Ewe’r Knot Foolin’ personne, Salma Hayek

A Naidée, como dicen los FRANCHUTES de La Sierra.

El General wears a Leopard-skin Pill-box hat.

And, radio France… Fuck LaCroix, here’s your subtility in Strasbourg !

Note: to Tiffanny Cross (no relation to LaCroix) please relay to the Heidi Przybyla wanna-be that BLACK SPY and former CONGRESSMAN Joseph Scarborough III made sure that this blog would not have any followers, furthermore, with this blog being a DRAFT of a larger body of work, it is almost  impossible to follow unless you are in on the MOTHERFUCKING blacklist JOKE, like Charles Dumont and Grégoire LaCroix.

For those laser-focused on The Ukraine, but can’t get through the Polish Border, here’s Wisdom, “let s/he who hath understanding…”

Here you go, call Mi a racist now, but KNOT before doing your homework.


LONG STORY SHORT i feel like a BLACK STUDENT in UKRAINE… and here is another THING that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL don’t know, the ‘nice’ little ol’ Peruvian lady at the reception desk (last year in the month of MARCH) is like ONE-degree of KEVIN BACON from the good people of Andrés Manuel López Obrador before that son-of-a-bitch gave TATIANA CLOUTHIER a piece of HUESO in his CULT.
ENter THrough THe GIFT SHOP!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /etonnez-moi-benoit/deux-amis-tres-proches-charles-dumont-93-ans-gregoire-lacroix-de-l-academie-alphonse-allais 5684260

… Öüï, now returns to our previous block
en forma de tejas sobre el reloj:
Didn’t you watch PATTON?

“You gotta blah-blah-blah and yada, yada, yada those Putinesque bastards », o algo así, the Things is, Salma… muses don’t believe in Sociology, but they do believe in Martial Arts.

Ancient Mikas meets recent Chupacabras… Irwin M. Fletcher reports

“Que bonito es Chihuahua”.

““And Some, I Assume, Are Good People.” Donald John Trump (dix it).

https ://www .bbc .com /pidgin /world -57148237

“Third encounters with an Alarm Clock”… Eye likes it, it’s subtle, and it fits the Signs of The Times.

¡Arriba Santa Qtarina!!!

Anyhow, pay no attention to the ol’ Salinas/Slim scheme behind “el fondo*”, the strategy here is to tackle one crisis at a time (check, please) and today Öüï is going to talk “Better Build Back” with a purpose, better.

* Capitalismo de chupacabras en una era post-política y post-migratoria

Mark the date: the FO’ist of Donald John Trump’s international legacies set the T-Mec on fire. The Asian American and Pacific Islanders ganged up on SANTA QTARINA’s own Secretary of The Economy (from Culiacán) at the ALL WOMEN Free Trade Summit. Öüï, joins The North Face of the American continent in the middle of the first round (punto y coma) Secrtetary Katherine Tai (Team U.S.A.) grabbed “la tia Tati” by the back of her neck and slammed her high cheekbone facia on a brand new AutoMobile that will be sold in The United States, then that same vehicle will go through the Salvage process, and finally will get to pollute the Environment when that same vehicle is sold as a “CHOCOLATE” to the cousin, or la comadre, or… to the sirvienta of the NEW MISS UNIVERSE

And for D.A.T. we go in LAYERS, check it out:

… and Pundit, never mind the TALE OF THE TAPE, here comes the lithostratigraphy of the strip.


The call: Mazel Tovarich (punto y coma 🌭🌭🌭) mazel tovarich favors the Well-connected at The Strip.

RING-Ring…. Kasie Hunt answers:

Please stay on the LINE, an Agent will be with Ewe shortly… 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 Los marcianos llegaron Ya! Y llegaron… anyone? “Los marcianos llegaron HOW?”…

— White House Hot Line, K., à l’appareil

— Mars mom! How are you. It’s Vladimir Putin at The Bell! Listen, Hun, please relay to that Sum Bitch at the White House that if I am a killer, KAMALA HARRIS is accessory to murder in the Holy Land.

“Presidents, dictators… waiters,” it’s all the same. After the break: MURDER durder Imposes his authority on Morning Joe. MURDER durder is, by the way, the first PENNSYLVANIA ambassador to Israel, or something like that. Avocaddo Haass is on $A£€… BUYER BEWARE

— And Kasie… congrats on that awesome Arms Deal with Bibi, it’s KNOW wonder why you lead the Wall…. wait wait, lead the World, knot the Wall… that was the other guy’s SCHTICK, eh —you son’s of bitches.


