Sirens are going off on TRMS

Coal for Victory!

For the record.

Nepotism for prosperity!

The hand that rocks the despots
“It’s the end of the world
as Öuï know it”.

Fucking sweet Legacy that AMLO is working on, eh, doña Tati… is this the hip-new deal that you promised and the reason why you broke paths from the FOURTH Reich  TransFORMATION?

Hold that thought, we [the staff] need some shut–EYE and a little bit of M.A.S.T.U.R.B.A.T.I.O.N..

—- more ———-

“…[s]weet ode to the Onanites, the Bannonites, and of course, La República Tropical, —Donnie Deutsch!!!“, dijo Robin.

Well wadda’ya know, Robin. Spin my cycle with Bleach and dress Ari Melver as Kurt Cobain. Loads of dirty laundry do smell better with Nicole’s  f.a.b.r.i.c. soph-n-her, dijo Batman.

It’s 11 a.m. in Central Siren Times and,

we [the official staff] regret to inform ALL OF THE little motherfuckers out D.A.R.E. who do not (literally, and physically… oh–but–Yes) follow us on our daily routine since at least 2012, that we are no longer able to bring you Colin Jost’–es-es main sexual intercourse partner, favorite segment, which our regular non-readers have K.N.O.W.N. (all-along-the-Georges Pompideau WatchTower) as the sketch that öüï used to call




…[S]o, instead we [the staff] present you with armando serrano prieto’s latest installment:

Populous Power Throne waiting room… Steve Bannon. Is there a Steve Bannon at the waiting room? Steve Bannon or ticket holder 999 please step forward.



Today’s sketch is t.i.t.l.e.d.:

L.A. bru•ju•la  em#BUS•oh•L.A.D.A.

With musical guest:

!Qué Bonita Familia!
Joan Sebastian y su caballo
“El Cantador” de los wife beaters
and other assorted criminal allegations.

“YAAAAAAA, conocí
París—Chicago mas yo quiero Volver »…



ISSY Siren, this here is how them two tickets are going to go down

Dear Marie France,
Please stand–by for instructions on how we [the staff] are not, —öüï repeat— we [the staff] are not, going to be answering the News of The Day.

As previously mentioned, we [armando segovia / armando serrano prieto] have arrived to the end of a process with Brontis à la préfecture de Paris. To sum things up, … [The] Director has your dossier, said Le Clerq.

The Staff.

So, are you ready Freddy?
Check it out, this is what a Reverse Paso RE doblado is going to look like in the following posts. So pay attention, Freddy, and please don’t fuck around like Cousin Joe, who went from Alabama banjo babble to a… how shall we call it? Where might we find that most particular needle that would bee willing to thread the acetate surcos of this po’h–dumb–Country–blind lawyer 33 rpm’s? Country Funk? Why the fuck not, Parliament can’t tell its head from its Royal Ass anyway, eh.


*Por la première fois visible hors d’Egypte: New York!

Coming Up on ARTE TV:
El regreso de La Gloria, por La [AVENIDA DE] La Relevancía… El Instituto del Mundo Árabe, beacause, ALGEBRA, of course.

de la

Starring: Orson WElls as a fucking fip S.I.R.E.E.N.

EWe should see him connecting the fucking D.O.T.S.:F425D840-2777-463E-ABA9-50FA67ACE8CC … now talk among yourselves, gotta bash on the Frogs. It’s like SacroSant, or something like that.

Ladies in Gemini:
What Thoth wants to K.N.O.W.
is IF,
HATHOR, that fucking muse,
IS, or IS she ain’t my

The Young Moon Grandson:
The King.

Dear, Ari Melver: Marianne sent Jet City and Columbia a swift message

Good morning, counselor. The following bulletin arrived yesterday evening, but given the astonishing findings of a two-year investigation, we thought that it would be best to split this entry on it’s its own fucking set of T.R.A.C.K.S.

Please be ad.v.i.c.e’d that due to the unrestrained greed at Boeing (boing en Espagnol) Alexis Tocqueville took his business [elsewhere] with a t.y.r.a.n.ï.c.a.l. regime, no less, runned by an l.i.v.e. Evil honey addicted bear called Whinnie the Pooh.

N.B.: This precipitous —o, cómo dicen en Tangamandapio: R.E.S.U.L.T.O.  E.S.C.A.P.A.R.A.D.O.— outcome is something that not even the great Henry Kissinger or, his successor at The Pentagon, the honorable Richard Cheney could dream of accomplishing in all of the years of sucking the S.O.U.L. (and non-renewable natural resources) from the lands where mostly brown colored peoples dwell, and of course, are deprived of their L.A.N.D.S.

