Y ahora, a word from Jon Stewart — Let’s land this bitch, shall Öüï.

Day 29 of 2019.


I remember that a very Cold Front was already in progress. Fast forward to today’s news and France just invented the Arab Spring.

On tonight’s Menu:306ecu095-ad6b-485c-8e48-cba60aa40cf7… OMELETTE COQUILETTES; Ouef entier, lait ecreme RECONSTITUE, sel, ACIDifanTa, E330, coquillettes; One Each. |  Liberty Angel by: sepa la verga, it’s Street Art. My Gallery.

Hey, CHAYOTE MAYOR* ENCONTRE LAS MANGAS DEL CHALECO!!! Heck, Carlos Puig, even Nancy Pelosi wore a bold yellow and blue blason to signal Donald Trump’s “Impeachement Open Season”.


Context on this SnapShot follows:385e0113-c795-4ea4-a004-5a4d34288d26… a funny thing happened on the Log of La Mairie du 4eme…

*Joaquín López–Doriga

Sure, the “Facebook” and “Social Media” revolutions morphed into several social movements that by the time 2013 rolled around, the “Spring” reverberations of what used to be Cartagena, spawned into a series of protest that almost took down the “One Percenters” in Wall Street.

Los postes diarios:69e7c846-9f65-4287-a180-49462929dfbc •-_!_—• Of course, Sirens, the visual took place  güey–way before Yuri Buenaventura joined the ranks of Emmanuel en Televisa, y más precisamente, para aquél Festival Internacional Chihuahua (se me olvido la edición). •—_¡_-•  Jon Stewart appears courtesy of The Colbert report, and of course: Canal +.

As of Sunday, the color yellow was still the current reference with which to tag the current History of discontent or, insatisfaction, as France Culture would put it French, just like “Los Indignadoux de Mai of ’68” did in the Olympics of Tlatelolco in chilangolandia, en un OCTUBRE que por supuesto, —tenía que ser.

Left or Right, if things must break and heads must roll, you can count on the Tour de France and the Michelin Guide to add that “seal of approval”, the motif that relays: When in Rome, do as the French. Except of course in Venezuela. En Venezuela no pasa NADA.

MeanWhile in Egypt:

In Egypt hoy no hubo Jazz
In Egypt nobody walks like an Egyptian
In Egypt everybody walks
just like people do
El Ey.

It’s Four o’Clock in Central NATO Times.
And the Soviets are celebrating the Olympics at Le Theater de La Villa casi esquina con El Pompidou de Beaubourg.

Twelve hours later, in New York we reach the 11th Hour, hey Brian Williams: What’s up, —motherfucker! Check it out, at Chatelet Square the Soviets are conducting a “thought” experiment in Quantum Physics or Gypsy Trapeze–es–es–eses, and the Siren is wearing “Blue Velvet… softer than Satin, or some fabric like that.

The Eleventh Hour with Velveeta:6a611df8-978b-4318-af15-c14eb75da9b7 }–-—~~~,,,\*> Meanwhile in Queens, N.Y., Jon Stewart is shooting a French Movie and, Representative Ocasio-Cortez is on the correct Tarmac*, because even if the Electoral College had opted to not give Donald Trump the keys to the Executive Oval doll house, the price of U.S. postage would still NEED to go up. It’s The Amazon effect, stupid, and a Lear Jet on it’s WAY to do a show at The Plaza in El Chuco, say Hello to Dr. Pineda, Bill.

And we now Switch it over to Armando Serrano-Prieto; he just turned 10 years old. And Marianne, you can take that Log to the (food) Bank.

C–Span 101. Pop quiz: We are ALL “pelusas”… elaborate

So, Cousin Joe, before we switch it over to the C–Span’s, I, Armando Segovia, also known by The Préfecture de Police à Cité (75004) by the Mexican Nomenclature of ARMANDO SERRANO-PRIETO, would like to put a little *ASTErisk on your comment about last night’s “Big Meal” before doing the Shut–Eye, which was followed by that dumb country lawyer “told You so” momentary stare of yours. Cousin Joe, PLEASE BE ADVISED, that the very “special” delivery that was sacrificed on the way to our little den at the Forum’s Underground took at least 24 hours to sucummb to whatever was injected into his or hers (not sure what the gender of the little baby rat was… I, Armando Segovia, only took care of the funeral arrangements, “that is to say, EWE know,” that I only placed the little dead motherfuking mouse inside of a decent casket (a Pringles™️ tube) before that specimen went into the McDo Bye–bye bin.

