Five minutes ’till midnight, — in Hawaii³

³~. In Montgomery, Alabama, it’s already el día de Acción de Gracias, donc (key), save a guajolote 🦃 eat a fokkin’ peacock 🦚.

“My fellow, Americans »…

Allegretto canapé in the U.S.A.

Breaking news just South of the border:

Brazil judge fines Bolsonaro allies millions
after ‘BAD FAITH’ election challenge… Sources close to the Saudis 🇸🇦 relay that Neymar Jr. Is unconsolable, but he is still crocodile tearing his way to the Swiss Banking system in the cayman islands.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022/nov/24 /brazil-judge-fines-bolsonaro-allies-millions-after-bad-faith-election-challenge

It’s a re-run.


What’s the point, o cómo dijo Poniatowska³

³~. ¿Para qué‽ ⌨️

Cookie Monster!

_ If Jamal Khashoggi had a “Red Privada” then Manuel Buendía would most definitely have had a Middle East Eye.


What’s good for the Saudis is good for the Young Turks:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /sweden-distance-itself-kurdish-groups-bid-join-nato-swedish-radio-2022-11-05/

11 – 11 – 11 {42nd Street via the Armistice cul de sac}

2011 – Francisco Blake Mora, Mexican lawyer and politician, Mexican Secretary of the Interior (b. 1966).


“Hoy recordamos a Juan Camilo Mouriño a tres años de su partida, un ser humano que trabajo en la construcción de un México mejor”

Francisco Blake Mora, 4 de noviembre, 2011.

Las flautas ain’t nutting but rolled-up crispy tacos, here’s the recipe-esse-€$€!

From El Monte, CA, to Athens, GA… La Nuit de LA Philosophie ain’t nuttin’ but a French Taco 🌯.

Garçon! — FLAUTAS!?!? Flautas nada mas las de El Canario, en la Carretera Panamericana en Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua… also known as “tacos d’El Dorado”.


In Mexico, just in time to celebrate the End of The War, the Hitler Youth from Vigo, Spain, will be performing “Les Frères de La Marseillaise” with a flute sticking out of their CULOS.

Los hijos de Santiago Abascal en Acción Nacional, un evento patrocinado por Andy García y El Yunque (cristeros de Los Altos de Jalisco).


The event was sponsored by The Melle. Pitch Award and, « los amigos de México en El Circo HOUCKE », at Le Grand Palais during a rendition of the “celebrated” L’ÂME DES CAMPS.

1918 – World War I: Germany signs an armistice agreement with the Allies in a 🚂 railroad car in the forest of Compiègne.

1889The State of Washington is admitted as the 42nd state of the United States of AmericaThe Times They (aren’t) changing, just ask the INDUSTRIAL WORKERS of the WORLD in the year of Ken Burns, Lord in 1919, in Centralia, Washington.

1885George S. Patton, American general, and General Pershing’s headhunter resets his days on this planet and he lands a role in the Antonio Banderas Hollywood classic, “Old Gringo”, based on the story of Kurt Vonnegut who hated jazz and especially, jazz mixed with Pancho Villa.

1922 – Kurt Vonnegut, American novelist, short story writer, and essayist is born on Armistice They (d. 2007)

Oyé XIya’ commie bastard! You feeling Japanese? Or are you just happy to see Admiral Stradivarius ordering SUSHI 🍣.


1928Carlos Fuentes, Mexican novelist  and essayist cried his first Grito in, wait for, IT!, wait… PANAMA! (d. 2012)

Suicide Blonde… no se vaya, —deteniendo. It’s called INertia. After the break, it’s AUSTRALIAN RHULES FOOTBALL… for Phags.

But first, it was 1974 in Saint–Germaine-in–Laye, Louis Dieudonné de Bourbon resets his life form as a Hollywood pornographic actor named Leonardo DiCaprio ⚜️.

Oyé Leo… stop eating Las Vaquitas en La Paz, Cabo Wabo ∵ Baja California Sur is not Versailles, —motherfucker!

Rugby 🏉… and that is all Eye is going to say, ∵ son Bien MONTONEROS.


KILGORE WAS A FAG, Blondie. Oddball told Mí, so.


… Down Under, you ain’t in Kansas anymore.


