Liar—Liar… pants on, anyone? Pants on 🔥, Anyone?

And, in Turkey… Mr. Poo Teen (get it?… Smells like teen poo) just called Jupiter a Foo-kin’ (Fookin‘, get it? ‘Cus he’s a relative relativo, a un Cuento Chino).

Or something like that… this is, False Friends with your Cousins.

Ask Niño Rota… “It’s a WALTZ that Ewe cannot ReFuse »… o como dicen Les affranchis, de FRANCHUTELANDIA, pues:
ne dites pas à votre main Gauche ce que fait votre main Droite.

But FO’ist!!!
Dear, Cousin Joe…
EYE sees MIKA’s big hairy RUG
and Öüï raises you Carole’s Wide Tapestry
Relative noun in English becomes ‘ParEnte‘ en Francés, primo.

WaWa no get Enemy.

Sin contar por supuesto los adjetivos³, relativos…
a las prepositions.

Biden welcomes Australian EV charger’s plan for Tennessee plant…
on oNe condition, don’t bring your AC~DC, Whiskey barfin’, dingo rock and roll misfits into the Grand Ol’Opry.

https ://asia .nikkei .com /Spotlight /Environment /Climate-Change /Biden-welcomes-Australian-EV-charger-s-plan-for-Tennessee-plant#:~:text=WASHINGTON%20(Reuters)%20%2D%2D%20President%20Joe,government’s%20fleet%20of%20cars%20electric.

— knot Absolut{e}
— Comparative
— compared to {Something} else
— in ProPortion to

… con información relativa de Wordreference . com

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/02/09 /us /wisconsin-black-student-athlete-disqualified-blm-swimsuit /index .html

And in Alabama, BLACK LIVES CAN’T SWIM. But first, over at the Peacock coop, Mer-yl Streep just got offered the role of Chris Jansing on the MSNBC. Esmeralda’s role will be filled by the Fed’s Wife, Andrea Mitchel. Geoff Bennet cameo’s as “the guy” who doesn’t know how to properly extinguish his cigarettes butts. Sources close to Oscar and his little fucking “Foreign Presse in El Ey”, confirm that Bennet got the role because Bennet is the Face of Ohio (look it up, it’s TROU) and Chris Jansing is like the main Gargoyle at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ask Ieoh Ming Pei, he knows all the Rites.

Jansing was snubbed for the position of GUARDIAN of LIBERTY at the Capitol Dome, but that is because that would be a slippery slope to Victoria, not because Chris Jansing is like 850 years of age.

Can you imagine a world without Mick Jagger (Feyd-Rautha)?

The fkn Canucks did. And dang’on it, Eye was really looking forward to seeing what muscian-actor was going to deliver the churro’s³ cherry in the role of the antagonist with the evil face², the money for nothing¹

https ://www .allocine .fr /diaporamas /cinema /diaporama- 18702653/

https ://dune .fandom .com /wiki /Feyd-Rautha_Harkonnen

³._ In the México of Churubusco Studios era (previous to Rockdrigo’s “Sobredosis de Cemento”, un churro was a term used to describe a film, and that is all that Eye is going to type [cast].

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /1985_Mexico_City_earthquake

²._ The dude from A Clockwork Orange would have worked best but by 1981 the fucker was to old for the MTV. Gordo (Sting), was picked for the role after Billy Idol declined the offer because he was auditioning for The Return of The Jedi, or something like that.

¹._ and Yer chicks fo’Free. Trou story, ask don Jodo, little Brontis was supposed to kill Mick… Instead, the Hollywood industry turned its back on Jodorowski’s submarineno wait! that’s YESTERDAY’s News…  Eye meant to say SHIP, —a ship, SIRENE, a ship— knot a submarine, either GÜEY, both the Ship and the Sub sank like LED… and Zeppelin, goes here.

@segoviaspixes (@SegoArma) / Twitter

Meanwhile at the Daily Show with Comedy Central

… I thought that my Drunk Uncle would be Playing Golf, and there he is, living the High Life at the Stephanie Rhule with Avi Velshi reunion.

Anyhow, it’s 2001 and now that Tuesday is gone, Mercredi Addams in the Role of an adult Hallie Jackson³ stars in TAPS… 📯 🎶 with quivers down the backbone.

