A good-faith piñata and a plethora of Clash!

Le BAC de AL

The Election wasn’t STALIN!

C’mon Évry-body (Eddie Cochran)

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Still to come, Mikaela jumps the cow.


In this section of your BAC, the student will triangulate and explain why a former henchman and, United States’ Senator from Minnesota needs a limo like a Lame-O.

º BAC:

https ://www .tf1info .fr /education /bac-2023the subject and the answer key for the mathematics track test -2251494 .html

If you prefer… Ewe may draw Mí a picture and head over to La Médiathèque de la Canopée and audition for a chance to play music for the RATP at one of their “sets” where i sleep. The event is peddled by fip dot fr, so there’s that… where do you think that Sirène steals her chants and melodies from, the Music Conservatory?


º BAC:

Who’s gonna fix your wild 🐗 bac?

(unité de police)
French Anti-Crime Squad.

º BAC :

In this section, Emily Munera will explain why la hache en “Bach” es muda 🎻, pero no sorda 🎹.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0077147 /characters /Decline’s henchman -Al Franken

Over at the Peacock’s house, the first piñata on the set was a Mika Fest over the slopes 🎿, but of course it is, of course it was! But that has nothing to do with Mí because there is no Bridge there, and even if there was, “a confounded bridge” D.A.R.E., then Öüï would just fly over that arc.

On the same set, Mika shot her video operator monkee after the media editor failed to erase Serial eater and former Reaganist-Floribama congressperson, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, from the split screen on her Morjo Show.


R.I.P. “TJ” the live-feed video editor monkee.

All Your Need Is Cash

All Your Need Is Cash.


Here’s what the Morjo papers are saying:

Scarborough had the audacity to stuff his pie-hole with the cereal prop on that set, —a big NO on live-reruns.

Any Karni is live from the Bodega where Scarborough staches the Cereal from the set. Take it away, Annie.

How Mara Gay’s parents met.

Deer, Katie Phangs… Forget Donald Trump

¿Dónde la escondes, Felipe?

Unlike Ewe, Eye wants Évry single U.S. President Arrested and put through a deposition, let The Dominos, fall where they MAY!  And here is why, José* (pronounced Yo Sé), because what GUANTANAMO BAY is to the George W. Bush presidency, so too is NAYIB BUKELE‘s 🇸🇻 “aikido” mega 18th Street Pinto league prison. And here is why, Osler Perucho, but first let Mí ask you (cocksuckers) how is that French Vacation in 🇵🇪 El Cusco 🇵🇪, fucker?

*~. Jose is a fellow from the most exclusively open club in Paris, France, and he requested from me a few weeks ago to address the Mara Salvatrucha’s new housing facilities in That part of the 🌎 that FATHER JAMES argues that it is in [SouthCentral América.

Just the facts, fire for adjust, 3 clicks SouthEast, direction Corona/Riverside.

Meanwhile at the OCDE in BOULOGNE 75000 CEDEX, it’s viva la revolución institucionalizada en FRANCIA.

Todo En Todos Lados

https ://www .swissinfo .ch /spa /ocde-francia_L’OCDE-demande-à-la-France-de-relever l’âge-de-la-retraite-au-delà-de-62-ans /47121660

Come to “El Niño”

🇵🇪 Mientras tanto en los márgenes de El Perú… Allá en Botzaris, Osler Amaro se encuentra en el ojo de don Ciclón, mientras INTI se va derechito a LA VERGA. Pero no sé lo vayas a decir a Equador 🇪🇨

… however, Eye would be satisfied with this here .45 put through the melting process.

Nippleteasing with Colin Jost — Hear Mí out Franck, it’s a MasterStroke

Attention, camp; tonight’s movie is about a Panda gang bang on  Winnie the Pooh:

It's a put—on

El Libro Vaquero.:. 9B11621D-B00A-4B2F-96E3-1BF5ACDBD9D2 •|• It’s a put—on.

But first, a Young Bobby di Niro plays WAG THE DOG.

Choir preaching Music:

Episode 3, when Che went to Calabazas to find a Target, and Che found her.

PSA nº 2019 💤

PSA nº 2019 💤 extra until Spring

Deer Lorne Michaels, please relay to The Rapper on right now that we appreciate the release of the 3 for the Sox in the Chi.

Right now, Europe is on a One–hour delay until The Werewolf figures out how them “Roman Blinds” work, in the mean Thyme, while former general Michael Flint sits in jail, a San Diego (for profit) news show is working hard to release that traitor from JAIL; the defense strategy was IMPORTED from the biggest Mexican thieve’s market in the Whole Wide World, people who Gknow call it Chicago

… call it Tepito and yes, it is infested with Gknomes. In fact, some asshole is training them Gknomes how to draw little gknome pictures, with their filthy little gknome hands. Oh, the humanity.