December 25th, 2020 — Christmas They

Ladies in Gemini, BFM’er TV is marking the one-week count-down to Queen Elizabeth’s Tú, secret warehouse, and if you are in on the joke, my dear Matteo (16 year-old Grenouille) then you will begin to understand WATT this CODE Sodex*o means when opened from the “safe-zone” of any face in a Hypercube:

… Deer, Queen Elizabeth the Tú, i pray that you find the humor in Pi, because you are going to like the way you look; “i guarantee it.” .:. D284405D-2739-432B-9F15-C968F60D93AD 🇺🇸 Fool Moon Fever Follows…

**9,15 €
DIKI222 🇫🇷
20 B

Chiffre de la semaine… expires when Twenty Twenty goes the way French Culture went in Antoine Compagnon’s defense of Don Morrison… and if you buy DAT i will throw Big Ben into the Mix.


Anyhow, Matteo, i have confidence that youse gonna make a great hotelier, in the mean time don’t concern yourself too much on the secrets of the British crown (they are all salamanders, take IT!,from Mí_the–Axolotl) and WORRY Moore with the fact (according to BFM’er TV) that 60 PERCENT!!! of your fellow Frogs will not be taking the COVID-19 killing serum, that is what WILL ROCK YOU!

In Paris it is 7:30 in the morning and Christmas 2020 is now in the books; in Hilo, Hawaii, however, the Pineapple Scrolls are still writing the tale on the PM Dial, it’s about PIÑAS, Matteo, puras tristes piñas, “y dos con sal”.

“Listening with light!”, or something like that. 🌎 B6FBABA1-201D-40EC-B908-BB216674D61E 💡

In the next scroll, Matteo, i an going to dazzle the fuck out of Ancient Aliens Legendary Magazine editor, Giorgio TSOUkaLOS, with my MOBILE MULTISPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEM that “el Patróni” left for Mí, on la rue des Bourdonnais (Paris, CENTRE)… this is going to Knock–youse Out!

And here’s why: The Book of Enoch is only a draft, not the final copy… [Eye] guarantees it.

Deer, Rachel Maddow, i am happy to inform you that BFMRtv just released a statement enunciating DAT:
DOLLY PARTON is safe and sound in another part of the Galaxy, the Pinto, however, was blown to smithereens by the Gremlin and his very British cousin, the motherfucking Mini 🇬🇧.

Spot the pair of bOObies
(50 points; must show negatives).


A tale of Two dailies… part ii

It’s 18 hundred hours in Central Europe Time and across El Canal de La Mancha la manipulación en caso de que el chingado “Brexit” no jale ya tiene un “No-Deal” en el horno.

pero nuesta entrada de hoy es sobre México y los E.E.U.U.
en donde por primera vez,
México estornudo y a La Casa Blanca le dio un contagio de
así que a la verGansitos,
porque ya nadie compra
BARRITAS… con tanta Rata en Bimbo/Marinela.
it kind of explains Joaquín López Dorigas segment:

Jazz Hour follows —for the ‘rosbif’s’ to be done!
… in the mean time enjoy James Brown’s Own PopCORN brand
Yeahhh-yeahhh-Yiiiiiiiah “PopCorn”, because we [the staff] did ask if you fuckers like Pop,
we just left out the CORN.

No llores por mi Banderilla… ISSY, otro hombre del sistema que al parecer ya tiene el VoBo de IDA, únicamente, para Heathrow desde el merititito aeropuerto internacional de Veracruz en un Lear-Jet particular, eh! Y como dice Pink Floyd: MONEY, it’s a gas———Grab that cash with both hands and make a STASH…

Full Disclosure:
We [the staff] are certain that the recent Citizen led stings of trickle-theft pastry skimming by BIMBO® delivery-persons in Mexico is nothing more than a cover-up to distract from the FACT that, because of flimsy criminal law enforcement procédures (like with the Cassez Affaire) THE SAME MEXICAN governor that gave the GREEN LIGHT to dilute CHILDREN’s CANCER Medecine with tap water at State Hospitals in the State of Veracruz (Gulf of Mexico), Javier Duarte (as a free man) is now probably going to be joining his Wife, Karime, who is guarding the “4-Year Booty” that was stolen from the State of Veracruz, and that RIGHT NOW is sitting on personal accounts in British banks near or around Buckingham Palace, and other fiscal paradises for the Powerful and Corrupt of the Latin front.