Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Happy 4th of July. You Ol’Gringo—You! —|— Fragmento de un derecho a réplica… Uso justo de todos los medios; context follows.

… a 3 minute story is still to come, full-disclosure, it’s really nothing more than a review of a “short edition” romance that we [the staff] recently picked up (we shit–you–not) in receipt paper format at the waiting area of La Gare d’Austerlitz (right before the SNCF security detail kindly asked us [the staff] and a Roma tribe to vacate the premises).

This “short edition” romance in receipt paper format, is courtesy of La Gare d’Austerlitz and shortédition… at shor-edition . com —|— Fair use of all available forms of Comunication.

Anyway, John, the 3 minute story is really a romance novel about the imaginary nostalgia of an Ol’Vespa scooter reminiscing about the love affair of an express delivery guy and his Ol’Flame… oh, the memories of that first ride together.

A bust of a “little princess,” and the “new” reflection of where Jour et Nuit (a free-form mixed cultural space, and squat) used to be. Rue de Saint Charles, vicinity Métro Line 10 [75015]. Foto por Armando Segovia… te la regalo, Princesa, desde lo más profundo de mi corazón.

So, Johnny, while we [the staff] buffer up that trip into a post, we need to ask: have we mentioned —yet?— that the French flags, which usually —all by their lonesome— decorate the main windows at l’Hôtel de Ville [75004] have, for the past few days, been flanked by a bunch of Stars and Stripes?… GOOD THING Marianne stills considers the U.S. of A. a friend, because apparently the Party of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, no longer does.

Mixed signals… or something like that. —|— Uso justo de Mme. Sinclaire and her HuffPost at Le Monde.

We [the staff] think that we’ve made that observation already; but just in case, let it be known that the main square of the Parisian City Hall, along with its all-purpose garage, which we might add it is Also Known As ‘the’ Pavillon Circulaire, both are practically littered with standing Coca-Cola refrigerators right behind what seems to be draft beer dispensing bars; or something like that… the only thing in terms of Americana paraphernalia that is missing there right now, apreciado Juan Molino Campos-Hombre, is some Good Ol’Fashioned Rock and Roll music, but we reckon that that is why the big all-purpose stage is there for.

Our guess is that any day now the Anhauser-Busch or the Coors Brewing Co., or maybe even Walmart (why not?) are going to be sponsoring all kinds of community outings here in France.

Of course, John, as recently as six years (and six months) ago, when we [the staff] would note to francophiles everywhere (and to the French people, too) about the rapid growth of chez Ronald McDonald’s [1], or about the wide spread of Seattle’s own [2] “twin tailed mermaid,” overtaking the French bistros or those famed cafes along the Left Bank, we [the staff] would get a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*, as a reward for our observations regarding the future landscape of business establishments [popping up] in front of the perimeter, of say, Le Cluny Muséum or along the cafes and comptoirs along the district known as Beaugrenelle.

* these accessory items are worn around here in much the same way that dudes in Tennessee don a Resistol or a Stetson cowboy hat… sometime, but not always, the good folks in Tennessee, they can even ride a horse.

AnyGüey, professor Ackerman, as the MORENA high-brass militant, which You have clearly claimed to be, our guess is that in order for You to get the full whiff of what we [the staff] here are trying to pass, as far as this opinion post goes, You [my friend] would first have to reference our previous observations on social and political happenings at Le Cinema Christine or at The Trocadero Plaza, and especially the one about the tale of Víctor Quintana Silveyra, Dr. (PhD); One-Each** when he, as a member of Morena, and with instructions from the big boss (AMLO himself) Dr. Quintana legally constituted and integrated the Parisian chapter of El Frente Amplio Mexicano into ‘the’ Morena-Francia branched hierarchy of Ándres Manuel López Obrador’s politically trademarked tribe.

**… One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El PRD; One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for Morena and, One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El Partido Acción Nacional… as a side note, Dr. Quintana arrived to France in 2013 being the equal of the (hard Leftist) Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and he exited France, later that same year from La Sorbonne, only to arrive to his home State (in Chihuahua, Northern Mexico) as a cabrón, perdón—perdón, quisimos escriBir CARBÓN Copy, not CABRÓN copy, of France’s (hard Right politician from La Sarthe)  François Fillon.

Any which way you want, John, what i am trying to say is that when we [the staff] tried to have a conversation or an interaction with your lemmings at El Frente Amplio Mexicano en Francia,  in order to transparently discuss ideological inconsistencies —or JUST PLAIN CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS— within the political Left of Mexicans in France, all that we [the staff] got from your militants were a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*** with a side of GTFO (of here).

*** these (at times) pretentious clothing items are worn around here in much the same way that “cheros in Chihuahuita” don a “güaripa” of the Resistol or Stetson brand, and sometimes, on rare occasions, them folks, too —much like the dudes in Tennessee— they also know how to ride a horse.

So, Johnny, it is not that we [the staff] wish to side with the New Macronian France, but when you try to pair Enrique and Emmanuel in the same dissing of your La Jornada OpEd, you just might be reminded (like right now, You Ol’Gringo—You) that maybe it was the ‘close ranks’ strategy, as opposed to an ‘open door policy of independent discourse’ in that so-called “Frente Amplio Mexicano” that ended up giving EPN the win in 2012; and in a parallel universe, similar strategies were used by the Democrats in the U.S.,  or here at Trocadero with the Socialists in France, giving both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron a clear victory over Bernie Sanders and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, respectively.

