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Monday, 18 de septiembre del 2023:

Eye’m PopEye the sailor,  man;  and Eye’m an Antichrist 🇬🇧

The 🧷 Safety 🧷 Pins 🧷


For the benefit of King Rey Charles III.

Painted Black 🖤.


Famous Veteran: George Carlin… happy 76th Birthday U.S. Air Force, —you fags! https://www.military.com/veteran-jobs

“BULLSHIT, Cornhole!”
Air Marshall George Carlin

Here’s the CATCH from ROME:

Notre volonté, c’est d’accueillir ceux qui doivent l’être, les persécutés politiques. But we absolutely must send home those who have nothing to do in Europe³.

Gérald Darmanin, Ministro del Interior en Europe 1Cnews, earlier To They, Monday, September 18th

Chips… she used to be called COLETTE.


Note to Mika Brezesinski… Mika, you don’t look a They over 40. Just sayin’. For a Polish vampire going-on her Third century youse looking Absolutely Fabulous, Dhag’ling.

In local news, French President, Emmanual Macron will not be bothering with the U.N. and it’s their silly little General Assembly summit, instead, Mister Macron will instead be kissing the ass of an irrelevant king, not sure if Camilla played a motivation on the president’s… como se dice, como se dice? Geriatric love for pomp and circoncision.

¶ 4, page 181:

Oh, boy!


Peut-être y retrouverai-je Liêm, frêle vietnamien, récemment rencontré dans une supérette du côté de la rue du Louvre. Les nouvelles sont ternes. Il n’a pas bougé de l’hébergement social dans le quartier. Mine du vaincu, un peu comme toujours déprimé, Liêm ne rêve plus d’un retour à une vie ordinaire, un boulot, un logement individuel, une famille, il fait aller en poussant les jours les uns après les autres. Liêm est un bouliste passionné, je ne l’ai jamais vu aussi heureux que lorsqu’il organise, au nom de la Bagagerie, dans l’ancien jardin des Halles, les concours de pétanque. J’espère le retrouver souriant, le jour où j’irai errer du côté des boulistes.

Marie-Ange Schiltz
WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)

On the menu, estofado 🍲 de Socle y Olive’s 🫒 Oil en su tinta con chile 🌶️ capeado al estilo Beaugrenelle con Citroën Squeeze.

Previously on, The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris*.

Page 79…
FRANCE 1632, reports reach Paris that Ursuline nuns were being possessed by demons in Loudun. Richelieu sent JEAN MARTIN, baron de Laubardemont, to oversee the trials that lead to the 1634 buning of

Page 80…
[P]riest Urbain Grandier for witchcraft. In 1637, Richelieu’s niece Marie Madeleine de Vignero, the dutches of Augillon, decamped from Paris to observe the spectacle of the possession for herself, She brought d’Aubignac along and commissioned from him a short manuscript report on the possessions… YADA, YADA, YADA, La NONNE Tú was re-hashed in REEL TIME.

Is Horror Back? ‘The Nun II’ and ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Exorcise the Box Office

*~.The Journal of the History of Ideas,
Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

… submitted for your approval, you are entering the Bagagerie through Dr. Johanna’s fire exit door, and if the hook-up bracket of the fire extinguisher🧯on the first floor is any indication that something “fishy” went on last night after La Bagagerie was closed, just know that Le Socle may wrap up Pandora’s Box in with the tarp, but the love-flow is visible with a purple 💎 light and oh-boy 💜… please stand-by for a “shamanistic intervention” on-the-go.

¹~. Over on channel YOUNG, it’s bright Women:

Word of the They for 09/18/2023:
eggcorn, it’s like a word salad when you sing the misheard lyrics to Purple Haze, Medival Woman, or the Miami Sound Machina, “Dr. Fish”. Up next is the Talking Chimeras and their number Won Hit, “Psycho Thriller”.

https ://www .dictionary .com /e /word-of-the-day /eggcorn -2023-09-18/

Charm guarantees a visa in FRANCE, which is why the preferred method for securing, first the visa, then social security and finally the keys to you very own studio (or apartment if you are not a radio D.J.) is to book a European Vacation, the n° One Trick (and this is 180° from a Catch-22) is to arrive through Barajas in Spain, or from Fiumicino in Rome; spend a week or two in either of the two capitals and then make your way to Paris. The rest is up to the Associations that are in place since 1901 in France for you.

En revanche, as the French like to say; being a bona fidēs cantankerous observer of modern culture, such as the late FIELD MARSHALL George Carlin, well then that will only get you a locker room without a door and if you are a good-boy (or girl) two meal cards for the Restos de Marianne.

Not that I would ever repeat this experience again, ever, but IF I HAD KNOWN that I could have come to mister DARMANIN’s EUROPE as a mala fidēs charming boot-licking, eyes wide-shut and, willing ‘colabo’, and have access to all of the pussy that is willing to fuck, well then that would have been a different trip, but I am a journalist (string reporter) and if mister Interior Minister thinks that “CRITICAL Contestataire THINKING” is anti-French Republic, well then send me on another trip. I can go dark, and 180° on a bona fidē “talents et compétences” promise. 

No siren no cry… Homer is as real as “Pinchy’s” tail

Previously on, Fo’:

Visa para locos… “con la intención de obtener mayores conocimientos en su formación turística.”

Note to self: I will never obtain Rebecca from Quebec, and Eye is not even allowed within 3000 miles from the biblioteca de la U.A.C.J. turning, by the way 50 in, https://gaceta.uacj.mx/countdown ,with that in mind, got huitlacoche?

https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2016/06 /ahora_mismo_punto_com_punto_mx. jpg? ssl=1

page 84… reformulation: Homer was such a bad poet, he could not possibly have existed.
Theiss, ibid on the Illiad.

And, Avi Velshi, it occurred to Mí that this corn debacle, Eye reckons from my recon post—that is the same thing but in a different angle of that whole 13-year old who has to worry about Algebra and baby formula for her little bastard child. The treaty allows for the ‘safe Ing’n en astronomía’ clause, whereas the U.S. allows for wild huitlacoche on Évry tortilla.

P.S.: our hearts and minds are with the cocksuckers 🇨🇦 who have mined the fuck out of la panamericana 🔥

What has 4 eyes, 4 eses, 2 pies, and no incest laws… l’Ancienne Régime.


Mañana en La Hora Nacional:

https ://diario .mx /nacional /piden-a-amlo-intervenir-por-mexicano-desaparecido-en-canada

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the anti-BRUTEP chapter of la UACJ en Samalayuca, CHAMIZAL productions en Clandestinidad con Arturo RIPstein, y Flautas “El Canario” presentán:

GRUPO PESADO, telonero, Mozart.

People who know, know… that that there corncob is a tortilla en potencia.


Back to page 181, ¶ 3 of Marie-Ange Schiltz’

The imposing Felix crosses Les Halles from north to south. I cross from south to north. The meeting is inevitable. Cheerful, he leaves to join his bouliste friends in the Tuileries. He invites me to come and play with them whenever I like. He’s well, very well, it seems. Félix is perhaps the only person among those I’ve met living on the streets who has repeatedly had the opportunity to get out with a job [and skills], and has always returned to the streets. Félix can’t stand any constraints, especially not the feeling of being fenced in*. When he lands a job in the outdoors, in the South of France, near his daughter’s home, I think I’ll never see him again. An error of judgement, he couldn’t stand it, he let go of everything. Provençal pétanque was powerless to hold him back. Today, he’s in a hurry and I won’t know any more. One day, I’ll take a trip to the Tuileries. I know where to find the boulistes.

El Bodeguero — Toma Chocolate Paga Lo Que Debes

Cha cha, —boom!

