Stripes in spandex — Metal Health

Key Leighhhh Makaninni !!!

Viva Bill Barr!!!

Surrender, you look like a Mexican Lamborghini Countach from 1986. ¿De qué sabor vas a querer tu nieve de limón 🧊?

And Starring as a Mexican Countach, Carlos Cavazos. Eye can see KeigLee from Carlos’ Lamborghini Dashboard.

… Funny how the FOX cycle, period!… goes, the Animals Are Great guy is complaining about some guy named Greg not covering the Chinese Cigarette Exercises in Hong Kong.

Mean while, 🦿shaving They did the laundry on that 70’s Show on FOX. Trou 🕳️ story, after the Break, Geronimo breaks Judge Pirro’s 🖤.

Repent, Keyleigh McKenanny, the church of Trump is a Jesus Christ Pose; ask GUTFELD what the last line in that Song Says.

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