The French Mistake… With Fox AND Friends

But first, a message to José Díaz-Balart:

It’s my blog and I will speak Spanish if I want to.

With all Due Respect to Liz Cheney, you madam, are the punchline to President Bush’s remarks concerning the Russian invasion to the European 🏰 Union.

Is You Is, all öüï got? So you are not your daddy, ok… What qualifies you to save the very things that your Prime Time dinner table discussions destroyed?

Por ejemplo, Bannzaï GO’ill, I bet you can’t tell Mí when the next 6 Jan. investigative committee is happening, eh? —It’s on Monday, following a 3-They weekend. The PRODUCERS in FranceTV came up with that idea. As sure as nobody walks in El Ey, nobody works on the weekends in France, except the public workers; somebody has to pay for all of that RSA that you (check una comedia de enredos tab) took from . God forbids somebody calls out corruption when SOMEBODY WARNED YOU (Marianne de Proust) that HE would see it… Issy-Éric–d’Util, your French ‘Madeleines’ taste just like those  Mexican ‘mantecadas’.

“…[D]el mineral del Parral, yes’cuchen todos señores… », Yo QUIERO Taco 🌮 Bell 🐇.

En Contexto, this blog is not big enough to get into the Hôpital Sainte-Anne chronicles, suffice to say, in 2017, madame Frappesauce (if I am not butchering her name) informed me that on account of Stephanie Menou’s supervisor at The Préfecture á Cité, who instructed me to ditch my American insurance and instead, get a French Social Security number, which of course implied getting taxes taken out from a paycheck, that I qualified for UNEMPLOYMENT insurance and RSA… i respectfully declined the aid for two years³ until it was not possible for me to pay child support and feed myself without stealing from the French, like most French people do…

³~. At the time, I was still hanging on to the idea of not becoming a burden on the APHP… silly Me, i should HAVE ASKED FOR A PARDON.

Any how, Dr. Poisson was a witness, and she corrected the arm-chair counseling from PABLO GLEASON, IN 2011, when he (Gleason) informed me that in France, if one is over 50 years of age, and arrive as an immigrant, the French will award he or she a small retirement as if you had worked your entire useful years at Renault, or something like that.

Any how, again, this blog does not have the necessary tools that would allow me, Armando Segovia, to get into that pickle, without having to rip the head of off somebody’s shoulder 🗣️.

https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

I mean, it’s to too bad that your colega Gentleman on the opposite side of the US Senate in West Virginia has to be such a conservative, and that Cunt, up in Maine, a perfect balcony ornament for the remainder of the Koch Brothers, eh!

Notwithstanding, o como dicen en el rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” de Samalayuca, Chihuahua__Sin Em#bargo__ …

Just sweep it under the Rug, mister Lallement… or whatever your name is, Sir.

Sin Embargo, Liz, the reason for the low turnout in California, and in your ‘backyard’ también, perhaps is directly related to how “we” don’t look like “US” in the news… i mean, “an Instagram addiction”—THIS IS 1984!!! Crack Mi a River.

Perino Hazings – Glad Tidings … From Russia With LOVE. Russia, if you are listening: FUCK YOU, and your little ACKERMAN on RT/IHEAL/EHESS/SCIENCESPO circuit (not shown in this picture)… It’s over here*

Hey, Bacardi Boy, what’s up with your doppelganger on Fox and Friends, is he even Cuban?

At the Moo-vies

And, Cousin Joe… You will never be as Special as this horse… Keep the bitch.

Dear, Beto O’Rourke… French Président, Emmanuel Macron would like to inquire of You:

Sponsored by Lucky Strike®️


Will there be a FUNeraL for Salvador?… I will send him some RAMOS from Tenon Hospital.

China news network:
Fifa World Cup final: France rain on Vladimir Putin’s parade as Emmanuel Macron gets last laugh at trophy presentation.

And here is WHY, Éric Dutilh, because French Président, EMMANUEL Macron shares the same philosophy as his Mexican 🌯🫔 counterpart.

He likes to protect SICARIOS in France… any questions, ask the new security guard at The FRANPRIX® located next to The Place, where Évry body knows your name. He is the one that beat me up at his old place of Work 👮 at “La Canopée” of Marguerite de Navarre right before the Police Nationale finished me up outside of their old precinct.

What followed at “Le Agora” was swept under the rug, to protect their ‘Bread and Butter’… and mister TONY PALMA knows that I don’t lie.


It’s no wonder why the COURT appointed lawyer from Ethiopia suggested to forget about the CONFLICT OF INTEREST case against the Préfecture and instead use my 10-years in France to request a STAY in France, and get a job as a Security Guard at the mall.


In reel time, Inner-City rail strikes are the talk of the town… but please, mister Monsieur Le Ministre de l’intérieur, Gérald Darmanin³, don’t shoot the messenger 😇… because Armando Serrano-Prieto is only 10 years Old—you SonovAbitCh! He was berely 4 years old when Stephanie Menou’s supervisor at Cité shot him down in order to protect Mateo García’s uncle at Cinema 📽️ Christine en el ‘afamado’  Barrio Latino de Jour et Nuit Cultural Center (Loi 1901).

³~. Don’t be a Manuel Valls, sucking GENARO GARCÍA Luna’s and That Chino Chong’s dick.

