En contexto, we never thought that we’d make it this far

Issy, Avi Velshi-ing, off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo… or something like that, and that’s where a young Cornell West takes over the programming at AM Joy.

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason. 🥅 In the frame(ing) above 🔝 A firemohawk stylin‘ Avi Velshi and the bass player of the trio, “ Machete”, check out the venue before the gig, Chuckes, the drummer is seen in his normal state, which it is fidgeting with his smartphone while wearing a hoodie… fucking Criminals, Eye tell ya!

… Eddy and his motherfucking currents keep dropping the visuals so we are going to take a nap now, Isaias. Bee good now. But FO’ist it’s time fo’Coming up in Future Shock, the Biden Campaign selects a running-mate, on DeadLine… off–course!

It was a Glorious time

It was a Glorious time… and DEM Sirens won’t let Mí Lie.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/08/01 /capital /031n1cap

And then it’s time fo’All D.A.T. Jazz, and our brújula (at capital ⬆️)  is taking us all the way to Nigeria, via Jiménez Chihuahua, where The President of Africa is having a conversation with our Favorite (opinion ⤵️) professor à La Sorbonne: Hello–Hello—Hello, a mulato, an Albino, a Muskito—my libido!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/07/31 /opinion /019a1pol

T’o ba fe lo we omi l’o ma’lo
If you wan’ go wash, na water you go use
T’o ba fe se’be omi l’o ma’lo
If you want cook soup, na water you go use…

En fin, muy buena función que nos brinda el profesor Víctor Quintana S.*, no por el saqueo de agua de pozo en la zona que El Bolsón de Mapimí bautizó como « la puerta a La Laguna: Ciudad Jiménez”, no. Buena [función] más bien por rol antagónico que nos brinda El Ratón Vaquero, patrimonio nacional de Veracruz, y narrador del siguiente evangelio según San José  de Las Panochas, … amen!


¡Aguas! Fray Tormenta y El Profeta vS. Los Come–de–Nuez de Los Filtros… only on pay-per-view, o en la cervecería de la esquina.

… [S]in embargo, SAM STEIN at The Daily Beast, in Hilo, Hawaii, the time now is 8:30 pm and fip (dot] fr just took a hair sample from Avi Velshi’s fiery mohawk to sample the word of the They:


“We will always evolve, but our basic principle of financially-disciplined opportunism will never change…”.

https ://www .iac .com /about /overview

Mission Statement of IAC, “builder of companies” and owner of Sam Stein’s media vessel baptized as “The Daily Beast”.

but speaking of UGLY MEXICANS, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say, LET ME RE-WRITE D.A.T. for all of the non-reading Sirens, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say is that Professor Víctor M. Quintana S*., does not respect the rules of La Lucha Libre, unlike his off-again/on–again co•rre•li•gion•ario, John Mill Ackerman (entre otros) Ph.D.

So, Avi Velshi, before Eye continues to put on the line that fiery mane of yours (the mohawk in flames in case the good people at the IHEAL ibid missed it) against El Vic’s mask, please be advised that Luck^, favors a well-rounded an informed mind.

What would Nina do?

What would Nina do?… Find out after a nap!

^ Full disclosure, we [the staff] don’t believe in Luck, Charms, or other Artifacts, but öüï digs, IT!, as a literary crutch.


Note to editors monitoring: öüï is going to switch it over to Aug. 2 in CET, after a break. So if you are taggin’ along for the ride on the other side of the little black mirror, enjoy the inter•mission.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii: 10 p.m.

And in Washington… it’s Matilda’s favorite son

Eye don’t want to say, Eye told you so, but he sure did, and Nichole just sent an All Smiles, ear–to–ear grin BriWi to the 11th Hour.

Over at the little boys W.C. room, Nick Confessore objects.

They's of our Lives

They’s of our Lives featuring NiChole GuAlas and The BriWi.

—BULL TWINKY! Said little Nick. “I have the longest shift in the programming! », adding that video can’t compete with Print… and D.A.T., is why the Times fits all the news in sheets.

And in Real and Present layers, nevermind The Berne Convention because the following is a FAIR USE of all of the New York Times confessions:

Russia, Russia, Russia...

Russia, Russia, Russia…

Still to come… The Trump’s confessions, and Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that öüï neither pick the song lists on them fip’s and, we [the staff] most definitely NOT select which telenovela is going to play next on what Huxley on the peacock network calls: SAVAGE LAND where the modern[a] minute men roam.


Any güey, Eddie Gloude Jr., wanna know why it’s called a show?

— Because it’s accurate and devastating? Said, little Nicky, who after shedding some skin to cool–off on this place called Earth, or Tierra if you are into beans*, scored a gig at a publisher’s joint that went by Simon says Schuster on the Eye Media consortium called CBS… ISSY, the C on the BS is for Columbia; no pun intended on the News Beans that are being spilled right now.

Dear, Lawrence O'Donnell

Dear, Lawrence O’Donnell, please relay to Mr. Schwartz (Prieto in Spanish) that he never answered your question; did he, Mr. Schwartz, ever heard our President call Black people with the “n” word, as White people call it now a days. FOR THE RECORD^ .:. 5B1DF34F-9DFD-4B9E-B4DD-00AFAA3647E7 🕵🏽‍♂️ … [I]n the symbols above the bended knee monito is a numerical marker for ONE MILLION, hence: Million Book Baby with Wings on (her) Back and a Halo on top… nobody here [at asegovia3] is worshiping any fucking body and/or demigod.

* Full Disclosure, not only does the staff of this most non–consequential blog have a branded prickly pear pad on our forehead, but we also consider each bean that öüï consume, as a bullet in the same way that PopEye The Sailor Man turns Spinach into anvils on his fists.

