Satan in Paris… Dear, Tim Scott, I actually picked cotton


Cotton Picking Congress… if you are Black, and Republican, you are on the wrong choir. Unless it’s 1865. So, are you willing to spill blood, or just fuck with the Treasure.

And Senator Scott, in the next segment I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, will play the role of the nigger in “12 Years A Slave”, by McQueen (not That One, MANS 🏎️), Steve.

Note to editors:

Öüï and, off-Course, the rest of the motherfuckers on this most non-consequential blog would like to remind EMMANUELLE Vo-Dinh, that…

Correlation is not causation but causation is the mother of all correcciones in a Draft.

With that in mind, mi negra, no confundas como Alejandro Lora 🎸, la leche con los mecos de Bose y Valls… with that in mind, “y este otro muchacho… Miguel Ríos ».


It is hurting them a lot to accept it, but racism in Spain seems to be not to be only in their soccer stadiums.


🪞 Marelle

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/23 /deportes /insultos-racistas-contra-vinicius-tensan-relacion-españa-brasil/

Cualquier parecido con Lechuga es por Salinas.


“I lived it as a child, but I still remember some events from that tragic government.”

Nestor Yuri Sánchez

Carpe Diem en Oaxaca. (2020). 

https ://imparcialoaxaca .mx/opinion  /adios-guayabera-mia/

Once Bitten Twice Shy

And, Senator Tim Scott, this is your cue to be the bait on that hook there, in the White Elephant Party. Any how mister Scott, God and Country, eh? Tell you what, Senator, how about if I juxtapose it on a mirror, that is to say flipping your image, where all things horizontal are flipped 🙃.

I know that it sounds redundant, but if you please—you just jumped into a Lucha Libre bout. There is going to be a lot of flipping Ewe off.

KAFTA is a meatball, the process is Kafka, and Apache toca cumbias laguneras.

Now, about that “Spiral”, but FO’ist! 🎶 Yesterday on the Musique Matin de France State Media.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /reportage /a-vezelay-les-voix-s-emparent-des-beatles

Well, Eye told’yAll about, “SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT”, it’s just like one of those.

Polo: ACT IV… Shifus Clay… Whistle While You Bridge

I Want To Believe… That Katie Bennet is a magnetic anomaly. 🌋🙊 For starters, KATIE, if that’s even your real name, that TEE at the end of your BENNE is a magnetic 🧲 🧭 anomaly between the ERRE (r) and the ESE (s).

Over at The Louvre, in Abu Dhabi, La Kerschovas is attending the Kamasutra seminar, Alejandro Trebek just called a Daily-Double.

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2023/3/7 /israeli-attack-wounds-palestinians-as-settlers-and-soldiers-dance

International Clam Chowder They… In Abu Dhabi, the aloha equivalent is not a Flower thingy hanging over your neck, arriving males get a hand-job and women get their Clam munched, but only if you are a REWARDS Card-carrying member.


In this sector, we find Little Nicole on detention, again and that’s Yer’ cue to pull out yer’ pencil and paper and show your work, not just the Wikipedia source.


And starring as Ashton Kushner: Arthur Aitch.

This section is brought to Ewe by the letter H. The letter H, a chopped-off ladder 🪜 cut at the knees, or an 8 that could not be? Tonight’s fip dot jazz is complemented by the glyph A.

Anyhow Amira AL-SHARIF, in this section of the play (middle of the 7th inning) Eye will be presenting you with a Double eet formula to show Ewe, “The Dark Side of The Moon”, es decir, señorita AL-SHARIF, it’s TROU 🕳️ as EYE had estimated, indeed, “IT!, takes tú.”

Can you make it rain harder, Prince… Cutline: As a child growing up between the Krauts and the Frogs, all that Cookie Monster ever wanted to become was the “guy with the whistle” but then Cookie Monster got hooked on the dough.

Entonces, Almira, because Eye knows that you are not going to look our way, please be advised that as our regular non-readers know, neither Öüï nor Mí get to select the tracks, nor the knews of the They, and as a matter of fact, i didn’t select the double eet neither, and because Scott Onstott already laid out all of Paris’ secrets in plain sight, i can’t take credit for running into your war snapshots next to an inverted T.