Out of respect to the little animal, no picture-registering was allowed at the scene del Siniestro… but Boy–oh_BO¥, did you know that it was the Very French, who went ahead and installed surveillance at every entrance to The Kids in The Hall, y’all.

Kool–EROS sí.
Cobardes no los creía, culeros.

P.S. about the Danglin’ Participle in this REALITY journalism ACT:
Picture this, the syringe was still stuck to one of it’s little pink paws; a paw that was probably bigger than both of Donald Trump’s tiny hands.

Now, about that “Pelusa®️™️©️” ensayo:

Dear, “GlasiRat’s” y “La Machy”… if those are your REAL usernames, Eye disagree with both of you, o como dicen los muy francece–ce–ces—ese en Vera(puta)Cruz: los dos están pendejos y malos del Yo-Yo.

And here’s exhibit ONE:

EyE ObJect:_f8db089a-b0fe-4dfb-a3df-9c1acbcc7389
•-_!_-• Por ejemplo, Raquelito:
DONNIE Deutsch might be a “Pelusa de La Quinta, en Nueva Yo’l”, pero Donnie no es pelusa de Quinta.

I.  What a PELUSA, is not.

By Armando Segovia de los Serrano y Prieto (SDF—Global) — Mexican Jazzglish, con trocitos de Francés, salpicadas de Portugués, y por supuesto,  Sirens, Castellano.


Tacos de Noruega7643715c-8267-4d74-af2e-9b18e188d4a5


Los dueños de la Hacienda Miranda
bien pudieron seguir considerando
a Tomás Arroyo otra simple pelusa insurrecta desde sus cómodas asociaciones de Ley en Francia,
pero El General Arroyo no era ninguna pelusa.
p 34 Gringo Viejo…

Exhibit B:

[At this moment —that is to say, Ewe know, Tune–in— to hear a “Dumb Country lawyer” in the voice of Joe Scarbourough shouting Eye—SAY, Eye–Say Eye du “Ob_Ject'”, Monsieur Le President of the Court!].

Then Joe looks up and sees Mr. Sanford without his Son:9b89a8fa-5a47-429d-9085-8e47902ea911


Wicked and kicking:t9b24e7e9-9c33-4a11-9601-0782d6d9262d

Docket 2400 Fourteenth Street
Washingtoh, D.C.; sin código.

La mirada de Harriet  Winslow, [triunfolento para los del Laboratorio en dónde ella  “laburaba », según un boludo en la portería del equipo de Los Miranda] encontró la de Tomás  Arroyo cuando el general entró  MARCANDO al salón de baile (Versailles de Chihahuita) con un fuete en la mano.


La educadora gringa reúne los prejuicios presentes en  individuos elevados en el llamado mundo civilizado en dónde los sistemas educativos curtén a los pupilos para actuar ante equís situación de acuerdo a las costumbres but most important, the Way of Life structured by the triunfoLentos that built R O M A in different epochs, not in ONE MOTHERFUCKING DAY.

Pass Interference and Stolen Base at the BOTTOM of the First Down of the midnight hour in Central NATO Times; en Nueva Yol’l son las Seis de La Tarde, and Heidi, please relay to the Purple Pundit that you have been authorized to wear The Color Purple whenever you want. Furthermore, for the forepage, if challenged by Oprah, or Mrs. Goldberg about the wearing of that garb, tell them that “Field Marshal Carlin” signed–off on this general order in accordance to the guidelines and protocols of AR 670–1 change 00110011.


PS. please relay to the elements who took the command decision to light up all the pretty little Doll Houses in pretty pastel hues that the subliminal shots at “PUTUS 45” look Fucking Awesome. I will be sending an invoice for “concept consulting & ideas” shortly, in the mean time, while Donald Trump remains grounding air transportation for all kind of “pelusas,” at all kinds of airports (civilian or otherwise) do keep your squelch in position “On”.

Day 4, 2019 — The Plot Thickens… zat you, boludo?

12.20 Central NATO Time.

The Pôles are Talking 2.

