Le CHO IX con pétalos de rosa 🦶🏾🔥

So that’s where Mr. Ray keeps the good stuff, Golden Toilet at the Beaubourg; sótano sous-section.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Tolidos

Later on 🇨🇦 Broadcast Network, I take a look at “en octubre tenía que ser », Alberta.


40th Annual Western Society for French History Conference

*~. Maison de l’Amérique latine, 217 Bd Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris

Warning _ Les Tout-Petit screengrabs are Closer Than They Appear_Thank You HOLLANDE (2014)… and mister Macron (with the Hitler moustache³) thanks for the SIRET – SIRENE offer in 2018/19, but from the bottom of my screengrabs, Eye couldn’t possibly, I am booked on Tuesday!

³~. Please don’t shoot the Mexican… the messenger.

Banff, Alberta, 🇨🇦.
Duration: Oct 1 2012 → Oct 31 2012

Previously on Cuentos Chinos, “Well, you’ve HO’id about the 🏃‍♀️ Boss 🏃🏽…tone 🏃🏼‍♀️. It’s not one of those,” Klein. This one here, señor Cuarón, —and your nephew Mateo³, should know— is about The Conquest and The CAOS.

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /El_infierno_2010

https ://nit .com .au /31-03-2023 /5448 /vatican-formally-repudiates-doctrine-of-discovery-which-gave-the-churchs-blessing-to-colonisation

En fin, Carlos Prieto Acevedo, así concluye mi cobertura de Lady Madonna³, o algo así, lo cierto es de que como yo no comprendo la lengua castellana del mentado, Instagram™, ni manejó el LinkedIn®, creo yo que no se le podrá dar seguimiento a lo que pasó en el Centro Histérico de Méxicali, ahora que la comunidad de los descendientes de la comunidad asiática de La Rumorosa y Tecate se a dado a la tarea de rescatar su propio futuro entre los herederos de Plutarco Elías Calles y los Hank González… sin olvidar a los Nazis del Partido Acción Nacional y los nuevos reyes del Mambo en La Nueva República: morena y sus cuatros transformados del Sol Azteca.

³~. http ://www .anagrama-ed .es /libro /narrativashispanicas /una-cita-con-la-lady /9788433998842 /NH_635

Ladies in Gemini : DAFT Tacos de Ensenada, featuring, Cathy Bizern y Los Tucanes de Tijuana

Breaking Time Zones… in Hilo, Hawaii, la trêve hivernale is about to expire, after midnight (of all time zones) and in Paris, France, it’s Poisson d’avril knews and news that the 99% can relate to, Emily Munera… like an old tale about the Marseilles-es in Mexico, as contemporary as Pinocchio con Guignol, all strings wrapped au tour de tous nuts!

Over at Radius Franche Musique, GRAbrielle de La Plaza Olvera-Guyon hanged Juan-Bautista Urbanus with a set of The Rolling Strings… Eye is furious, FAST! Eye wants SATºISºFACTºIons Now! Saturnino. And while youse at it, give Mí Shelter, you sexy motherfuckers.

and you are not

¿Quieren más o les guiso un huevo?

You know what’s funny, Señora Bizern, it’s that Cinéma du réelBande annonce du festival on YouTube… would you like to know why? Climb up to the third floor and cross yo’ass into the Tympan jukebox, where you can listen to 2000 versions of Dylan’s “Romance in Durango” but you cannot, EYE repeats, — Ewe cannot watch that neat little Bande Annonce of the Bpi’s OWN film docuMENTaire fest.

It’s one thing to call yourself the public information of whatever, it is quite another to ban Milo the mythbuster guy on the monitored monitors just because mister Xavier Ray is intimidated by Orlando’s doppelganger mane on Ewetu. I swear, looking at all these people just makes me wanna puke on a Mimosa 🍾…

Mateo García of Desierto (2015³) knows this: I can see for Miles, and for Chet, and even for Carlos Colorado 🎺.


Or not, maybe I will head down on one of them kick-ass glass elevators to la “Grand Salle”. I only ask of Mr. Xavier Ray to keep his dogs at bay.

