And in Washington… Stephanie Ruhle hijacked CSPAN

Capitol Records Hill.

It's Twue!

It’s Twue! .:. 0F094346-E06C-47CC-AB69-46739F11BD89 🦠 The COVID-19 pandemic is about to pass self-inflicted accidents and become the #3 killer this year in the u.s., next to Heartbreak and Cancer. —_•!•_— Gracing the mapa mundi, Frida Kahlo makes a cameo appearance as Stephanie’s entrelazado de estahmbre and as all the non-readers of this most non-consequential plot noticed, the unibrow at Bustos height gave the Mexican diva away.

If you ever wanted to know how the audio buttons and chat option of internal communications during a House committee meeting function, or work, just tune in to La Pundita Live, on Weekend Edition, —off-course.

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte .:. DAF5EB85-7FEE-47C0-ACC3-6B1E143F2975 🧶 Extra!!! Extra!!! Andy García is in talks with PANTELION Films in Santa Monica, California, to audition for the role of former Mexican president Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, of South Park fame.

… 40 minutes later, Dr. Fauci finally gets to enumerate the 4 points that delineate the properties of propaganda (good propaganda) about the fundamentals of the fucking virus in question.

Know, EvryBody knows… D.A.T. the hot word in the headline of today’s post, Hijacked, can only mean one thing, SIRENE/SIRET:

Oh happy theys

🎶 Oh happy theys .:. 740FAC05-55CC-439D-9696-73BCDA2698DE ⚖️ Context from the SOURCE on that day of Florence’s and Israel’s re-transmission of a staged capture, follows; just for you, Monsieur le président de La Court à Paris.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/31 /va-la-fiscalia-de-ny-por-dos-ex-allegados-de-garcia-luna -1653 .html

Indeed, Pundita, In•Deed. The hot word of the They can only mean one thing, and D.A.T. is; that if Florence Cassez can walk free and happy (why knot‽) so should the other half of that Zodiaco duo, Israel. Independientemente de los cargos que Televisa (Bernardo Gómez) les imputó… a los dos! y no na’más al mexicano que por ser mexicano, encarcelado SIN SER SENTENCIADO, —se queda.

Still to come after the Jazz intermezzo on Sunset Blvd: The Club.


FreeLance .::. 79642D48-EBF7-4A81-891E-6EA1D2A2DFE2 🌻 En Jiménez, Chihuahua, el profesor Víctor M. Quintana Silveyra lo llama “atando cabos”, y en Torreón, Coahuila, son una red.

Coming Up: A Brave New Nato… sans u.s.

Pages 64–65; 6 mai 2007.
Numéro 2000
Le Figaro Magazine

The platform

Context was supposed to follow, but then Kanye West and a “Mr. Knowels” from a place called New York City, would go ahead and flip the French suburbs with one Beat that even the great Ari Melber on the peacock network would not D.A.R.E. play on anygiven Fallback Friday; AT The TIME, the lukewarm Left from the Île–de–France would call that populist move a genius blow from a Frog called « Flamby », or something like that. .:. 88D021A5-B6A8-40A9-ADC6-5A87AE60067D …

L’Incarnation de Valérie Pécresse,
président de la région connu comme:
la bendita Île–de–France…
Page V, Politique; N° 23602
Le Parisien

Still to come: the show

Useless words, the BREAK•Down or, as Bean Town Morning Joe correspondent, Mike Barnicle calls, IT!: the deconstruction. _–\_!_/–_ Kayleigh McEnany | White Ho Use Press Secretary. Fair use of Donald John Trump’s Confederate Free Speech.

FLOTUS puts a magnet on a star awarded to her husband and sticks it to the Executive refrigerator door of at Trump Tower. The “attaboy” was awarded to president Trump by America’s Doctor (Anthony Fauci) on account of the occasion that Donald John Trump wore a face mask at Walter Reed Hospital.


KAYLEIGH!!! Kayleigh McEnany .:. 318E083F-2ABC-4A5D-B1F5-23355119B51F 🍑 You droped a Bomb on Mí, Kayleigh, you droped a bomb on Mí.

BREAKING THE NEWS: Nicole Wallace just relieved Ashley Parker from her post at the White House. Claire McCaskill is flabbergasted, and the “former” White House Correspondent Ashley Parker could not be reached for comment..

