Do you know Parcheesi? Asked La Ficha Amarilla

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Öüï switch it over to Joe’s Taller where Ana Ana Bobanna is pitching it over to Tony Moroni and BaddaBoom Baddabing; MEANWhile, Sicilians everywhere ask the Syndicate:  ArE Americans really that Stupid? Are you sure, “Major Governor Sir, Meeeender Beeeender? Will they continue to allow our M’N Trump get away with killing fat M’N in Johannesburg?

en El Musée d’Or-(you)SAY?

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Correr es lo que Importa hasta el final.


Hurry Boys!!! While Scott Onstott is not looking.

Listen, Kids… hear mì out:

With my Eyes and your Swinging Dicks (a gospel funk band) we’ll take el Palacio de Hierro, La Torre Latinoamericana and D.A.R.E. Eye say:

Thin Red Line Follows

Thin Red Line Follows:094EBFD9-22B2-491A-8888-6374D463C93C •|• Chewing bubble gum and standing on önë LEG.

Sí se puede, mi Negro.
¡ Indeed öüï can !
… and never mind the Gnomes,
them fuckers are 50% OFF!!!

the Beat goes on

the Beat goes on

Hear me out Franck… it is not as if the thin red line has not BEAN leveled beef–ore.

1era Lección: Cinco luces behind Jupiter

“Equality our stock and trade” [1]

… mientras tanto, por detrás de las bambalinas, o como dicen allá en LaLa Land: the logistics team has everything under control.

… screen grab courtesy of the Priests of Syrinx at Sciences Po… the shining outline that surrounds mr. Macron is nothing more than an Echo… could be a Pentagram, could be a Pentagon. In any case, let’s just hope that the “War Pigs” don’t have the power. Ozzy reference intended for all those who might be getting a bit ‘Paranoid’.

Nuestro Amigo Gustavo, no nos va a dejar mentir, el primero que tuvo los huevos para treparse en un poste de luz para [mejor] ver el escenario de aquél 7 de mayo en la explanada del museo más afamado en el mundo para poder ser testigo presencial de la celebración de quien iba a  ser el próximo presidente de La Quinta República Francesa fue ni más ni menos, uno de los miembros de este [staff].

SOURCE FOLLOWS… Uso justo de todos los VeVo’s… and of course, Rachel, my dear: of the ‘Mighty—Mighty’ Rush.

As we waited for the early voting results to tally up on the 2 big screens that flanked the Pyramid at the Louvre a guy from New York [stage name follows] was prepping his karaoke machine to a version of Gordon Sullivan’s [stage name: Sting] “Immigrant in New York”, in our heads [o sea Gustavo, las del staff] we could only hear one tune, Y TE COMENTamos que era una rola from the 2112 album of a Mighty-Mighty Canadian Trio [Stage Name RUSH], the piece in our heads was the Overture theme and The Priests of Syrinx… in that particular order of the recording.

Context will continue to follow.

TimeStamp: 22h45 in Central Europe Currency.

“Official context follows”. Uso justo del Elíseo, y también de los códigos del método Jupiteriano del equipo de Comunicación y de las Relaciones Públicas de don Emmanuel Macron (Presidente de La República Francesa).

1era Lección por Scott Onstott (Arquitecto) “Secrets in Plain Sight”, via: https ://m

2112… Temples of Syrinx. By: Rush… via VeVo on Youtube: https ://m .youtube .com /watch ?v=m_ 6dkzL4VS4

Gennady — Canelo… and Sun worshiping in Paris on a cloudy day

September [2017] big drama show.”
Middleweight Champion of the World.

Al regresar… La fiesta desde la explanada del Louvre.

TimeStamp: Sunday, May 7th—2017,
0600 hours CET.

As above
so below¹”

Emmanuel Macron wins French election.

…Context follows.

TimeStamp: Monday, May 7th—2017
0100 hours CET

[Imagery might follow]

Full circle in the form of a rhombus
[with Hermetic symbolism]
in harmony with our previous entry
of December 4th, 2016.

Scott Onstott has the context, and maybe —just maybe— his 3 hour video was on to something.