Live from The New York Rib Eye Riviera

Tu mari-nada me sane sabe a hiel, y tu bilis a camembert.

It’s the Belmont Stakes

Viejas FEAS!!! and Labor Rights… pay your taxes.


On the list:

1 La maman

2 La Putain

L’Ike Eye said, “I bet you think this song is about you”, eh?

3 To be continued…

4 People Ridiculed for Their Piety

5 Hundred Year Gwar

6 The Captives

7 TBD³

8 The Judge

Race starts after the mandatory ceremony of the burning of Judas feet.

After the break, how Radio France (FIP .fr) uses African American Music and some fucking doctor (literally, a fucking doctor with a sex addiction) to taunt, torture and bully prison rape victims.

… And, france musique, if you are listening:


Flip N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9… That’s a Six, sponsored by THE LETTER ARE ®️

SINCERELY, The Captives!!!!

Dear, Salma, con el permiso de tu viejo, Pançhois

Esto es un intermedio con esos €75 millones³ de Vulture Capital… no, wait, that didn’t come out right, Venture Capital that your hubby and his sailing buddies invested just so that Memo could come and put the Âme des Camps touch on the place where Évry body, including a lad named Emmanuel Macron, knows our name.

And, Guillaume, I’m Sirius, next time bring un buen guato de mota.


https ://frenchtechjournal .com /brut-building-global-media-empirebrut-building-global-media-empire/

Yes! Exactly what is needed when neo-nazis are popping up like Roses on a French red wagon and Putin is trying to take over Europe, what the world needs is news from Mami… I wonder if she (Mami in question) remembers the last time that a WW rode a VW? Respect, though, Mami is a brave lady and her hubby a doctor in Africa.

— ARTEMIS/Orange
— LUPA Systems
— Tikehau Capital

In local news: good job covering REPSOL in EQUADOR, my question is if the above-mentioned investors are going to take action, and relinquish the Rolond Garros-Country Club à Saint-Tropez membrership 🎩 from the ones responsible for not maintaining the pipeline and oil wells for the Climate’s IRE against BJORK’S behavior {or}… Is there a SLIM chance on l’a Linea 12 for accountability?

Dear, fip… My bed is fine, Madame Medici sends her regards… You Coq Suckers, Ewes! 🐏

… Over at the “funnies » section of the media in France:


“Mariposas Amarillas, Mauricio Babilonia.”

Pedro Vargas said HELLO!… Muy agradecido, muy agradecido, muy agradecido.


memo 📝 to Memo: Massif du Toboso

It’s next to Galicia, check it out:

Eye can see San José de Las Panochas from here to Eternity.

Note to Kasparov, check!
And I don’t even know how to play one-dimentional checkers!

That is, where the horse 🐎 goes, am I right, Sir?
Behind the plane, right?
Am I right? {or} Am I write ✍️!?

… The They after, by French “standards”.

memo ✍️ to Memo from BRUT media:
good morning Guillaume
if it’s Sunday morning
Then The Russian Navy Went back to…
THE U.S.—back–to the U.S.—BACK
To the CCCP…
From Ireland with 💕☘️

All the KnEwes that fit…
And, Willie Geist, if it’s Sunday: FUCK THE NEW YORK TIMES… Bunch of KANSAS City faggots!

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