Weekend Edition: The Shrimp in Les Barbies Bleues… Känguruh Carlos meets Wendy The Frog

Play it, SAMMS 🦐:

Australia 🦘 is the Enemy… Eye Gotcha, Hot 🐟 Tuna!

It’s the month of December of 2010 and through the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, I receive notification that my formulaire for a now retired*, talents visa had been approved for review; long story-short for Ol’ who hate them dreaded ‘semi Colon’s’ (casi Columbus in Oh HI, oh), the person on the other side of the service window asked of little ol’ Mí, why a U.S. citizen would want to do research about Mexico in France, and my response was that:

unlike other wetbacks (Robin Hood’s) I can speak with a Mexican accent.

You Dropped a Bomb on Mí, dijo Nuevo México, TAOS.

⚾ In Sydney 🇦🇺, the Lioness’s-esas 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 titled that flick 🎬 “The Boyfriend From Hell,” 👈

↗️ “One thing about a Dodger, we have a lot of Patience”, ask Izzy, he wrote the fucking song. 🍍

Play Ball, MAGAfakas!

Moving on… It took a while, but there it is 🪶


And, Katie Phangs, Öüï missed your sho’, see ya’Mañana ☄️

… ⚾ when it’s Primetime 👉🏼 in Hilo, Hawaii