese brinco, pues me era lógico establecer contacto con ese programa de su Amigo, Jorge Saldaña, y pues eso se dió a  través de correos electrónicos y el “chat” de la página web de esa radio por Internet. En esos primeros SIETE meses—contacto logré tener—pero nunca del mono principal, don Jorge. Mi alcance nunca fue anónimo ni chueco (es decir usando un alias o un “nombre de usuario”), es más aparte de dar mi nombre completo en cada correo y sesión de chat expliqué mi razon de estar “importunándolos” con preguntas que francamente los ponían incomodos, como fue el caso de la FOTO QUE YO PUBLIQUÉ antes de OCTUBRE DE 2014 cuando un Zapatista y una activista del #YS132 me calumniaron y pusieron su “dedo” en la Prefectura de París, con el fin de que mi Visado Profesional me fuese revocado (Véase: Octubre Tenía Que Ser). •—• Y por ser abierto, directo y crítico me gané el desprecio y la rabia (así con esos descriptores) de todos y cada uno de los representantes de asociaciones y movimientos políticamente comprometidos con los paises de habla Hispana; de allí, por conducto de las redes profesionales (la academia, los medios, La IGLESIA GUADALUPANA, y los gremios de la cultura y arte en  París) se procedío a darme un trato hiper-irónico (en Brookyn a eso le dicen Shade)  sin ir más a fondo, mi desinterés por agarrar un puesto en x movimiento, y mi línea de preguntas, como por ejemplo: ¿porqué se apagó la protesta mexicana a partir del verano de 2013, y en revancha (como dicen los franceces) aumentaron los rostros de “rijosos” en eventos con centavos de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores?… en fin, Doc,  GRAN ERROR de mi parte, porque la cabina virtual (desde aquél mes de diciembre del 2011), tenía  contactos directos con los militantes de Morena, o mismo con los de Don Javier Sicilia en el Instituto Cervantes, con los #YS132 y, hasta con los Zapatistas que radicán aquí en Paris, y pues, Dr. Buen Abad (la juventud Bolivariana en París —coordinada por un mexicano) no me dejaría mentir cuando le digo que mi trabajo de investigación, les cayó como piedra en sus zapatos. •—•  Lo primero que yo recibí fue un “pinche pocho”, “espurio”, “gringo”, “espía”  (por el pecado de ser un veterano de guerra estadounidense), en fin, Dr. Buen Abad, todo eso y más me escupierón—ni pensar en lo que a mis espaldas tramaron en mi contra  por andar “de fisgón” preguntando sobre la corrupción mexicana  SIN EL Visto Bueno (VoBo) del comité de censura que durante el 2011 y 2012 se reunian antes de cada manifestación para decidir quién entrabá y quién no; allí se aglomeraba El Frente Amplio Mexicano, Los Amigos por La Paz, Morena Francia y lo que llegaría a ser la Asociación Gilberto Bosques en París, y por supuesto —ya en el terreno de batalla— el Frente latinoaméricano del Sr. Melénchon (hoy bajo la bandera de La Francia Insumisa) … véase el historial en este blog sobre Víctor Quintana, y el de los militantes de los comité ya mencionados  en este recuadro para que se de usted cuenta, Doctor, en dónde terminaron militando algunas de esas almas puras y cándidas de la Izquierda y de los pueblos autóctonos latinoaméricanos: en  el caso mexicano se saltaron con su caballo a las casillas de ACCIÓN NACIONAL,  o como representantes culturales de la Embajada Mexicana en Francia, orquestrada por El PRI (“con pagos en especie y mochadas baila El Perro, y Las Perras se mueven hasta mejor”)… en fin Dr. Buen Abad, hoy me puedo dar el lujo de lanzar ese dicho que se escuchaba mejor en la voz de Saldaña, porque SEIS AÑOS después de haberme “auto comisionado” un reportaje entre sexenios mexicanos, y llevando una bitácora de quién es quién en situaciones donde ante la vista de todos se le besa la mano al Buen Pastor , y cuando andan por debajo del radar se le da un beso francés al culo del diablo—hoy yo sé en dónde quedarón acomodadas las fichas, y en cuáles  casillas militán los peones. •—•. En fin, Doc, la cosa fue de  que en una de esas emisiones de diciembre del 2011 usted anunció un evento para discutir —en el mes de febrero 2012, aquí en París— la expansión de la CELAC como contra respuesta al FMI y el Banco Mundial; la cabina virtual de don Jorge, me pasó su correo electrónico, yo me puse en contacto con usted, usted respondió, yo retroalimenté— y luego pasó lo mismo que con el Dr (Ph.D.) John Mill Ackerman

3 Rafael Caro Quintero:

Las expresiones de Rafael Caro Quintero, perdón; LAS EXPRESIONES DEL GUIÓN DE Benicio del Toro SON NADA MÂS DE LOS PRODUCTORES Hollywoodenses para complementar la política de George Bush (part one)… Señoras y señores: a los grandes capos (licitos o ilícitos) les importa una Gran Chingada el país y sus mexicanos. Viva México. •—•. La imagen es cortesía de Tom Brokaw… Sir; more context for you follows, my maquila buddy was on vacation and i could not verify what you told Cousin Joe about the ROWS and ROWS of living quarters (much like the ones i saw in South Korea) for their line-operators IN CIUDAD JUÁREZ…Please keep your squelch-on.

