Your Honor, may EYE approach the bench?

Full-disclosure, if there was such thing as a 2000 Mexican Peso ($) it would be the same color as the TIME DELAY line between the astrophysicist and 1745.

Amarillo No Me Pongo

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Familia_de_billetes_mexicanos_G

Close encounters with a French Court. EmE de MariHuana, and FENSTER the copywriter just got arrested by the D.E.A. in… SINALOA, maestra, allá en su SOBERANO rancho grande.

Context follows, pero sí, “En Octubre tenía que ser »…

In local news, the Euro is feeling like a dirty Mexican Peso.

For him, according to Rufino Tamayo, México should have been aborted. Can’t vouch for CASTELLANOS next to PAZ, all Eye knows is that Eye don’t know much about the French I took.

Sin fundamento, informe sobre deuda de 386 mdp, afirma Oswaldo García, exedil de la ciudad de Oaxaca

… Just sayin’ Eye didn’t go to Oaxaca, Oaxaca came to me.

Öüïnoughdis, MD… Eye too can see for miles and miles on the WEB{B}, ask Black Spy, he knows the situation.

And, Eddie Gloude Junior… Bob WouldWard is Knot what Ewe think {it is}

Ladies in Gemini and viewers on CNN… earlier in the transmission, Jonathan Lemire, quoted a “Why Are Ewe Up” to from his predecessor, MARS MOM, which is fine and dandy, but non-reader beware, Jonathan Lemire showed no proof that “The Mighty Kase” filed a tweet.

Ladies in Gemini, Mika’s big feral pussy, JaCaRaNda.

Anyhow, y’all HO’id about Wynnona’s Big Brown Beaver… it’s not one of those… {MIAU}

Oh, the humanity {hosting Alebrijes} at 30 ROCK. And Willie Geist, the World according to El Mundo de Le Monde might have missed the barricade installation on the very spot where the Coca Caca Camión was spotted {pardon the redundancía} lollygaging around with the Lizzard and El WaPo’s Bobs on Mika’s Desk, but knot Mí, knot Mí, —Ewe son of a bitch!

And, Willie Geist, “[D]on’t believe anything that {SAM STEIN} reads… you get a parking violation and yada, yada, yada,…” because his Tú y’Ear Old works for Mark “facebook” Zuckerberg.

Anyhow, EdGJ… “the horrors” of them vapors on the MorJo Show… gonna take a nap now, catch at the end of the Morning Mika Show. But FO’ist… Kurtis Sliwa, TEXAS hid my son so that I would PAY CHILD SUPPORT!!! It’s called CHILD ALIENATION and it is the biggest money maker for activist judges in TEXAS, that fucken hypocrite STATE, called PARIS³, —EWE’ Know.

³._ Tejas.

Dear, *Jon {without the aitch} tan Lemire… all X-wives are dog {lover} s. You silly Puss!

{FRENCH Fluffy Pussy Advertising goes here:

N° 2621, CNEWS Matinée
Mercredi (Jackson) Octo {pussy} 27, MMXXI
Des US et Coutumes « So French »
https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q=NEP&d= 2021-10-27 &c= CNEWS


But speaking of a weekly Sunday Bloody Sunday

From The Hill, and for some, perhaps a sentimental  journey home.

What would Tony Bennet do?

“…[W]hat we need in this country is a foreign policy that not  only protects Israel but deals with the suffering of the Palestinian people as well.”

Sen. Bernie sanders
responding to the Las Vegas, Nevada
Israeli lobby, or AIPAC
American Israeli
(P)yada, (A)yada, (C)yada!

Meanwhile, al otro lado del Grande (allá) no pasa nada.

Dear, Kasie Hunt

Dear, Kasie Hunt .:. 11BBE953-24DD-419E-B17E-B85DC60ECB3F 🕵🏻‍♀️ Please relay to the Morning Mika crew, if Bernie’s response is acceptable to the Establishment at Studio 3A and 8A of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockeffeller Plaza? Or, and it is a Big or, if Cousin Joe is down for surgically dropping Drone Bombs on fútbol playing kids with a love for Messi and Ronaldo on the wrong side of Bibi Netanyahu’s “strip”? Aussi, Sheldon is the Enemy, not the indians* of Abraham, eh! Que quede Claro, Eugene Roberts, que–quede–Claro.

Sheldon Adelson…
probably not part of this Tribe:

Larry David is a suspect

Larry David is a suspect .:. A18E64A0-8067-429E-9B64-70277E72E3E5 🇮🇱  And, “this sounds positively Solomonic until you read,” the ‘Dirt on Tech’ just below Victoria and her Solitude Hearts Club Band. 

TimeStamp 02h46 in CET / 20h44 w/two minute delay in South Bend, Indiana, times, former mayor Peter Buttigeig (él) CEDE el paso en su carril de la carrera por el arrendamiento de La Casa Blanca.

Rue Jean Lantier… 75001 – a Hole in the Wall

Short monarchical people have no reason…

“Voici quelque chose profonde pendant tu fais caca”,
dijo CouCou.

Ne touche pas à mon dignité

Fip actualité… no quarter until 2020.

Welcome, to our Maiden Edition of:
You Can’t Steal My Radio… 3.1416

Starring, the lovely voice of Susana Sepulveda with the background harmonies of Luc Fregon y los sepultureros.

Coming Attractions:

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot

People who know, know McManus was a sure shot, but Fenster was the real talent in that D.A.R.E. line-up.:.C9E55F9A-4B30-4E82-A21C-C8C5E75CFA16 •|• Fip Actualités follow.

“Oswald was a fag”
The Usual Suspects
Feb. 27, 2020
Grand Action Cinema
Rue des Écoles

And in Washington, Willie Guist sold the world as a dumb blind Alabama Choir boy fast-talked his way on the 🦚 Think (M1A1)… Oh, the humanity! Let’s hope that the levee does not break on this bitch.

Oh, by the güey, hoy no hubo noticias.

Except that a Flying Hombre crossed La Mancha, but not one single American cared.

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity.:75B89B44-D42D-4D82-8B30-2DDCF310D04B •|•

The Chinese, however, were watching and now, the WOKE Dragon has the template for WINGS.

In A day with no news, Hear mí out FRANK, the enemy is Australia, AUSSI the markets plunged today, now go get your Crystal Gut and give me a fucking call.

Shifting gears, Sam Stein is a beautiful man, Man, but Eddie, he (Sam) is an Ugly Mexican. Good Golly, former Republican Florida Man, Samuel está más feo que Tomás [Ché Pillín goes here].

And still to come, the ROLE that Nicolle Wallace played on Beto’s potty mouth when it went off on when a reporter’s leading question  popped–up. The good thing is that just a few steps from his downtown El Paso office, Laboratorios Camacho has unlimited stocks of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido”, and now, Laboratorios Camacho introduces: Hold On A Second, Listerine®️


Make American Terrorists Muslims. Because Americans, since Oklahoma, are “exceptional” and excepcional people are protected by the SECOND AMENDMENT.

Dear, Kasie Hunt: gonna go watch Sponge Bob with Chuck Todd. Have a nice show, and Eye hopes that Philadelphia finds the God that the Daily’s D.A.R.E. are asking help from.

…[A]nd if you go (Residente) Chasing Wabbits

—Go Ask Alice, Eye think She Gknows”

Eye get a kick from Coca

Eye get a kick from Coca colomBIEN, tambor.

… And, dijo a “back—asswards” Gknight: please inform the Sirens that there is no-such-thing as a « Latino” language ; Latin and it’s /OR its derivative, “pig latino” Öüï, maïs “árboles latinos” ni en España, en dónde se les impuso, por supuesto, el Castellano.

ZAPATA IS IN-flight — Zapata is shot-down.

GOOOOOO, Frankie!!!

courtesy of bfmer tv

courtesy of bfmer tv.

Almost live from SANGATTE (Pas-de-Calais)
France… next Stop: John “fucking” Oliver’s, motherfucking Cliffs of Dover.

It’s a great day for Human Travel. Viva La Mancha, ISSY, mi querido Franck: chingue a su Madre la tal “dulcinea”.