Jazmin won’t let Mí mentir on this factoid, Strawberry fields are the dirtiest f.i.e.l.d.s. forever:B5B4C65A-9F95-49D0-A4C9-169B18123A28 •|• Therefore

My funny Valentine


Viva México en Francia 2011:7625E438-C1B2-4D38-81F7-FEA85A925DA5 *y qué Chingue a Su Madre el grupo ProMéxico.

Dear, Sirens,

Please relay to C.I.N.E. L.A.T.I.N.O. que:

1. Raphaël Moran (RFI/proceso) es un pendejo.

a ) Here’s why. Wait for it.

2. Pablo Gleason me la pela.

3. Armando Segovia ahora se va ir a hacer ‘Firmemente’ una paja a la salud de esos muy francececes–ese. “Mision Cumplida”.

Los Amigos de México en R.O.M.A.
4ª Temporada en tRANSformation.
solo por ShowTime

Sección de deportes


File photo courtesy of La Semana que Philippe Labró:2341CC18-C166-40BC-87D4-5515610AC4EB •|• For the occassion, French president Emmanuel Macron threw in 300 Airbuses to deliver the towers. It took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days of organized grab-ass to figure out how to best deliver the more than–A–Trillion nuts and bolts that would be needed to build those damn towers in midair.  —•- * -•—  Details on today’s episode of En un Día como Hoy, on pg.3 of this most inconsequential review of Whinnie the Pooh’s takeover of the Big Gig in the Sky. Jaque al Rey de Los EEstados UUnidos AAmericanos

Öüï [the staff] interrupt this anuncio to bring you a public service construction.

Page 3
Andrea Mitchell reports


Eugene Milon, te presento a Raoul “chateau » Verguez de Padilla

J’aime le facteur;
una K.U.R.W.A. pa’pro•crastinar,
y pa’variar un poco
¿Qué horas traes Franck?

[y ya todo mundo sabe como es de Lagünero el pinche Pancho Pantera, comenta Moi Camacho para el canal del Rey de los deportes, —el béisbol].

Señora Georgina Moreno, de Morena F.R.A.N.C.I.A.:6230E9F8-B5D3-472C-8B40-27FE84C45F84 •|• P.R.E.S.E.N.T.E. •|• Cortesiía de La C.O.P. 21 y sus amigos invisibles de la « Cayenne » à Buenos–Aires. Ediciones: El concreto armado; Valparaiso déspues del temblor en un tren al Sur.

Pancho Pantera:
—¡No sea Gnomon piche compadre mamon!
Y ni me quite la Ce ni me ponga la Ka;
y son las cuatro de la tarde en el estadio de los Rosbif,
alla con la comadre K.A.R.I.M.E.

[ Y bueno, el contexto “bueno”, Confiable, y seguro lo pueden ustedes obtener en el folleto oficial de M.O.R.E.N.A. francia, creo que se llama “La Bastilla mexicana”. Aquí, a continuación —sin embargo — les dejamos un hummus para el contexto del P.A.R.T.ï.D.O. de la velada… and there is Something about La Bella N.I.C.E. and the treaties that are registered there, and you, Mr. Razzmanouche are correct. The M.A.I.N. dish for tonight’s G.A.L.A. en la costa azul está escrito en Griego y se sirve  T.A.M.B.O.R. ∴ como Lpez Obravaciamos lo acaba de hacer en Churubusco].

chinoise (simplifié)
para griegos


Bénéfice net actualisé:724B7AD6-6B2D-447F-A463-463063D221A3 •|• Rapport actualisé sur Les Cigarros de Jaimito à Hong Kong on 25/03/2019. BPI beauboirg.

Carta a Diego Luna. Musical Guest: The Go Team.

Go, as in:

Los negros, al igual que los mexicanos en Costa Rica, “nacemos…:0BE47972-CB6C-4411-90DE-EE401A17998E .:. El respeto al derecho ajeno.

Please relay to the “sabandijas” that arranged for the « circumstances, de cómo se dierón las cosas para que tu P.A.T.R.ö.N. (pinche narqueta de fliXred on Netflix) invocara a Salma Hayek (in the R.O.L.E. of motherfucking S.E.R.E.N.D.I.P.I.T.Y)  para deleitar a Jared Kushner en la casa del N.U.E.V.O. amigo del excelentísimo* don Andrés Manolo L🖤pez Obravariamos.

* superaltive  D.E.G.R.E.E.
( 💩 LOL on AOL 💩)
∴ excelente 

The Great Architect of the Universe is officialy on Spring Break in Matamoros… finally, Billy Joe Shaver, Eye can now relay to you that there is a de-facto god in Mec’S.I.C.O.   

And, Diego; dieguito, de los televisos en R.O.M.A.,  en San Diego aún no hay Dios para tus “paisas”, güeón. Wë•Ön, o te guiso un hüevö boludo, wey?