Being used — Rape me³

Broken News for Prime time in Hilo, Hawaii:

https ://www /world /middle-east /least-500-victims-israeli-air-strike-hospital-gaza-health-ministry-2023-10-17/

Sin título | Dessiner à l’infini, by El Primer Torero Porno… el próximo toro “MALRAUX³” de Domecq 🐂, le corresponde a Pablo Picasso.

³~. Bestia de 16 toneladas.

Mercury Rising at Saint-Merri (75003)

Mother’s seekers update from last sunday’s transmission informing about the cremation ovens discovered by a collective of women searching for their sons and daughters in COMALA

Pega°sus re°cortes con en°grudo del bueno.

… in LOMAS de SANTA MARÍA, JALISCO, the son of one of the mother’s that form the collective Mother’s Seekers (Madres Buscadoras) was kidnapped in front of his family when he stepped to the door after someone knocked (or rang, or called his name) at his family home.

They no longer search for JUSTICE nor TRUTH, only MERCY.

La Jornada


~. “A living hell on Earth,” not to be confused with “el Pueblo bueno” del estado que está a un LADO de Jalisco, allí en donde los Nazis en México se asentaron (en La 🦉 U. 🦉 A. de 🦉 G. 🦉.

In local News, Alexei Navalny is never getting out of jail, unless Ukraine crushes Russia into The Palestine age.

Over at FIP central, Denis Soula painted Marie, all black and if you don’t believe me visit the old C&A, now gutted corner near châtelet, you’ll see 🙈.

And, dear Marianne, for a country who brands itself herself* as a Hex with no resources, but big ideas, you sure have a lack of imagination. Now give those SAPOS full RSA and the fucking Legion of Honor to that Chechen fellow. That Islamist did nothing wrong, Manuel Valls did, though.


“Momo Mogouchkov had been followed by the DGSI « since the end of July », according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, through wiretapping and physical surveillance measures.

France 24

*~. Sorry about that, Marianne, I keep forgetting that youse a cunt, despite the cock. Issy-major-Pasquet, I learned many, many—many Sandía moons ago (through a cat named Freddy de Montreuil-sous-bois) that one has to be French in order to go through this world “Sans Gravité.”

Now, you might think I’m Crazy, but Marianne I’ve done told you that you can Drive my car, but you may only go where I direct your fickle ass… .

Issy-Su-Sana Pubeda, “¡Ay, qué lio!”…

Lost in Translations… False Friends in interprétation; expirimir lo que sea necesario, or as needed if you are French.


https ://www .legifrance /jorf /id /JORFTEXT000045785228

Y simón que sí, Ministro FETET, you might think that an undocumented clochard like me has no business or, D À.R.E. Eye say, le droit! The right, Mr. Fetet, to lay these lines, but then a-gain, I calllee remind, Melle. Stephanie Menou, that it was her conflict-of-interest with the promexico crowd at the Cinéma Étoile de Lilas that put me here in the first place. So, yeah, I am well within my lane and on the broken white lines side of the road.

The right side of history, right?

Exprimir, as in:
Netanyahu EXPRIMIÓ a su pueblo de Israel, por ZIONISTA que él es.


To be continued… What did Netanyahu know, and when did he first learned of the ATTACK.

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