On a day like Yesterday, New York City had an election, —if Ewe can cross your Eyes on That fact— and BLOOMberg followed. Heck, both sides of the U.S. Legislative part of the Constitution sang Öüï are the WO’id, or something like that (punto y coma) and get this, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani [the] III was a respected regular @therealFOURSEASONS, if Ewe can believe Me, spelled m-e, me.

³;… ) https ://justabouttv .fr /actualites /wednesday-de-quoi-parlera-la-prochaine-serie-sur-mercredi-addams-signee-tim-burton/

CC1DD0A4-2E0E-4737-ACDC-1F8E4339F398 A NEW WORLD ORDER (song) Love Vigilantes.

Across The Atlantic, “You’ve got mail” and at Ground Zero, Avi Velshi is counting helicopters, THE HUMANITY!

And, Rev. Al, please relay to Juanita Bonita to not go hating on Cleto Reyes and Evander Holyfield. ‘Member now, Tyson is the bad guy, and AUSTRALIA is the Enemy; those fuckers just stole France!!!

[Cutline before the snapshot]:

LIke Brazil, Australia is one of the main nations responsible for Climate Change (South of the China SEA)…  France, on the other hand, remains committed to providing comfort to a dying World.

https:// www .brisbanetimes .com .au /politics /federal /france-could-access-australian-military-sites-as-countries-look-to-boost-ties -20210909-p58q7j .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, las manecillas around The Arizona just marked High noon, and in América con Menendez sin acento, her doppelgänger from La Havana, Alicia Menéndez is hearing voices.

And before i call, IT!, “colorín Colorado, este cuento está Registrado©️”, Öüï is going to bring Andy García back on the set. Andy is Alicia’s drunk uncle.

¹.) Note to editors:

Öüï decided to stay clear of Franco-Australian politics on account that Eye did not come to France to criticize French politics, it was supposed to be about “La Mano Pachona de Bernardo Gómez” and then something straight out of the promotional pages of the FO’ist try at Frank Herbert’s DUNE (movie) happened. Heck, BRONTIS was turning all Gorilla in Paris, (En DONDA?) in Paris and that is all that Eye is going to say about Jay-Z, and his friends at François Hollande’s presidential campaign in 2011).

🎶 Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We’d like to thank you once again

Dear, Monoprix . fr… Where is my pocket pussy? I am Sirius, where is my pocket pussy?

Later with George Stephanopoulos:

🍿?… [A]ny one, ¿palomitas, —Ferris? Popcorn?

https ://abcnews .go .com /Politics /full-transcript-abc-news-george-stephanopoulos-interview-president /story?id=79535643

“¡Que pase el desgraciado!”


En contexto para Monoprix ®️ fr: Peru is, by the way in “Sud” América.

Right Said Fred… the Commander-in-Chief is tired of talking about what happened five days ago. No more C-17’s with a humanity of Afghans as payload talk!!!

🎶 Creme tangerine and Montélimar… Charlie! BURQAS!!! [She] Mary J. Blige wants to know if those burkas come in a 411 model.

In Soccer news, Charlie don’t Surf.

Let’s talk about Texas, then:

Today in Paris is take a picture of Something They, and so we switch it over to KDAY Studios casi esquina con Sunset Blvd. and Vine St. where “[S]tupid disk jockeys,” are having a wonderful radio discussion with WINOs on the strip… or something like that, the thing is… Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya, y esos cabrones llegaron bailando el Cha Cha-Cha; period!

Burns and CARLIN at The Playboy Club.

Even Dallas moved to Paris. School’s out, with a new dress code.

https ://www /sections /back-to-school-live-updates /2021/08/18 /1028760318 /paris-texas-school-district-mandate-masks-dress-code-gov-abbott-ban?t=1629384544307

And, Michel Che… Eye swears that i am Knot making Scarlett’s KneW baby’s name up, —and motherfucker… please!—GET BACK! And here’s why, but first:

Made for love

The goal for Texas is to have this in Every
Piggly Wiggly and of course at every H•E•B• Supermarket near you… but please, please throw in the Fleshlight!

Ladies in Gemini… we interrupt the WINO interview in order to bring you an NPR National Public Service Announcement directed at the State of TEXAS : now  is the time to update the Sex Ed. curricula, call it: MADE FOR SEX, but don’t forget to include that pocket pussy. And Paris, France... México is not in South América.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt7808566 /?ref_=nm_flmg_act_2

So, motherfucker Che,
you, of all sidekicks should know by now that Öüï don’t select the newborns names.
All that Öüï do,
motherfucker Che,
is to line up the tangents* with the Three-Ring Circuses on the streams.
That’s all, motherfucker Che,
That’s All Öüï does.