It’s 1938 and time for the symbolic fall of LIPCHITZ’ Prometheus in Paris

“People WHO know— jump to page 3 (troop)

Pacific telephone
Papooz (2019)
ALBUM: Night sketches (2019)

Knot to be outdone by EDWARD BERNAYS… CALIFORNIA is not going a GODDAMNED Place Joni Mitchell (1971) and for the record, my skin is  brown by default, and I have never been to Spain, but they tell me that the LADIES THERE…

The dress clerk is dressed in Black
Well if your baby leaves you… where you be so lonely
you’ll pray you die

RHULE for size

Something like D.A.T. in the 32 AR REG (KOREA)
3rd AR DIV.
Check the DD-214
just ask AXL’s
left~Arm tattoo.

And Sirène, you can do anything but,
—motherfucker— Go,Go,Go! BUT
Don’t Ewe Step on Mí’s Blue Suede Shoes.

The heart of Rock and Roll is in the Elevators knot the Fuselage… People WHO KNOW, know that AEROSMITH headlined the FO’ist Two International Airshow EXPOs at Le Grand Palais de La Place Clemenceau.

https ://www .kipaero .com /aero-documentation /wwi-terminology/

Histoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité
Bpi N° 3 7504 00457440 4
Salma Hayek is reading page 442; Chap. 18
“à l’hôtel Martinez,” with some « euro-trash »… or Something like that

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï last left The Paris Tourism Board in front of Gordon Sullivan’s lute reference at Le Grand Palais (right in front where the Lipchitz’ « Prometheus and the Bird » middle-finger to the NAZI PARTY in France once stood.)

It’s 1938 and LE FRONT POPULAIRE just rendered their resignation papers to the “Good People” in charge of the France de Vichy’s biggest publicity stunt, A sort of, kind ah-looking fuzzy feeling for the Concentration Camps with the “JONES-es-esos” next door in Poland and München, the stunt would develop like AUTOBAHNs in the U.S.A., or Madison’s Avenue feel good propaganda that still reverberates today in the FORM of D.A.R.E. EYE say it, Mlle. PITCH?—Nahhhh, hold that thought for Mí’s “Amnesty International” placeholder… wait for, IT!, WAIT.

Witt, that in mind we now return to LE Palais de LAdécouVerte where Denis Soula is using his THEY OFF with “The rooster with a hat {D.A.T.} is watching TV”… and for the Record, The Bpi does not keep any GUNS and ROSES tracks inside the confines of its Big TYMPAN jukebox… Knot even the 88′ Classic: LIES. 

Tungate, M. “Le Monde De La PubHistoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité. DUNOD, PARIS 2009, pour la version française… Chapter ONE: Les Pionniers de la persuasion (sans percussion).

And, Cousin Joe… how’s the “take out in Taiwan?”

In this section³ the student is advised to go for “Cigarros A Hong Kong” vía la ruta NorDaka en Matamoros, Quintana Roo.

3. Ironía situacional²

³.~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL placeholder N°6:  https ://estamosaqui .mx /2021/11/10 /wendy-galarza-parte-a-europa-invitada-por-amnistia-internacional-para-exponer-represion-policiaca-en- {PARIS}-cancun-el-9n/

².~ Situational irony {Jagged little pill, 1995} not to be confused with its evil cousin, Jerry SineFeld; with chance or what’s worst, a bad case of bad luck… however, if someone at the Amnesty International MEXICO outlet should accuse me of jumping on Ms. Galarza’s bandwagon, Eye would point that the very definition of SITUATIONAL Irony is when someone (like say little ol’Mí) writes about police abuse and repression and then Amnesty International {LONDRES} goes to Narco Paradise to talk about, IT!; debate about, IT!; and then design{s} a tote bag and an entry on the STORE CATALOGUE to go with the donation. THAT, that would be ironic, — 🇨🇦 Alanisknot the fucking Fly on your chardonnay.

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo/noticias-america-latina…turismo de fiesta y narcomenudeo

With That In Mind: la fiesta brava returns to 🇵🇪 El Peru y EL PRÓXIMO TORO le corresponde a 🇫🇷 Médecines du Monde

That there is a novillo not a toro, but if the student can name ese Pase¹ you get an EY!, ese.

https ://www .thejakartapost .com /culture /2021/11/14 /ole-bullfights-return-in-peru-after-lengthy-pandemic-pause .html


Now that the COP Twenty-something is over and done with, what’s for lunch?

— Manna, according to Flynn…

N° V
Control information at home; misinform abroad


Michael Flynn says America needs ‘one religion under God’

Does it come in halal?

— Not in 🇭🇺 Hongrie.

But what about the profits?

— There’s a network for that… Flock to 🇮🇷 IRAN

N° X…
Learn and share « autocratic learning at LA Sorbonne », for matriculation register at the gift shop next to the IHEAL en Sciences PO. Mention the CODE John Mill Ackermann and get a 10% discount at the CROUS en Mabillion.

¿Is there a menu for that which explains The Platters… EWE great pretender, EWE!

https ://theconversation .com /so-you-want-to-be-an-autocratheres-the-10-point-checklist -125908

— Start with N° Five as an apértif and chase it down with a N° TEN… del verbo “tener”.

And, Cousin Joe, that is all for Tú They… over on our Twitter crutch Öüï ate an apostrophe out of the Wallace-es loins.

https ://www .rawstory .com /josh-hawley-plays-victim-savior/

“… [A]t one point, he {Senator Josh Hawley} gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking,” said former Senator form Missouri, and current traveling cupcake sales person, Claire McCaskill.

And, Jonathan LeMire… what the hell do you know about Jokes at The White House and Infra°struct°u°ration Week! You son of a bitch!… Go, Dodgers.