… and of course; being a French departure, motherfucking Cougars (helicopters) followed.

... que morir de rodillas

El staff apoya a todos aquellos que se atreven a volar el Vuelo de Icarus…/… que morir de rodillas.

09H33* CET … French helicopters, aided by Boris Johnson shoot-down Frankie Zapata… “Oh, the humanity,” said a very disturbed Jean Manu Serrat, an Ancient spécialist of Ancient Flyingmen, speaking on anonymity grounds for BFMer TV.

Once de el mañana

¡BROZOOOOOO!.:4EFBB6D9-6EDB-4719-A8AB-DF489154F267 •|• en París son las Once de El Mañana.

Vlad loves Mitch

Vlad loves Mitch… ad infinitum!

La Vache! — Ewe and Eye [Gleasons] have memories.

Quretaro, vía Saltillo y Piedras Negras:

For the record

For the record… and All Things Considered, truth BEE told, i left a PLEDGE to the Philadelphia NPR station unfulfilled, a Child Alienation case against a very young Armando Segovia, in El Paso, Texas, left mí, as they say in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Bien Brujas del bolsillo. When the “OTHER” door opens, I, armando segovia will personally break Robert Costas “time in a bottle” from by Joan Manuel Serrat, which that motherfucker borrowed from our blog, without even asking, or WOIRST MOTHERFUCKER, citing the SOURCE ; but We’kool with D.A.T., as Fenster the Copywriter once said in a Parisian Carnaval: todo sea por un USO justo de todos Los Medios, including this THREE, “que cómo árbol CAUTIVO, doy a Los… [y Las cirujanas del Centro Medico Europeo Georges Pompideau casí esquina con Geriatría en, TECHNICOLOR]” ; just wait for it, Pied Noir, just wait.

Issy_No–mehhhh creen, pregúintenselo a los guardianes y a las guardianas de la Carabina … de la Cabina “virtual” en Monterrey, Nuevo Lyon, de don Andrés Mªnuel Lºpez ºbrador (in the Spring/Summer of 2012). Just Ask for Mona Lisa; alias Ana Lilia.

Hello, Cotton Hall!

Recuerdas, Pastor Delgado, aitor “hacedor” de “Notipoemas con Jorge Saldaña” ¿cómo respingo el viejo Don Jorge cuando le moNstré al Zapata “jet-set” de los TRAGA–PUB en el Rex (francés)?

Aún hay más, don Velasco ; y “aún un Ay Más”.

Gloves By_The_Wey

Gloves By_The_Wey, are readily available throughout the streets of Parigi, so that lonely happy people can pick-up all the dog shit left by their Masterpiece canines. Drunk History Sans Derbez y la familia peluche follows from the old PAD of “El viejo Jorge Saldaña”, ISSY, the entrance to that building is a Fucking McDo, so, Míster Rubén Luengas: How Do You (motherfuckeR) like them Apples‽ Eh?

… dear fip, keep the Seven Tissues, Eye masturbate with rubber gloves ; it is more expedient and less of an ODE to ONAN, additionally, The Strokes kneaded are considerably less.

Still To Come

Still to come: MAYA the Cow… it’s really non other than Mickey Mouse as PREDICTED by David Bowie on a trip to El Mayapán [2000 TEXAS AVE. 799o1] in El Segundo Barrio ; area code: Cornelio el mocha orejas … Coronado el mocha patas.

Exhibit: 0
Bleu Vaseline:

Glory Hole in braille

Glory Hole in braille… these French people are really–really inclusive. Neta que öüï, me cae que ISSY. Especialmente en el mes de octubre.


Strait from the decks: TOROS

Fuck it!
Bring Back La Corrida:

Cambio de tercio... again.

Cambio de tercio… again.

Amables lectoras que ni nos pelan, el programa de Jazz acaba de sucumbir a los pinches Twitters, ahora las muy moulineras requieren de galletas.

La situación, asegun los reportes de la chingada Associated Presse, se plantea en las demandas del chingado “Jack” de “Silicon Balley” quién demanda tener todos sus pinches dedos EN LA COOKIE JAR”.

… y las muy moulineras, dit oui. Oh, the humanity.