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We now know how Chinese democracy works, eager students mixed with the city council, the very French and the American Company have been using charisma and Continental Exceptionalism for ages, the Chinese, however are using determination, hard work, and “free work” to get close to political shooting stars.

https ://www .axios .com /china-spy-california-politicians -9d2dfb99-f839-4e00-8bd8-59dec0daf589 .html

Today in history:

Mark David Chapman, of Beatles fame, became a celebrity outside of The Dakota FORTY YEARS AGO, —tonight. During Mr. Chapman’s boarding call with a “Ticket to ride” on the Attica Prison “gravy train” an up-and-comer Quarryman from Liverpool (that’s in The U.K.) was shot point-blank in the chest and later lost his battle with cigarettes, dicho de otra manera: LENNON CHUPÓ FAROS..

In Local NEWS… [please don’t shoot the messenger on account of Le Parisien breaking the Known News on phase 2 of Donald Morrison’s “Death of French Culture”] McDo did its  part, now it is time for the Decline of The Maths, page ONE of the city’s nº 1 tabloid (shaped newspaper) in Paname.

Note to Phil Griffin … that motherfucker:

Had i known this [about the proximity spies at City Hall] back in 2010, I would have pitched my Six-year investigative report into Mexican political up-and-comers to China. 

🎶 Don’t know much about His-story, don’t know much biology, but I do know that… yada, yada, yada times the square root of Cloud Nine.

Across the Atlantic, President-elect Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s legacy of breaking the norms for a spin by stacking The Pentagon with a recently retired “wise man”, General Eisenhower would sure be proud of Joe.

And why not, Ruhles are meant to be followed (provided there’s an agreed upon safe word), and Norms are supposed to be broken like a lame Weekend Update comedian.

Meanwhile in Mexico, el presidente reshuffled some key cabinet positions, including his former campaign communicator Tatiana Clouthier who will head the office that handles the economy, her job, like other cabinet-level officials will be to change the flower arrangement for the president’s daily morning mass.

IMAGINE… Discépolo

Dear, Senator Franken (D–WI):

The good thing about this blog is that Col. Matthews does not read it, because if he did —the Colonel— would probably be making parallels between the Trumpists in the American Heartland and the Peronistas near the River Plate… “Let’s Play Hardball!”.

No pienses más, echate a un lao,
Que a nadie importa si naciste honrao.

La ironía del Cambalache… al minuto 40 con 45 segundos.

… “It takes two to Tango,” and “Don’t take a Knife to a Gunfight”. •—_¡_—• Too bad that Senator Franken is actually throwing in the towel, in any other political year his resignation from the Senate would be the right pennance to pay for being a sophmore wiseass, but being that we [the U.S.] are having to deal with the repercussions of Billy Bush’s ‘pussy-grabbing Pandora bus interview era’ maybe — just maybe, Sen. Stewart Little should reconsider his resignation from the actual halls of power that can get this sorry  excuse for a President of the United States of America out of Office… “because, darn it, Al —you are good enough”. FINISH YOUR TERM and let the NEXT BALLOT BOXES in your District decide your political fate.

… o como dijera Saldaña:
“un diagnóstico de nuestros tiempos”.
Letra por: Enrique Santos Discépolo.

… al regresar, “El Cambalache” de Chapman con Lennon. •—_!_—• No se vaya, —deteniendo.

Context Follows…

Versión afrancesada, vía Gardel:  https :// youtube .com/watch?v=fsAGpw5uwDU

Saldaña. J., “Añoranzas”, Canal Once Televisión, vía Radio La Nueva República: https :// youtube .com/watch?v=D8VwxxmS2A0