*.) with this in mind, you might recall that Billy Preston was the first (MALE) musical act on Episode One of Lorde Lorne’s comedy hour and ½ show (punto y coma) what you might not know is that Lorde Lorne requires a token from all of his employees. Lorde Lorne reserves the right to name the first-born child of every perfomer on his show.

Page 4… why do you think that The Big Kase named her little unit, “MARS”, for the chocolate bars? Only if these bars serve COSMOPOLITANS, which are Lorde Lorne’s favorite cocktail next to the stupid Mimosa’s for breakfast. —_•!•_— But, as Evry body knows, the real reason is Cosmo Alley, which is a popular Gnome hangout.

And JonaTAN Lemire (without the “h”, as requested) you can take the rest of the year off of Way To Early, a young Alicia Menéndez has got a beat ((( going ))) behind that teleprompter screen.

Oh, hey! Negrita, meet “La Gata“ de Mi Vida Loca

Previously on Los Hilos de SASHA and Los Frenos de Mika…

Churubusco-Los Pinos presentan en todo su sonorense estado de esplendor :
Lo negro (👮🏽‍♂️) del ‘Pillo [🤴🏻] JoLoPo:

Populist anthem is courtesy of fonovisa (Miami).

Oh, Hey! Negrita, nice to hear that you finally went ahead and verified that D.A.R.E. is such a thing as a B.C.S. (Check here, here*, y aquí to know that i’ve seen the Canícula MooVie, Aussie).

Over at the MONTRE-MOI State of MO…⤵️

* Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri (not the Ozarcks)… and Negrita (JoyAnne ReidOut) please be advised that going through life “TEXTING” your way out of an eviction moratorium crisis is no way to go through an interview with a woman who slept on the steps of The Capitol while you and your buddies where going Wabo in Cabo… kind of like telegraphing to El Primer Torero Porno that you is in SOLidarity with his historical hunger strike outside of la MONUMENTAL DE FIGUERAS (home of the melting surrealists) while eating a t-bone steak in the process of sending that telegraph and, with no WESTERN UNION remesas attached (punto y coma) it is for this reason, Ms. Reid that instead of featuring  EWE next to the good representative from Missouri (home of the KIDNAPPED NETHERLANDS 🇱🇺 FLAG!!!) , the staff here selected a more fitting frame to start today’s final draft to the finish line. Bon appetite you Tú 🥩.

Anyhow Ms. Reid, and please, please do forgive “la jiribilla veracruzana” to segue onto the following segments where “La Gata” de Mi Vida Loca is going to cross the tracks in order to review Natalia’s hierarchies of at the opposite side of La Huasteca, which as every one-arm Obregonista should know, is Guaymas y El Mar de Cortés… aquí la espuma No Es de la corona, but from la Pacifico.

Case in point before Switching IT!, over, to the Pinault-Hayek Benchmark test at the Bourse del Jardin Nelson Mandela durante el llamado “Año de Africa en Châtelet >> o algo así, ÖÜÏ is going to check out << La femme du jour” :

🥃 It’s not a $5,800 Japanease ash oak throat wash, but it’s straight and single like a Scotch.

Oh, l’Humanité:
https ://www.humanite .fr /la-femme-du-jour-cori-bush -716137

Anyguey, Mr. Rich, you are KNOT foolin’ anybody. Evry body in Ivry knows that you didn’t have a heart attack and gone to better pastures… Eye knows that you are with the former Masked “Brazo de Plata” and once unmasked “El Super Porky” in Wabo Cabo catching them big ol’ Wawa Roosters there.

http ://www /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing


Fall back to 16/06/2016

Pedro* y Mauro interpretan, El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.

* Pedro (el apellido se me escapa) ya había mencionado en la cocina de La Casa De México, allí mero justamente en el preciso patio de La Casa de Los Estados Unidos en La Ciudad Internacional Universitaria de París, Francia, que en realidad Sí Existe un lugar llamado Baja Cabo Wabo Sur, — JoyAnne Reid, lo confirmó… ¡Mauro!, se puede decir era a mi parecer y por su patrón de comportamiento, El Orgullo entre todas las amistades universitarias de post grado en el extranjero de Pedro “el morenista” de La Paz, BCS.