*). https ://huellasdelamigracion .uaemex .mx /article /download /11945 /10034/

Happy Safe Harbor Day! — Previously on “Blasphemy!”

We now know how Chinese democracy works, eager students mixed with the city council, the very French and the American Company have been using charisma and Continental Exceptionalism for ages, the Chinese, however are using determination, hard work, and “free work” to get close to political shooting stars.

https ://www .axios .com /china-spy-california-politicians -9d2dfb99-f839-4e00-8bd8-59dec0daf589 .html

Today in history:

Mark David Chapman, of Beatles fame, became a celebrity outside of The Dakota FORTY YEARS AGO, —tonight. During Mr. Chapman’s boarding call with a “Ticket to ride” on the Attica Prison “gravy train” an up-and-comer Quarryman from Liverpool (that’s in The U.K.) was shot point-blank in the chest and later lost his battle with cigarettes, dicho de otra manera: LENNON CHUPÓ FAROS..

In Local NEWS… [please don’t shoot the messenger on account of Le Parisien breaking the Known News on phase 2 of Donald Morrison’s “Death of French Culture”] McDo did its  part, now it is time for the Decline of The Maths, page ONE of the city’s nº 1 tabloid (shaped newspaper) in Paname.

Note to Phil Griffin … that motherfucker:

Had i known this [about the proximity spies at City Hall] back in 2010, I would have pitched my Six-year investigative report into Mexican political up-and-comers to China. 

🎶 Don’t know much about His-story, don’t know much biology, but I do know that… yada, yada, yada times the square root of Cloud Nine.

Across the Atlantic, President-elect Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s legacy of breaking the norms for a spin by stacking The Pentagon with a recently retired “wise man”, General Eisenhower would sure be proud of Joe.

And why not, Ruhles are meant to be followed (provided there’s an agreed upon safe word), and Norms are supposed to be broken like a lame Weekend Update comedian.

Meanwhile in Mexico, el presidente reshuffled some key cabinet positions, including his former campaign communicator Tatiana Clouthier who will head the office that handles the economy, her job, like other cabinet-level officials will be to change the flower arrangement for the president’s daily morning mass.

N° 2517 CLES DU JOUR — L’ŒIL de Derek Zoolander

Thought of the T.H.E.Y.:
Pg. 15 … [E]ye never met a Vin, that Eye, never liked, —except one.


https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf/NEP/20200122


Mannequins are human, Aussi

Mannequins are human, Aussi .:. 7F92E5B6-86C3-4B3B-9970-EE96A885EB80 💋 Not content with appropriating all sorts of indigenous people’s cultural patrimony for the “exclusive” benefit of SWEATSHOP owners in “shit hole” places like New York City in the United States of Ivanka Trump, the very French took it upon themselves to appropriate the sad situation of  the  her “daddy’s” asylum detention Centers along the Mexico/U.S. border.

In an unprecedented move not seen since the invention of the number three, the French take it upon themselves to invent the « Trifecta », and of course gambling addictions would never be the same; also, on a day like today, the Swiss arrange the security detail for the Pope in Rome.

En Hilo, Hawaii (96720) es Una antes de la medianoche, and on the Russian part of that archipiélago, doña Tati, —It’s the 11th Hour of Wednesday the 22nd of January, n°2517 of CNEWS-matin. In LOCAL Motion news, Eddy Currents are expecting a low flux beginning tomorrow, Thursday, January 23 beginning at 02h00 in Central Siren Times. Sources close to Oliver Benkemoun report a BLACK FRIDAY on both the Metro 🎱 and RER 🚆 network of rails of the Panamenian underground.

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem .:. 36285F56-8EF0-4527-9C13-B0E4D0406D41 🕍🛤⌛️⚒ Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo sends news from SAN JOSÉ, Dylan’s Telegram reads: Tocayo, please relay to Vampire One that Mexico is in the bag. Good news, for the Trump administration, Mexico (under AMLO y su Karnal MARCELO) is now our greatest Migration Policy Proxi.
P.S. Tell the big Golf Ball sucker that the non–invite for the Shoah commémoration is a “blessing” in disguise as it gives the Supreme Vampire, Our Lorde Vlad, the opportunity to Shine in the Spotlight.


* The sources of Robert Zimmerman’s telegram to Sam.gov@u.s./dept-of–state/israel/jerusalem:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/01/22/politica/004n2pol