In case We needs to be reminded that in Paris, France, hay escuelas de Perros, see Marco Antonio in the reference file of, “Y tú mamá en Montreuil”.

And, Denisa Kerschova… Neruda was like the biggest fag of #Em all

Senator John McCaine:

Jabón del perro agradecido and “Arizona Reichsbürger Schülerlotses” productions presents: CATCH 22 and-then-some. Starring SEAN PENN in the role of JANE FONDA.

This is the Original Maverick miss-pelling King DIAMOND’S name.

King Diamond walks into a Bar, hilarity ensues when Father Wahlberg asks if Russia is Evil?

And King ♦️ replies, not Russia, but El Puto that is leading that country is.

And GO’ill de Niza… in pure, Mexican vernacular, UN TACO simply means, in the purest sense of the word, a REPAS. Today Öüï is having Tacos Orientales de ABESSES…. M-12, Paris, France… ISSY, these motherfuckers taste JUST LIKE CHICKEN 🍗.

Senator McCaine_

—Why, just ask Elise Jordan!
that Missouri C[o]unt used to campaign for the poster child of “thee” Kentucky señoritos debate society at Colonel’s Rick Pitino Academy for Exceptional Commonwealth Boys.

.~https ://www .theatlantic .com /politics /archive /2013/03 /what-exactly-is-rand-pauls-position-on-immigration-reform /274195/


Los Amigos de Gilberto Bosques

Los Amigos de Gilberto Bosques en la Asociación francesa de La Ley de Asociaciones de 1901 en el Cinéma Christine, a un lado de JOUR ET NUIT 🚫 en SAINT MICHEL de las Panochas en París.

Context from Mister Gael García Bernal goes here after Öüï get some Olympiades Tacos.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4698584/


Beto O’Rourke knocks Biden for ending Title 42 without a plan to deal with influx of migrants

https ://www .texastribune .org/2022/04/12 /beto-orourke-joe-biden-border-migrants/


… And GO’ill de Niza, nevermind Boston, the only good thing out of that dump is Donnie Wahlberg. And in case Le Mire is wondering:

GOOOOOOOO, dodgers!

Juan Bolero can’t literally write this shit up… in Germany, a group of anti-vaxers extremists borrowed a page from the Charles Manson Family playbook (punto y coma) naturally, because this saga includes the kidnappings of prominent members of the RealPolitik aristocracy in Baden Baden, Florence Cassez stars as a dune buggy driver.

But first, Larue report.

Synopsis: hoping to start a civil war, German extremist plot to kidnap the health minister and destroy a power plant.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022 /apr /14 /german-police-arrest-four-over-alleged-plot-to-kidnap-health-minister

Once Upon A Time in France musique.

Don’t call it bandwagon news.

And over at BFM’er TV, Fat Bastard is celebrating the day of the death…

… [O]r something like that, anyhow, Mateo Garcia, remember that guy that you told me about?

Context, dentils and, all that Good Stuff is coming up. Stick around Casper.

You know, Mateo, the one that was killed and dropped into the pretty little river that is getting “su manita de gato” luego de las lluvias? Ese, Cabrón, el mismo que tu amigo de barra* Pablo Gleason me ADVIRTIÓ afuera de su depa a un lado del Apartamento del señor editor latinoamericano de la Agence France Presse (2012) en el 13éme, al que iban a empujar (al vato que no callaba, no al esposo de la señora de Los Amigos de Javier Sicilia en la Iglesia de La Madeleine; mismo año, “postales milagrosas”) hacia las vías del metro de Paris, ese güey.

Mini•digression for Ashley Avalanche

Mais, oui: se hacía grandote — se hacía chiquito. EF22D11B-CCCC-4E71-8A95-CC41EAB80856 🗣🥑, After the break, it’s That Guy from the CFR:CCCC

Agua pasa por tu casa, Cate de algún Corazón, c’est quoi?

¿No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, worry KNOT because last night i received my very own membership application card for the « Morts dans la rue » club. A fellow from that Very Exclusively Open Club left the application (solicitud, en Español del bueno) at the desk for me, Armando Segovia, to find. Well, EYE found, and guess what Mateo, i post-it IT! — The number is 15, get in line.

