Fuck you, Matt Dæmon! Now that youse in Marseille head over to Nantes³

Not That I Would Do It Again… but if Eye ever did do it A-Gain, Yoya no en°GRAS°hARIA los ejes de tu Carreta. Al fin que Ami, pues a Mí le gusta que suenen, —pa’que los quiero En°Graciados.

³~. You son of a bitch! The Poles are blocking and the grain 🌾 keeps a’Rollin all night long!

Top 🎩 o’The Morning, Mika. And mister Avocado Hass, never mind the Smoke in The Water, it’s all about them mines on the WaWa. Admiral Stradivarius reports.

Thanks, Obama… A-Gain!


Across The Seine, King Chuckles III visited the French Assembly Line and word from Bordello is that The King is going to be talking about Ketching-Up with global warming. Lucky for U.S., French journalist Ariane Lavrilleux, I have the right ingredient for this skillet, and that’s Kerry’s 57 Var°i.e.°Ties Ketchup.

And with that, Britannia said farewell to Marianne, it’s ∴ symbolik ∴ of course. The most relevant image from this three-THEY trip came at 15h18 when the king drank red-red wine; fucker got tipsy and then his Highness was forced, precisely at 14h46, to take the tram. Camilla Queen was not a Muse(d). I’d tell Ewe all more about the rosbif/frog affaire…

But first, it’s the exorcism of French Culture and the apostasy of François a Là Patate. Remember now, it’s the XVII Century in France and yesterday was Ground Hog Day!

Continued from page 82… “— Phil!

The comparison of nuns to traveling Italian acrobats, [or mexican mariachis³] meanwhile, alienated d’Aubignac from church officials. On the last day of his visit, a document circulated, allegedly a letter written by one of the demons. According to d’Aubignac’s own account:

³~. Emphasis on the mariachi is mine.


[T]his letter asserted that Madame the duchess of Aiguillon had with her a magician, and though it did not name him it described him well enough that it was easy for all who knew me, or had seen me in Loudun, to realize that it was me.

“— Told you, call me Bronco

https ://www .google .com /search?q=bill+murray+birthday&rlz=1C1GCEB_enFR1076&oq=bill+murray+birthday&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i19i512l3j0i19i22i30l6.7035j1j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

“— Sorry, Bronco

The magic that d’Aubignac was accused of performing was in fact a form of disenchantment: THE EXORCISM OF DEMONS THROUGH THE COMPARISON OF SACRED AND PROFANE BODIES³. When d’Aubignac exorcised the corpus of Homeric poetry from the priesthood of scholars, change the scenery to that of the street [MANIFESTATION], and the demon—the author³— vanishes.

³~. Clearly, d’Aubignac was a fan of Ricardo Garibay y su estilo lamentablemente inconfundible para enoblecer lo vulgar.
https ://data .bnf .fr /fr /11904147 /ricardo_garibay/

³~. O mismo un mariachipffft!

Warm up your lertover popcorn, Medhi… you ISIRI… are my favorite Devil, next to  Avi Velshi, off-course, but don’t quote Mí on, IT!, because like Lavrilleux, Eye does not like to disclose the sources, it’s not only unbecoming for a journalist, it’s kind of fascist for a POLICE INSTITUTION to demand these. Especialmente, y como TU, Alicia Leos, comprenderás cuando los sapos¹ de la administracion ( HOLLANDE y luego MACRON) eran los de la manifestación.

¹~. Informants if they have a SciencePo connection, snitches if they were GOY.

French police release journalist arrested for reporting on alleged France-Egypt spy operation

Amnesty International’s secretary general Agnes Callamard said: “It is deeply chilling that, almost two years after the revelations that France was allegedly complicit in the extrajudicial executions of hundreds of people in Egypt, it is the journalist who exposed these atrocities that is being targeted, rather than those [Juanito Guanavacoas*] responsible.”

Agence France Presse, vía France 24 . fr

*~. Emphasis from the staff.

If youse just joining the transmission,

Nobody seemed to know Mí, Évry’s body passed Mí by 🖕🏼


🥔 🤡 🍟🎈

Affirmative Action at the P.E.N. Club de France — Dew Ewe fuckers like tuna?

It’s Friday night Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and over in at the putas red light district de Pigalle, home of “Les Rats du Petit Moulin” y… de las tunas de un nopal it’s the Deadline for Entry into the P.E.N. Club (elitist) Translation Prize of 2023.

Today’s word of the They, dear Martin at “Le Grand institut de la statistique publique française”, en la bagagerie de Marie-Ange Schiltz is:


from the German (joy of the French’s misfortune).

