”Congruent is just a word you made up and, … ³”.

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02 fév, 2023

If you believe MÉLIÈS 🕴️put a man 🌙 on the moon 🐇…


Préfets Les TO’itolls  🐢 de Macron 🐒
It’s Got What It Takes 🎶
… [M]ight as well face it, you’re addicted to romA³

In Local news, 🇵🇪  Osler Amaro dignó con su re-transmission desde El Perú a las ondas de radio en el cuadrante, no confundir con “el cuadrado” porque eso es otra cosa, de Paname, pero eso es solo porque el Pôle Emploi (oficina del desempleo) requiere que todo y toda derechohabiente al desempleo se manifieste por lo menos una vez cada tres meses para justificar el beneficio de RSA¹… o su pago en especie, depende el compromiso que dicho ex-patriado haya logrado en su “experiencia” migratoria.

¹~. Knot to Bee confused with The RZA, because that nigga D.A.R.E. is on the Kung-Fu Channel with Summer Madness.


En fin, para cerrar la secuencía del otro día en la rue de la Verrerie, ahora interpretamos para nuestros no-lectores lo que para este blog significa la Solidaridad Arbitriaria, REMEMBER NOW, the black fellas is not the reason for explaining the sequence of THUMBNAILS showing la rue de la Verrerie on February 1st.

In a few paragraphs I will get to that and address the 🤬 Solidaire Fellows 🐛 who without having a frame of reference of the SITUATION that was developing in front of the All-You-Can-Eat (3-plate limit) Chinese buffet, AUTOMATICALLY and with the STAUNCHEST “🧐indignez-vous” attitude 🐛 took the side of the noble 🤬 EBONY 🦺 MEN and scorned the little “ROM²” being held from the t-shirt 💥 collar by a 6-foot tall 🦺 negro.

²~. For context, it has become a normal thing in La FRANCE, for me, Armando Segovia | Armando Serrano~Prieto, anyway, to be second-guessed about my nationality by both peace officers and regularIndignez~Vousfaggety-fucks, and be called a “roma”, which is just fine with Eye and it sure fits Mí well… Check with Emilio “El Indio” Fernández, because in my neck of the cotton fields of La Laguna (en Durango, MX), El INDIO killed a “terrateniente DEAD” [https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /2023/02/03 /tribunales-resolveran-secuestro-del-lago-escondido-en-argentina-9706 .html /cabayo.jpg-4546 .html/image_large?bc=2023-02-03T20:00:06-06:00] for pestering a group of “húngaros”, which is what the Roma people are referred to as, down yonder.

Frame 1 and 2 have a TimeStamp of 16h01, frame 3 was snapped at 16h02 and for CONTEXT, up until this particular point in time I had not noticed the short fella looking in my direction on that frame (n°3), I did not become aware of THE SITUATION until I arrived to the intersection that joins the All-You-Can-Eat (3-plate limit) Chinese buffet, the Thai Massage Parlor and a certain big chain conveniance store in front of Madonna’s Record Shop on La Verrerie.

From Red October… _–·’·–_ told Jah, you niggas would turn White as a reciprocal property o(f) reactions🇨🇵 .
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Speaking of horses did you ever see those Lipizzaner stallions.
Hunter: What?
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: From 🇸🇦 Portugal. The Lipizzaner stallions. The most highly trained horses in the world. They’re all white?
Hunter: Yes, sir.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: “Yes, sir” you’re aware they’re all white or “Yes, sir” you’ve seen them?
Hunter: Yes, sir I’ve seen them. Yes, sir I was aware that they’re are all white. They are not from 🇸🇦 Portugal; they’re from 🇪🇸 Spain and at birth, they’re not white; they’re black. Sir.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: I didn’t know that. 🧐 But they are from 🇸🇦 Portugal.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Some of the things they do, uh, defy belief. Their training program is simplicity itself. You just stick a cattle prod up their ass and you can get a horse to deal cards.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Simple matter of voltage.
To see the full effect of the scene, you can watch the video here.

[Frame sequence with new picture ratios follow]

From my recollection this is what followed after I walked away from the la rue Saint-Bon (where I have been snapping shots of that corner starting from the point of VIEW of la “FAIENCE de BUGS BUNNY” in front of the Presbytere, days before The King’s daughter departed Earth to join Elvis in Machupichu or Titicaca, —o Yo-Qué-!!!



“a square is a rectangle with congruent sides and right angles”.

Excerpt from a reddit LPT³ thread

³~. https ://www .reddit .com /r /LifeProTips /comments /10smg7x /lpt_dont_fool_yourself_by_comparing_a_few_google/

Cher, rédacteur en la 11va oficina de Paris

Sr. Yannick:

"If you ride, you'll get it"

“If you ride, you’ll get it”… Deer, Judge Judy, of course you would argue FOR the billionaire Mayor, of course you would. In France Judge Judy is sponsored by Vania®️… if you bleed, you’ll get it.

Because, i, armando segovia, loves “LA” France, el próximo toro (o sea YO) es para usted.

Chingue a su madre el que se raje, —NO SUGAR ADDED. This corrida is clean. TimeStamp: 19h25 in post Franco Era Time.

So, motherfucker, including the “poppie” holiday, that gives us 96 HOURS to play around the RUEDO, motherfucker.


bola de putos

bola de putos.

So, get your faggety “light costume” in order, you have, as i made it clear before: after midnight; bring Pablo Gleason and Raphaël Moran, let them two bitches be “las sevillanas”.

Sergio from morena–francia can play the role of the banderillero, and the Amigos de México “en Francia” can be the improvisados (bunch of Harley-Davidson riders— para no tener que identificarlos como: putos).

It’s weekend edition, and Lorne Michaels is on holiday, so it is just you and me (motherfucker).

Fletch Lives

Fletch meets European Odyssey, starring Judge Judy and Judd Apatow.:. via:https ://thomaspluck .com /2009/07/23/


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1 de diciembre, 2018…

We [the staff] never thought that we’d make it this far.

Stick around, because Word of The Year is up next.
PM Justin Trudeau and Susan del Percio open up the runner–up envelope with the nominees.

After Midnight.

ISSY, algunos otros medios (de a deveras) andan “misinformando” a las masas del populismo conque la palabra del año es DES•IN•FOR•MA•CIÓN… neta que nada más lejos de la realidad. Rick Tyler has all the details at the end of the Ball; the inaguration ball, not the Bola gaucha de la 4ª Dimensión de morena.

En París,  son   eran… Veinte después de la hora…  papacito; bueno, los segundos van que vuelan en un trenecito Maya… TOTEM para tu Circo del SOL AZTECA y los hijos del Quinto Patio… “Ya lo Pah–Sado, Pah—ZAH_do”, ¿y qué cree usted, Señora?

Ex•Ah•“Ka”•Tah•Mente, señora:

Faltan Veinte para las Diez de la magnana en CET.