Jaraneros berliners… Juanito Guanavacoa is a fucking nazi³

With musical guest:

🎼 The Black Page… So, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico… truth or dare, con arpa, jarana y jarochos en Paname… It’s all Greek to Mí and Deutsch en Español. Pauline Paccard at Issy-les-Moulineaux reports, but she has to take on the role of El Llanero Solitario, Blue Demon… y ya no seas Tonto, deja de ser Toro 🪶.


The Mothers of Invention performing their architectural dance hit, Black Page nº1 and tú:


Wir können nicht still stehen bis sie alle tot sind!

Eric Cartman

South Park; S8 Ep3


Oh, the chicanery. It’s Truth or Consequences in New Mexico.


… and Marcus Ka on The Juanito Guanavacoa greatest hits, fuck you too. Öüï is now entering into severe sobaco de guayabera conditions and Eye has not the thyme para sancochar el tufo de truffles.

CHICANERY en France… Too Much Birthday. It’s like a cult, but sponsored by Mexican politicians. En los años del CHAMIZAL these fuckers where part of El Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Extranjero, a scheme developed by the great-grandfather of Natalia Almada, and some guy named Napoleón.


https ://www .facebook .com /events /89-rue-de-lourcq-75019-paris-france /concertfandango-jarocho

En París, Francia, el festival de jaraneros está en decadencia y Juanito Belmont, como buen francés, los ignoró. Cabe destacar que RFPP comenzó su  “aquí estamos, aquí está Osler Amaro y los herederos de celebridades chilenas,” en ALEMÁN del Bueno³.

³~. For those from New Mexico just joining U.S., what? Did’ya take the wrong TO’in in 🐰 AlbuKoi-qi? Please be advised that Paris Fréquence Plurielle does not have the balls to link the Juanito Guanabacoa Show on it’s its donations page. And Eye most certainly will not re-direct your asses to his “finca” en la pensada, —or some chingada comme ça.

Ladies in Gemini: Frank Zappa.


Pero bueno, los cimientos de HAUSMANN están fijados con TRAIDORES en la base. Y por eso los letreros en piedra en cada escuela, y los hornos de Guanabacoas en la memoria.

Habrá que destacar que los familiares de luchadores sociales (aquí en París, Francia) heredan el calibre de sus antecesores… pero no el de sus ancestros llámese el nieto de Diego Rivera o, los ahijados de VIOLETA PARRA, pero su pólvora es de SALVA, como en el GAUMONT 🎥… pura pantalla igual que con los Gleason’s en La Farce.

Which is why, Dr. Martin Luther King III, you should have been a cotton picker first, so that you may know how to identify (when invited to RFPP) the nazis in Mexico. But seriously dear Reverend, your name is invoked by a little afro-mexican rhythm called the fandango, but it’s not really fandango, but Öüï likes to think that it is puro oído jarocho, o algo así.

And, Reverend Sharpton, you, off all (honorary Mexican*) niggers, should know, that by virtue of The Cotton, I am blacker than your Brooklyn-ass… just ask MARIANA X. RIVERA en Guerrero, México.

*~. Please reference the Vicente Fox incident, “ni los negros tienen lavadoras de dos patas, o algo así”.

Why, Violeta Parra’s grandson is named “Irwin” (or Erwin) is probably because Violeta PARRA was a 1980’s LOS ANGELES LAKERS fan (32).

Mexicanos en el extranjero… Los Nazis en RFPP.

Eighty eight, why Knot³, eh Willie Geist!

 https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /Bully Magnets y Mini Minuteman –vS– David Icke y Ancient Aliens /s=20 

~. Chabelo contra los monstros de rfpp. In this section Willie Geist stars as CHABELO, because why not? But mostly, because the trademark overall-shorts that Xavier leaves behind can only be filled by Willie Geist. And besides, he’s the one that noted Mikaela’s total wins (as of last week) with an ironic “why knot”, look it up! I’ve already traced the route for you lazy sons of Juanito Guanabacoa around the World del Mundo de la AFP.

Ewe can’t be Sirius? Are you telling Mí that you are the connection to Edgar Cayce, Fco. I. Madero, El Gran Señor Zopilote, El Alacrán, Jeff Goldblum, and “la catafixia“?

Nombre record de livres censurés aux États-Unis: https ://www. jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/25 /cultura /record-de-libros-censurados-en-estados-unidos

March 18th, 2023:

Freddi Rojas°: Osler, could you give us a Condorito eye-view of El Perú after the December 7th arrest of President Castillo y las manifestaciones que de allí siguierón?