Again, the expressions on this frame for our taste are wrong… the phrasing should be: wish to learn everything about you.


4 Maddow, R., “The Interview; 10/20/2017.” Expert sees risk of corruption in Trump foreign government deals; via, The Rachel Maddow Show and msnbc:

Ma’am, do you think i could persuade you into letting us [the staff] know if you left journalism, or if  journalism leave you? It’s important to know.

Fuentes del Bebe-Leche, con Carlos Loret de Mola:


1 La jornada de doña Kate con Sean Penn:

Eschatological masturbation… via IMdB:

Rocha… No need to hide it.

Fisgón… Electoral College? We [Mexicans] don’t need no stinking Electoral College!

4 Juanita… 12’26”. Simplemente:

JUANITA! Huanita!… Hey, pinche lora: Rockdrigo me texteo, dice que acribillaste su rola del metro balderas. De cualquier manera; que chinguen a su madre los de Molotov—y el TRI también.

 Lo bueno de este blog… Es de que Sarah Chayes* no lo va a tomar en cuenta.

Previously on In Search for Diderot, and  with regards to kleptocratic rule threatning the Real American Way of life:

organizeg politics on the other hand, can convince Walmart® shoppers to vote for Donald Trump with the use of a little stupid red hat…

Weekend Edition — TV/Stream Guide

Going on right now at the /r/Please Take My Money sub reddit, it’s time for the yearly Elmer’s Horologe Time Pieces 48-hour-watch Blowout Sale. GOOOOO, DODGERS!

Everything in the studio (excuse us) Everything in the warehouse must go, including our Trickle–Down Marine Sand Glass collection, and our exclusive North Korean Doom’s Day atomic (knock-off) clocks.

[General Kelly image follows…]

Shop within the next 15 minutes and receive a complimentary limited edition Trump Tower nuclear pocket “gremlin” watch.

Eh, watcha doin’ Doc?
— I am fixed on making this bomb blow up, one sledge hammering tweet at a time…  Merrie Melodies still courtesy of the Interwebs… and: A Fallin Hare.  —_—. Uso justo de todas las liebres.

Choose from a wide selection of Cookoo and Grandfather clocks, including the “too big to fail Stock-voodoo clock,” made of 100% Canadian Maplewood from our Ottawa Commodities subsidiary, which we ship directly to your doorsteps via our global shipping partners, listed of course, on the New York and the prestigious, Toronto Stock Exchange.

Later on C-SPAN 2112, the Los Angeles Philarmonic performs an orchestrated rendition of “The Wabbit That Came To Supper.” Gael García Bernal, conducts this performance at the legendary, Teatro Blanquita.


Dear, Sarah Chayes*: might the content in this commentary piece, from a contributing attorney-at-law, at La Jornada in Mexico City be on the same ball park of what you talked about yesterday night, October the 20th, during your segment on The Rachel Maddow Show? … P.S.: thanks for bringing up Honduras as a show-and-tell exhibit “A”,  for your “how to spot corruption… outside of the Continental United States. —¡—. We [the staff] hope that the link to this (most accurate) opinion on “The Fast and Furious” gun-running program (contingent to The Merida Plan, no less!) serves as a homework assignment to the good folks at TRMS, —for Monday night’s show… Cheers!

Primetime on Monday the 23rd over at The Rachel Maddow Show, it’s another round of “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus.” Ari Melver promised that he would be there.

Don’t miss, “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus,” guest-starring “Fast & Furious” Mexican Gun-Runner VoBo**: Eric Holder. Show starts at 9pm on the EST, on ‘the’ msnbc’s.

“INCUESTIONABLE”… hold… er, that thought, y de paso Cousin Joe, dile por favor a Vicente Fox y a Salinas de Gortari: que por favor vayan y Chinguen a Su Madre!. Muchas gracias.

TV/S Guide dish of the week:

Fusion Tacos, half the soul, but packed in wholesomeness.

A highly recommended “antojito fusionado” for this upcoming episode of TRMS… Dear, Rachel, the tacos are supposed To “Cool off” any “Fast and Furious Aspersions on Louie’s asparagus,” y pues, mi apreciada Raquel, son unos tacos de espárragos ‘chamuscados’ bañados en crema adobada y cebolla roja curtida (o en vinagre) que si no es lo mismo, pues, es igual)… Bon dégustation!

Context on ugly bearded guys —and a couple of broads, also — follows…

Aspersions on my Fusion Tacos •—• “You don’t want to go there”…

Cousin JOE…  hold… er that thought.

Sarah Chayes, on TRMS: