Inter-mission… Sobre Las Olas de ROSAS 🥀

Context follows.

Continuing with our IMER coverage… Ciudad Juárez’, Órbita 106.7 fm sound over the webs continues to experience gremlins, today’s NIGER coverage is coming out muffled out of the North so, we switched the freq’s to La Hermana Républica del Yucatán y la hija de Emilio Varela y otro doctor del Colegio de México (que es de España, but you get the point) on 92.9 fm… ­¡Mare!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/07/31 /politica /le-leader-des-zetas-en-europe-est-arrete-a-madrid

Los eruditos, la hija de Emilio Varela y el otro doctor del Colmex, explicarón como afecta el rollo en El Sahel a la romántica luz de París, o algo así…

France24 limousine driver:
— They say that it is because of the Uranium⁹² in Niger, that Paris has such beautiful Candilejas.

Bueno, al filo de las de ¡Ya! and after mentioning the poor-grounding on the Órbita soundbytes, Julio Guereka se puso las pilas, but not without revealing that there is no such thing as an Alberto Nájar en “La Mañanera” but rather, a collection of recorded tracks that are then structured in a Time-Delayed fashion over the collection or repeater-stations en el espectro de las historias del más allá, just like Mexico’s president speaks. Right now, Yucatán just finished thanking MagaRepublican Senator, Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) while Julio Guereka is still listening to AMLO talk about nuclear plants and Benito Juárez…

Eye don’t drink coffee I drink Tequila my deer.

Fenster the copywriter, in the role of RCQ³:

— I’m from Durango-fuckin’-Romance and you wanna show me the Uranium, huh? And what about the sun, does it ever shine around here?

³~. Rafael Caro Quintero

And, OHHHHHH Damn! Fray Tormenta turned into a Chubasco y dice el presidente que el reporte del tiempo climatológico se va a EMBARCAR en un buque de vapor… en una isla de El Senegal, “the point of no-return” or something out of Richeleau’s “code noir” en Nantes, —does anybody remember NANTES, Nancy?


¡Ok, napolitano! Tú quieres hacerte el americano …

The return of Fenster the Copy-as-he-speaks_writer:

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /s=20

Ré-silience en Re-Silenzio… 🎹 📢 ♟️ 🎬

As with Évry thing French ⚜️, all that the ruler-in-Chief has to do is change the name of one racket 🏸for a motherfucking bronze paddle 🏓.

Cognac, one pussy punch at a Thyme.


Earlier on, “Thank’s 🇲🇦 for going ARMY” :

Nice job if you can get it, and Ewe can get it, if Youse All That You Can motherfucking Be, so long Ewe are very French when you do it, just like Jupiter did when he was in charge of placing the “mementos” of young-jews deported to Poland, indeed 🇲🇦, Be all the Napolitano that Ewe can Be.

What’s The Matter With Kids Today? — NOFX [whatso-fucking-ever] 🌉 Heavy Petting Zoo, (1996).

La Marine lance un cours de préparation pour aider les recrues à perdre de la graisse corporelle et à se qualifier pour servir… Oh, les Sacré Fritos de Notre Dame de fip French 🍟 and WHINE, — y’ah fat fucks.

https ://www .stripes .com /branches /navy /2023-04-21 /navy-sailors-recruits-fitness-course -9878715 .html

Rendition? That’s Greek for the Yanks and Chinese for the Frogs, them Rosbifs insist that their ancestors stopped at Caledonia and that there’s no such thing as an “Australia”, arguing that it’s all a Mel Gibson production like the one he produced about la Gran Tlaxcala.


Any how, the fries are always crispier on the crispest high-definition screen, take for instance last week’s numero uno of Le Parisien as Öüï compares apples to apples and chicks for peas:

Pomme de terre

La grande dessertion

One in three young-bloods throws in the napkin before the end of their meal course. This is a phenomenon of unprecedented proportions, [bigger than a Quarter Pounder or one of those faggety Le Royal™Deluxe] a sign of the lack of attractiveness of military chow as compared to The Melle. Pitch Award advertisement sector pretentious mignardise.