Double Feature:

The Toxic Avenger.

“Get Up Offa That Thing”.

Now playing, at Le Cineteca National.

We apologize to our non-readers, but Technical Difficulties, in the KEY of:
manu docile
(asi como cuando los felinos
y las Felinas juegan con su
e–maus) nos tienen por el momento
We [the motherfucking staff] will
return, Shorty.
Así que mientras giramos
Vayan a ver si ya pusó
La Marrana, pero por el
Amor de Macron;
Doña Vilma Fuentes,
no le pique ni le grate
el Cul de Cochon
a la quina, que se nos alteran
los chanchitos.
Y ya ve usted, doña Saade como suelen
ser de BOLUDOS esos Lechones.
Leguas El Caballo, en el que VILLA,
más se paseaba.

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma:

… wait for it, Jacques, wait.

Pig Latin for David Brooks
en —Meet the Press.



Louie Prima and The Witnesses were there…

Smoke on The Water was supposed to follow, but the Cat’s à Cité wanted to play…

TimeStamp: 18:03 à Cité.   }—~~~\*>  Rock, Paper, Onions?

“The Dude Abides”.

… and The Army keeps rolling along.

Ladies in Gemeni
please keep your Squelch-on
a Yellow wave continues to
“Toss but no Sink”
a La Cité.

Sin Embargo, les vagues nos tienen
[al staff]
yendo d’aquíp’alla
y d’alláp’aca.

…en unos momentos regresamos con el último adios a George Herbert Walker Bush, and the rest of Last Week Today’s passing of the peace pipe and —of course— the talking stick en el Zócalo de López Obrador… perdón, el Presidente Constitucional de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, el Licenciado, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Me canso ganso”
que mientras quede cuerda
we’ll spin The Top,
o como le dicen los franceceses
al tromp’o
une toupie espagnole

TimeStamp: Donovan’s Mello-Yello,
at Veinte después de las Seis en CET.

Stick around… really, y’all the Jazz Hour follows.

TimeStamp:19.00 hrs. CET

Relance: Last Call for papers. Una Comedia de Enredos

Swedish sirens, do it.

We [the staff] don’t select the mermaids, we just hear’em as they surface.

Dicho de otra manera, la única forma de dejar una huella de tiempo como prueba de que el evento se hace en vivo, mi querida Marianna, pues se hace por medio de tus medios públicos. Lo mismo se hace con, en ese mismo sentido, con el ganado de los msnbc, por poner un ejemplo.


If we [the staff], would carry with us the legal authority to StampMark each of one of the entries on this blog, we would most certainly DO IT.

We [the staff] would. It only takes one or three seconds to type, “TimeStamp: yada–yada_sinefeld,” but there’s no rush in that.

So instead we screen–grab the fip out of the Sirens, and Zig–Zag™️ the themes and references into a synchronized silent dialog with specific echos from the transcrips in each frame. Try Timing that in real time.


For the record, and in the interest of being as transparent as possible, it’s the 23 hundred hours of the day. It’s 1 day, 17 hours, and 00 minutes until the countdown for the first Sunday in 2024 begins to grow into a memory with every click on that clock and, when the next president of Mexico will be furnished with a Report Card for his intrepid and populist attempt to transform the land of Tunas, o como les dicen los francececes al producto de la penca del nópal: hijo de la barbaridad Higo de la barbaridad; y no “hijo de la barbaridad”, porque eso es otra cosa y en ese guión todavía falta convencer a Salma Hayek para que se ponga las prendas de “la chingada”, o sea la verdadera Madre de todos los mexicanos, cuál trinche Virgen de Guadalupe ni que Ocho Cuartos.

Entonces pues, Salma, the following screen-grab contains an official notice from the Préfecture de Police in Paris, asking the writer[s] of this most inconsequential blog about the status of a Catch–22–like process that started with the proposition of gathering interviews and real–time news data about the Sexenio (six–year term in office) of the winner of the 2012 Mexican Election —and, this is a very important element of the story, — as viewed from abroad.

“Hay quienes ven esto como un Vaso medio Vacio, pero también hay quienes lo ven como un Vaso medio Lleno. Verlo así, es pensar, —joven”. El Heraldo de México.