Over on the Historicity Channel, Nicole Wallace is thanking her Metropolitan stars that Walter Reed Hospital is not named after a secessionist military man, but if history was fair, Walter Reed would be named after a Cuban doctor. Elise Jordan knows what öüï is talking about.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Carlos_Finlay


Hoy no hubo Jazz. Kanye aborted that groove.

Las fuentes de Ysleta–en–France:
https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /valerie-pecresse-pense-toujours-a-2022 -20-07-2020 -8355429 .php

National Awareness Frida Theys — No Se Akceptan Devoluciones

“… México es un país de Cine.”


A Band in Parts Productions… How The West Was Won by the French, starring: Willie Geist.

François Hollande
Presidente de Francia.
México, Distrito Federal, c.2013

Lorem ipsum… context follows after the the Oderbretch update from Spain, in the mean time, please fasten your “animalitos” and secure your “morralitos”; the Captain would like to remind the Mexican delegation to please stow away The Copal and please don’t spark it up until The Captain turns the “invoke your favorite Spirit in the Friendly Skys light” on.



… [A]nd still to come, Televisa Presenta:

Synopsis: You just Can’t Make this shit up, Franck! Now Eye knows that you know, that Televisa went the way of Dinosaurios del PRI, but öüï also know that you know, that we’ve seen a few Kings die before: Long Live The King!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/06 /consejo-asesor-empresarial-acompanara-a-amlo-en-cena-con-trump-8531 .html



Production Company: La Mano de Bernardo Gómez and Televisión Azteca… in COLABORACIÓN with Jared Kushner Publishing and Trump Plaza Hotels.

https ://www .proceso /637215 /salinas-pliego-vazquez-aldir-y-hank-gonzalez-entre-los-invitados-a-cena-amlo-trump-en-eu




… It sure would be nice if France INFO could get a hold of exonerated convict and former Zodiaco gang member, Florence Cassez, and ask how it is that she views Bernardo Gómez’ dinner at the White House while Genaro García Luna awaits a witness protection program convocation notification ticket in a gringo prison cell, and because we are aware that Carlos Loret de Mola wont be reading this entry, we [the staff] would like to extrapolate la tangente de Israel Vallarta, a según de las pesquisas de don Julio Astillero at “La Jornada”.

¿Cómo chingados, pues‽

¿Cómo re chingados, pues, llegó ahí? _•!-!•_ Distintas versiones apuntan a que la llegada de la comunicadora Pimentel al área de Comunicación Social de la Presidencia se debe a una recomendación directa de Bernardo Gómez, vicepresidente de Televisa y consejero del propio Presidente López Obrador.

La mano de las recomendaciones

La propia Pimentel respondió a un mensaje directo en Twitter, en el que menciona, en un mensaje respetuoso y lleno de serenidad, que aquel asunto es ya muy viejo: “una historia muy repasada y ya con nada nuevo qué decir.

https ://aristeguinoticias .com /0603 /mexico /en-comunicacion-social-de-presidencia-productora-de-montaje-sobre-florence-cassez/

¡BROZO… con una chingada, cabrón!

Law & Order — the march of “dimes*”

Adventures in Transliteration and False Friends

The following content is sponsored by Pôle–Emploi, Lille (59160) Satellite.

Los Astillados de La Sierra

Issy, Leslie Jones, we are cooking on three burners but let u.s. not forget what’s been slow–roasting in the pit, and just to second what Yasmin Vassoughian said yesterday morning, Mary is proof that love can be matched (or found) in all places…

* Dime, from Latin: dicēre, dicho de otra manera, o como si dijéramos, the irregular participle part of the aforementioned di•cho; not to be confused with di•cho•so, because that is the polar opposite of what the President of Mexico SAYS that the more marginalized in Mexico are, o como dijera Pharrell Williams: HAPPY! 

Mini digresión:

And what are some of the reasons that for which the most marginalized in Mexico are happy? Because their Energy Sector unions are a simile of police departments across the U.S.

And because we listened to a then Senator Biden in Philadelphia when he was going to fix “the boys” in Philly and, because we also covered a little bit of Camden, N.J. when the police force there was in the process of being fired, we are going to attempt to draw a Venn Diagram of corrupt Mexican energy sector unions of the 1980´s, and police forces of the first decade of the Third Millenium of this most non–consequential world (universally speaking), two different realms or unlikes but isn’t D.A.T. what similes are all about? If we are wrong, or in the wrong (two separate things) please, Dr. Ackerman, John [Ph.D] let u.s. know, and don’t forget to smile.