I did ask if youse motherfuckers, “sprechen sie Deutsch? », didn’t Eye? So get back, honky cat. ÖÜÏ didn’t start that fire, but we did forewarned BRONTIS and Stephanie Menou at the Cité préfecture all those years ago. And, Bruno, que dice la Doctora, J-G Poisson 🩺 🐟 que por favor le saluden a Talía Olvera y a su patrona de ella, Barbara Carol de Obeso, en el show de Juanito Guanavacoa en Botzaris.


Under all that American ruble in the Academy, Öüï just learned that her name was Nicolle, and she once brought back a ROSE 🥀 to life.

Yeah, so normally as a norm our shit is fucked up, period! With that in mind, police radio interference is bunchin’ up today’s Deadline feature… bola de —putos.

In France, your won rights are closer than a crash-test dummy appears.

La tuna no es como las sardinas la pintan, en primer lugar, la tuna es desértica y tú mamá también, have some atún, it’s a cold platter.

Any how, shit’s going down at the Pinault Collection…Get Off’ my Lawn! You young people. And homie, leave those cops z’alone

The Death of French Commerce, long live the market.

And Gene Robinson… yo’Black-ass knows what goes good with Thon?

— Ketch-up… in Mexico a Zero Plus game es un “cero a la izquierda”, dijo El professor Alejandro Valenzuela en Sciences Po. Elítismo Immaculado.

Friday, June 30th, 2011… Paris, Francia_ To stand in solidarity with the new cuts at la Maison de La Radio on JFK Ave., in Paris, France, MGMT fucked with the models and fondled the mannequins notwithstanding the Summer Break. In Babylon Two (NYC) it’s “death and taxes” but in France it’s mimosas for Breakfast 🥞. Indeed.

Know Your Value … page 50 B.A.Soul

… [P]orque de Europa, escribió alguna vez, Octavio Paz, ¡que los chilangos! salieron de Los indios.

Y luego, por si sobrara menos, los brasileños salieron de la sala de Mrs. Robinson en fip . fr… deviants. The whole lot of you. Including, Messi.



Secrets in Plain Sight.

From the producers of Paris I Love you, but you can go fuck yourself, (wait scratch that) but you are bringing me down, and The Death of French Culture, comes the story of, “La Grande Flemme” and the betrayal of Le Figaro with a €20K L’Oréal grant… Por, Iz Cova Sin Filtro, — en Abu Dhabi…  because like Qatar, with the Fifa World Cup 2022,

le régime d’Abou Dabi est une monarchie héréditaire, qualifiée d’autocratie : bien que les libertés sociales soient présentes, les habitants n’ont aucun droit politique (droit de vote, etc.) et la liberté d’expression est très fortement encadrée³.

³Abou Dabi (émirat) — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Abu Dhabi is the perfect stage to have a WOMAN over 50* Forum, with the wife of a Peacock’s Pundit.

And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy’s rich
And your ma is good-lookin’
So hush, little baby
Don’t you cry…

*~. years old.

After the break, the enemy of the French’s enemies are their (the Very French) best friends. With that in mind, Donald John Trump threatens to make another run for the presidency of Them United States of America.

Pinche 🤌🏽 Tavo… y por eso Cerati, se fue a morir en El D.F., eh? I was there, boludo squatted the intensive Coma Center during the Day of The Dead installation at La Catedral in October of 2010.

If my French, is still accurate, this means that the Elysée is about to invite “little Donald” for this year’s edition of “Niggers on Boats”. Sponsored by none other than “the socialist ARGENTINA 🇦🇷.

Because just like the pulgas del perro agradecido, las plumas de Las aves de Roma, anyone? las plumas de flock to°get•her fly to, what?

Scarborough? Birds of a… Scarborough?

But then again, Eye told you so back in 2015, but you didn’t care.

Jeff Aerosol vS Flatus Bovis… La Vache on the Wall 🧱

Note to editors:
the following disclousure is to remind our non-readers that nothing, including our expressed written opinions should not be, i say again, should Knot be, treated as scripture, —without its properly documented and deconstructed context. Wit that in mind,

I like birds.


the only true constant in life, is of course, Mexican style Lucha Libre.

Mexican proverb from the Golden Age of el pancracio.

Eye see your “Petete” and I raise Ewe: Super 🌟 Muñeco.

“Toxic like a can of…”, any one, toxic like a can of aerosol cans on a hazardous waste, or like Trump’s spray-on tan.

American gringos


Regurgitate, Ruminate …
Designate your love as fate
A one-world state as human freight
The number eight, a white-black state
Try not to hate


Hoy no hubo Peniche… fuck fip, no Jane no deal!