Nicole! Stop it — You purple cunt!

Not really, sink Florida… sink that bitch all the Way To ATLANTIS, mister Donovan will show Bob Dylan (that motherfucker!) The Guey.

Talents and Skills Visa recipient… with a NAME like that, doctor Fish (vagina alias) you know you should be Glad.

my calculations arrojan datos aerodinámicos que dictan que… una Unión sin La Florida mandaría a todo el distrito de “Little Have Anna”, a chingar a Sumatra.

And who can argue with a clean slate for Bermuda… never mind the Puerto Ricans, but that is only ∵ “Esidente” cannot, Eye Re-Pete! “Esidente³” can’t roll with the Letter ARE.

https ://blog .cognifit .com /rhotacism

³~. “Ene PéEz”… pronounced differently en Las escuelas RuRales de Ayotzinapa like so: Rene Pérez, a Boricua 🇵🇷 “Waper” 🎤

Any hoot, Nathalie Piolé ⛏️, have Eye told you lately that …

I love you…

It’s a good thing
that you…
don’t read this blog,   if you did, you would learn to play Mozart’s “Magick Flauta” like AUSTALIANS do.

https ://fr .metrotime .be /wtf /son-incroyable-talentjouer-de-la-flute-avec-son-vagin -video

ENCORE!!! 👏👏👏

Annotated bibliography… knot to be confused with Courtney Kube’s biography

Previously on, “El primer torero porno“… El Yunque was re-introducing Francisco Franco to Monterrey, Nuevo León… when all of a sudden “The Conversations” across on VOX just got a new CopyRight en el Estado de Cuernavaca.

J.A.Cedillo | Los nazis en México
This entry is a NAZI WATCH update: La “Carta de Madrid” 2021.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/09/03 /el-plan-de-dios/

THE ALAMO is the Cradle of TEXAS and the hideout of slave traders… 1975, page 438: Les Rolling Stones LA Totale

Over at the Pentagon’s watch, The baby Kube’s childcare costs became out of the Peacock’s military affairs correspondent Pilar Albarracín’s budget.

And, Alex Witt, this is a “Memo for (knot from) Turner »… it’s the rest of the story, where Courtney Kube almost joins a Tupperware®️cult to make ends meet.

Pilar, nombre de pilano pun intended, is Courtney Kube’s real name, but you would be forgiven if you fell for the name change*, after all, it had already been written, staged, shot and wrapped by the time little Ms. Cube was ready for kindergarten, except that instead of a horse’s head, uno de Domecq graced them crisp white sheets of, –el lecho de Kube.

* Anyhow, long story shot… Courtney’s dad trademark greeting was « quiúbole ». The immigration and customs enforcement goon who processed Courtney’s dad immigration papers heard “Quioúbole, señor” immediately after the semi-literate border protection officer asked the former Mr. Albarracín what his name was? And so, just like don Vito’s –Andolini– becameCORLEONE’, Dr. Albarracíns (DVM) « Quiúbole » became Q’vo but the DMV (California) returned a search that mentioned that particular license plate as alreadytaken”, so the “migra” at the window settled for Kube… the fucker was semi-literate so of course that son of a bitch was going to fuck the Immigration Entry papers for the Albarracines-esos.

🎶 Yo te quiero [más ki mis ojos] infinito, and Eye quotes:
Yo te quiero—oh mi corazón.

For those Knot on/in the know:
DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles
DVM = Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

And, Katty Kay… Eye is an anti-Christ and i am an anti-¥unque yank

Eight men out:

Not to be outdone by the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris, the New York Yankees hired Louise Michel and set up their own Field of Dreams… cualquier parecido avec Le Parc des Princes à Saint Cloud, es obra del Espíritu Santo y de Antonio Banderas, off-course.

The fascist liens to Fox and (Chente’s) Friends, quinceañera’s édition… and, Reverend Al, allow Mí to flip your National Action to show the class on this Frontier Airlines Flight how the “up-side down cross” of King Diamond works on the Mexican Margarita* Political “network”:

Bilbao, 11/08/2021

https ://www .publico .es /politica /entramado-secta-yunque-mexico-campana-vox .html

⚒ National ANVIL Network ⚒

Los Nazis en México — Sincretismo sin Magic Mushrooms 🔩 Issy, doña Vilma… isn’t the Church at the Maub the “Métallo” equivalent of the 🇲🇽Santiago Abascal 🇪🇸 clan?  EL Yunque… orgullosamente parte de Los Tayados RAYADOS del Monterrey (ITESM en SCIENCES PO).