De la aristocracia, el elitismo es El Orgullo de los segundos pisos en un hôtel privado, según Diderot… in case after witt means anything in your books.

El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.  La historia de Donald Trump 4 years before Nancy brought in the Charlatanes to La Casa Blanca.

And still to come on the fast-track to the Finnish Line is of course Australia, because Ewe should never forget, Australia is the Hung.ri. Enemy.

Dr. Cueli… Eye is an “anti dentite” y El Toro, señor dentista, —no es como lo pintan!, dijo Jacobo cuando dicen que él dijo, que durante un mítico día En La Plaza De Las Tres Olympiadas, o algo así, ✊🏽 “salió el sol”.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/08/06 /opinion /a08a1cul


“It is what it is” starring Donald Rumsfeld

Pilot Episode, where Elise Jordan challenges the audience to think of a time when Americans wouldn’t take, IT!, from The White House, and The Air America crew went, “you go to war with the Army you have… it is what it is”.


My fellow Australians, living in the United States of America —off course— please inform your fellow expat convicts from Mutt Island, D.A.T.: Mail-in Voting is not a Crime, putting a Shrimp on a Barbie, is.

Try again, there is a Pandemic out there, and if you are going to rope–a–dope with the 90’s section of the Countdown until Election Day almost gone, you better have a superb hook.

Still to come, it’s the 80’s countdown on 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall; like the 90’s, them theys are going to disappear magically, like Jesus-es pet dinosaur.

The Moon never wonders how low you are

If it’s Sunday before San Silvestre… then Australia is the Enemy and the Show must Go On.

Page 435
Un rótulo, relata El Diccionario callejero de Stéphane (Éditiones Mengès; 1977–81,84,86,2000–05), da el nombre a esta calle…

From the clan that brought you

From the producers that brought you Mr. Wednesday’s “bag–o’shit” on a commercial airline First Class section, and the creators of “the Bobs” at The Office, comes a cataclysm of paleontological proportions, starring Logan Jackman, Jonathan Swan–Woodruff, y El Chapulín Colorado en el rol de “Langosta Chamuscada” .:. 02B3F4D1-1176-46AB-AB13-5EBC39F943F1 •|• Sinopsis: Bob Slydell and Bob Porter, the MGMT consultants to Mike Judge’s “Office Space” are flying First-Class to Sydney, Australia. During a layover at LAX, “the Bobs” meet the Reverend William Franklin Graham III, president of “The Samaritanos Purse” and heir of legendary C.I.A. Chaplin and precursor to the “bible-thumping” televangelists of them U.S. of A. :
William “Billy” Franklin Graham Jr.

Meanwhile, in 335 C.E.,  “Team Jesus” beats « Team Zeus » in the battle of the Coliseum and The Church (Under the Milky Way, tonight).

also on page 435

"To love somebody"

“To love somebody”… [A]nd in Sydney, The Better Business Bureau takes it upon themselves, and probably a “City Manager”, to love their “TRAVELERS Checks” paying customers, such as former Initech  “cap•turista de datos” MILTON WADDAMS, and avoid having to, or rather be compelled to honor the Money-Back Guantee Program and have Milton take his Traveller Checks to Banda Aceh in Indonesia, or to The Bahamas.

Name derived from the PAGAN(inni) Celtic « louk*-teih », which signifies “a place for politics…“, wait, No!!! Scratch D.A.T. there Wey! It translates to French from Celt as, « a place of swamps », et au temps des ancêtres du le président Sarkozy, c’est–à-dire au temps des Gaulois, where the Préfecture of Police sits today, [M-Line 4 Cité], Santa Ge•No•Be•Ba la defendió en el Anno Domini 451 cuándo unos “clochardos” del equipo de los “Huns” atacó a los indios de la tribu celta quienes se Auto•Nom•bra•ban “los Parisii” y a partir de esa Victoria (p. 763) los indios de la tribu Parissii comenzarán a distanciarse de lo “pantanoso” que suelen ser los trámites en la hoy llamada “Île de la Cité” and, instead began to refer to Lutéce with the NOM•EN•Clature of Paris, it would take 1,336 years for THEM “Parisians” to remember the name Lutecia when ‘finally’ “Los Capitalinos del PSG” found it in their precious hearts to name a Street by honoring the Pagan roots of Notre-Dame de Paris; and in the Words of Catherine Denueve in the role of La Concha of a young Cecily Strong, çabetter still Franck: ISSY, c’est LA VÉRITÉ.