This is contrast

This is contrast for all the news that fit to follow. So cover your eyes if you must, because right now in real time, the governor of Puebla is complaining that some of his constituents are way too cavalier when it comes to spreading or catching the Coronavirus.

Now, Eddie Gloude Jr., before we put a pause on the mini digression context covering the bases of the most marginalized in Mexico, please be advised that poverty in Mexico is measured, or benchmarked, starting from the “possessions” owned by the resident of the Governor’s Mansion in The Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, which as all American “spring-breakers” know, The Heroic Puebla (actual nomenclature of that Mexican Federation state) is the site of Mexican Independence Day, which it’s celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Of course, in order to qualify for “food-stamps” in Mexico, you must first declare your multi-million dollar “casita”, which you —of course— purchased from an ex-president of the ruling party.

Now it’s time for a closer look on the Set of Squirrels on Mr. Meyer walls:

Deer, Seth Meyers, thank you for providing the reinterpretation of yesterday’s Law & Order intro dialogue; here’s the Spanish translation, complete with it’s own unsung hero, a construction worker from the most fascist place in The American Continent, you would think it be in Argentina or Brasil, but no Sethy Boy, it’s in Jalisco… why do you think the Santana’s moved to Tijuana and then to the Frisco Bay?… because Jalisco is MALO, MALO, MALO; just ask AMLO‘s wanna be successor.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /jun /08 /well-disappear-you-mexican-protesters-recount-terror-of-police-abduction

And for the record, Mr. Seth, this is not an intermission, and it is most definitely, not a motherfucking “riff”.

… which, brings me, Armando Segovia, back to Leslie Jones riff on Monday night’s Late Night session in the middle of the afternoon with “The Closer Look” host, because Ms. Jones as I am most certain that you will never read this post,  I want you to know that the worst thing that ever happened to me, as a person was being turned into a caged “little animal” for the French judicial and internal security to watch —and prove— in a certain way, but at least I am not dead –yet– for trying to do, since 2007 —mind you— that thing you suggested Seth’s viewers to do, and which is to SEE HOW THE System Works. The best thing that ever happened to me was to inspire the SNL writers to do a sketch about work place orgies. now D.A.T., Lesley Jones, is a motherfucking Riff!

Compared to WATT

Try to make, IT! Real .:. CBA7775E-2ECF-4575-9926-862A4C86C3AD 🧶 Compared to WATT (question Mark) period —_•¡•_— Coming Up: Leslie Jones is an AVID DIVA who can’t drive stick on The Time Machine… and Dr. Cornell West (of The 11th Hour fame) said: fear Knot! Our Hot Rods at WEST Hot Rods come in “Automatic fo The People”, Aussi!

And after the break, sweet Siren, we’ll Do an Intermission with Florence Cassez and Carlos Loret de Mola, —jest— to complement the Julio Astillado Show.

Cinco de May0 Intermission — Saint Ignatius el WaPote

Deer, David Ignatius:

Arizona Natives

Arizona Natives .::. 87FDAA7F-692D-428F-930F-378DA5608A13 🦠 Don’t become a P.R. moment for president Trump. Remember the “Small Pox Blankets!!!”

Sir, now ask Bernardo Gómez in the voice of Mike Lupica to narrate to you a tale of “vaqueros”… dijo Chavez y Chavez in the role of Ritchie Valen(zuela).


In no small measure, the CONSEQUENTIAL VICTIM of “the” Donald Trump’s Hydroxychloroquine “Public PharmaCo’s Advertisement” died in Arizona.

Laboratorios Camacho presenta:

Laboratorios Camacho presenta .::. AEDADEB8-C964-4D3F-8FDB-85FB0522F411 🔬

And just to SPIT ON PEOPLES faces, the President of The United States of America shows up in Phoenix, ARIZONA, on a 103° F —no less— without a wearing a face mask, his P.R. visit, a Face Mask Factory… might as well gone straight to Tombstone, —that, motherfucker. 🦠🎶 Four more Deaths • Four more Deaths • Four more Deaths,…

Los llamados “3rd” spaces del New York Times — Courtesy of Buzzfeed and Sciences Po

Dear, Nicolle Wallace:

Gustavo Martínez me la pela

Gustavo Martínez me la pela Surveying Services .::. 337DD2B5-B966-4DEE-9573-2D45AA9681CE 🧶

You, Madame,
will want to turn the Volume Up on this…
them bee the Ruhles.