And in Local news, the so-called “anti-St. Paul’s 64” strike has breached the breeches of bullshit in the History of bullshit, heck, things are so bad in Lafrance across The Atlantic, that CHARLIE “motherfucking” Chaplin re-hashed and took on the role of Ronald McDonald (currently missing), and for the first time since the Vichy Régime of ACT IV in La République, beer shelfs at Évry 20 FranMonoGeoPrix are begining to run low, except for that fucking Pilsner that AUCHAN wants to drench down your fucking throats.

Actually there is no “dark side of the moon… it’s All dark.” Take the sun out of sight and it’s : lights out, Selene. OUT! i tells Ya’.

This can only amount to one of two variables, either the beer delivery 🚚 ran out of fuel, or the beer delivery 🚚 🚚🚚🚚 are blocking the 🦕 fuel 🦖 refineries that powers FUELS MY STRUGGLE at La Maub.

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023/feb/12 /officier impliqué dans l’arrestation de Tyre Nichols précédemment accusé d’agression contre un détenu

Over at Shakespeare and Co., In Abu Dhabi, her penis itches, and as soon as she gets a hold of, IT!, she’ll scratch his too.


INTERMISSION — Luna sets West on La Défense…

Hilo, Hawaii, our 50th State just got the news at the Stroke of Midnight in Maui, 11 am at the Île-de-Franche, that:

1959Charles de Gaulle is proclaimed as the first President of the Franche Fifth Republic

2023 – Supporters of former Brazil president 🎱 Jair 🇧🇷 Bolsonaro 🕣 storm the Brazilian Congress.

One Hundred Years After The Year of Mexico in France.

The Sun (Also) RISES
aligned with
The TORCH of Mercury
at l’ancienne BASTILLE.

Túpelo, del verbo TUPIR: “this is no time for siesta”…
1. tr. Apretar mucho algo cerrando sus poros o intersticios. U. t. c. prnl.
2. prnl. Hartarse de una comida o bebida.
3. prnl. Cuba y Ven. obturarse.


1973 – Wa Wa gate scandal: The trial of seven men accused of illegal entry into Democratic Party headquarters at Watergate begins.

With this in mind, Öüï dared to ask, just how much influence could a man from Tupperware, Mississippi, fit into the White House, if a man from Tupelo, Mississippi could, and it turns out that a man from TuPelo could fit enough influence on a Wa Wa House to bring back a JET from the runway.


If and Only If

Professor Johanne Grazia Poisson
Dr. In géRIAtre…


You of all MEDICAL interns at a PENN UNIVERSITY toxicomane center behind the ancienne INTERNATIONAL HOUSE IN 2008, knows exactly how to complete “The Pale Blue Eyes” code.

Note to editors, please relay to Évry Guan , that:

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental, with actual persons listed ‘on-the-record’ in the files of “The Talents and Skills Affair ».

In any case, or marquesina en Châtelet, I, Armando Segovia don’t select the Bale’s or the murciélagos en WEST Point 👉🏻, or in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t matter because tonight Öüï is touching base with Christian, in BALTIMORE, [Raven goes here]… based on the title of an movie starring “The 🦇 Dark 🦇 Knight”.

The Tell-Tale Heart, by IMd

Coincidentally… upon discovering Io en Europa on the Second Day, GALILEO GALILEI died and went to Heaven, thank God that Galileo repented and The Pope in Rome did not have to Knot-into the TALE, the expertise of Cardinal Ximénez, from The 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇪🇸 Inquisition.

1642 – Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher (b. 1564)

Anyhow, LEA Marquesina², Eye just thought that you should know that RABIS is back and Ewe knows that the Black Plague is not far, from the immune response to the little mice’s-es that Ewe killed for Lo’Real.

Got Wood, Holly?
And Holly responds:
Ewe got the Wrong Babylon, Hun… GO WEST.

Une fille meurt mordue par une chauve-souris à Oaxaca

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/01/08 /estados /025n1est

Deuxième mort, dans l’État de la rage… LA RAGE, LEA MARQUESINA!!! — The Rage.

Dresden cielo? Una hermosa mañana, qu’est-ce que c’est?

“Tú times”…


Nathalie Piole, now that the Big Elephant 🐘 is out of the cabin… it’s Tannenbaum cuttin’ time now.


