Ewe are KNOT going to believe what STAR spelt backwards turns out to be… a fucking SAPO

And in París, Juanito Guanabacoa is talking efemérides, he is already reading November’s historic events, but not without smearing the Ayotzinapa picture of Alicia Leos before she turned into a mariachi STAR.

Tíquete from the thickest thicket.


But that is not all, Juanito Guanavacoa is catching-up with September’s news of the They, but that is only because THE PARIS PRÉFECTURE has banned shitty harmonica jams while Israel is mourning. Instead, today’s Juanito Guanavacoa’s Show is formatted as a melodramatic telenovela of the AMLO’s fifth “informe de gobierno” de los Mexicanos del rancho de Botzaris, propiedad PRI°vada de una sociedad asociada desde 1901.


In Montreuil-sous-Bois… Freddy Cats has been commissioned to create live-action figurines of the IDF blowing Gaza babies into tiny “barbarian” pieces. The financing runs on Marianne’s deep-deep artist’s fiduciary funds for Fraternity Fronts.

It wasn’t me, it’s Marianne’s and her Institution’s fault, said the former Prime Minister, adding, give that ‘artist’ full RSA benefits (no questions asked) for being such a good madrina for the prefecture de police à Cité (75000) and Seine-Saint-Denis (93100).

Sorry, about that, had I known that French Hippocrates would turn out to be a Canadian hypocrite, Eye would have gone to Spain and finally see what la pasión de La Corrida is all about. Instead, I can confirm the hypothesis of the current Mexican president and which, proposes that « corruption » has been Mexico’s biggest problem, and this is where Manuel Valls and the sycophants from the proméxico crowd, plus “Las Fuerzas Vivas“ de John Mill Ackerman (y vaïa-Valla) que sí son Bien Bibas, eh, —es más, a Juanito Guanabacoa y a Los Amigos de México en la Casa de Jorge Harmodio (Instituto de la –ñ– en GEORGE V) les consta, pero es contra los intereses del profesor Alain Rouquié en la MAL217 del IHEAL en La rue de Memo de Sarah-n’dear, because that BOAT ⛵ that is about to Land at The Parvis del Beaubourg (París 3).

Driver’s license… and other assorted trámites en la bendita Îlle—de—Pécresse… have Eye told Ewe lately, D.A.T. Eye has a Combat Tank Operator and Driver’s license on file? It’s trou 🕳️.

Act VII : Mr. Parrish’s free little shit kit at Air France™️


It’s really an L.A. Story.
Goooooooo, Dodgers!

Duro a la baila (1992) Track 7: Brujo Matías


PRINCIPIA is for fags, period!

Sin Celery,

Mr. Wednesday (not her dad).

Hyden in plain sight, y por eso lloro y canto 🎶


And, Roxanne, you probably think that this entry on the blog is about Ewe, but if you review the disclaimer Ewe is only a figment of SoFy Velasco’s imagination, now, since you asked about the door with a skateboard on it, “why don’t you come over here… and lend Mí your Comb », this off-course is your cue to jump to my happy place, after Father James reads this ACT on Monday.

Mientras tanto en Botzaris, la chalupa de Juanito GUANAVACOA no tiene vergas para amarrar ni una chingada vela… lo cierto es que en Tamaulipas, el pejército del Peje se anda parando el cuello, with the self-policing of The Greatest Narco Band since Juanito Guanabacoa used to ride motorcycles for the Bandidos de La POLICIA Judicial Federal… según los bluseros³ de La Madre Patria, Juanito Guanabacoa no sirve ni para Verga Seca menos para sanar palos.

³~. People who sell women’s blouses, knot to be confused with people’s who play at The Crossroads, o como dicen por’ay: en el Camino Viejo a Nazareth:

https ://www .nacion321 .com /estados /After kidnapping of Americans, 300 soldiers arrive in Matamoros, Tamaulipas


Keep On Tryin’ — Keep On Getting It On… In Local news, the Préfecture de Police de Botzaris secured a job for Juanito Guanabacoa (en su mero mole) la extorsión in the Motorcycle Corps, Juanito in this way is on his way, (nada güey, el wey) for his second French retirement account.