Free Range Hotdog


Öüï want the Jane. — Öüï gotta have the Jane 👄, Öüï want the Jane. This capsule is approved by Cypress Hill and Fandango Records.

Any how, I Love You, Mary Jane. No Jane, no Mary, and lemme’ tell y’all, thEE Reverend Al Sharpton will knot! Will KNOT let Mí, LIE!!!  No Mary, no Baby Jesus ∴ know Christmas 🌲.


Is D.A.T. watt Ewe Reuilly really Reuilly wants, or is D.A.T just a Brazilian PicPuss y Kat?

Any HOW, Eye FO’ken Found Jan de La Ville Net’s TICKET STASH, behold, Coq Suckers:


Öüï don’t need no stinkin’ badges…

Told y’all that Jan did not care, Jane could care less 💅🏻 Villenet don’t need no $tinkin’ tickets.

“This could be the beginning of a beautiful Vernissage »

Jour et Nuit…

Artificial Intelligence Free… Our Snapshots are free-range. In this frame: La Musa de Tizoc Infante.

We interrupt this farewell to bring you the latest on Ringo STARR’s missing chair. It turns out that George “it’s always the quiet one” Harrison sold the artifact to Robert Plant, Who in turn lost it on a wager at The Needles in VEGA’s.

Nice, we’ll always have Vega, I’m SiRIUS and you are not.

Any how, the effects were immediate but it was not as if SciencesPo incomunicado Donald Morrison y “su cosa loca” about the death of French culture, did not foretold this week in the French Presse, heck, the Sign–Off of Jan de La Ville Net from France Culture was coordinated, media wise, just as Rosecrans Baldwin had illustrated in his book about Parisian real estate agents, and how they love to test the matelas for “bounciness”.

Sisyphus may have cheated death, but not The Taxman. With them lines in mind, “let Mi, tell Ewe, how it will be”.

That’s Why goD made the Beach Boys 📻.

— There’s one of SIXTO’S frames for Le Monde nº 24143 , Samedi 20 AOUT 2022. Sixto is like Bob Dylan without the Old Gringo Desperado look {or} in Tamaulipas, he could pass for a Chilango postizo such as Amandititititita’s dad, El Sacerdote Rupestre… nada que ver with The American Priest in Paris.

Don’t Tread on Flo’… In Local news at proceso news network, the Irony is lost en El Montaje de la série El Caso Florence Cassez y LOS ZODIACO.

— Nineteen from Madison Ave., for Le Figaro , nº 24264: I Am 32 Flavors, and then some, ISSY! Ou-ou Ou-ou—OU, qué feo estás.

[Supporting video evidence of Sisyphus at the Jan de Ville Net farewell Bach Canal …


goes here.]

— Somewhere in the middle is the portrait of the PERFECT American, according to some chick named Jan Juego Verde (in pink), “Elvis Presley et le cinéma” on Ediciones ROUGE profond. 2021_Aix-en-Provincia, or Something like that.

To Sit and Let Rest


Crash — In Hilo, Hawaii, the Janes remain the same

Producciones An American Priest in Paris y La Embajada de El Perú en el 106.3 fm de la Fréquence Paris Plurielle, presents:


In Paris, France, it’s the FO’ist They of the A.J.V. Era†

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name 💅🏻

The Mic 🎙️ on the Jane 🧜‍♀️


Play it again, Luc… of all the dirty joints in the world she had to walk into mine. ~. After Jane Villenet.


Say what you will, but during the lapsus of this trip I have had the opportunity to see many, many, Many things, last night for instance Eye witnessed how Jan de La Ville Net turned into a 45 rpm on the fm (Farm Road) dial in Paris, Texas. And not to be outdone by the Saturday morning Car Tunes, Madame Hidalgo opened up the Canal San Martín for all to bathe, and because on this trip I too had the opportunity to walk on that very canal, just a few years ago when it was drained, I can vouch that The WaWa is clean… all of the bodies were removed.

In the frame below, Katie Thang reviews Last Week To They beginning with last night Bach Canal marking Jan de La Villenet farewell session as a DJ.:

Jane “Hot Lips” 👄 de La Ville Net. It’s the One Eyed Monster, dear. It wants his monocle back.


Ahora sí, “that’s all, Volks! ».

La Répétition des Scénarios de Vie³ or, how Eye learned to love Susana Poveda y a su chingado cinito por la radio²

Hey, Jonathan, never mind the Redundant quote but DON’T LOOK UP : Déni Cosmique says, “Thanks for dressing up
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt11286314 /quotes /qt6083137

The Persuaders (Amicalement Votre)
ALBUM : The Prisoners (2021)

[last lines]

Jason Orlean: What’ up, y’all? I’m the last man on Earth. Shit’s all fucked up. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. We out here.

