Dear, Rev. Sharpton: behold, “the cadillac” (M1-A1) Swing

Did you know that it was the French (immigrants) who went ahead and invented American Music?

sin contexto

S.I.N. contexto ; canal 34, con el Toro de los Yndios de Merida…Hold’er now!!!

[The following must be read in a George C. Scott voice].

…[G]eneral Creighton Abrams was a hellUVAcat, which is why we named the tank after him. At first, and at the suggestion of master gunner Leblanc, we wanted to* just go ahead and baptize the fucker in fire as “elDorado” but…

Jarry El Sucio!!!!

Jarry El Sucio!!!!

Happening right now:
The Frisco Kid
opening act ; WAR
teloneros ; GWAR.

 In search of Steve Martin… with your host:

In search of Steve Martin


Coming Up on Miss JUIN 2019 — Bruce Vian plays the Horn of Emmanuel Willis

💥💥💥 Transliteration Pop-Quiz ;

Los ecos de Sciences Po

Los ecos de Sciences Po: AAAA369F-5855-407D-AE57-8E121EC54FF7 •|• elDorado follows.

Each squad will properly initiate Troop–Leading procedures and interpret —for the Monde(s) Diplomatique(s) del mundo de Le Monde, [Robert Mueller]— el concepto agropecuario (sin Azote [N]) mejor conocido en chilangolandia como San Salvador de Atenco, y en OHIO como “el lugar a un lado del charco » ; during the skirmish (should the Natives get restless), resort to Dr. Edith Heard, of France’s own “Community College*”, and ask the good scientist just WTF is all the BUZZZZ «dans la tête des chinois? » ; should time PERMIT, explain to The most disgusting “Camelot” of them all, Boston, how the French took it upon themselves to claim Robert F. Kennedy as one of their own on the Special Anniversary Edition of “Notre Histoire” par: Vincégetorix de Vermecellineaux, Chef rédacteur–at–Large. 💥💥💥

—– Moore —–

Dear, Chris Matthews (Sir):

Auto–gol in Sustitución de Importaciones makes it impossible to finish a god–damn Article for Andrés “Luis” Obrador… according to the London CNBC’s

For the record: let’s play hardball.

Come September, [öüï been told] the fines for smoking marihuana in Paname, regardless of ‘the’ parking meter lot (look it up) where pot enthusiasts might light-up to watch despicable Boston Stinky Socks games, will start at about $200 European Euros… It’s ah’gonna be cheaper to hit the Brownstone, Axl.



The return of Fenster the Copywriter •|• A funny re–Reich Happened on the Way to Orleans

Playin’ QuetShap with Willie Geist…

Previously on Dangling HasteRisk*
Willie was relayin’ to the Bo Gents
that, as a matter of F.A.C.T.,
a). All Tontos en México son
en efecto, unos pinches bobos.
b). En París, Francia,
no todos los BoBos son tontos.
c). , “Ke–M’O Sah–BEE »…

Dear, Michael —– MOORE—–

Please standby for AAR (after action REvi3w), in the mean time, while Parasite gets a Kemchi welcome across the world of film: be advices bee advised that the Korean peninsula D.I.S.H. is like real good French Cheese, at first ; it smells of rotten toe–J.A.M.Z. and wet farts, but the ewe’s get used to it. Any güey, Mr. Moore, please relay to the All–In Crew at the Morning Maddow’s with a side of Joe on the Mika fronts that all is quiet on the Western f.R.o.N.t of La Maison de Poseidon.

Producciones Marsouin de Seine

Producciones Marsouin de [LA] Seine, presenta: “Tomo, para no enamorarme. Me enamoro para no beber”; Bersuit BergaraBRAT. •|• Gabriela Sabatini reporta que La Argentina no estaba muerta. Según un pescador de vaquitas marinas en La Paz (AZTLAN), la muy cochona (la Argentina se llama Concepción, y pues llamarla “concha” les resulta muy altiSonante a los muy Gauchos de las Pompas) se fue a vaciar unas C.A.G.U.A.M.A.S. —ALASKAntinas—  con SAX, el compadre de Roco, y caifán de los Hijos del Quinto Patio.

Coming up in the programming:

• It’s Sex Ed 2112 for Kindergarten-level AP Courses… o cómo dicen en CATEMACO: un amarre de Banderilla en el buque “Dunkerque” de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (en Andromeda).

Je Peux .... mais ..... Je ne peux pas

Je Peux …. mais ….. Je ne peux pas: ACA81A1A-FEFB-4879-A15F-07DCAB51FFA6 •|• “Regard mon Taatoo ; c’est toi. ». TimeStamp: 18h20 in Central S.I.R.E.N. Times. }-—-~~~\,,,*> … It used to BEE, that every Wednesday a very unique wail used to sound across La France, perhaps that is why the Frogs haven’t noticed the change in temperature… CROW Droppings follow ; CATCH, motherfucker.

• Hear Mí Out Franck, MACUSPANA is already below ye’Old clam d’Orleans

Macuspana, TABASCO


• Dear, Théâtre de la ville à Cité Université (75014): Fuck You —y también—  La Casa de los gobiernos de México en Francia que te acompañan.

Po’l mient’las:




Trave(r)sure[as] Viewed from East–2–West

rue Perrault, casi esquina con:

Mean, while Nicole's 7 year–old

Mean, while Nicole’s 7 year–old discovers the deeper shade of Wonder right in front of La llamada “Colonnade” de Paname, … [R]edacted.


