The Testing Roulette — on Deadline, with Dr. Lippy Roy

Full Disclaimer:
Eye is no doctor, but he did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn. With that in mind, this is, Adventures in Paraphrasing.

Testing is a diagnostic tool (🌡) not a preventive recourse (💉💊🧼) to treat COVID-19, with D.A.T. in mind…

A Closer Look

A Closer Look .:. 28D07618-1F5E-4FC5-AE00-63CEB388F4A3 ⚒🛠🔨🛠⚒🔧⚒🛠⛏⚒🛠🔎

if, you are the leader of an organization that employs and/or contract at least one person in addition to your immediate family members and…

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal en la casa de Cuarón en Montmartre 🎥 27D4D8E0-14E5-4DAD-9780-6D2261E022BA 📽 Never mind the financial times, John Mill Ackerman, because you know that on the VERY DAY that you started your 2014 Fall/Spring 2015 semester at the Higher Learning Institute of Latin American Studies at Saint Germain-des-Prés and SciencesPo, Mister Jean-Luc Berjon was complementing your classrooms with doña Barbara Carol de Obeso’s volunteers for her Mexican Foreign Service film outreach in France.

Caveat emptor: the source is a paywall… https ://www .ft .com /content /ae1f61d8-d421-4b70-97a1-891a5e9d34b1

if, you are depending on the most recent Coronavirus test as a strategy for next week’s work week, then…

you might be playing Russian Roulette with your payroll.

“I put a bullet in the Chamber, six-to-one I’m gonna Make It, one-in-six I’m gonna die.”

Time, Time, Time… see what’s become of me

Less than zero…

— Mercado en plena expansión, apertura comercial:

From the publishing house that brought you

From the publishing house that brought you, “The Death of French Culture, during the Year of Mexico in France” and The Person of the Year [cover] comes the story of Austin Pemex, narrated by ESCP-Europe Business School Professor, Florence Pinot.

“El hecho aquí, déjenme decirles, que comparado a Brasil, México aparece infinitamente más fácil, ¡ah!”

Florence Pinot


8 Nov, 2014

Sunday funnies — los monitos domingueros

… Over in Washington, Donald Trump’s personal finance go–to–guy fellow, Larry Kudlow took it upon himself [this past weekend on the Sunday funnies show] to transliterate Professor’s Pinot preOdebretch quote, but in his own particular inflection and drunkard tone, “Everything is booming, everybody is purchasing cars”, said the cabinet member to a nation watching the U.S.A. go the way Ford wanted her (America) to go… North: https ://edition .cnn .com /videos /politics /2020/07/26 /larry-kudlow-economy-employment-sotu-tapper-vpx .cnn

“All Sorts of Interesting Family Law”

Well... you've heard of Brown Shugga

Well… you’ve heard of Brown Shugga (Negrita). It’s not one of those —Dan Gamit! .:. 557F91A5-85DA-44B9-8E26-F93405C8D09E 🎰 Azzzzzzúcar Glass follows.

“Poisoned minds!”
“Burrrrrrrner Phones”


Publicidad: Dear, Brian Williams, inconspicuous Airline Industry advertorials are no way to conduct The 11th Hour.

and a “bar with no alcohol” with “hot breads from Chino”… why that is no curriculum for success; not at The White House anygüey, Mr. BriWi, not at The White House.

De cualquier manera, doña Vilma, ¿quién se lo iba a imaginar, quién iba a pensar que Elvis Presley y su “Esposito” serían invocados por John Donald The First?

The emperor's new tie.

The emperor’s new tie. .:. DE2E7270-F4F8-48BB-826F-B07A73BAF3BB ✈️ “Esos vuelos en Coach, ni NIXON los hacía”, dijo el Busto de Don Beno*.

pos’ yo creo que ni–sik’iera Paul McCartney cuando a el ‘guapo’ aún no le daba por andar jugando “chicken” con los taxis de Londres.

