PepsiCo’s Donald Kendall scores another one for Randolph Scott

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• Ingenuity helicopters a Red section of Helios territory

Bobby Beasley takes pole at The 150th R.A.T.P.* Wacky Poetry Race á la Île-de-France.

— To celebrate the occasion el restaurant-bar “El Olimpo“ de La Colonia ROMA was awarded the contract to slice the carpaccio out of the elephants and other assorted exotic beasts from the Municipal Zoo à Vincennes. Celebrity A-list for this gala includes Mario Vargas Llosa,  Enrique Peña  Nieto, a Su Majestad El Rey [de España] y, por supuesto al papá de Luís Miguel.

[Illustration of thinly sliced Elephant from the Vincennes Municipal Zoo]

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• Not to be outmoxied by NIKE, La Pecsi (a PepsiCo subsidiary in the Golden Triangle in México) lands deal on Red Hot Issue involving aliens.

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Bianca se Salvó, because Inka ran out of tinta, and so Nic, Nic had to drop a letter from his jolly good name.

In the mean time, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 10 pm — at the Police Commissariat near Alesia (75014) the time there is already Tuesday (punto y coma) meet us over at Page 6 of last month’s La Crise de La Croix du Covid–19 of N° 41972 de LA CROIX.

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Got References? — La Monnaie de Paris

iLL Communication” in VOSTFr*
AHHHHH!!! I can’t stand it
i know you planned it!

16 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 43
“2da Edición”
French Theory en La Tierra del Nopal

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Context Follows…
porque al regresar, Cristina Ruvalcava meets Spuds Mckenzie. Neta… Fuck Budweiser and Diego Luna, but i promise you, there is context in the following entry… BY THE GÜEY Diego, dieguito, LUNA de mi corazón!!! Con subtitulos en Español y toda la cosa, ¿qué crees? la prefectura me pide referencias para que Brontis, el conecte de Pablo Gleason, me pueda renovar la puta visa francesa;¿ cómo vides wey, tiras la esquina o vais a ser como el puto de Brozo? y te me vais a fruncir, eh?

Las Fuentes para Conseguir una Referencia de Doña Vilma:

Les Rendez-Vous de La Mairie du 6e Arrondissement: 6 SCOPE, Février & Mars — N° 68. Via,

Latino Rebels: “Twitter Users Wonder Why Would Budweiser Even Sponsor The “César Chávez” Movie, via:

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