What Eye means to say, is that there was a time that long walks between 3 and 5 o’Clock in the morning were a way to cope with the daily Parisian bullshit that a stranger to this land of monuments often (not all) gets to experience. Empty Lutetien  fucking streets, that is definitely the most beautiful thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, except for empty streets in Prague, maybe.


The current pandemic is a sort of bonanza for shutterbugs who wish to capture that empty “feeling” of a city perceived by tourists as “full of life*”, be it Rome, or New York City… never El Ey, it’s full of Mexicans and nothing, —nothing— keeps us contained as this old convalescent ‘dame’ claims D.A.T. we do just because she broke a fucking leg:

* It is not as if these fuckers called “Parisians” or “Romans”, or “new yorkers”, would not be dying for the month of August to arrive so that they (the beautiful ones) can set sail to exotic lands… or something like that.

Ahora bien, doña Vilma, lo bueno de este tan intrascendente blog es de que Gustavo Martínez no lo visita, ¡y qué bueno¡ porque estos no son tiempos de andar de socialitos ni de parrandas colectivas… pero lo que si está patas pa’rriba ahorita en París y los ciudadanos ahora saben hasta cierto punto lo que se siente andar por las calles “sin papeles” de circulación.

Aún con eso, las bici’s no mienten y al filo de las 19h45 (in local news) Eugène Viollet–Le-Duc* no me puede dejar mentir, más de mil almas circularon por la Rue de Rivoli entre el Ayuntamiento principal (de 20 en la ciudad) y la gran tienda que se llama BHV.

Cuentos Chinos

Cuentos Chinos and a HILL .::. A6870B21-C7A0-46DA-9AEF-A84CC578F22A 📈📉📊🧮📶🔊

* https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Liste_des_statues_des_façades_de_l%27hôtel_de_ville_de_Paris

En fin doña Vilma,

… “Soy un Perro, negro y callejero”, y en los cinco minutos que he tenido la oportunidad de Vivir en París, jamás había visto a los parisinos y parisinas como las estatuas del Hôtel de Ville en sus ventanas y como pajaritos en sus balcones, con excepción de los ciclistas, por supuesto.


“Turn It Up”…

Weekend Edition with Zbigniew Brzeziński (European edition)


Kick Start My Heart

Top Gear meets Top Fuel Funny CARS starring .:. 8AA7C936-ECFD-4D84-8E69-503E2431B980 🚗 Attention sketch[y] righters, the following clip is being brought to youin reel delayby a blessinfromUncle MiltiesENDOWMENT for the Chads, and a grant .:. M.A.D.E. .:. possible by the Ron Burgundys San Diego Public Library fund.

Over in Babylon 2, the minute men are circling the 8 o’clock hour on the past meridian dial of Brian Williams kick–ass Rolex®️, in Paris, France, it’s 2 in the morning on any given montre.

Indeed, College

Indeed, college is where Eye went wrong .:. 8F3AB2A9-F435-4480-B6D8-EC6E3A9F7E6B —_•!•_— Don’t Shoot France 24!!! Boat picture courtesy of Radio France on TV/stream.

And if you took a moment to not read this most non–consequential blog you would be forgiven for thinking that D.E.M. Sirens on the Haute-de-Seine den did not get “BLISTERS” from all of the misinformation going around in HOUSTON, o mismo en ISSY–Les–MOULINEAUX.

En contexto

En contexto, para doctor Marie-France Emmaüs .:. D911B45C-3EB7-46A6-A794-A982C4BC1F74 💫 Dear, Dr. Marie-France, i, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, sincerely hope that you find the humor in this week’s edition of La Semana Que Philippe Labró. ✝️ We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] remind all of your staff at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (75001) that öüï do not, [WE repeat] öüï do not chose the news of the THEY, as STUDENTS OF JOURNALISM we simply contrast these actualités with the themes that orbit our captivity in France; that is to say Doctor, that contrary to what the Legal Aid on your staff might interpret from pg. 2 of the Mémoire from the Préfecture de Police, —summarized in one paragraph, no less, against me— the 7éme bureau dépôt (in collaboration with the Mexican embassy foreign service 2011/15) made of me a captive of la Île-de-France. —_•!•_— FOR THE RECORD, it would be hypocritical of Armando Segovia if Armando Serrano Prieto did not thank you for keeping the most important document in a travelers’ arsenal, safe from the dangers of the most beautiful streets in the whole wide world. Thank you, and from the bottom of our broken black heart öüï congratulate president Emmanuel Macron for awarding the Legion of Honor to the cause that your institution fights to ameliorate. En horabuena.