Meanwhile in Nantucket, Joe, Mika, and the “Help!” just landed from their re-creation get-away extravaganza trip where the MorJo show re-enacted The Ballad of John and Yoko. Joe, a big fan of the “John”, thought that it would be peachy to head over to ROMA instead of the Amsterdam Hilton. Hilarity ensues when the gang get’s turned away at The Italian Customs Point of Entry.

El Heraldo Piensa Joven

El Heraldo Piensa Joven .:. C1E85E4A-415A-4A14-8B1B-EAB5544E4D7C ✈️💺 Lo bueno es de que el señor Mayordomo de Chapultepec [él] no lee, —Inglés. De ser mentira, don Andrés sabría que IR A La Casa De Trump y no tocar el tema de L o s I n D O c u Menta Dos is like reading: Taxation Without RePresEntation.

Deer, Eddie S. Gloude, Jr., please stand-by for coverage, the producers [by–the–güey] would like to disclose that the Network apologizes for doing it, —yet— again and having to postpone and/or shorten the segment for Jimmy on every show. Furthermore, the Kimmel’s-es-esos wish to disclose that the events portrayed in the following segment in no way resemble the “chamaqueadas” of the Kimmel Network towards Lindus Caldwell at the “wrap” of every Kimmel Show.

Remesas — Impuestos sin representación

Sra. Carmen Lira Saade; Elenita Poniatowska; don Calderón Francisco… y l@s que me faltan

Cc: MORENA-Francia, OCDE México, UNESCO Delegación mexiquito (2012-2018).


Oversight and a great idea .::. 0AEDA75F-F5F7-4272-A60A-3BA67A8A015D 🙏🏼👙Odorless HOs, cualquier parecido con el Corona “latino” Fest es coincidencia pura, y nada mas… coma frutas y verduras y no se acerque usted a Susana.

Foreward to: Los Amigos de México en Francia (mail-list[en]ing); Radio La Nueva República, Agence France Presse (Latinamerican bureau à París).

One second of foresight .::. 35A788D9-3D9A-4894-B871-52163B9F758F 🏄🏼‍♂️ … is worth more than: “7,000 entradas”, vistas a un ritmo de “230 al día”, lo que tomaría [según “el” monoaureo] un mes. ⏳⏱🛎 https ://monoaureo .com /2020 /03 /22 /dias-de-guardar-se/

Subject: EL MONOAUREO me la pela, period

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/03/22/dias-de-guardar-se/

21 de marzo — Feliz Cumpleaños Juárez!!!

¡Qué tal, don Beno!!!
¿Cómo chingados se la está pasando, Sr. Presidente?
… [S]on los* mensajes de don Max, hoy por ser, día de tu chingado Santo!

Expand your latitudes to The Max

Expand your latitudes, to The Max .::. 2FCF0F51-6067-4D49-8C5E-B42A412EA5D9 🌵 ISSY, don Beno, lo que son las pinches cosas, eh, —digo— porque aunque usted no está para estar dando puras putas vueltas en su chingado (benemérito) hemiciclo de los ilustrados, [o algo así… ⚰️] la llamada “esperanza de México*” acaba de sellar con amuletos «la reforma » que según los chingados libros de texto gratuito nos habría de haber inculcado la tutoría de la muy mentada S.E.P. (public secretariat of education, by–güey of its Castilian —not Spanish— acronym). En fin, opio para el pueblo, y té de Tila para los Amados “Nervios”.

Context for the recently joined, between Church and State, in Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, in reel time, follows.

In the meantime: ¡VIVA doña CARLOTA!!!!… no por nada, siempre nos han gustado las locas, en el sentido de libertad, no en el sentido del “partido acción nacional”, and if you are familiar with what chihuahuita’s governor Francisco Barrio (responsible for minimizing “El Brote“ de los feminicidios en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua [México] in the 1990’s) said aboutlas locas”, then —motherfuckers— you should know that our take on “La Raza de Bronce” does not cross onto Vasconcelos’ “cosmic race”, and Eye does not care what Santana says.

Oye cómo va:

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Bronze_(racial_classification)

Come fly with Mí

Come fly with Mí .::. F6BB4464-7FF6-487A-8543-976DDBFE860A 🛸 Come fly a güey 🗿 Any güey, like the current president of México, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador, —Rev. Al Sharpton— öüï here at asegovia3 hope that you [Sir] don’t get the concept of the Separation of Church and State mixed up with the notion of Freedom of Religion. We [el equipo de éste tan intrascendente blog] trust that you and D.A.T. Blind Alabama Choir Boy, Joe Scarborough, will be able the separate the Limas in O•H•I•O (where MBT’s^ are forged and assembled) from your llamas in The Andes (where the gods shape forms). So, Rev. Al, meet u.s. on the next segment of this most non–consequential blog to follow-up with Los Hilos the Sasha and, —motherfucker— we [the staff] hope that you need not reminding of what motherfucking TIME it is, —in Hawaii, eh‽ 🦙 … [B]ecause here at the Paris underground it is 13h30 of a Sunday afternoon in Central NATO Times.


* Deer, Alicia Menendez, please relay to the Revered Al Sharpton, D.A.T. Eddy currents (also called Foucault’s currents) are at a Maximum today, not to mention, the toxicomanes that are running up and down the underground and, WHO are making us have Band On The Run on our playback like a mother… so nevermind the Type–O-negatives and, the run-on sentences, keep in mind Willie Geist, that this is only a draft, it’s just a draft in the Web.

For the record, Alicia Menendez, and with regards to the separation of Church and STAGE, öüï can’t be certain if this little shoe–shine boy ever apologized to our favorite « L•O•C•A•» (next to Sosa and Parra) Sinead:

New sources

New sources that challenges the 297 deaths under the watch of the Great State of Georgia (on the Velshi Show, in real time) .::. 1DB4F818-9428-4726-BEF0-35CF2F4131E2 📈 https ://www .worldometers .info/coronavirus/ 🧾 For the record, Congressperson Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter (R–GA) is the Susan Collins of the Health INDUSTRY lobby.

Previously on: BriWi’s Big Bang Theory

It is what it is“… Trump’s poor little rich girl, dix it.

El respeto al moche aneno

El respeto al moche ajeno .:. 637A7687-34A8-4811-B3AE-B031BEEE3A38 —_*_— … [E]s pura felicidad, feliz — MAX.

1er Encuentro de Jaraneros
en Europa (03/2014)
Casa de México
Ciudad Universitaria
75014, París:

Of course, professors Jim Cohen and Antoine Compagnon, Ivanka’s cold-as-ice voice must be read in John Mill Ackerman’s nasally agitated voice.

Dear, David Icke — part iii Swineshifters

In other news… U2 ditches the “hits” and return to the Arenas with a set of  “struggle songs”… according to The New York Times, and if The NYT says so, it must be like when TELEVISA sets up a stage… context follows, right now our sails are set for the Isle of Æolus, remember Aeolus, Jupiter in Greece made him Keeper of the Winds, man!… and remember how one of the first things that Donald declared to the world was that he was ushering in the Age of Aquarius? Well, as every good Siren knows, the Element that Aquarius rides on is the Wind, man! The Wind! Can you dig the Wind, Che?

Piss Art — Mermafrodito (NEGATIVE Stain Image). }-—-~~~\*>  Stains by a bunch of parisian Winos, asphalt by la Mairie de Paris, Snapshot by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018 — Copyleft!