Nathalie, my love…
Por adelantado, excelente show!

In Extra-terrestial news 📰 NASA successfully completes its ARTE🚀MISA Mission and not to be outdone by the US, the UAE installs a Louvre Museum (Éphémère, any how) at le Champ de Mars.


🌬️🎶 Des d’El cielo una hermosa mañana

La guadalupana

La guadalupana…

_ y otras frivolidades de EmiLie à Paris.

Those stairs where tourists are about to sit their ASS, are from the resin tears 😭 of a Tannenbaum!!! Phat Basterd’…

Elvis is Still Mika’s Cringe!


Speaking of frivolidades, we last left our Escaleras-building Foo’s… wait for entry signal

Ladies in Gemini, Artemis is on the intercom, listen up 🛩️, and pay no attention to Eartha’s Jaguar 🐆, it’s expendable.

Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO


“Bright are the stars that Shine,” dicen las ranas 🐸 en DesPax Sio.

Tale of The Tape

Please stand-by for feligreses, o como dicen en la embajada de Qatar en el Arco del Triunfo,  paroissiens.

Breaking news!!!

Denisa Kerschovas Quits Allegretto 🤦👃👃👃

Page 1:

In Local News… Sinema du Jour.


From the desk of the Paris Tourism Board_ 12/12/2022. Rumors around the new espresso machine at francemusique are that the illegitimate Basterd’ spawn of Phyllis Diller, a Frog named Goo, ¡¡¡ WTF!!! No wait that’s another decade, scratch that, go again Goo, a frog named Chrysteau DILYS, gaslighted Kerschovas out of la Maison de La RaDi–eau.

Sit-Reps³ from the marauding benevolent folks of the Perpetual gaslit Candle of The Maltese Cross relays that Denisa Kerschovas was last spotted in the process of pitching a Quechua™ tent next to the Egyptian wing of the head of The Man Of Paris² on the Quai François Mitterrand next to le Jardin de l’Infante.

Raising n’ARIZONA.


Insanity ensued when Kerschovas took on the full role of an SDF and re-nativitized as The Venus de Miles 🎺🎺🎺… Issy, Eye can do this all—They, not only to the GO’ill de Niza.

²~. See Scott Onstott’s “Secrets in Plain Sight”, Paris chapter.

Page 2:

Still to come when Tuesday’s Gone, it’s another episode of Wednesday.


¿A Poco Si?… La Opinión de Fenster, our copy editor


“El próximo toro, le corresponde a… Yolanda »

What’s The Frequency, Roscrans, and what are the odds that your assertions about the “private network” between the French government’s Ministry of Culture and the Mass Medias, would intersect with the GO’ill de Niza? — This Advertorial campaign is narrated by Ken Burns.

Pura Vida 🇨🇷 y dos con sal…

Pecsi, the choice of the Knew Generation ⚡🪐. The Song Remains The Same 🪄

No insistas, Susana 🇪🇸 PUBeda, and don’t you go sending Mí your “little prey’ers”, my Kite belongs to la Nat’ah Lair Piolé.

I tell you Who’s a Lie all the time dough (nut) Cardinal Biggles 🛩️, that Flyin’ Fokker! that’s Who, —Nacho Cano. Cardinal BIGGLES. (LES BIG g, he is called on that Jersey Shore) 🌉.

L’antier antes era « piso lejano ».

“NO-body, expects the Spanish Inquisition”


🧭 Ximénez

L.E. Aute y F. Cabrales están en un bar, risa sale a chorros cuando, P. Milanés canta Cielito Lindo con Nacho Cano en la Casa del Club América, en Madrid.

LoREM ipΣ… Ketch-up!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/11/22 /espectaculos/pablo-milanes-sera-velado-en-casa-america-de-madrid

It’s A Small World After All — ••• Matt 19:24

5 Theys To Go, on Deadline… And who ate Gilbert’s GRAPES 🍇 in Arizona?



Now, PanCake Pete, you might know who cracked that Egg in Arizona, but do you know WHAT came First? Who’s on NEXT?


⚾ … Never mind (Nirvana) it’s a ☄️ no-hitter in Houston.


Why, Is Where?