* https ://www .academia .org. mx /espin /respuestas /item /enhorabuena

Indeed, don Labró¹, indeed, and to add insult to injury, we [the staff] would be out of synch if we did not copy-left the fuck outta them New Yorker² when we relay to the CNEWS Matines —who bythegüey, do not read us— and agree with Adam Gopnik and his proposition that the French Legion of Honor, in the American sense, tends to not be (we repeat) tends not to be awarded to a blank vault of facts, as was the case with the devalued Presidential Medal of Freedom that was rushed for the Emperor’s State of the Union federations Address in Washington, D.C. u.s.A.


1.; Matin Plus. Nº 2526 7/2/2020. https ://rss .cnews .fr/ pdf /NEP /20200207

2. The New Yorker. The Seriousness of George Steiner. https ://www .newyorker .com /culture /postscript /the-seriousness-of-george-steiner

https ://imgur .com /IgfHPGL .gifv The Union Jack Being Removed From The EU Council Building in Brussels.

Russia is now a Fast & Furious partner

Breaking news, El Pais breaks with the French mold and calls Mexicans, “norteamericanos”.

There goes the backyard

There goes the backyard .:. 5DFAB68B-1630-4786-85CC-9F31E03A429D ✈️

Reached for comment a beginning French part-time instructor insists that for mandatory French language courses for immigrants, the curriculum will continue to center Mexico in South America, adding, “the Spaniards don’t know what they are talking about, they act as if they discovered el mole poblano”.

Meanwhile, the minister of foreign affairs for the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, focuses instead on the FACT that next to BRAZIL, “México Lindo y Querido” is the 2nd most important and largest partner of Latin American countries, and he reflected on the FACT that Russian tourism in Mexico is up, but, AS CHRIS MATTHEWS SAID BEFORE THE NEW HAMPSHIRE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE, “what follows after the but in any conversation in Washington is the most important part”, and that parenthetical but followed by a comma, reads as follows:

Aspersions on Sen. Willie Gohmer

Aspersions on Cyrillicasparagus” .:. 0B8C229F-04CE-4AA8-979C-320B447A7D56 🚂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦🇨🇳🇷🇺 —_•!•_— « De vuelta a los asuntos mexicanos, Lavrov ha mencionado las “buenas perspectivas energéticas” y la colaboración en “la construcción, barcos, farmacia, ferrocarriles, agricultura” y avances en el terrenotécnico militar”. Para sellar todas estas buenas perspectivas, los rusos mandarán una buena representación de su país al festival cervantino de Guanajuato que se celebrará en OCTUBRE*. Y Marcelo Ebrard también ha sido invitado a visitar Rusia. »

* Deer Kate McKinnon; Columbus day of your Freshman Year in College, SIMON said, Simón, mamacita. (Reference: the fuckable dad sketch on last week’s SNL Season 45, Episode 11.

Arbitrary Date

Arbitrary conquest .:. 14613884-9FF1-418D-B018-229FD94306C5 🃏 Dear, Lorde Lorne, did your script monkees  came come up with that shoutout to 2015/16 or are you just happy to not read this most non–consequential blog. 🗯 This message is sponsored by Vania®️ —_•!•_— In context, for those not versed in the Trilateral Commission against this most non–consequential blog, Columbus Day celebration marks an important date in the developing of this WordPress®️ blog; Buzzfeed, Morning Joe, and Lorne Michaels are the “rudos” in this Lucha Libre match that began at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, France on a cold MEXICAN CONSTITUTION Day morning in 2016.

https ://youtu .be/ tzQLYKSVwRI arbitrary conquest


You would be forgiven if, in 2016, you would raise an eyebrow on “some guy” claiming that as an independent journalist, he was BLACKLISTED in the very city where Christiane Amanpour put the spotlight on “security issues” for journalists; key word D.A.R.E. : security blacklist.