Q’rack that Whip!… and Blondie, out of The Rapture you can expect the arrival of The Man From MARS.

Anyhow, Reverend Al, worry not about my on-going cuchara in that there election where the “E” (that’s capital “eeh”) €$🎚ablish-ment ousted the very Left in Oh-Hi-Oh. I promise to get back to that beat, but right now, as The Biden Administration admonished The South of the border AMLO administration for calling-out the JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART crowd in Little Havana, the Very-Extreme Right in Mexico (Acción Nacional) is about to make a move on El Paso’s “Voto Latino”… watch that space, because we are about to let this bird crash and burn.

But while we are still Airborne, (with a capital Ey, ese) we can’t let this little nugget from the very people that (valgan los Venn radiuses-es-esos) put Florence Cassez in jail in order to hype the image of the husband whose wife (former AN first lady) is mingling with FRANCO’ crowd in Spain.

Calderón fue el primer gobernante del mundo en comprar Pegasus

File Archive:

https ://www .reporteindigo .com /reporte /margarita-zavala-aparece-en-red-ultraderecha-con-el-yunque-tras-filtracion-de-wikileaks /amp/

And Katty Kay… i can’t promise the same thing that your new employer promises the producers of The Daily Show, or the pages of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-C. (D-NY) and which is to never bring you a story that other MEDIA has already covered. That, i cannot do, but I tell you what my commitment for the past seven years has been, and that is:

 To turn every story that our falls in our radar up-side down… shake it’s its content and look for those dang-on dangling participles that always seem to escape the beady little eyes of our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster (The Usual  Suspect).

And Juanita Toliver, here… have-at-it

And Joy-Anne Reid 🤹🏼‍♀️🥇🤹🏼‍♂️🏆🔤🔠… anyone? 🔡… Miller? 🔡… e, f, g? Anyone?

https ://okdiario .com /andalucia /abascal-manifestacion-vox-sevilla-alguien-daria-pan-vecino-antes-que-hijo– 7268314

And MARÍA TERE KUMAR, not to be outdone by The Zapatistas, who are currently playing HOMER across The ATLANTIC, the extreme right from SPAIN is going on a TROJAN tour across Europe looking for nazies like them:

Dear, ReidOut Crew… Ted Cruz rides a Toyota to México, while Eye is actually on a motherfucking BLAZING SADDLE… and RACHEL MADDOW, can your graphics monkees spot the difference?

Once again, Öüï is going to have to WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, during the Avi Velshi (International Spymaster Hour) to review ZAPANTERA ROSA and  Los Zapatistas de la Línea Once del Metro de la RATP, on account that El PAN (nuestro) de cada día tiene CONEXIÓN con la propuesta de CANONización de ABASCAL. En México his name was CARLOS and in SPAIN he works for VOX.

Diputado panista se alía con la extrema derecha española

Vox, tercera fuerza parlamentaria en el país ibérico, impulsa plataforma contra los gobiernos de inspiración comunista

Armando G. Tejeda
Periódico La Jornada
Sábado 31 de octubre de 2020, p. 11

As far as Öüï is aware, Vice-President Kamala Harris has never been to Cataluña. Madame V.P. therefore, has not experienced “las patatas bravas” en La Moncloa. Anyhow, Juanita Toliver (i borrowed  a letter Ti, for administrative purposes)… EnTonces pues, Juanita, now Eye knows that with a name like yours and at your age you know the difference between them Washington Red apples (from Cuauhtémoc) y las limas exportadas a París.


En Primera Plana — A new chapter

Frijolitos arios… mejorando “La raza”, dicen los güercos.

Los nazis en México — a New Page

El Libro Vaquero

El Libro Vaquero… Ariel®️ las limpia mejor.

“Mexico es el país mejor portado”, dijo Jesús Silva Herzog (Sr.) en UTEP.