… musical guest:
When a Pardon Arrives at 64
you make the best of

Bye-By: bees

Featuring, The Bye–By: Bees

Esto es una Bomba Yucateca
y no La Bamba Karateca,

Levallois is loosing its BEEs

Levallois is losing its BEEs, Monsieur Macron!!! Its BEES!!! Can EWE imagine Levallois Green Buses without its main actors on its Crest? ZOMBIE Bees produce SHIT!!! Shit, Mr. President.
Do you want Shit spread on them crêpes? Of course you don’t, it was a rhetorical Question, and This, NIÑO luc, T.H.I.S. is why Öüï Write… even if you wont read this most — motherfunking — inconsequential blog.

VOY que Llego YegEau

Festival de Cannes: Ce qu’on peut dire du film de Tarantino à chaud et sans spoiler

C'est Arrive un 21 MAI

C’est Arrive un 21 MAI: 4 stars out of Five

Mean, while “the” Rockefeller Center prepares Season 45, at Gnome Central on “their” Weekend Update, it appears that the Harvard G.N.O.M.E. is hearing weddin’ bells; Or’… hear me out Lorne: It’s a recurring Theme following the success relation between the Pete’s and the Gomez–es–ese of the season ender of Season 43. Fucking Gnomes have all the L.U.C.K., niño Luc.

Do you know Parcheesi? Asked La Ficha Amarilla

As told by:
Le Modéle Noir,

In Sports

Öüï switch it over to Joe’s Taller where Ana Ana Bobanna is pitching it over to Tony Moroni and BaddaBoom Baddabing; MEANWhile, Sicilians everywhere ask the Syndicate:  ArE Americans really that Stupid? Are you sure, “Major Governor Sir, Meeeender Beeeender? Will they continue to allow our M’N Trump get away with killing fat M’N in Johannesburg?

en El Musée d’Or-(you)SAY?

Previously on:

le Talisman

And starring as our Man in Mans:
John Player Special.

Correr es lo que Importa hasta el final.


¡Insólito!!! En Issy–£es–Moulineaux, secuestro del Canal de fipRocK

Hautes–de–Seine__ La Bruja del ’71, mejor conocida como doña Clotiris PeñaFiel en los círculos of her Satanic Magesty Orgies de los Rolling Stones, y como Marianne Faithfull en su casa, mantiene sitiada la sede de fipRocK.

La cantante se dijo molesta por el caso omiso que los Sacerdotes de Sirinx han hecho en cuanto a la indecisión de montar como Dios manda, a la Concha de Santiago de Compostela por encima del gallo de la flecha de Nuestra Dama de París. Entre las primeras demandas que la diva del diablo exigió  figura una pizza tradicional suprema [con PIÑA] y un 📎.

Desde pasadas las once de la noche del pasado Día de ayer, la ex hechicera de la BBC tomó como rehenes a Lou Reed, mientras el pobre cabrón deambulaba por el lado salvaje de los andamios; a Donald Fagan, quien al parecer transmitía un programa de “Home Gardening”, o algo así, titulado walking on Garden Street; y a un par de desconocidos que escuchaban a Gordon Sullivan tararear “Walking on The Moon”.

La cantante también aprovechó el siniestro para repudiar al proselitismo religioso en La Casa de Mexico de la ciudad universitaria de París (75014).

Demands in context follow…

For the time being, Monday arrived, however, Marianne continues to hols the fip freq’s (cell block Rock) hostage. It’s DAY 2 of Marianne’s showdown in her quest to mount La Concha de Santiago de Compostela en la flecha del gallo de Nuestra Dama de París… she called in for support and a Motley Caravan arrived to Palacio Nacional en Chilangolandia (equinox du le 15eme.)

Sirens are going off on TRMS

Coal for Victory!

For the record.

Nepotism for prosperity!

The hand that rocks the despots
“It’s the end of the world
as Öuï know it”.

Fucking sweet Legacy that AMLO is working on, eh, doña Tati… is this the hip-new deal that you promised and the reason why you broke paths from the FOURTH Reich  TransFORMATION?

Hold that thought, we [the staff] need some shut–EYE and a little bit of M.A.S.T.U.R.B.A.T.I.O.N..

—- more ———-

“…[s]weet ode to the Onanites, the Bannonites, and of course, La República Tropical, —Donnie Deutsch!!!“, dijo Robin.

Well wadda’ya know, Robin. Spin my cycle with Bleach and dress Ari Melver as Kurt Cobain. Loads of dirty laundry do smell better with Nicole’s  f.a.b.r.i.c. soph-n-her, dijo Batman.

It’s 11 a.m. in Central Siren Times and,

we [the official staff] regret to inform ALL OF THE little motherfuckers out D.A.R.E. who do not (literally, and physically… oh–but–Yes) follow us on our daily routine since at least 2012, that we are no longer able to bring you Colin Jost’–es-es main sexual intercourse partner, favorite segment, which our regular non-readers have K.N.O.W.N. (all-along-the-Georges Pompideau WatchTower) as the sketch that öüï used to call




…[S]o, instead we [the staff] present you with armando serrano prieto’s latest installment:

Populous Power Throne waiting room… Steve Bannon. Is there a Steve Bannon at the waiting room? Steve Bannon or ticket holder 999 please step forward.



Today’s sketch is t.i.t.l.e.d.:

L.A. bru•ju•la  em#BUS•oh•L.A.D.A.

With musical guest:

!Qué Bonita Familia!
Joan Sebastian y su caballo
“El Cantador” de los wife beaters
and other assorted criminal allegations.

“YAAAAAAA, conocí
París—Chicago mas yo quiero Volver »…