Previously on, La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto
Cc: Tatiana Clouthier, Carmen Lira Saade, Los amigos de México en Francia (2011–2016)

Feathered sandals provided by

Feathered sandals provided by .:. 1558367E-CF10-4031-97EA-6D2DE8214DE9 💬 Zapaterias Blue Jay Way, footwear cut from the Source, and Rutles Records; music that will take your soul, —back in time,  presents; in collaboration with “A band a partir de Marvel Comics” and “Regional Geographic Docs,: La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Basada en las historietas reales de,
“El Zorrillo”…
Capítulo 6, where our hero
“El Zorrillo” grita:

Ne pas tirer sur les huaraches ailées

Hoy no hubo Agua

Hoy no hubo agua… pastis is optional .:.

Entonces pues, doña Tati, lamento tener que incluir al “buen aliado” de don Andrés en cuestión de cuestiones migratorias, el señor Miguelito Pompeyo (ya sé, ustedes prefieren “pompeo”), pero aunado a los pormenores con los “settings” detrás de bambalinas de este tan intrascendente blog, se juntan las actualidades, —o cómo dicen los franceses*— las chingadas noticias, como la de el pasado viernes y misma que, en su momento no se pudo actualizar, ni pex, sabrá Dios porque doña Olga “la suprema” de Gobernación no pudo observar en su momento, las mismas observaciones y extender su chingado fallo ofrecido a la francesa, para el amante de la chica poster del Año de México en Francia, Florence Cassez. Dicho d’otra manera, o todos coludos o TODAS rabonas; independientemente de las acusaciones, esas son (o más bien eran para los peritos) de cualquier manera, que CAUSAlidad q’esto finalmente sale a flote 14 años después, y una vez que El Que Los Encarceló (a la francesa y al mexicano) ahora es un “Prisionero Privilegiado” de Donald Trump.

Became an immigration enforcer

Se Convirtió en un “CADENERO” Migratorio Para Donald John Trump .:. 9D2CD35F-667E-4481-96DA-36CA021383F1 —_•!•_— Please, please, please don’t Be Long, please don’t belong.



— Hi, I’m Phil McClure and you might remember me from Sources like the Tribunal de Grande Instance at The Palais de justice à Nanterre, The Préfecture de Police à París, and documentary REELS such as Panic at the Disco of la Rue des Bourdonnais 75001.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 p.m.; 7 p.m.

Dear, Ari Melver

Dear, Ari Melver, since you volunteered, why don’t you do the honors and read the following in a Jim Lehrer Voice.:. 0AA99573-F61A-474B-87D2-BC7E15680C1E 🏀 The staff does not select the Knights, but here it is, Knight n° 3.


Qui sont–elles? — ¿Where’s the Beast?

Previously on The Jim Cohen & Oliver Compagnon *Show: Amores Llevados, o algo así, de Arturo González “procesando” Villaseñor (Octubre, 2015) IHEAL.

Las patronas

Las Patronas.:.20E98642-DACD-4254-A4F7-4CE500B6ED0B •|• Context follows, because in Paris, en París la bestia está en huelga.

But, öüï Switch it over to VISEUR y los amigos de Enrique Peña Nieto en Cinema Lilas, (75020)

Sr. Arturo González Villaseñor, lo bueno de este su, “tan” intrascendente blog, se divide en dos partes; la primera es de que el muy pluma y ColaBorAdor suyo en “proceso” y, ni más ni menos, de FIP Radio Station, Raphaël Morán, no lo lee, mientras que la segunda


Al DIABLO CON LA SELVA.:.681F226D-41D5-4B83-8C90-411B76210C0C •|• In Local Knew News, The OCDE* convinced the Unesco that the “Vanity” TRAIN project of the new, and EVANGELICAL president of the United States of Mexico will not ALTER the “Paris Agreements” of the Year of Mexico in France, now in it’s THIRD iteration, but with another Nomenclature.

* Forum génération d’égalité

_consiste en que Usted, —hijo de la chingada— haga memoria sobre la pregunta que yo, Armando Serrano Prieto, le hice en el IHEAL en Octubre del 2015, ¿la recuerda‽ a huevo que no. Pero sé, de antemano de que el IHEAL e INC.France (Association Loi 1901) tienen la reproducción de ese ruedo… de esa Rueda; es más…

La Casa de los representantes

La Casa de los representantes.:.64221487-9AFB-4D49-BD2C-4711CCF0FFE5 •|• Context follows for the Editor at the Prefecture de Paris.

_hasta hubo una chiquilla de ROJO allí gritando, pero no por las mismas razones de la niña ya inmortalizada por las políticas de ley de Stephen Miller firmadas por Donald “Impeached” Trump.