Nice… of all places.

“The alleged attacker is described by police as a North African and aged in his thirties,” reported The Independent from the Promenade de los Rosbifs.

🎶 And yes, yes
God is good.
Yes—God is great
Yes, yes, yes—yes.

Must Eye draw you fuckers a picture of Her?


“So it goes.”

https ://www .dailystar .co .uk /news /latest-news /breaking-french-police-put-area -22923552

🎶 Joan Osborne: What if doG had a CallSign, or something like D.A.T..

Triage (Noun) in transliteration — Pinochet’s constitution found a new home

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses, “nothing that we (the Republic) can see will be forgotten.”
… for starters, as the Republic of Chile buries the dictator-drafted Magna Carta in that country, Donald Trump just issued a VANITY ORDER that ALLOWS HIM TO PURGE THOUSANDS OF FEDERAL WORKERS FOR DISLOYALTY.

https ://www .euractiv .com /section /justice-home-affairs /news /france-says-it-wont-forget-silence-of-some-states-after-teacher-beheading/
  1. noun

(in medical use legal affairs) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds criminal acts or illnesses corruption to decide the order of treatment sentencing of a large number of patients Supreme Court rulings or casualties. decisions.

“Democracy dies in darkness”

“Democracy dies in darkness”, even when the lights are on, Robert Costa .:. 4032D0C4-3693-458A-AF13-840B873486D6 🔥 Even when LOS FOCOS’tan ardiendo, querido Beto.

a triage nurse” « a triage Justice »

https ://www .vanityfair .com /news /2020/10 /donald-trump-civil-servants-schedule-f

“Schedule f,” it’s a four-letter word but Rachel Maddow borrowed the last THREE letters in order to better illustrate a censored t-shirt on her hour, and which basically spelled out: God Bless the u.s.a. in 2020.

WARNING: The following might be offensive to WHITE PEOPLE in the united states of suburbia… WITT D.A.T. in mind, “all apologies,” to Judd Apatow.

Breaking NEWS: And just so you know who is pulling the strings…

Thing ONE:
Lazy niggers need not apply

Deer Snoop Dogg, (Sir):

Now before you go all Bad Bunny on the ‘Jail Bird cooking show’ and call the Pound on this here motherfucking staff, understand that neither Armando Segovia, nor Armando Serrano Prieto select the History Channel episodes about the African American Experience… narrated by Ken Burns, off–course, —motherfucker!

With that in mind, and on account that we [the staff of this here non-motherfucking consequential blog] try to KNOT the headlines, the political cartoons and, the current pop media events that cause a ripple on the fabric of time with as viewed through a rearview mirror that is öüï call History, please note that we did not land in ComptonCompton and Long Beach landed on u.s.

Sometimes you wanna go

🎶 Sometimes you wanna go 🥣 BB8A0A0C-1796-4DD8-8044-E31720B9230D … [T]his is a time-delayed TimeStamp. Time Now is the 23rd hour in Paname; Gnomes and Gremlins knocked the transmission. Let’s finish Thing TWO just before midnight.

Thing TWO:
House nigger swears in Trump’s latest addition to the Government of The People* chess pieces as the extreme right prepares to regress the American Experiment to the 1930’s in Alabama.

* The Republican Party


FUCK N.W.A. coming straight from The Underground

Because “it’s KNOT about a Salary, it is ALL about REALITY, gangster—gangster” .:. 23A3ED06-4B7C-46B8-9BEE-B10897A4628E .:. My NIGGAs in PARIS all agree… Yeah, BUDDY!

After Öüï break bread at la Rue Clement (75006) the staff will re-visit Skid Rows’ “Creepshow”.

mabm: en la vida real, mis respetos

… [P]ero aquí por estos dominios, te invito a fornicar, o no. Puedes si vos quereís, mabm, BEE like Susana y sus sepultureros en Issy. Eso depende de VoZ.

Pin Trested?

Pin Trested?… no muerdo, si VoZ no quereís.

In the mean Time: Fuck Poseidon y su MONOPRIX®️ on The Atlantic and, of course: [ON]* The Children’s Crusade, the dance with death y otros rollos no aptos para los Bobos de nbc en París, Tejas… y queviva Johnny halliday, the black elvis in france.

Coming up after the Break… Ben Kingsley in “Backstabbing for beginners”

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Last weekend… reloaded, tonight…
The biggest of all of the msnbc’s Kats, Mrs. Kay, covered last week’s Sleepover at the White House, she even pulled a double shift for the BBC, she got so much access that she even wrote a children’s book. It’s about a little rich kid who invites a French garçon to his Oval playpen, they run around all over the garden and up and down the ball rooms of the Big White House, they held hands, hugged each other all of the time—even kissed each other on the cheeks, you know like The Hells Angels do! In a manly way. After the French garçon said good–bye, the little boy was sad because the mean ‘Uncle “Mad Dog,” told him that the following week he would have to host a little German Freundinnen… the little rich boy insisted to his mean Uncle that the Oval playpen was a G.R.O.S.S* club branch.

23 Apr 2008 at 19:43
One week ago today:

President Macron was celebraitng his first year in office with a State visit to the U.S. where he got plenty of “well done” steaks, and where ketchup, was the main sauce at the event.

At the same gala, Donald Trump (also a president) insisted on going Coïtus Interruptus with the Iran Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Big Fish … Consensus right now is that if Ewe are going to grease Pasha’s hand, you’ve better Use Olive Oil, it’s a corrupt Mediterranean thing… and if Ewes ever wondered why Don Corleone’s first legit front was an olive oil import/export company, then you might begin to understand now, eh?

 On the “streams,” Ben Kingsley, through the Voices of Theo James and Michael Soussan reminded Cousin Joe why incidents like the one that turned off the lights in Afghanistan (earlier in the day)…

Aljazeera reports that two bombs exploded on a “beefed up” security area not far from the NATO headquarters during the Monday morning commute. 29 people are dead, 49 are injured… “So it goes,” dice Kurt Vonnegut.

really began to unravel (and explode) with corrupt decisions made by Will Farrel in the ROLE of N° 42 (a.k.a. “The Artistformally known as  POTUS The Decider“) and an evil puppet master called Dick Cheney who, —THROUGH THE PENTAGON— pulls the strings of the OIL and Natural GAS military industry —in the FREE WORLD… of course.

TimeStamp: 18 hundred hours in Central Europe Time