Any güey, AP LaMire, fuck your Smirk! And Spit Kasie Out! SPIT HER OUT! Bad AP!

Attention all wire-stations, that guy with the dildo shaped patio doors, Isaac’s son, Walter! Eye believes that his name is, remember him? I know that on the previous edition (Una Comedia de Enredos) the staff paid a visit to his shrine. Any how, according to little Walter (Isaac’s son) there’s a new trend for Mardi Gras in Louisiana (bunch of LIBERAL Orleanists in proper French) houses, buildings, and other ill-reputed joints are being turned into floats. Claire McCaskil and Amy Klobuchar are already at the scene and it seems like they are going to be breaking yet another “shiny beads” contest.

https ://www .nola .com /entertainment_life /collection_ ea9ebdce-6fec-11eb-aa47-1785621414db .html#21

GOOOOOD MOW’rning, PErrine. You look as cool as:

And in the role of “Anything but The Girl”… Laura Kalmus.

Dentils follow, but you are not foolin’ anyone, Laura, i know that you are the Run-away younger sister of Irma Eréndira Sandoval [de] Ackerman.

“They say that the best Fucken Way to see London is from the top of a Fucken Double-decker bus”.[1]

KALMUS, Kalmus que no panda el cúbicus… [A]ll Öüï is saying is that if Perrine was a motorcycle, Steve McQueen would ride her from here to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and then die. Turning with That!, a esa güila en otro Vehiculo “choco-latte”. And with that, i am going to tell you the Story of How La Prefecture (Bobigny; then Cité) could not allow me to ride my Horse here in France; even though, a treaty between the State of Texas and The Entire French France stated that i could. For the V…ery French, only Johnny Halliday can ride a fucking Big MotorBike outside his homeland, “little fucking Mexicans from Santa Cruz or San Bernardino” can only ride scooters.

Viva Andrés Calamaro, Paloma. — Johnny Halliday was a Fag, period.

Aussi, only BFMTV is allowed to recreate a ROAD TRIP con Tu Mamá También, “al lado del camino”.

ASEGOVIA3 now returns to, Buscando a Pedro en Santa Cruz, Estado de México.

But FO’ist!!! Here’s a quick programming note:

L’envers du décor — Nos « amis » journalists
p. 104; ed. Albin Michel 2020

… [C]es quelques liens ne sont rien comparés au carnet d’addresses d’Hollande, dans les médias. C’est bien simple: il connaît tout le monde! Il a vécu toute sa vie avec les journalistes. LES TRANSCOURANTS ont pu exister grâce à ses nombreuses relations. Sa renommée auprès de la presse joua en faveur lorsqu’il fut désigné premier secrétaire du PARTI socialiste.

Well… you’ve heard about The Centre Pompidou closing for like the next Century or so; and being that the Canopée library is also closed for bums like U.S. my review of Roberto Bolaño’s posthumous work of 2666 had to be postponed on account of a fucking pandemic… if you can believe that. Sin Embargo, Diego Luna, como tu comprenderás, eso vale verga, porque Los MELVILLES del 13 se discutieron con una edición para leer, EL DETALLE radica en que ya sabes como son de militantes los mecs d’ese barrio, así que primero voy a tener que repasar mi Hồ Chí Minh, you son of a bitch, para poder seguir con el drama de Manuel Espinoza y los detectives bárbaros.

Page 105 of former French OCDE representative, Jean–Pierre Jouyet’s “The Other Side of The Decor” … [T]hese few links are nothing compared to Hollande’s media rolodex. It’s quite simple: he knows everyone! He has lived all his life with journalists. LES TRANSCOURANTS could exist thanks to his many connections. His fame in the press played in favor when he was appointed first secretary of the Socialist Party. .:. 24798403-7A66-49EE-92C7-4E100EE8E1F4 🐃 🗺 And now I Know what Raphaël Moran’s (rfi/apro) role was, and why Pablo Gleason could get away with being a Zapatista/Anarchist and, a TELEVISA cultural outreach « agent » with the Mexican Left in France

A venir: Les COURANTS de l’opinion 


Premios “Lo Suyo ».

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