Oh–eau… La GO’ill de Niza is turning Nipponesa-sa—sa, yakuza yakuza

And starring as Ana Martin[ez], Katty Kay’s bust and the GO’ill de Niza’s torso.

Might EYE interest Ewe, in a brand-knew second- hand Mexican Radio?

Critiques all agree… Öüï loves Oyuki’s Box-Set.

¡PERO!!! ¿quiere más? Call nahhhh-Ow, and receive a Pescado de Oyuki box-set, that’s right, call NAHHHH_ow and get a complementary Televisa Presenta: El Pescado de Oyuki.

Told y’all that Öüï could drive that { ONAPAFA} Chocolate WITH ONE HEAD LICE… Lice/Rice… ¡Arrooooz! diría un Playboy libanes-ese—dit: Garces; gracias.

Meet me at Le Pont Marie just above the little Red Devil facing the Eastern (Wall of Voodoo) side of that bridge.

Guess Who, Donnie Deutsch? Ewe son-of-a-biche!

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