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uh-ah uh ah ah uh ah ah… You’ve been THUNDER STRUCK ⚡

In Local pubs, it’s FAKE in-dignation and champagne to drown las apariencias

Oblah Odin o’Valhalles de Normandy, —Batman!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/17 /opinion /macron-affront-antidémocratique

Vilma Fuentes goes in-cognito en La Jornada, but Évry body can see her COL-ONIA Con-Desa péjorativisms criticizing the technocrats* that are about to install (or so it seems) France’s SIXTH REPUBLIC.

Previously on VOSTB ( Version Original sous-titres In Between).

Now then, as JUANITO GUANABACOA prepares his Sunday Show, and Sophie Velasco narrates her little fucking “cuentos”… now again, Eye tells Ewe that if you think that the ONLY thing! or, that the only tangent that a little ol’country called the Mexican United States has with ol’éIRE are the GLEASONS and that batallion that fought the ol’gringos en CHURUBUSCO, then you clearly have never heard about a man that was once as “un-mentionable” as St. Nic at a White House Easter Egg hunt.

*~. It doesn’t matter if these so-called “camarillas” are, as this week’s opinion column without the by-line at La Jornada, an affront en contra de CARLOS SALINAS de GORTARI¹, because you may trace doña Vilma’s indignation all the way back to the Mexican President that gave proceso magazine’s correspondent in France, Anne-Marie Mergier, her first break in the 1950’s, or maybe it was them “Indignez-vous” Sixties, which as I have mentioned a time or two before, I HAPPEN TO HATE, starting with those fucking TAX-Evading RUTLES!

North – South corridor of Renard… and Cousin Joe, are foxes Irish?


It was part of the curse that The Saint Patrick Battalion en el estado de Cuernavaca brought durante el Segundo Imperio Francés. Some say that on this particular weekend, the French Foreign Legion forces deployed on the outskirts of Tecate, CALIFORNIA (hey, it’s 1847 and califas remains part of Santa Anna and check this out) got a leprechaun to fuck a goat and thus, El Chupacabras was spawned from the belly of an banshee on holiday, drunk on Carta Blancas en Calexico.

There Ewe Go Again… JOE. You know, the Poles are talking.

Baby Blue’s out – Green Psaki gets a pass on at the peacock bar

… Over at the Ari Melver Show… It’s the men show



¿Ah dio’ Sol? No seas soflamera, los duendes no existen³

Breaking The News to 🌞 BOLUDO NATION:

And starring as Pelos de Huitlacoche : De Bora Harry.

Chavanieux, J. L.. Che Guevara también era africano “El Che en el Congo 1965”. 2007 ; vía: huellasdelahistoria .wixsite .com /huellas /single-post /2016/12/04 /fidel-el-che-y-africa

Ernesto “El Che” Guevara dejo de ser 🇦🇷 presumido, ¡desde que calló 🇨🇺 SANTIAGO!… moraleja, El 🩺 Che es AFRICANO, 🇦🇷 pinches 🇦🇷 italianos.

ISSY, “calló” del verbo caer callando… por Ejemplo, Vicentico (en RFPP, no en Cadillac)… no vayas a permitir que Juanito Guanabacoa te saque la sopa, esa es su especialidad de Policía judicial “exiliado” con RSA.

Avi Velshi’s Jacket is made in Argentina, ¡‘inche presumido!

Full disclaimer,
, 🇦🇷 es tricampeón de La Copa.
Si, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are the Best Strawberry Stones in the field of spectacles in the Field or something like that.
, la ficción argentina es en realidad uruguaya 🇺🇾.

Mientras tanto en París con Susana PubEda… them Frogs send this voice, Absinthe, o algo así… la cosa es de que I don’t have the knack Susana… For your taste you needs a donkey for that.

Last Week To They, part ii: Track One re-visited… because it is not the First Time, but it’s always la même merde pero con Circos revolcados… porque aquí en Francia no hay PiRaTas puros pinches Corsarios con RSA… “Get It While You Can”.