En México dice doña Tatiana Clouthier
que al Busto de don Beno, en el billete Cincuentón
el viento ni siquiera lo despeinó
lo que los conservadores y el clero d’ese periodo no sabían
era de que el “look” del Busto de don Beno
estaba bien afianzado con ungüento de baba de vaca
y por supuesto:
La Baba de Nopal de La UNAM
no del Instituto Politécnico Nacional

… anygüey, doña Tati, once again please extend our salutations to Paco Taibo Jr., and; might we [the staff] place an ad reminding you that through Tijuana, the 21 hundred hours are crossing over to San Clemente and rollin’ right down to Escondido, you see doña Tati, the staff knows for a fact that an Arrogant Bastard®️ is fermenting there,

Lo bueno d’este inconsecuente blog, es de que la empresa política, perjumada y ajuarada de distintos titulos nobiliarios… perdón, perdón, se nos trabaron las teclas, ejem! va de nuez:

A ver, Miss Story (no confundir con “Miss Tory”, esa fresa es de Cambridge, o de Oxford, o sepa la verga de cuál Academia de la Lagartija Real Unida… o algo así; anygüey) Miss Tory, ¿cuál POTAMI prefiere usted, el POTAMI Grande, o el POTAMOI Bravo—eh? ¿cuál POTAMOI?

Lo bueno d’este inconsecuente blog, es de que la empresa política, perjumada y ajuarada con distintos titulos academicos y doctorados, mejor conocida como los ‘Ackerman’ no lo leen, y menos doña Irma ni su hermanito de Yale, o de Princeton, o algún lugar d’esos que tal parece puede ser IGUAL de PERJUDICANTE para un estudiante mexicano como la otrora ESCUELA DE LAS AMERICAS, en Ft. Bening lo fue para los estudiantes de sud América, eh!

En Tijuana ya son las 23 horas y faltán 8 días para un debate presidencial, ummm, Grande o Bravo, ¿a cuales paladares irá a satisfacer ese encierro, eh?



Encierro: a concept in  TAUROMAQUÍA that consists of “The Running of The Bulls” from their natural habitat ( like say La Ciudad de México) to the TORILES en El COSO (por ejemplo, Raquelito, on msnbc, the debate podiums in Tee–Jay, eh!).

Las Fuentes de don Grillo and other Tales of “The Returns” (de Florence Cassez; courtesy of TELEVISA’s stage fuck up, Le Pôle-Emploi shelter, and Mme. Theuriau Mélissa [one-each] spotlight).

1.Grillo, I., “Fake news crosses the Rio Grande“. The New York Times. Uploaded to the Opinion Web pages of the NYT on May 3, 2018; printed on The International Edition for the Weekend of Cinco de Mayo)…

did you say Opinion? How’bout una pequeña digresión about a trembling mermaid and the “legitimate” news network that Ewe call: Televisa, eh? Just give us [the staff] a minute for we need to shake these tiny purple fishes that are running through our fingers*, and we’ll de-frame your 2nd and 14th paragraphs, where there seems to either be a bit of cognitve dissonance or una pizca de chayote cognado, because first Ewe identify Televisa as the “leading LEGITIMATE news network,” (in the Hades underworld, maybe), and then you go on to close your contributed opinion with,


No Shit, Grillo [by the way, Ioan, perfect last name to write about Mexican politics, pinche grillo] who do you think provided the propaganda for those 20 years that you correctly identified before closing with “the obstacle in the way,” of those who are trying to make of México a decent member of the OCDE.

Coming Up, on the pages of The New York Times? I.E.:

*. That’s a Cream reference, Grillo;
Ewe may find it on their album:
Derailleur Gears, Side 2, Track 1.

2. Goma de nopal:

Adjunto: Las Tres Primaveras y El Busto de don Beno

20 de marzo, 2017
Para ti: Fish

…si alguna duda tienes Cielito Lindo de mi pasión
toma el cuchillo y abre Cielito Lindo mi corazón
—mi Corazón_mi Corazón—
que’s pahra ti
que si tú no lo quieres Cielito Lindo yo voy por ti.

Fragmento del Cielito Lindo
en versión  jarana y son; para un fandango…
en un anexo de La Embajada.

Grupo Raíces de Oaxaca
Gira europea 2014 — 75015 París.

[Si nos dejan… el contexto sigue]