°~. Freddi’s question is paraphrased on account that la Émission Americas does not provide transcripts or podcasts to hold them accountable for what they say over the airwaves or the internet, remember now, tout au long de 2022, and all the way to Lennon’s murder anniversary of that year, Osler and Freddi’s spiel called for the removal of the democratically-elected CASTILLO de El Perúy de Botzaris también.

— Osler Amaro°: Aquí en la provincia (en Perú) todo se ha vuelto MÚSICA, MÚSICA y más Música, un especie de PAN y CIRCO para tapar el ojo al macho o, tapar el sol con un dedo.

For context, once Juanito Guanavacoa (Francisco Belmont) finished his independent investigator task for THE PREFECTURE de POLICE and the Mexican Foreign Service in France (2013 ~ 2022) la llamada “FINCA LA PENSADA” de Juanito Guanavacoa shifted the format from left-leaning latin American news to a RAUL VELASCO (Siempre en Domingo²) show, an eight_hour weekly marathon of popular music in Spanish.

https ://juanitoguanabacoa .wordpress .com /2013/06/
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0290289/

²~. El opio del pueblo via la télévision mexicana de UNIVISION,

In this section, OSLER AMARO (last week Yesterday in El Perú) will serve as a motherfucking prop to cross-connect the following circles of collective, BOBOpopulist or, followers dissonance in the same threads, narratives or propaganda on both sides of the political spectrum of Ancient Aliens and Viejos Pedos⁸⁸.

⁸⁸~. TBC

La San Ah'oria, ruega por su alme.

La San Ah’oria, ruega por su alma, y tráenos una PINCHE PULQUERÍA al treSíeme.


× 88 in context y que chingue a su madre Adolfo Hitler en WACO, Texas (punto y coma) dicho eso… in VAIL, COLORADO, the world greatest skier Mikaela Shiffrin ends the 20222023 World Series of Wins with 88 total Au’s (gold, Jerry, Gold!) in competition.

— Over at rfpp, Xavier López Rodríguez decided to get some tacos for his 88th vela at Robespierre on the Metro Line 9 en Montreuil-sous-Vincennes, before heading over to the other side, —en Romainville.

🍾 All things con cider

https ://www .nprnpr .org /2023/03/25 /1166042636 /pennsylvania-chocolate-factory-explosion

And in Washington… Nicolle redefines the promise of The Ark

It’s no longer an Arc, and it is now re-nomenclaturized to The Rainline, and she did, IT!, on Deadline. Prisms everywhere are concerned, with good reason because light benders everywhere don’t know what is going to happen to future re-mastered copies of The Dark Side of The Moon.

Un–curve your enthusiasm

Un–curve your enthusiasm 🏛EFCEC32F-E42E-4FC2-B852-20C4B81B0419 🏚 FLOTUS has done, IT!, again. In the final stretch of the Presidential Election the executive housewife joined forces with vice-president Pence and together those two confiscated the Rainbow and took it upon themselves [to prescribe to the optical mirage] a  straightening re-programming therapy in an effort to pander to the undecided “Kentuky kluky” vote. The FO’ist to complaint were The IRISH arguing that the first housewife has no right to fuck with and Eye quotes, “fuck Mí Lucky Charms”.

After the break it’s Time for “Super Mansions of The Rich”, the leading magazine for American-style castles trends. In this edition, P.M. Joy reviews Melania’s new executive STOREfront awnings.

But FO’ist:

Vámonos pues a “La Chingada
y que
Chingue a su madre
Pancho Villa y sus Duarades
de La Sorbonne

And In Mexico, Jacoff (it’s prönounced Jacob) Soberoff is traveling to Palenque, in the former Guatemalan territory that the most piss-on guest at the Cemetery of Montparnasse¹ in France (off-course) confiscated from the Chapines² (no-less) in the same fashion that Andrew Jackson made of Texas (in 1836)  an independent republic and later, (in 1845) James KNOX Polk would recognized The Lone Star as the mostexceptional and pampered” state of “a more perfect” RACIST Union. Come along, Avi Velshi, it’s the end of the official Summer (pandemic) of 2020Yeah Buddy!

https ://history .state .gov /countries /texas

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/09/04 /viaja-amlo-a-su-finca-en-palenque-chiapas -7459.html

Issy, doña Mueller de AMLO, ‘íjese que en Los Hilos de Hawaii, las tangas de Sasha se cruzan con los hilos de la Tia Tati Clouthier, en Santa Qtarina, off–course, y por estos lares son las 11 horas (en los dos meridianos del reloj) aunque usted, marchantita, no lo crea.