Synopsis: Genaro García Luna es declarado inocente en nueva York. Amnesty International with the COLLABORATION of MEDECINES du MONDE, and The Paris Tourism Board, wastes no time and immédiatement hook that motherfucker up with a retirement pension, room and board, and of course RSA!!!

³~. A este paso los enanitos toreros van a ser reyes de la baraja, y García Lorca va a recitar en vivo en el Cirque Houke²… Juanito Guanabacoa, en el trapèze se perfila como “Boogie el resbaloso” con dizque’ música Alternosa, o algo así, desde Su Madre Patria, FranCamenTeHablando.

²… Banlieues Blues de Montreuil-sous-parole Errada, festival originalmente inaugurado por el muy comprometido¹, André Malraux.

1~. con FRANCISCO FRANCO y su “craft”.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s been 7 hours and 15 days since SoFy Velasco established contact, but rearview communicators are sadden to relay that for the entire month of January³, SoFy felt like HER, that is you’ve got, you know, tune in your cellphone speakers on cold and listen to the reprodución in Ones and Zeros through your Radius.

³~. Also for the month of December 2022, but that doesn’t matter, what is of interest is that true to form, now that Juanito Guanabacoa fincó su pensada, la causa ya no necesita pueblo que piense sino más bien que como con Raul Velasco, el pueblo pues se divierta, siempre, eso sí, Siempre en Domingo.

In Local Meufs:

Good news for the good people of La Maub, vicinity Las Tres Puertas del Colegio de La France. La Brasserie, home of the “Wet T-shirt Contest”, at rue Lagrange, re-opened its doors recently after a winter-long hiatus, and this can only mean one thing, Vilma Fuentes will see Six-extra weeks 🦫 of sunshine 👙 at the terrace in front of where Cortázar visualizaba su “Kibbutz 🏬 del deseo” antes de dirigirse con la Mala en dirección poniente rumbo al puente de Hartes en su Marelle de La Jornada.

Need EYE tell Ewe phucks who’s at the mound, —Louise? … King Louis XV is at The Plate, the count is 64 and Five on the weekend eve of Fat Tus Theys.

Note to editors, for context on Che Guevara, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs y Vilma Fuentes, skip to tomorrow —in Miami.

From the wire.

“There is no alternative to our kibbutz. there is and will be no alternative to getting rid of 🇷🇺Russian aggression once and for all, liberating the land and the people,” 🇺🇦 Zelensky said.

🎶 C’mon Évry body 🩺 do that Congés…


Capitalismo efímero en décalage

Roadhouse Trucking… shithouse is at the end of the River, under a bridge 🌉.

The fuck you faggots know about Change?

Hocus what?

Vilma Fuentes, La Jornada, 10 julio, 2022:

Let’s check the numbers on that date, that 10/07/2022 must be from the new « epístolas » of Vilma Fuentes, that Waterloo episode sounds like an Old Regime entry in, “Nosotros ya no somos los mismos”, Pacheco.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/02 /politica /mar-de-historias-nieve-en-primavera/

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=52_3VCnKI8Y

And here is why, anybody can pick up the 1968 flag, particularly the Mexican edition of that year; I present as documented evidence, Dr. John Mill Ackerman and his nepotistic wife, generational social justice racketeers who in on October 02, 2014, tore their robes off to denounce La Matanza de Tlatelolco to a Parisian university audience, long story short, when López Obrador became president of The Mexican United States, Mrs. Ackerman was positioned in a cabinet position. The first thing that she did was to exonerate the “top federal cop”, currently in charge of the COAL INDUSTRY in Mexico, for his involvement in the torture and death of a Drug Enforcement Administration spook in Jalisco.