Of course you don’t, you people believe that T-Rex 🦖 opened up for Nazareth 🇮🇱.


Cousin Joe, Eye has seen SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT, and behold, —motherfucker!


And again (cocksuckers) I say unto you, It is easier for an Elephant (nevermind a camel) to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


Procurator Buffon’s Ball



… and what’s D.A.T. over D.A.R.E.?


https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Axe_historique_de_Paris


No Fucking Jesus here, only fox’s hoes 📐 — EWE know, the kind that will steal Ewe’r Egg Nest, and those HOES are Évry Ware… Behold ⬇️



The Fox that holds the Egg… If you break it, don’t go crying to your little LaMent(ira) WALL 🧱.



1 900 at RFPP… Philos for fags

Circo Wagner, starring the funniest man in Mexico.

33 year-old searching for PACS, only serious franco-phones need apply…”

FFW to minute 45:45 out of 58:29

https ://audioblog .arteradio .com /blog /173276 /podcast /191365 /vivre-avec-le-vih-temoignages-sur-les-antiretroviraux-long-acting-en-injection

Probably a rerun… rfpp does not provide replays, those coq sucker’s are like a Tunisian kebab shop. You get what they serve no returns, no refunds and definitely, —no Xchanges.


Your source for cheap Kerschovas… Right now it’s Salvador Dalí’s take on The Tour de France, it was a DRAFT that never grew roots… I swear, rfpp must be a Satellite of talent for the Paris Tourism BoArs…no fucking imagination, what-so-Eva’, Phat Basterd.

Note to editors gardening with my current girlfriend, “la chica del tendedero”… Nathalie Piolé reminds me of That Grateful Sticker on a Cadillac song, “Dirty Laundry”… hanging on a wire.

And the Salvador Dalí sketch on rfpp’s Terrain Vague, which is French for undefined territory is not available on account that the newest podcast available of that programming is from August, 08 [https ://terrain-vague .simplecast .com/] but knowing how Juanito Guanabacoa operates, —like a fucking Russian field unit— the Salvador Dalí parody about the Tour de France radio skit won’t be available until Baby Jesus makes a comeback… like Disco did.

Snarky Puppy says keep, IT!, in your mind!

🎶 Tour de France, Tour de France 

Let Mí, guess… it’s time for Justice to put out her 🎪

And Justice for Enrique Peña Nieto y El PARTIDO del profesor Alain Rouquine en Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle.

I’m confessing that you are out of Order! Samalayuca is a figment of the imagination of a deranged DUNE in Villa Ahumada, Natty Le Pío. Out Of Order!!! 🙀 And, Phat Basterd, can you imagine if someone visited Paris, then returned to their gentrified apartment in la Condesa de Roma en la Kasa Azul de Frida, and whip out a machina called Yaris? Toyota would have a field day on in THE CARPA 🎪 del HdV.

Full disclosure for the good people of Emmaüs and Aurora:

On the day of my hearing the hall was empty, the family in front of me, elderly with a toddler (???) never mind the skin color, were on their way out. They seemed happy and their lawyer was stoically thrilled about the outcome of her billable hours, probably felt swell as well. And that’s a good thing. Mine (es decir, la “tacuche” did not bother to show up, but still was professional enough to charge 1200 € for forwarding to the court, a summary of a certain Conflict of Interest between le Cinéma Luminor HdV and the political Legacy of Luis Echeverría speech on “corruption” at the unesco. The lawyer turned my summary verbatim. Here’s a visual¹

https ://es .wiktionary .org /wiki /tacuche

From the archives, as Scott Onstott says, “Eye follows the coincidences wherever these may lead”. And if you listened to all off the legal impediments that Juanito Guanavacoa’s incarcerated soldier in Mexico is going through, then perhaps you may begin to assimilate that if this tent is KNOT being pitched for a blood drive, or one of them ‘éphémère’ panaderias, then FO’sure, that 🪵 WOULD 🪵 there is for Libra ⚖️ to go ahead and “fait son Show”. It’s a personal opinion and I challenge the good people in France to ask me about it instead of black listing me at your homeless shelters, —por decir… after all, Stephanie Menou’s³ chain of command at the Prefécture started this predicament for both Armando Segovia and Armando Serrano-Prieto. Issy, Chata, I Am Blacker than Nino Ferrer will ever wish to be.