Do you Marianne, know where Enrique Peña Nieto’s ( the winner of the 2012 election) expectations went, and especially with regards to the re-booting of The Year Of Mexico in France? Los Amigos de México en Francia, should… o mismo:

🎵 Sing it again. Let’s all get up and dance to a SON that was a hit before Your mother (Morena–Francia) was born… do Ewe recognize the lyrics? These might help: 🎺🎶 Ay–Ay ¡Ay— HAY!!! Canta y no llores, porque cantando se Alegra Cielito Lindo —“el pueblo bueno”.



Hey good looking…may Eye have this dance?

TimeStamp: Calexico en francés… 17h27 in Central Siren Time.

Hey… context follows, but given Steve Bannon’s expeditionary dreams, EWE’all might get the wrong idea of this most inconsequential post, eh…

Clint Eastwood follows… and he’s “got sunshine in a bag,” yeah—buddy, the Future is, is, is…

In plain sight and in Black and White

Fat Fuck is coming to town…  Sources say that Monsieur Jean Marie Le Pen has already booked a suite for this  propagandist at the Régina.

The beast arrival sources:


* Willie Nelson.

Complément de Affaire — CERFA n° 13473*01 — Una música VISCERAL

Timestamp: Diez (minas) y un Cuarto, en la Rue Saint-Loius en L’Île… en Central Siren Time.

Yes indeed Cousin Joe, Yes INDEED, meet BRONTIS À LA PRÉFECTURE de Paris. •–_!_-* Fun fact
Ewe’all: did you know that The White House has been, —since way before— Henry’s fixes at La Fútbol Asociación? SINCE Way before —EWE’ALL— Kissinger fixed the Chilenean World Cup of September 11 of 1973— now drink that Water and hold Mika’s hand, Cousin Joe— G’ahead, Cousin Joe, hold her pretty Department of State hand.

La Concha de tu Madre—reLoaded!!!

Complémént de Affaire, CERFA n° 13473*01
Line five out of six:

… but first, the news.

The following must be read in a George Cloony voice with a Laughing Cha Cha Cha playing on the background.

Extinct relatives. The last time that these two were seen together, the climate conditions called for a cool overcoat. Right now the season is warm and it is inevitable to avoid seeing undies on the streets, don’t blame us for catching an occasional glimpse—heck, one needs not look ‘sous les jupes de fip’, Mika, if you know what “Eye wanna Hold Your Hand,” means.  •-_!–•  There’s a new kid in town, let’s hope that under this Summer’s Sun that ride doesn’t go the way of the GoBee Bike and the benevolent Sac–a–dos.

Indeed, it was a rather naive “présentation sur « papier libre » du projet de creation du plan d’affaire” on account of the GoBee Bike project.

Maybe, just maybe the timing was wrong for project GoBee Bike to hit the scene at the dawn of the Great VELO War of 2017, when Velib’s changing of the guard was about to take place and three other private bicycle providers were dumpping their “güilas” all over the Île-de–France.

I’ll be blunt, GoBee Bike first mistake was trusting les Francilliens with such thin spokes, I mean it did not take a week to see young-adults punishing the GoBee Bikes everywhere. When the month of March 2018 arrived the streets of Paris were pretty much a junk yard littered with the fleet of GoBee’s that ended up as parts–and–pieces of a pretty neat service… but the other players in this business of transportation choices, they just couldn’t let GoBee Bike be.

In my non–consequential opinion the foul was not “kids just being kids”, there is a lot of money to be made in the alternative public tranportation business, and GoBee Bike didn’t think that it’s delicate rims would be sabotaged by the competition.

There’s a new kid in town, y se llama Patín del Diablo, from the creators of Green Hell and The Last Caress.

TimeStamp: 13h20

Dear, Brontis à La Préfecture… the following must be read in an AMAL CLOONEY’s voice:

Service Continu…

Dear, 6éme Bureau á Cité; please be adviced that my client has already furnished your office on two occassions with the current demand from your email on line five of six, on the Complément de Dossier request, date stamped on May the 24 of 2018.

Amal Cloony, Barrister–at–Large.

Agnes, won’t Ewe make the Axolotl’s suits and hook’em up with a few “paper dolls”… of course Ewe would. Thank’s.

p.s.: please do not force our firm to stash our client at the Equatorian Embassy should your office deny him of his “titre de sejour” renewal.