Hechos del dia ~ P. 2  y 3
N° 24463 ; vendredi 21 avril 2023

Got Ketchup?

On the next América does Benny Blanco from Belleville, Chi Chi goes to Napoli ⚽… El Niño Luc 🤔 stays in Milan but Saint-Germain-des-Prés don’t care. More Happy™Meals 🍟 at Odéon. That fucker Delacroix is all giddy with Jacob at Saint Sulpice, probably because🎷 Slick Willie’s 🎶 vibes remain at the Orthodox joint below 🧀 from that ol’Wake of the Guy who told his UN guy to just say no.

But FO’ist!

I promised you a Wall for the next Grand Mexican Gig in The Sky, for now i’m-ah—gonna-drop this PAYwall first just for bibliographical purposes and for a semi-fair sort-of use of ALL MEDIA:

https ://www .leparisien .fr /economie /emploi /un-petit-tour-et-puis-sen-vont-ces-soldats-qui-plaquent-larmee21042023

Let’s talk shop, motherfuckers, “Chop-chop, let’s go-go” you are all burning daylight and Marc Conruyt at the French Army recruiting siege of Saint-Mande [Ud., Mí Général] is about to get a re-fresher course in Guerrilla Grills and other assorted value meals out there.

For starters, the French Army (in France, of course) might very well be the largest employer of The Fifth Republic, but I bet you Serge Gainsbourg’s piano 🎹🚭  that I know which CLOWN [who coincidentally has been missing for a good LUSTRO or so] comes in second:


… and not to be outdone by César’s DAUGHTER, Juanito Leguizamo crosses The Poto’MAC, —The Pot’Omac, son! The Poto’MAC.

Previously on, “y dice ansina, Natalia”

But first, the KNEWS

All Along Torreón, Coahuila… 🌬️🎶 No reason to get ex-Cited.


SoFy Velasco, all journalists, the good ones any how, are MOSCAS … ON THE WALL, baby!

Y como dijo Monterosso:

Más bolsera (ratera) nomas, Talía OLVERA, ya que Ella, a diferencia de los que se van a los E.E.U.U. se roba le prosélytisme de las manifestaciones soliDiArias de Paname, it’s TROU 🕳️ 🪰, TRUST ME, like I told Raphaël Morán’s boss at rfi⅓, “Unlike Juanito Guanabacoa (policía judicial) I am a fly on the wall, y siendo oriundo de Califas, Off-The-Wall, Aussie.

Concha, corcel, y carro… The Birth of Lafourcade… Trou 🕳️ South. Only at the Instituto del Sonido Chilango (InSoChi).


Inspired by El Hijo del Topo, —en París— the new album cover of Sony Music’s exclusive cantora, la fulgurante Lafourcade, is now available at la EfNac, and our intrepid copy editor, Fenster the friendly Narco Quintero, got an exclusive snoop from the source, Mr. Sony Music Foundation himself, el gran Camilo Lara.

Over at the RFPP scene, el colectivo colombiano Mariposas Amarillas andaba de gira Hartistica en la bendita Maison de l’Amérique La∴Tina. When all of a sudden…

Can you show Mí how to get to Destierro Street? O como dicen en la RAE: ostracismo
1. Gral. Apartamiento de cualquier responsabilidad o función política o social.
«El motivo, muy breve en su desarrollo, puede sintetizarse en su conclusión final de que “la Corporación Municipal con su actuar arbitrario y ajeno a todo procedimiento legal, no está decretando la disolución de una asociación, la está privando de los medios materiales para desarrollar su actividad y, por ende, la está condenando al ostracismo, conculcando de este modo dicho derecho fundamental”» (STS, 3.ª, 18-XII-1997, rec. 874/1995).

