Tajine couscous jambon con haricots sin sal

But FOist!

The Colbert iDent-ity… You are not foolin’ anybody, Mel Brooks!!! Eye sees your Right Hand in the Mix.

Relevos australianos on Parallel grève



Los Brazos de Carnegie Hall:

Hear, Mí, out Frank.

LOREM Ipsum with beans gumbo:

At the event, MACARON issued out the Cookie 🍪 of Legion Medal, which is PLUS prestigious than the Johnny-come-lately Baguette of Honour lapel pin.


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Año de Hidalgo — “Happiest girl in the graveyard… » ³

³.~ N° 24068, samedi 15 janvier, 2022
Happiest girl in the graveyard refers to Nina’s version of this melody.
https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Love_Me_or_Leave_Me_(canci%C3%B3n_de_1928)

Hash tag yada yada yada

Le Parisien

Où placer son argent en 2022…

nitrus oxide, of course.

Page 2, World News

In Tonga, (near Bikini Atol) Avi Velshi just passed some gas. Blame it on the Oaths that Mika’s horse KURWA, stole from Avi’s luchbox. The event was captured by the Webb Space Telescope, and digitalized for posterity and beyond.

But FO’ist! People in Alabama want to know if Molière was the Jon Stewart of his time? … hear Mí out, FRANCK, provided that the French had invented comedie in the first Arrondisement. Semolina Pilchard followed the trail left behind by Mr. Poquelin and the snoop brings us this report.

Eye fckn knew it!

— Yes, sadly, Molière was the Daily Show of his comedy central station.
And considering what Bassem Youssef reflected on his likeness to the Jon Stewart, [if Jon Stewart had walked a mile like an Egyptian in 2011] of course… IT!, all adds up, Colbert is behind this, “The Report” on The Daily Show was just a mascarade, Colbert orchestrated Évry thing. IT!, all adds up, with Witt

Page 2, Arrondissements

15/16th… French recipes with Rosa Parks, Issy, her farts smell of Green Onion Soup and she moved to the XIX barrio, Ese.

Javier Bardem is the perfect Cuban, Tiffany, just like Ritchie Valens is the perfect Filipino {and Selena is from the Bronx}. Heck! Dario Moreno is from Canada! Ask Avi Velshi, Avi is a closeted Young Turk from Istanbul on the msnbc’s.




Top of the FO’ist and Colbert steps to The Plate

Unlike Ari Melver’s fantasy Jet City Wee’men baseball team [for] our coverage of the first 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris, Öüï base[s] the plays on Historicity and real characters of an already established universe. Whereas, Ari (that motherfucker) bases his plays on whatever is good for the gander, and of course, the motherfucking goose.

Et Cerf-panthère, the motherfucking groundhog took a peek outside from La Grotte et a vu un panneau qui disait : le mimétisme est la forme la plus sincère de la flatulence

¿Así de que, qué pedo con ese pedo?

LA OLALA OLALA, allí está. Fresh off a Mil-Spec Space–A flight from The Hanoi Hotel is none other than “The Maverick » and he is performing a shimmy dance to the call of The Supremes who asked the former Panamænin and Arizona Senator to entertain the empty stalls at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field á Vincennes… Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan (that SumBitch) is of course, playing “bad cop” and just informed The Maverick that his shenanigans will not be tolerated while Mr. Colbert is at The Plate.
The Maverick, being The Maverick begins to strip and in this ESTablished UNIverse, The Good Senator can raise both ARMS above his shoulders.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, of course you all know that it was the Very Mexicans who went ahead and invented metachronal rhythm

Another advantage of knot reading our coverage of the most dynamic game in the vicinity of The French Olympic Siege à Vincennes is that our cast of characters are ridiculously fresh y excitantes.

After the break it’s, 9 Nasty WO’ids N°3: “la torita”… [A]nd Glady’s, could you please frame said “torita” in LatinX form?.

Take Colbert for example, he lies just in front of The Nelson Mandela Garden at a “well known” soup kitchen, heck! Eye just took a pee (right in front of Mr. Colbert) at one of the outhouses municipales, not the ones from Mr. D’orin… AND DEER LORDE JESUS!!! The loo’s are brand-spanking KLEAN (pronounced with a sea) and by brand-sparkin’ Klean, Eye means brighter than the whiteness of the Home Team uniform… (note to editors: Eye could have gone with pointy white bedsheets with elaborate crosses but that was already done on January the 6th of the year of our Lorde 2021.)

…[A]nd Juanita Bonita, Eye did tell y’all about that “Hidden Stash¹”

ISSY, Juanita Bonita:

Dear, John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.): hasta con re-integro… 21 de Mayo, los muy franceses–esos inventan la Lotería Nacional para la dependencia pública. CORRE Y SE VA, Alicia—se va!¡

Never mind the “white walkers”… what’s up with Two-Each flying saucers on Alicia’s fondo? Ra’Chida!!! You don’t have to compete with BFM TV… 🎶 Those Theys are overyou don’t have sell your petticoat to the Knight!

¹ https ://www .bbc .com /sport /horse-racing /57049450

ISSY, “Baby you can drive my engine, or my car”, your choice.

