The good thing about this blog is that the Benevolent Pharmacist does Knot read, IT!

And, Jon Batiste, all of a sudden Willie Geist wants to get on the Carmela and the Au Pied de Cochon gravy train, and as that sexy sax player that tailed that tuba in front of the sushi shop at Rue des Lombards will note, there is a WAR going on. Last night the thugs from the Baiser Salé crowd showed you just how far they (those motherfuckers) will go to keep the good folks of the Luc des Lombards from the fucking Tijuana ghetto à Paris. Carmela, should know… y tu mamá también, Diego Luna—Tu Mamá También.

Knot to be confused with The Wolf from the Tenor Family in Nantucket.

Hello, i Love You… won’t you tell Mí your name?

https ://www .nytimes .com/2021/10/13 /us /politics /kyrsten-sinema-fundraising-europe .html

It’s Weekend Editon (motherfuckerS)

… [G]oce la posibilidad de alborotar el barrio.
Por tres pesetas puede ser bombero voluntario
O galopar en sube y baja el mundo en un potrillo.
Dos colorados tengo y uno tordillo.

Coming up Jimbo reviews how music would be put into a machine through Algo-de-ritmo and art through Ones~and~Ceros at the CNRS à Duc des Lombards and Tangents suspensivas… but really, aren’t all Tangents suspensivas? Otherwise them motherfuckerS would be nothing but a straight line through Route 66, periodΩ

Gooooo, Dodgers.


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