Context continues to follow. —|— Fair Use of Media and of all the French New[s] Stands.

In any case, Yes, John. You Ol’Gringo—You:

¡Zapata Vive!… la lucha, on the other hand, ustedes mismos la apagan…

Neta que sí.

Recibe un saludo, Juan.
Atte: El Staff.

Full diclusure: this post was written using a Starbucks hotspot, and latter (somewhat edited at Forum Les Halles… our equipment remains confiscated and or locked up at our former hide-out at Issy-Les-Mx… so, hurray for Globalization… fuck it.

Ackerman Source follows:

It’s weekend edition

In-house advertorial: In America, it’s three minutes after Inauguration Day.
TimeSlot: from 3-12 to 5-12-2016.
Department: Cousin Joe’s Morning Edition.
Partner/Contributor/ Client: Huffingtons’ Corp. LTD.
Section: Transnational politics / U.S.-Mex relations.
GUEST: John Mill Ackerman (on loan from RT NEWS).
B-roll: Ayotzinapa / Reencuentros de Cine Viva México /
No se aceptan devoluciones.

“Y al regresar”:
Los Lentes de los famosos

Anuncio: En Aguascalientes, como en la casa del Viejo Biden, los únicos lentes para polarizar los faros —son los del piloto de Risky Business y los del Top Gun de a-pie.

[Foto de las del staff —a seguir].

Nota del STAFF:
Felicidades al gran estado de Aguascalientes por no haber sido SELECCIONADO para jugar en el partido de fútbol entre La Procuraduría General de República y Los gobernadores corruptos, rateros —y parece que hasta asesinos— que han sido acusados de corrupción. Si lo único que se sabe del buró del ahora ex gobernador de Aguascalientes es de que utilizó material de una empresa² que se llama FILMK S.A. de C.V., pues, entonces Aguascalientes, —ya ganó.

P.D. ¡Konfupanda!!! El staff [desde] aquí te manda un abrazo¹. Feliz Navidad y Próximo ciclo de gobernabilidad.

2. GrupoFórmula. “Interponen denuncia penal contra el gobernador de Aguascalientes” [30 de noviembre, 2016]. Vía: http ://www .radioformula .com .mx /notas .asp?Idn =645107&idFC =2016

1. Quintana W.R., ¿Por qué se abraza la gente?; en La Nota Nostra, vía: www .arrobajuarez .com /notas .php?IDNOTA =45961&IDSECCION =La%20Nota%20Nostra&IDREPORTERO =Ram%F3n%20Quintana%20WoodstockLa

Breaking the news. Hillary Probably already WON FLORIDA.

… of course, if the democrats lose seats in the Legislature, a Hillary win —won’t mean a thing.

En Issy-les-Mx el Sistema Solar se acaba de abrir…

falta un cuarto para las diez
And, “another one bites the dust”, pero en Español;
así mero mi Compa
como lo bailan en Colombia…
hasta las seis de la mañana“.
…ISSY  mis queridas Sirenas de las Fip’s
Las nenas son ustedes. ¡Claro que Sí!!!
Now let us all Venture One, Wipe Out is optional.

Dear Cousin Joe,
Did you rearrange Raquelito’s Participant Ribbon?
If not, in a very special edition of Jeopardy, with the Addams Family… Alejandro Trebek —ahora con un nuevo acuerdo comercial transnacional  te lo va a des…cifrar en-el_próximo:

Intermedio  ↑↑↑
de las 11 de la mañana.

TimeStamp TRMS.
Apparently —the staff just learned— that by calling an (877) number
You can change your early voting decision —if you casted yours already.
Of course, that is False [as it was her point to prove]
and Jim Morrison would probably be a good
Audio-Crutch to make a Point:

Today i learned… that the staff really misses ‘the’ other double-deckers; the ones from El Campanario de los Tacos.

* LOVE, and all LOVE related products
are more likely than not,
probably a post-product production
of The Beatles era.

The ⇑ above ⇑ is probably a good build-up for the start of Wednesday,
but unfortunately [for some in the staff] we don’t want to Fuck Around with the lawyers of
The Greatest Show on Earth:
Le Cirque du Soleil .

The Last Word on Florida, according to Lawrence O’Donnell on his show, The Last Word, is that Early Voting in Florida could have already decided who won Election —2016 [Hillary Clinton] six days before the polls open on November the 8th.

Buenos días, la onceava [media] hora con Brian Williams acaba de arrancar, y Vladimir Putin, segun Lawrence O’Donnell, se acaba de enterar… en París son las 4 de la madrugada.

Right now, with this [particularly] preliminary Good News, the staff is shifting one gear down to  grab a cup of coffee. And that, Ms. Welker is SOP. Hello John.

Right now, with a coffee mug dangerously close to the AZERTY keyboard, the staff is  going to play bingo with yesterday’s squares… Welcome back Mrs. Wallace, welcome back. Say hello to “the RAGE”… over on the Hardball repeater [it’s re-run hour] say hello to Hugh Hewitt —and over on the RT, please tell John Ackerman to go fuck himself—with love* of course.