Meanwhile, at The Beverly Hills Hilton..

Alexis * Tocqueville’s portrait is taLking to passerby’s, “nobody cared”.

Paris Photo is for fags

Paris Photo is for fags.:.CC17CF63-043F-42DC-9B65-348CA6C087C0 •|• a message from your “useful IDiot”.:. DEER Cousin Joe, you of all Blind Alabama blind boys should KNOW, wait for it, WAIT — POLITICIANS, and little LAWYERS are: redundant. 

Over at the Lounge, Ringo and Densmore decided to form a new Band, after a couple of Vodka shots with a chaser of FOUR Loco cans, they decided to call the duo: The BeatDoors.

Cousin Joe has the details in a new segment, called BOYS, what a bundle of Joy.

Congratulations to the Washington Senators

Congratulations to the Washington Senators.:. Go NAtionals. Meanwhile in New York, Willie Geist is on TIME–Out with Donnie Deutsh. Over in Houston, The Washington Nationals are bringing the Astros down to Earth.

But FOist, not only does the staff hear Music, öüï CAN also smell it

art by Las Trompas de Eustaquio:

People who Gnow, know George

People who GKnow, know George.:. Eye loves Baseball, period

Psalm 351
“All the lonely people—
(ah, look at all the lonely people)—
Where do they all belong?”

Alabado sea Saint–Paul…

Bring it!

Bring it!

“Never learn Something, you can do By heart.”
Asegún las escrituras de Casa de Agua.

Vlack Belvet, because even the “King” took a piece of that Toile… Morning Mika and the Blind Alabama Choir pay respects to Elijah.

Musical guest, a cool Chris Hayes:

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