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“… México es un país de Cine.”


A Band in Parts Productions… How The West Was Won by the French, starring: Willie Geist.

François Hollande
Presidente de Francia.
México, Distrito Federal, c.2013

Lorem ipsum… context follows after the the Oderbretch update from Spain, in the mean time, please fasten your “animalitos” and secure your “morralitos”; the Captain would like to remind the Mexican delegation to please stow away The Copal and please don’t spark it up until The Captain turns the “invoke your favorite Spirit in the Friendly Skys light” on.



… [A]nd still to come, Televisa Presenta:

Synopsis: You just Can’t Make this shit up, Franck! Now Eye knows that you know, that Televisa went the way of Dinosaurios del PRI, but öüï also know that you know, that we’ve seen a few Kings die before: Long Live The King!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/06 /consejo-asesor-empresarial-acompanara-a-amlo-en-cena-con-trump-8531 .html



Production Company: La Mano de Bernardo Gómez and Televisión Azteca… in COLABORACIÓN with Jared Kushner Publishing and Trump Plaza Hotels.

https ://www .proceso /637215 /salinas-pliego-vazquez-aldir-y-hank-gonzalez-entre-los-invitados-a-cena-amlo-trump-en-eu




… It sure would be nice if France INFO could get a hold of exonerated convict and former Zodiaco gang member, Florence Cassez, and ask how it is that she views Bernardo Gómez’ dinner at the White House while Genaro García Luna awaits a witness protection program convocation notification ticket in a gringo prison cell, and because we are aware that Carlos Loret de Mola wont be reading this entry, we [the staff] would like to extrapolate la tangente de Israel Vallarta, a según de las pesquisas de don Julio Astillero at “La Jornada”.

¿Cómo chingados, pues‽

¿Cómo re chingados, pues, llegó ahí? _•!-!•_ Distintas versiones apuntan a que la llegada de la comunicadora Pimentel al área de Comunicación Social de la Presidencia se debe a una recomendación directa de Bernardo Gómez, vicepresidente de Televisa y consejero del propio Presidente López Obrador.

La mano de las recomendaciones

La propia Pimentel respondió a un mensaje directo en Twitter, en el que menciona, en un mensaje respetuoso y lleno de serenidad, que aquel asunto es ya muy viejo: “una historia muy repasada y ya con nada nuevo qué decir.

https ://aristeguinoticias .com /0603 /mexico /en-comunicacion-social-de-presidencia-productora-de-montaje-sobre-florence-cassez/

¡BROZO… con una chingada, cabrón!

Hoy no hubo Jazz… Licha needs an intervention.

No insistan… porque en México (chicuela SePulveda) es hora de ver Uña y mugre con Rosario. (Wanna dance, little mousette?).

The good thing about this blog

The good thing about this blog.:.185ED11D-BB6C-4AF1-A909-E4D89B384E7F •|• that the Breakfast Club doesn’t read it.

Let’s replay that structured Camilo Cienfuegos double Play:

Bill Maher mixed the “who’s the byline on that reportage” comedy routine, and Agent Angle went: Not Him!

At the plate, Agent Angle popped an easy foul, which Manu Chao caught, then slapped Angle’s ass for the first out then he unloaded on Madge, who shrugged her shoulders and then said: What? As she tagged Derek Waters for the double play.

Now because this BlogCast is SIMULTANEOUSLY blogcasted on AFN TV, Local regulations require a literal translation of the play:

— Bridge (Agent Angle) = Puente (out n° 1)

— Bridge (Derek waters) = Pont (N/A… out Nº 2)

p is for bridge

p is for bridge. spit it out Mr. Noah. Spit that piece of pepPeronni OUT.

In Washington, Elise Jordan, is in disarray. Elise just found out that El Obispo emérito de Salma Hayek, monsegnor Onésimo (también) C’em#peda might have even baptized, confirmed and perform “La Primera Comunión” con por lo menos algunos de los potrillos de “don Chente”, allá en Tepatitlán de las Noas, which reminds us [the staff] about That “thing” with Mr. Noah, —over at the Comedy Centrals.

This frame is missing a Letter p

This frame is missing a Letter p.:. and Mr. Noah goes: nah man, Eye just told me to munch it out of the screengrab.

So, listen here Mr. Noah. FLOUR is, you damn Rhodie you, the base of the Afrofusion pizza, you ignoramus, water is, of course, the element for what Ol’Dirty Bastard might have reefer’d to, —as the “ThoughDoug. and the rest is just Salami to go with that €927 chorizo that you are already munching on.

Ladies in Gemini: MasterPEACE Jr.

It’s 2040 and The 46th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, junior, is about to welcome the President of The United States of México, Bernardo Gómez, junior, onto the review stand and the FCC Commissioner, Will Farrel, junior, is ordering cheese for the snapchat.

Freakwhency hopping with

Freakwhency hopping with Gary Sanchez’ mom… Greg TuCuloSeco reports.

Nevermind the Frequency Hops, it’s Derek’s mom wearing tangas on the wire.

Mean, while Donald Trump, senior, is all giddy for the masculinity of a 120mm smooth bore GUN (up his ass) the plot to stop a la naranja mecano from La Victoria en Francia ya estaba muy, pero muy gastada ; and of course, those fucking Canuks were playing second fiddle to a black limousine driver from the Queen’s fleet in Scotland.