Los astros se ahlinearon at the Gift Shop of Amnesty International… “It’s TROU!” 🕳️ just like on yesterday’s show with don Osler y Fredo, it turns out that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL functions just like las fundaciones colombianas en EL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, c’est a dire: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD to get a refugee card.

En la Serie del Caribe, a eso le llamán ‘PLAYBOL, motherfucker!’

After the break, It’s Word of the They 🇪🇸: bibliópola, as in… The guest for the December 4th of 2022 edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa Show was a bibliópola from Amnesty International at Buttes–Chaumont.


Which, knot to polish 💅🏻 our own nails, but one of the first things that, I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto, have been saying since we first met Georgina Moreno y sus personajes pintorescos de la Intelligentsia parisina, in France and in la LOUISIANA, one’s own story must be Written by the French bourgeois… o Algo así.

Spoiler Alert, Öüï now UNDERSTAND why AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL treated , like a vil colectivo colombiano en el Parlamento Europeo. Naturalmente, lo bueno d’este blog es de que Juanito Guanabacoa (alias “PEDRO“) no lo lee, because if he did, indeed read this blog, the first thing that Juanito Guanavacoa would do, would be to peg my experience on the “NOT SEE Klan” de Médecines Sans Frontiersand then call PEDRO to finish the job

WORD OF THE THEY 3 de marzo, 2016…
French bashin’ en 3ª di’mención  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/03/19 /quicksand-jesus-y-la-mano-de-diego/

In Hilo, Hawaii is Sunday night primetime 🌋.


¡Viejas Feas! The Whole Lot of You, en dónde estén junto con SoFy Velasco, por cierto SoFy, ¿a qué horas sales al PAN?

Dear, Media Part… you French cocksuckers, madddafuckers

And, Madame Hidalgo, Zeppelin goes here, and Ewe know My Heart Would Know that Hawaii is always blue 💙 ask The King, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss .. Goooooo, Dodgers.

Viva Las Vegas. En cartelera… Los Misterios de Iberia a un lado de Barcelona, en la rue de Temple, off–Course.

Now, in the previous segment Eye relayed to y’all motherfuckers that this was going to be a double header, and with that in mind…

Dedicated to Fey (sorry if I misspelled your name) at Emmaüs… I know that you want my Dick in You.

Fey, by the Way, is short for Viejas FEYas!

This chapter is called, pena ajena, or how I Learned to love Misha y sus mexicanos en Saint Merry…

En contexto, México is burning… It’s February of 2011 (Spring to be exact in time-delayed magic 🪄) and the Barbara Carol de Obeso’s show had just been scratched. Tunisia, was effervescent, but most importantly, Phat Basterd, a fellow by the nomenclature of “Juanito Guanabacoa”, of faggety FPP fame was not in the Seine.

Your pussy, my rod… bring Melle. Pitch.

First Sunday in Paris. It’s cold as fuck, and not a god-damned supermarket is opened, and the Arab shops don’t accept credit cards, just like the taco shop at Cinéma Mexique. To make things worst, I’ve just ran out of Tramadol®️ and the weed is a pipe dream in Montreuil, hash is plenty, but fuck, nigga! Where’s the grass? Are you not Like the COOLIO³ of this motherfuck? Long story short, it took nearly a year to secure good weed, and when I ran out, the dealer grew a revolutionary heart and he flew back to Mali. I never heard from him again. But if you are in on the JOKE, IN 2015, Dr. Poisson’s colleague from the LAB moved next to that cat’s studio in Levallois. Of course you have had to be getting stoned that night with me, in order to appreciate the funk that would grow out of that soirée.

³~. To The Moon 🌚 gangsta, to da Mun… 👻

Got Coke?

Across The Atlantic, Dario Moreno lost weight in Ukraine, the phenomenon is known as a reverse Chappelle. Send your contributions on Deadline, to Avi Velshi cycles and garden. Avi Velshi needs his baby fat, please contribute.