Orillese a la orilla.

https ://muac .unam .mx /objeto /orillese-a-la-orilla

Muchos azules, en RFPP… a Todd ahora de la RATP queriendo agandallar.


In this section, the “parrish” and/or its influence on the airline industry should never be spoken of for it would be unbecoming for the sobrecargos of The Wings.

El efecto del Ete… Puro Rock TAMAULIPECO a’Chilangao, but you will not hear it en Fréquence Paris Plurielle del 106.7 fm… because Juanito Guanabacoa knows nothing about picking cotton, knot a thing!

With that in mind, Öüï switches it over to Saint-Jacques Candle in The Wind 🌬️ Baseball Stadium where Father James hurls a fastball to the plate 🍽️ and that wooden crack heard like a single castagnette snap on the diamond can only mean one thing… Shame on Ewe, JIMMY “the priest”, shame on you for smearing the ol’booger on the threads. Shame on Ewe, Santiago!

https ://www .reddit .com /r /baseball /comments /11oljpw /one_of_the_worst_strike _3_ calls_you_will_ever_see/


The umpire must be deaf like a Bat if that sumbitch didn’t pick up on the nuance of that slug, I bet that if my bat had any champagne corks in it, that flabby Basterd’ would not hesitate to kick me out of the Talents and Skills Spring Forward Baseball Tournament at La rue de Ravioli.

https ://www .si .com /mlb /2016/07/22 /royalsyankees-pine-tar-game-brett-gossage

Line drive to the Outter-edge of Right Field where the batboy (fielded by Wednesday Addams) stops the action. Foul ball – strike two.

Théâtre du Tourtour… Paloma.

¡Ay, No-Mames!!!

“Nos fuimos juntos a volar, con un solo GOLDEN PARACHU-TOTE »…

Mice killer. Lo’Réàl salutes you.


Andrés 🦑🐙🦀🦞🦐s

And, señora Primer Ministro BORNE, you of all people with access to the files of the Préfecture de Police (dépôt cubicles) have the ability to verify the contents in the subtext.

…over at La Salpêtrière Cardiologie section of THE ATLANTIC, if you can play shortstop youse SET!

Goooooo, DODGERS!

I’m not a doctor, but BRONTIS and Stéphanie Menou at the Salpêtrière Préfecture can’t allow me to lie, i got Royalty Fucked by one.

Fox and Friends… S’tarring—The Reverend Al Sharpton

For the record, you Coq suckers already HO’id about Cousin Joe’s “tarantula” peluda on today’s edition of Mika’s Brazilian expédition to a cancelled Mardi Gras in Rio, well, it’s knot one of those, Denisa, {in CET}

My, maï, Hey, hey…

— [A]s a matter of fact GO’ill de Niza, the GO’ills at El Paseo de los Rosbif’s, won’t let me tell you a lie… Para Dummies, because in Hilo, Hawaii, {Io (en Jupiter), Quiere Luz de Luna}…

Meanwhile, as that developed 24 hours earlier in the Sun’s rotation, Cousin Joe was just looking for a friend; NOW that son-of-a-bitch might have three hours to spare on Mika’s Show, {and} if youse are knot in the loop, please refer to last Friday when Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough the 🥉, told Katty Kay to, and Eye quotes:

« quote, Shut the hell up, this is my show, » end quote, period

For more details, because Eye Swears, that Öüï is Knot making this up, visit LE BOULEVARD, and Eye quotes:

http ://www .trouveragence .com /generali-assurances /1870-agence-generali-nice-06 .html

« quote, JOSEPH, in NICE… casi esquina con La Promenade de KATTY KAY, » end quote, period as always, is brought to you by VANIA™

Los Amigos de Fox

This here is, [Ewe’r gonna love this… tú times,]

El Carnaval de Niza , ya que todos los otros valieron Generalli [Verga, and EYE swears it’s 🕳️