Context — Context — Context

Es hora de llegar muy lejos

Es hora de llegar muy lejos .:. CBB3961F-EB5C-47A1-9840-2F1F5C2278AD 🏄🏽‍♂️

^ Mary L. Trump went to Jamaica (in the States) and this gives her a different take on race relations (in contrast to her older generation). Having stated D.A.T., AP LeMire, please be advised that we [the staff] are no strangers to Pomona at the Inland Empire and 18th Street in El Ey at the time when Oliver North was running “cuetes” to Ronnie’sfreedomfighters; so… full disclosure (again for Michael Che, Charlamagne Tha God, and of course George Carlin¹) if you read u.s. then you know that the word “nigga” WithOut the last letter, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell is often used when the context merits a reference to the many cultural references which might invoke anything from N.W.A. to Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, so… jump to page 2 of Friday July 17, 2020, period

¡Dios mio!!! La Bestia pide LA Alternativa

DIEZ de el mañana en Biarritz, Francia.

Oreja y rabo

¿Será limón, será sandía (LABS) será el traje de luces de un mexicano feo‽ Dear, Lorde!!! Sam Stein is uglier than Silverio Pérez.

Issy, Siverio no cobraba su sueldo, y lo único que El Faraón pidió cuando el “re malo” de la Ciudad de México le preguntó lo que Silverio deseaba del compadre del dueño de la CTM fue, “un güisquito”.

Wake mí up when el llamado “mes de la patria” en Balard, —ends.

It’s 2046 and Bernardo Jared Gómez Azcárraga es el par de Donald Trump Junior en la Cumbre de Las Colinas de Colima, en dónde los jefes de gobierno DISCUTEN el reparto de minerales y recursos no renovables. la cumbre se lleva acabo en tiempo Real (de 14) en la sala de “fiestas” Alejandro G. Ignaratú.

La antesala

La antesala de Miss May–ehem.

Dear, PFC (promotable) Stein…

Paris—Pont de Sully
… 75004

Sammy, My Boy!

Text Follows… TimeStamp: 1200hrs. CET —_— Fair use of CWO-2 Williams, and MSNBC.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Private First Class and for your recent PCS* move. Be advised that we [the staff] saw your most recent interaction with CWO–2* Williams during his Staff Duty Segment at the 2300 hrs. post where Cpl.* Barcelonnetto noted that you also had a chance to conduct a SitRep on the “Jekyll & Hydeiness” of our current Commander-in-Chief who, far from being worthy of one single fake tooth from General George [our first Commander-in-Chief] Washington chompers, instead we reckon that our current N° 45 is more kin to all of the madness of King George… Our first excuse to go to war.

We [the staff] learned that you transferred from that paper pushing cushy S1 unit at HuffPost HHQ* and that you’ve moved to an S3 training depôt. Hu-Ahhhh.


Coming this Christmas: DONALD JOHN TRUMP: the movie… Uso justo de las noticias en los archivos de las películas por los Interwebs.


Field Manual courtesy of Uncle Sam expeditions.

Support Operations; source FM 6-0 and a personal “Ticket for an ETS“.

S1: Unit dedicated for handling the administrative needs and issues of troops (personnel), pretty much manila folder handlers trained to use a an M-16/M-203 and experts at setting up inert (for training purposes only) Claymore mines. Tactical exercises usually include setting up a field tent in front of Brigade Headquarters (especially if it’s raining) or practicing how to wear a Nuclear Biological and Chemical war-suit while conducting some stressful activity such as having a bowling competition or playing baseball, in some cushy units they even incorporate a round of golf and sip ‘mimosas’ to account for the Field Task: conduct a “how to” drink from a standard issue 1-quart military canteen, trainining session.

S3: Unit dedicated for scheduling the training exercises for all line units at the battalion or brigade level, responsible among other important duties, such as, providing (live) target practice devices to line companies, and making sure that the S1 units have their ‘pretend’ Claymore mines training kit. Quite possibly, the most chilled and independent (no micro managing) post an ETS* soldier can hope for.

CWO-2: Chief Warrant Officer (pay grade level 2… Usually just referred to as ‘Chief’. Like waters swirling in Estuaries, these cats flow to and fro, and usually to the beat of their own beat. In the U.S. Army, chief warrant officers are not really Officers, in the same sense that a Lieutenant would climb thru the pay-grades or, in the same set of experiences that an Enlisted recruit would go thru on his or her way to becoming a Sergeant Major. Nope, Chief Warrant Officers are a mix of salty and fresh water environments; like Estuaries, can you dig it? CWO-5 Dan Rather, comes to mind, if you at TRMS know what we mean… CWO-2 Williams was a CWO-3 and was on his way to being promoted to a CWO-4 post, but after a helicopter incident, he was demoted to his current position, notwithstanding, and following the 2016 General Election in the United States “of” America, CWO-2 Williams earned a promotable status with the help of Staff Sergeant Nicole Wallace, who put in a good word to the Brass at MSNBC to stretch Chief Williams 1/2 hr. show to the whole 60 minutes mark.

CPL.: Corporal Rank, basically the same as a Spec-4 (specialist rank) difference being, that the CPL is one step closer to becoming a Sergeant. Corporals usually earn their stripes in the Field -or as the French say, en bivouac, while the SPC uses his book knowledge in Garrison to get out of guard duty, kitchen duty, and other entry level rite of passages in the Game of War, aka the military.

SITREP: A situation report.

PCS: Permanent CHange of Station.w

ETS: The 12 month period that precedes The End of a soldier’s time in the Regular Army… per Army regulations, this stage in anyone’s military career [EXCEPT YOUR DONALD J. TRUMP, commander-in-chief DOES NOT COUNT] is referred to as the End Term of Service.