Your Honor, may EYE approach the bench?

Full-disclosure, if there was such thing as a 2000 Mexican Peso ($) it would be the same color as the TIME DELAY line between the astrophysicist and 1745.

Amarillo No Me Pongo

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Familia_de_billetes_mexicanos_G

Close encounters with a French Court. EmE de MariHuana, and FENSTER the copywriter just got arrested by the D.E.A. in… SINALOA, maestra, allá en su SOBERANO rancho grande.

Context follows, pero sí, “En Octubre tenía que ser »…

In local news, the Euro is feeling like a dirty Mexican Peso.

For him, according to Rufino Tamayo, México should have been aborted. Can’t vouch for CASTELLANOS next to PAZ, all Eye knows is that Eye don’t know much about the French I took.

Sin fundamento, informe sobre deuda de 386 mdp, afirma Oswaldo García, exedil de la ciudad de Oaxaca

… Just sayin’ Eye didn’t go to Oaxaca, Oaxaca came to me.

Öüïnoughdis, MD… Eye too can see for miles and miles on the WEB{B}, ask Black Spy, he knows the situation.

And, Eddie Gloude Junior… Bob WouldWard is Knot what Ewe think {it is}

Ladies in Gemini and viewers on CNN… earlier in the transmission, Jonathan Lemire, quoted a “Why Are Ewe Up” to from his predecessor, MARS MOM, which is fine and dandy, but non-reader beware, Jonathan Lemire showed no proof that “The Mighty Kase” filed a tweet.

Ladies in Gemini, Mika’s big feral pussy, JaCaRaNda.

Anyhow, y’all HO’id about Wynnona’s Big Brown Beaver… it’s not one of those… {MIAU}

Oh, the humanity {hosting Alebrijes} at 30 ROCK. And Willie Geist, the World according to El Mundo de Le Monde might have missed the barricade installation on the very spot where the Coca Caca Camión was spotted {pardon the redundancía} lollygaging around with the Lizzard and El WaPo’s Bobs on Mika’s Desk, but knot Mí, knot Mí, —Ewe son of a bitch!

And, Willie Geist, “[D]on’t believe anything that {SAM STEIN} reads… you get a parking violation and yada, yada, yada,…” because his Tú y’Ear Old works for Mark “facebook” Zuckerberg.

Anyhow, EdGJ… “the horrors” of them vapors on the MorJo Show… gonna take a nap now, catch at the end of the Morning Mika Show. But FO’ist… Kurtis Sliwa, TEXAS hid my son so that I would PAY CHILD SUPPORT!!! It’s called CHILD ALIENATION and it is the biggest money maker for activist judges in TEXAS, that fucken hypocrite STATE, called PARIS³, —EWE’ Know.

³._ Tejas.

Dear, *Jon {without the aitch} tan Lemire… all X-wives are dog {lover} s. You silly Puss!

{FRENCH Fluffy Pussy Advertising goes here:

N° 2621, CNEWS Matinée
Mercredi (Jackson) Octo {pussy} 27, MMXXI
Des US et Coutumes « So French »
https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q=NEP&d= 2021-10-27 &c= CNEWS


But speaking of a weekly Sunday Bloody Sunday

From The Hill, and for some, perhaps a sentimental  journey home.

What would Tony Bennet do?

“…[W]hat we need in this country is a foreign policy that not  only protects Israel but deals with the suffering of the Palestinian people as well.”

Sen. Bernie sanders
responding to the Las Vegas, Nevada
Israeli lobby, or AIPAC
American Israeli
(P)yada, (A)yada, (C)yada!

Meanwhile, al otro lado del Grande (allá) no pasa nada.

