The French Mistake… With Fox AND Friends

But first, a message to José Díaz-Balart:

It’s my blog and I will speak Spanish if I want to.

With all Due Respect to Liz Cheney, you madam, are the punchline to President Bush’s remarks concerning the Russian invasion to the European 🏰 Union.

Is You Is, all öüï got? So you are not your daddy, ok… What qualifies you to save the very things that your Prime Time dinner table discussions destroyed?

Por ejemplo, Bannzaï GO’ill, I bet you can’t tell Mí when the next 6 Jan. investigative committee is happening, eh? —It’s on Monday, following a 3-They weekend. The PRODUCERS in FranceTV came up with that idea. As sure as nobody walks in El Ey, nobody works on the weekends in France, except the public workers; somebody has to pay for all of that RSA that you (check una comedia de enredos tab) took from . God forbids somebody calls out corruption when SOMEBODY WARNED YOU (Marianne de Proust) that HE would see it… Issy-Éric–d’Util, your French ‘Madeleines’ taste just like those  Mexican ‘mantecadas’.

“…[D]el mineral del Parral, yes’cuchen todos señores… », Yo QUIERO Taco 🌮 Bell 🐇.

En Contexto, this blog is not big enough to get into the Hôpital Sainte-Anne chronicles, suffice to say, in 2017, madame Frappesauce (if I am not butchering her name) informed me that on account of Stephanie Menou’s supervisor at The Préfecture á Cité, who instructed me to ditch my American insurance and instead, get a French Social Security number, which of course implied getting taxes taken out from a paycheck, that I qualified for UNEMPLOYMENT insurance and RSA… i respectfully declined the aid for two years³ until it was not possible for me to pay child support and feed myself without stealing from the French, like most French people do…

³~. At the time, I was still hanging on to the idea of not becoming a burden on the APHP… silly Me, i should HAVE ASKED FOR A PARDON.

Any how, Dr. Poisson was a witness, and she corrected the arm-chair counseling from PABLO GLEASON, IN 2011, when he (Gleason) informed me that in France, if one is over 50 years of age, and arrive as an immigrant, the French will award he or she a small retirement as if you had worked your entire useful years at Renault, or something like that.

Any how, again, this blog does not have the necessary tools that would allow me, Armando Segovia, to get into that pickle, without having to rip the head of off somebody’s shoulder 🗣️.

https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

I mean, it’s to too bad that your colega Gentleman on the opposite side of the US Senate in West Virginia has to be such a conservative, and that Cunt, up in Maine, a perfect balcony ornament for the remainder of the Koch Brothers, eh!

Notwithstanding, o como dicen en el rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” de Samalayuca, Chihuahua__Sin Em#bargo__ …

Just sweep it under the Rug, mister Lallement… or whatever your name is, Sir.

Sin Embargo, Liz, the reason for the low turnout in California, and in your ‘backyard’ también, perhaps is directly related to how “we” don’t look like “US” in the news… i mean, “an Instagram addiction”—THIS IS 1984!!! Crack Mi a River.

Perino Hazings – Glad Tidings … From Russia With LOVE. Russia, if you are listening: FUCK YOU, and your little ACKERMAN on RT/IHEAL/EHESS/SCIENCESPO circuit (not shown in this picture)… It’s over here*

Hey, Bacardi Boy, what’s up with your doppelganger on Fox and Friends, is he even Cuban?

At the Moo-vies

And, Cousin Joe… You will never be as Special as this horse… Keep the bitch.

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