In Technicolor

And then of course, doña Eréndira Sandoval proceeded to appoint extended members of the SANDOVAL clan from Veracruz, to key positions in the Obrador regime.

https ://mexico .as .com /mexico /2021/06/21 /actualidad /1624304249_900211 .html


Sin embargo: this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, the store is hiring. La “suspención de garantias” no aplicán en Pôle Emploi, ask Florence Cassez, she took an ElBow Grease job with The Zodiacos in The México of Fox 🇲🇽, and she still got RSA en Puerto Vallarta when she was Johanna Gallo, en Cuernavaca de San Ángel.

Any how, HERE is the low-down on today’s programming during The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, but before that Spiel arrives, Öüï urges the good people in México, to go ahead and KILL A CHILANGO, I am Sirius, kill a fucking Chilango y haz patria, hijo de la chingada.

Long story short, the assassination of Mexican students in 1968, and as Johnny Guanavacoa mentioned on the Juanito Canales Show, in 1971 that tragedy would not have turned into a Palmolive™️ soap opera if those “little mexicans” would not have tried to be French in the first place.

As doña Vilma Fuentes, so fucking solemnly states: Only the French are allowed to have Liberty and happiness, developing Shithole countries should just be grateful for Tú Dollar/Euro/Yen discount stores. Note to editors, in recent weeks, the Sterling Pound has gone the way of Acapulco. In other words, The U.K. is about to start World War III once the owner of the Manchester United 👹 realizes that his precious Premier League ⚽ is about to have the same purchasing power as Los Gallo’s Blancos 🤌🏽 de Puebla (Querétaro, pues).



WADR*… Rewind

*With all due respect

La Remontada Conquista… ya quisiera el tal ZIGARO, chinga’eau

Dear,  LE COMITÉ DE SOLIDARITÉ AVEC LES INDIENS DES AMÉRIQUES i don’t select the events, and i definetly don’t select las palomitas. Now because la forma es fondo here’s a little background on the pentagram at Nation…

[time-delayed-delimeter with HILO, HAWAII]


Well, I, armando segovia, PUBLISHER of this WordPress© Scroll in the form of a digital blog have been telling you this since the Great Big Moon of El Año de México en Florence Cassez (which is why Eye is Driven to TEARS, Gordo… to TEARS, Sting), charity without justice is (haga usted de cuenta doña Vilma Fuentes) Kabuki Theater for the mass-es, é.




Mexican–American Trilogy — El Vez

Dear, Secretary of The Army, Ryan McCarthy:

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::.

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::. 0321436F-08A4-42E1-83B1-8A4EB7CFE2C6 🗣

Let’s compromise, Sir, Eye proposes to go ahead and rename Ft. Benning, home of the The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the US Army School of the Americas, near Columbus, Georgia, to “El Fuerte El Vez”.

TimeStamp: 21h10 CET

Deer, Eli Stokels… nobody, and Eye means, not even Frank Figluzzi can get away with forgiving anyone for forgiving to forgive anything unless you are Brians William, —ese! Having stated D.A.T., Eye cannot believe that the dang-on stupid jarheads at Camp Pendleton, —or the wannabee M1A1/A2 marine tankers— have more sense than the Army when it comes to removing the Confederate reminders of the Flag that could not be.

In local motion news, France backs away from the choke hold, and as a bonus, French cops will now sport taser guns (punto y coma) as soon as France opens up the national sport events again it will be interesting to see the police interactions with the Yellow Jackets and other assorted misfits.

Over at La Maub, doña Vilma has finally noticed how BFMer TV and other assorted French shows conduct the daily show, Evry day.

Page ONE, Saudi Arabia is barred from buying the Olympiens de Marseille

Aussi, « €£ Matador » number 9 Ednison Cavani is going to Spain where he will have an opportunity to follow in Hugo Sánchez steps. Qatar let the Charrúa go following the 200th goal mark … y como dicen en Paraguay: ¿y lo baila’o, quién te lo quita?

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200527 –trump-planning-new-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia-says-senator

Previously en...

