Ladies in Gemini … Steve McQueen

No tengas miedo a dónde ir — Ahí es dónde tienes que morir… o algo así, I am not that cool, it’s a paraphrase from The Juanito Guanabacoa death squad…

You’ve got to pick up Évry stitch, dice la Bruja 🧹.



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_in association with Susana PubEda de McQueen, a su artista exclusivo en Cabo Wabo (South Lower California), The Marlboro Man.

On todays episode, The Marlboro Man joins Xavier López “Chabelo” en El Chamizal and President Kennedy just returned the luxury watch to his Mexican counterpart en Chapultepec, President Adolfo López Mateos. López Obrador, for his part en “la mañanera”  said that he was glad that destiny could accommodate a way-out for President López Mateos, adding that he was sadden that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy could not full-fill his promise to return to Eire, “it was for the best,” said the current Mexican President from an undisclosed clínica del ⚕️SSSTE.

Técnico en mantenimiento.

Cuentos Chinos… 1 de abril.

Clearly Foul Territory in Tu Son Arizona, and over at MONTREUIL-sur-KOKORO films, 🌋 it’s the “extended prescences-ese” de, « Cenizas y Nubes » flamencas 🇧🇪 de Lisboa 🇵🇹.

Entonces, hablabamos de MexiKikiMikas a Hong Kong, o algo así:

… does anybody remember Duncan BRIDGEman?

I mean the spirit of that Leprechaun must have been at Hall 1, where The Secret Garden invaded Mazatlán, or maybe it was a place in the Islands of The Mediterranean Sea, Las tunas (figs de barbarie) tienen su propía personalidad pero today todas las vulvas son iguales.

If you are just joining us, no hay mejor tributo para rendir humor a un daño colateral, and FO’that, Ladies in Gemini, Philly Hartman 🌴

Look it up!

La cosa es de que las tres repeticiones de los tres primeros capítulos de ocho, de Secret Garden, textualizaron de alguna manera esas varas con hojas que se dan en los desagües y drenajes pero que mismo mueren, según la cineasta, si las trasplantan a una maceta.

Igualito que un cardenche, pictured above in El Chinero, but not that anybody in their French mind… right mind would bring a cardenche indoors.

Anyhow, Öüï can now confirm that the ‘Daft Tacos’ musical score for the UABC⁹ Communication Department’s promotional of “El Chinero : a phantom hill”, had nothing to do with the producers of Bani Khoshnoudi’s approach to Mexico’s state of affairs:

¡Aquí no ha pasado nada, mi General!
Starring, Natalia Almada y Barbara Carol d’Obeso, featuring, La Maldita Vecindad y los hijos de Molière.

“El próximo toro, le corresponde a… Yolanda »

What’s The Frequency, Roscrans, and what are the odds that your assertions about the “private network” between the French government’s Ministry of Culture and the Mass Medias, would intersect with the GO’ill de Niza? — This Advertorial campaign is narrated by Ken Burns.

Pura Vida 🇨🇷 y dos con sal…

Pecsi, the choice of the Knew Generation ⚡🪐. The Song Remains The Same 🪄

No insistas, Susana 🇪🇸 PUBeda, and don’t you go sending Mí your “little prey’ers”, my Kite belongs to la Nat’ah Lair Piolé.

I tell you Who’s a Lie all the time dough (nut) Cardinal Biggles 🛩️, that Flyin’ Fokker! that’s Who, —Nacho Cano. Cardinal BIGGLES. (LES BIG g, he is called on that Jersey Shore) 🌉.

L’antier antes era « piso lejano ».

“NO-body, expects the Spanish Inquisition”


🧭 Ximénez

L.E. Aute y F. Cabrales están en un bar, risa sale a chorros cuando, P. Milanés canta Cielito Lindo con Nacho Cano en la Casa del Club América, en Madrid.

LoREM ipΣ… Ketch-up!

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