BREAKING the KNEWS… Based on truly possible events ».
In WaWa Land, some gal named TARAH*SETMAYER just put a fried egg on the ALTAR of LINCOLN!!! — Oh, the Humanity.

Strange all jazzed up Cuban sounds are currently expected to sound later on tonight.
The American Embassy in PARIS just issued out a bulletin INSTRUCTING all AMERICANS to stay away from the rue des LOMBARDS radius, so pena of being ex communicated for catching THE HAVANA SYNDROME of Yesu.


« Quand l’homme blanc est arrivé, il avait la Bible et nous avions la terre », aimait-il raconter. « L’homme blanc nous a dit : ‘Venez, agenouillons-nous, et prions ensemble’. Quand nous avons rouvert les yeux, voilà ! – nous avions la Bible et il avait la terre… »

El arzobispo anglicano,
Desmond Tutu
as quoted by
radio france international

Page 7 
Quand la vie se répète
« Le bonheur es une idée neuve en Europe. »
Rapport à la Convention nationale,
3 mars 1794.

oNe.: RELAX-ay-voo

— Well, wadda ‘ya know…
TuTu just passed by:
https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /afrique /20211226 -mort-de-desmond-tutula-nation-arc-en-ciel-perd-une-ic%C3%B4ne-de-la-lutte-contre-l-apartheid
Demain Est Une Autre Histoire

In local news, Italian dreamer, Dean Martin, passed away yesterday, Christmas Day 1995 only to welcome the newest member of the RAT PACK at the KNEEDLES, Sammy Davis Jr., caught a case of the Omicrons on his Beguine and so, that motherfucker had to stay in Soweto for the rest of the Millenium.

Cottraux, Jean
153.6 COT
Bpi: 3 7504 00231077 7
135 F / 20,58
selon ©Odelie Jacob at rue Soufflot
(Average exchange rate for april in Paris of 2001)

… Wrong, do it again
If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?
You! —Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!




FRF remplacé par EUR

And JONATHAN CAPEHARTplease relay to Aunt Gloria that La COMADRE Victoría’s exchange rate has not changed in 20 years.

Conversion Euro vers Franc français — Dernière mise à jour :
26 déc. 2021, 16:26 UTC

1 EUR = 6,55957 FRF
1 FRF = 0,152449 EUR

65,00 Euros = 426,37205 Francs français

Niveau 2 – Psychologie

Tu.~ (pronounced Two):

Note to Avi Velshi: dude, Öüï arrived like a THEY earlier to « Suzy’s cinito en Les-chingados-Moulineux », so here is last Night’s rendition of Saint-Opportune:
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-samedi-25-decembre-2021

And staring as the SMILE of VAL RESNICK: POTUS 46

😉 ³ Hubba hubba hubba !

Payback (1999)…
Porter is bad, but his neighbours are worse. Street-wise and tough, an ex-marine, he is betrayed by a one-time partner, and shot in the back by his junkie wife.

Over on our social media crutch, it’s  NAPOLÉON 1er (no less) in another edition of La Belle Histoire de La France.

In this episode of « Je repère les Fake news » the staff of this most NON-CONSEQUENTIAL investigative effort in the form of a WordPress® blog, Öüï takes a moment to THANK the bibliothécaires of the Bpi ²  for keeping up with the BROWSER updates (punto y coma) by our count, only the Bibliothèque du cinéma du WESTFIELD MALL (formally the François Truffautis the only other library in PARIS that allows our BLOG to navigate the WaWas of Le Seine.

².) https ://agenda .bpi .fr / 🇨🇳 evenement 🇨🇳

— WADR (with all due respect), this is why youse not GOING to get elected as president of LA FRANCE, Madame HIDALGO (punto y aparte) your SUPER HIGHWAYs are getting bottlenecked, and MADAME MAYOR, it’s KNOT just Mí saying it, just take the time to read the best pillow-stuffing paper in the whole wide world, CNEWS matinées:

Anne Hidalgo imagine abaisser la limitation de vitesse sur autoroute à 110 km/h.

Page 2, N° 2611

en revanche“, como dicen los franceses, at least your AGENDA, Madame Hidalgo, does not call on the frogs to name all of their little tadpoles, LOUIS “if the gonads are solid, dark circles—MARIE if the gonads are ring-shaped_¹.”

¹… https ://www .cuteness .com /article

StegmanYou know what, Val, this one’s on me. OK?

Val Resnick ³Do you see me reaching for my fucking wallet?