El Patrón (template) de Morena en México

The following is an In.K.I.N.D. reminder that:

All EyE need is What France demanded for FLORENCE en Castellano and, of CARLOS en japonés:AC8B88FA-18C9-4A64-9DA4-568C7AF7EC82 •!•  THIS IS THE SAME “patroncito” (template) that MORENA-Francia, etal. (amigos de Javier Sicilia)  utilizaron conmigo a partir del 2011. So, PLEASE think about  what BRONTIS final WASHING OF THE H.A.N.D.S. is going to look like when my entire P.O.R.N. parody is served on a cold silver platter, because you, Marianne, were my NETFLIX… and no Brontis, Eye don’t bite clean hands that feed Mí; these here, Babe, are nuttin’ but the preliminary unfolded c.a.r.d.s. of Ms. Ruhle’s theme dress for her show today… B.T.W. in EST it’s a quarter to the 11th hour with a Declined Transmission of Bri–Wi.

Both of the C.O.U.N.T.r.I.E.s. that, i armando segovia / armando serrano prieto, DECLARED TO YOUR P.r.o.c.e.s.o. OFFICE 1511 at Cité are now E.N.E.M.I.E.S. of the FREE PRESS.

Reception is F.I.N.E. dear:B5213C1E-660A-493B-96DB-939E42D3D450 •!• “Everybody knows the Cards Are Loaded”, and everyone at Staff are aware that “the” DRUNK HISTORY krew* (Season SIX, Episode EIGHT) use my pirate radio lyric bites to spike  I.R.O.N.Y. on the sketch. Eye don’t blame Ewe, Derek; your “Dominos” te tienen denominadamente dominado.

* Gary Sanchez productions

** TELEVISA Santa Monica

AND This, MARIANNE, is why in the tableau or the S.C.O.P.E. of my short N.I.N.E. year journey through your France, I became a Target because of a conflict of interest that involved the Mexican Government and Mister Hollande’s helicopter and g.e.n.d.a.r.m.e.R.I.E. expeditionary S.A.L.E.S. rackets to perpetuate bloodshed in CHIHUAHUA and in Cuernavaca, Morelos, también.

MEMOIRE of LALA LAND:6D4081B2-B364-4E1A-B3A6-5219AFFBA65D

Dear, Stephen T. Colbert, please stand-by for landing.

dot, dot, dot .. ..


The Amazing Randi vs. Beto El Boticario

“… México es un país de Cine.”
François Hollande
Presidente de Francia
México, Distrito Federal, c.2013

Staring at you—Staring at me
Porte des Lilas, Paris_30/03/2016.
por: staff


CyberQuilt®… | La imagen yuxtapuesta con la que se conforman las bases del Arco del Triunfo y la cúpula de El Trono de Joseon; así como las fotos y las noticias de Milenio punto com son propiedad de sus respectivos poseedores. Sin embargo, la amalgama de contenidos en este blog, le corresponden a CyberQuilt© || Uso Justo del tejido de los Medios. ||| MEMO to SELF: it’s not that i treat optimism with contempt, but Cinema Culture as an ADVERT for COMBAT HELICOPTER SALES sure looks a lot [from here] as a PROP for neo colonialism.

     Yes Sir Mr. Hollande. I agree. Mexico is a nation of movies —inasmuch— as John Ford and the Hollywood industry were both an engine of procurement of lands for Native American Casinos in the Continental U.S., without forgetting —of course— John Wayne’s advocacy for “active service duty,” during the Great War of the Worlds [part II] in the sunny sets of California and the American Southwest.

       April is the sacred month for fools and this channel is taking a break to accommodate one of the three certain things in life: the certainty in the spectacle of La Lucha Libre [it’s all staged], the certainty of the cycle of life [it ends in Death] and of course: taxes.

In the meantime here’s some further food-for-thought. It comes from a French —and an American— guy, so unlike the French universe of Catch or the arenas of the World ‘Wrasling’ Federation, the musing must be legit:

… we don’t pay attention [intellectually] to what comes from the outside. We accept only what we invent.

Jean Baudrillard —as quoted— in Donald Morrison’s and Antoine Compagnon’s 2008 observations about the Statue of Liberty and of the importance of French theory or [simply put, being] France.

Fair use of Frédéric A. Bartholdi y una base de datos sobre "películas" en los interwebs. Vía IMDB . com

Fair use of Frédéric A. Bartholdi y de una base de datos sobre “películas” en los interwebs. Vía IMDB . com … because History alone is just like a 12-step program without a cup of joe.

… “y aún hay más“:

  1. … a cup of Joe: in Know your phrase dot com. Via: http ://www .knowyourphrase .com /phrase-meanings /Cup-Of-Joe.html
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  5. Foto de un poster de eventos en cartelera: El Año de Corea [del Sur] en Francia. Staring at you—Staring at me. Foto capturada por armando segovia/segoviaspixes. CopyLeft.
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  8. CyberQuilt® es una amalgama del contenido de este blog, es decir, CyberQuilt© es un abanico de nostalgias y recuedos de el staff —responsable— de este blog: armando segovia, armando serrano prieto, catalonio barcelonnetto de peralvillo; y también, de un niño al que una vez se le registró como armando guajardo serrano. Asistentes o colaboradores de este esfuerzo por los interwebs incluyen a una gama de estudiantes del IHEAL, de Sciences Po y del CNAM: foto en proceso…