Previously en… Los Héroes de doña Vilma .::. BE28D06C-077F-4278-87E4-D02E0761A1DF 💱💊

… [P]reviamente, en « Los Clochardos” de doña Vilma

The Roots.

La miopía de La Jornada en La Maub

La miopía de La Jornada en La Maub.:.621497C7-CBD9-4CC2-84D2-A6C6B29326D5… Así las notas, punto y aparte

Brought to you by,
Axios body spray.

But FOist:
Cousin Joe, “Don’t pass Mí buy“.

Out of bounds. Period, amen

“Out of bounds.” Period, amen.

… in local news, Paris Photo went FULL-PURPLE this year; “what are the ODDS‽” Dijo, Randy Marsh, a Parisian, who works for J.P. Morgan, and Cartman went: You Will Respect My Authoritha!

El fondo (Gare de Lyon)

Peter Hujar, LLC

Peter Hujar, LLC (1956)… currently on display at Paris Photos en la Estación del Lión, en París.

It was the late 70’s and Liane Cartman, a Loveland, Colorado, high school drop–out hitched her way to the East Coast and jumped on a boat to Saint Malo. Liane, a nymphomaniac with an unlimited supply to “the pill”, had no problem getting a ride out of a city fixated on turning every public square into a pedestal for bronze statues celebrating the artistic impulses of “artistic good–vibes”, but never with any historical reference.

File PHOTO courtesy of South Park studios

File PHOTO courtesy of South Park studios… à Disneyland–Marvel–Sony studios en Chessy–sur–Marne.

Initially, Liane thought that it would be a good idea to move “close–quarters”, to a hippie heaven and drop–out hang-out like the neighboring Boulder, but a floozie jazz groupie who went by the name of Stacey Kent would have none of that.

Señora Vilma Fuentes… misa de cuerpo presente

Les paga su Chingada Madre
la de el escritor Bellefort,

Así de fácil, hasta Yo

Así de fácil, hasta Yo, on the Streets of a French baker’s field. — Les paga John Mill Ackerman y la puta C.N.T.E.

Y que chingue a su madre don Anabitarte, en El País, también… with all due respect to Ana Ana Bo Bana BaNANA na do you get the point? o te dibujo un puto punto, eh?

Now, beefour Eye continues, Jazmin MoElhydin, let mí BEE CRYSTAL CLEAR about one motherfucking thing. The Gleason Clan hates mí because Eye, is everything that reminds A ESOS “mexicanos” en el Extranjero, como es que se bebe tequila, y no las pendejadas de Tequiza®️ en jarrito de Sevres.

Pelotero a “la bola”.

2da mitad: jazzafip is not what it used to bee…

In true Diva fashion,
FIP Central Station is just rollin’ in at La Porte d’Orleans.
Oh, the humanity.

Don't shoot the messenger

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Please Stand–by for argument:

Exhibit: One

Exhibit: One, sponsored by Johnson & Jon son’s pocket change.

— For the record, let it bee known that previous to our most recent récépissé, all possible documentation and/or supporting claims had been presented [to Brontis à la préfecture] including the one that required me to provide, to Room 1151, a DNA sample, which I then refused to provide, and which lead to the graphic approximation, RENDERed by our favorite “Cabby” on the frame above (↑), period

— For the record: here are the events that “transpired” on the 75th Anniversary of some D.A.T. liberating Paris from White Nationalists. FIP CENTRAL station, IN TRUE SNOWFLAKE FASHION HEADED TO LA CÔTE D’Azure:


Of course, or rather, naturally, on the day after the meeting of the Big Kahunas in “the” South of France when a LEGAL Drug Pusher GETS a slap on their STOCKHOLDER’s bottom “red” Line, and their stock actually goes up, why wouldn’t trust-fund babies go to Queen’s Victoria’s secret Back Yard instead of saving a patch of trees and a block of ICE.

In local news:

Vilma Fuentes killed Campbell’s Soup kitchen.