🚂 🏎 🏇🏼📸

[Game already in PROgress… let’s diGRESS] 🗼 22D21957-0C5A-4292-9DD9-D4A0EAD43258 🗼 Hidalgo just patented a new pitch for the ages. The maneuver is an elemental spin, Eye wonders why Öüï never thought of it (that motherfucker). The throw is a standard wind mill delivery but just as one might think that The Ball is going to do its thing, Hidalgo’s action-figure detachable shoulder flips the axila snap-on on the whatchamacallit and the windmill turns into a figure eight at about the 6 O’clock of the spin [💪🏼🎡〰️➿♾🥎]… Joseph Napoléon III swings, —grounder to Shortstop👉🏻 Pesquet is there to make the transfer to FO’ist where Franco Lollia* is waiting to put the TAG and issue the One-Finger Salute to Colbert [20minutes . fr Nº 3625] who is hanging out with his one black friend on the right-field bleachers.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /971 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /971 /pub /858 /page /2

Say no to fake Fondos!¡

The following is approved by The Reverend Al Sharpie and of course, the lovely Juanita Bonita…and if it is Knot, then them two better curb their Black Lives Matters, at the French Quarter.


This week on The Colbert Report, Cerf–panthère and Dave Chappelle discuss Chris Rock’s future.

There can be Solo one space noodle!¡

… [A]nd over at the dungeons of The Vincennes Municipal Castle, the Fouquets are rejoicing at the news that exposed a pivotal point in French history and its relation with the Colonias (punto y coma) The Academy calls this stage « colbertisme » ISSY: it started with a Big Fucking Lie… Just like “The Colbert Report”.

Coïncidence? Only if you think of a chocolate bar when you hear Three Musketeers.

“Colbert, a minister jealous of Fouquet, denounced to the king his ‘malpractices‘ and warned him against ‘his power‘. The king is indignant “that a man can make himself the sovereign arbiter of the state ». Source: Herodote . net (paywall).

https ://www .herodote .net /5_septembre_1661-evenement -16610905 .php —D’Artagnan arrête le surintendant Fouquet

Negrro — fuck Stephen Colbert, he’s a fag

Dear, Stephen T. Colbert…

Nueva Orleans

Nueva Orleans… the Mexican Army went in when a humanitarian mission was needed.:.E7D72036-0D0C-4F00-A7E3-2315A2A929E0 Öüï seen a few “Huracanes Ramírez” or Two, so we covered it. It was probably the only thing that a Criminal president did during his Sexenio. LOOK IT UP. It was sort of a “foreign legion” in a Thyme of need, when The Purple Pundit’s old boss put an Arabian Horse handler in charge of Hurricane Watch. Fucking rich presidents, —HAVE no REASON.

big fan of yo’Show, sir.


Lucharánnnnnnnn.:.344E524B-9B00-4D01-9922-9E2262C9AF78 •|• Dedos a Tres caídas sin limite de tiempo.

… y no Insistas, NATASHA, mi corazón es cómo Bernie Sanders lo sabe muy bien: DE SUZI… cash-INK! La vie c’est magnifique.

C'mon Suzi

C’mon, Suzi…

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Hey, Taggy Matcher,
Time flies….
it’s 3 o’Clock in Central NATO Time.

Previously on a cablecast retransmission of C-Span3
vía asegovia3:
El recuerdo del 2 de octubre, que,
No Se Olvida”…

EL GRITO… Méjico 68
Starring, a young Bobby Deniro.

ISSY, a lo mejor para Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, el puño en alto de Smith y Carlos durante los juegos olímpicos de 1968 le vino como un buen zafo siendo que para él [y solo él], los problemas de los negros en “America”, era el problema de los negros de allá y no el de los rijosos en La Plaza de Las Tres  Culturas.

Right now, “right now is no time for Siesta”…
just in case Ewe are trying to Relax!
Jazz from Abroad is about to start
right after some Jumping Jacks in a flash… Bitch
or something like that.

TimeStamp: 18h03 CET
… coming up after we [the staff] Burn One:
It’s Misread Quotes from The Very Soul of América,
with Special guest, “el AmigoVicente Fox Quesada.

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in CET, it’s Fall back [cáete pa’tras] time. El horario de Verano is over—the fall is here.

In New York City, the Time is 6 o’Clock on the p.m. dial.

The Second Amendment
El Monopolio de La Violencia

In Pittsburgh, an unrestrained and deranged manifestation of the 2nd Amendment gunned down a Jewish congregation. People died. After the tragedy, the president of the United States hinted to his enemies —the press— that there is no God and that if YOU and your family go into a place of worship, You and your family should be armed. In cases where an unrestrained and deranged manifestation of the 2nd Amendment invites itself to gun people down, God has never been there, Trump hinted to the press.

Future Farmers of America join “tracks” with the Future Tankers of America… Season 4; Episode 31 at the Ed Sullivan Theater casi Esquina con CNN.

Mean while in Iowa, Trump hinted that he always wanted to be a farmer… in the same way that he wanted to be a soldier.