Dear, Kasie Hunt

Dear, Kasie Hunt .:. 11BBE953-24DD-419E-B17E-B85DC60ECB3F 🕵🏻‍♀️ Please relay to the Morning Mika crew, if Bernie’s response is acceptable to the Establishment at Studio 3A and 8A of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockeffeller Plaza? Or, and it is a Big or, if Cousin Joe is down for surgically dropping Drone Bombs on fútbol playing kids with a love for Messi and Ronaldo on the wrong side of Bibi Netanyahu’s “strip”? Aussi, Sheldon is the Enemy, not the indians* of Abraham, eh! Que quede Claro, Eugene Roberts, que–quede–Claro.

Sheldon Adelson…
probably not part of this Tribe:

Larry David is a suspect

Larry David is a suspect .:. A18E64A0-8067-429E-9B64-70277E72E3E5 🇮🇱  And, “this sounds positively Solomonic until you read,” the ‘Dirt on Tech’ just below Victoria and her Solitude Hearts Club Band. 

TimeStamp 02h46 in CET / 20h44 w/two minute delay in South Bend, Indiana, times, former mayor Peter Buttigeig (él) CEDE el paso en su carril de la carrera por el arrendamiento de La Casa Blanca.

Rue Jean Lantier… 75001 – a Hole in the Wall

Short monarchical people have no reason…

“Voici quelque chose profonde pendant tu fais caca”,
dijo CouCou.

Ne touche pas à mon dignité

Fip actualité… no quarter until 2020.

Welcome, to our Maiden Edition of:
You Can’t Steal My Radio… 3.1416

Starring, the lovely voice of Susana Sepulveda with the background harmonies of Luc Fregon y los sepultureros.

Coming Attractions:

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot, but Fenster was the real talent in that D.A.R.E. line-up.:.C9E55F9A-4B30-4E82-A21C-C8C5E75CFA16 •|• Fip Actualités follow.

“Oswald was a fag”
The Usual Suspects
Feb. 27, 2020
Grand Action Cinema
Rue des Écoles

And in Washington, Willie Guist sold the world as a dumb blind Alabama Choir boy fast-talked his way on the 🦚 Think (M1A1)… Oh, the humanity! Let’s hope that the levee does not break on this bitch.

Oh, by the güey, hoy no hubo noticias.

Except that a Flying Hombre crossed La Mancha, but not one single American cared.

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity.:75B89B44-D42D-4D82-8B30-2DDCF310D04B •|•

The Chinese, however, were watching and now, the WOKE Dragon has the template for WINGS.

In A day with no news, Hear mí out FRANK, the enemy is Australia, AUSSI the markets plunged today, now go get your Crystal Gut and give me a fucking call.

Shifting gears, Sam Stein is a beautiful man, Man, but Eddie, he (Sam) is an Ugly Mexican. Good Golly, former Republican Florida Man, Samuel está más feo que Tomás [Ché Pillín goes here].

And still to come, the ROLE that Nicolle Wallace played on Beto’s potty mouth when it went off on when a reporter’s leading question  popped–up. The good thing is that just a few steps from his downtown El Paso office, Laboratorios Camacho has unlimited stocks of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido”, and now, Laboratorios Camacho introduces: Hold On A Second, Listerine®️


Make American Terrorists Muslims. Because Americans, since Oklahoma, are “exceptional” and excepcional people are protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

Dear, Kasie Hunt: gonna go watch Sponge Bob with Chuck Todd. Have a nice show, and Eye hopes that Philadelphia finds the God that the Daily’s D.A.R.E. are asking help from.

…[A]nd if you go (Residente) Chasing Wabbits

—Go Ask Alice, Eye think She Gknows”

Eye get a kick from Coca

Eye get a kick from Coca colomBIEN, tambor.

… And, dijo a “back—asswards” Gknight: please inform the Sirens that there is no-such-thing as a « Latino” language ; Latin and it’s /OR its derivative, “pig latino” Öüï, maïs “árboles latinos” ni en España, en dónde se les impuso, por supuesto, el Castellano.