For the record, and context:

³.~ Prologue: I wonder if Stephanie remains a volunteer at Cinèma Mexique en France, or if she secured a foreign post in Cuernavaca.


¹~. Summary: there’s a nut and bolt missing here. Next thing you know years pass by and no corrective action is taken, and one day Le 🖋️ collides with the 🪶.

And in Paris…

The kicker is that the person in charge gets promoted to CORCHOLATA in the government of any given shithole country. Long story short, the sons and daughters of all involved come to Paris to sow their oaths at the Sorbonne. ad infinitum.


El Charrito Pemex and L’ami Y’a bon productions presents:

Ciao 🥖 Cacao
and other assorted slogans.

Ciao Cacao con manouche vegetariano… Alicia Menéndez comes courtesy of The Maze Runner and The Death Cure.


“no de dos patas o de dos piernas, sino metálica”.


Vicente Fox Q.
Presidente Constiticional de los EEUUMM

The year is 2006 and across The Atlantic and beyond La Sierra Nevada  (there is no “sierra morena” in Mexico, that was all propaganda from Mel Brooks in Paris) en Mazatlán las lavadoras de “patas prietas color de llanta” ain’t got a veladora 🪔 to shine on the colonial experience as part of a nutritious breakfast.

“… pero si alguien lo interpretó así, alguna mujer de quienes me están viendo, le pido disculpas, pero amplísimas, amplísimas, con el tema de las lavadoras”


Nayarit for Size. Me dijeron que no.

Juanito Guanabacoa of course, mora con Aguascalientes en Playback, desde Nayarit. Según Juanito Guanabacoa, Nayarit quere Decir en CORO: HIJO DE DIOS ENTRE EL SOL Y EL CIELO, ES DECIR, FREDDY, Mercury.

And not live, as Juanito Guanavacoa had promised last week, but he did manage, however, to put himself on the side of the artists, con compromiso con La Préfecture de Paris. Ciao 🥐 Cacao… Musical Guest: Las piernas de tu mamá, Godoy, con i griega of course.


La Razón por la que el resto del mundo odia a La República Francesa.

Símbolo Autóctono de la policía judicial de la época de Oro de La Guayabera Blanca y los guantes negros, el Papá FRANCISCO reporta desde Québec Alberta Cánada.

Wednesday is independence they… Tuesday you vote or DIE, and Monday? Monday i’m in Love With Ewe and of course, Zeppelin Goes Here.

Residente, el Jamiroquai de Ayotzinapa.

Ya me cansé…. https ://www .bfmtv .com /international /amerique-latine /mexique /etudiants-disparus-au-mexique-l-ex-procureur-general-arrete-64-policiers-et-militaires-recherches _AD-202208200022.html

The incarnation of Tomás de Torquemada if France would have awarded him a Radio Slot on rfpp… and since Juanito GUANABACOA started today “calentada” with un TAJO en Argentina, let me, Armando Serrano-Prieto, show you what Argentina looks like without a ‘water bearer’:


https ://www .nuevatribuna .es /articulo /cultura—ocio /politica-hidraulica-franquismo /20220712084502200495 .html

Un tajo en Durango es un canal hecho a pico y pala y que se nutre de una presa, Juanito Guanabacoa, no una tajada de la prefectura de François Hollande.

Find out, but if-and-only-if Eye doesn’t fall ‘asleep in the next tumbona de las playas de París. Updated after the Paraná River fires, en La Argentina.

But first, JUSTICE!, at the Katie Phang Show is a relevant Thang, and here is why, in The prosecutorial U S. of A., the only thing that matters is what side you are on.

Aire acondicionado with Évry postre.

Sixty six essays and then some, now Öüï knows how many Knots it takes to tie-down the USSR

Secrets in Plain Sight  

It’s like The Spanish Inquisition, but in Cyrillic.


Greek in Cyrillic

Banania for size

Context para Pepito’s biscuits

This is why Jupiter wants the Lithium, stamina wise it’s a Gas Giant… puro pedo, pues. And, Major Thom, Eye knew that you were compensating for fip. fr during your excursion to the ISS… what’s that you got there under them panels of yours,?


You ain’t nuttin’ but a Puff fish.