Never mind Alexis here comes Le Monde de Sismondi en La Hermana República de El YucatánBuenos Días, Yucatán. Bomba.

Stéphane reste seul sur le trottoir. Avec l’ami3, le compagnon, il perd le délicat équilibre financier qu’ils avaient échafaudé. La dure loi de l’économie s’impose. Assis à même le sol, il inventorie dépenses et ressources. Et compte et recompte, chaque poste est détaillé à l’euro près. C’est possible, mais c’est ric-rac. Passent les mois, Stéphane revient, il a gardé le studio, il « travaille » plus souvent. Ce matin, il est déjà au boulot. Je m’étonne – il fait froid. Il préfère les jours froids aux jours humides, le samedi est un bon plan. Il a des projets, il va être prochainement hospitalisé trois jours pour des examens, il parle de scanner puis ira passer une semaine avec sa fille en Bretagne. Elle a 30 ans et habite au Mans.
Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF),
avec domicile fixe (ADF)
Schiltz, p. 181; ¶ 2.

¡Viejas Feas!!! Con Julio Wüereka follows, foto del árbol reflejado por: Saeed Khan (afp) Auckland… El Día en Imágenes; 2023/12/08.

— Now last Eye checked, Le Mans (Mans en Francés) is not really part of the Nantes vibe, which is about to be edited by the Great State of Florida in the sense that in the JULIO GUEREKA (codigo negro) Code Switching of los libros de texto gratuito los esclavos eran los “angelitos” que al pintor se le olvidó pintar.

https ://gallica .bnf .fr /essentiels /anthologie /code-noir / louisianacolony

…note to editors, never mind the revolution run-on {and} the exit witt democracy. I don’t have the luxury of being a Cousin Joe “employee” from the IVY League in Nantucket.

Ahora regresamos con Marie-Ange Schiltz’~es-es

Oh, boy… where’s North? 🖐🏻 🎶 Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Ear-Ann, —PANAMA 🎸.

La página number 181, ¶aragra¶h tú.

Joe’s employees reveal something WE ALL KNEW 🤯 ALREADY.


And, Cousin Joe, I don’t know what you are you going to talk about mañana, but what Eva your Nantucket minion punditry talks about to-they, Eye knows that it’s Mexican Heritage Weekend at Dodger Stadium, and a very dark blue Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, to welcome Asian Heritage Fortune Cookie Day.

Los hilos de Mariana X. Rivera segunda parte

Let the Muhhh 🐮 Psyche play ▶️

And, Father James… don’t be a stranger, next time just step into the Penthouse de cartón. C’mon, Padre, it’s unbecoming of thée hArtista mesenas that Ewe is

In Paris, France, Rodolfo Bruneau-Boulmier is searching for Sugarman, and in Hilo, Hawaii 🍍 A.I. is like light-years away delivering the Brookz to France muhhh 🐮 Psyche. Aussie, some guy with GraBiela in the morning matinale de la maison de la radio se la está rifando con un riffin’ del Tri de Lora 🎸 y un “niño sin amor”… Y’know, Just a Gigolo.

And, Niño Luc, this is no time to get stoned, you son-of-a-bitch! We gotta circle the Wagners!

Bonjour en Aix. Circumstances de causa mayor prevented us from following-up with the Le Pen Club translation in adaptation, we (the staff) apologize for that, and so, we now return to los hilos de Mika Brzesinski en los huipiles de la llanura de Xochistlahuaca, palabras graves, —o algo así.

https ://www .cinelatino .fr /film /flores-de-la-llanura

Hot chili peppers in the blistering sun 🦂



It’s a thread between the Know Your Value in Abu Dhabi and the cost of an Isabel Marant design.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-america/ isabel-marant–la creatrice-s-excuse-pour-l-appropriation-mexicaine

After the break… It’s Alfredo Jalife-Rahme.


— Entonces, never mind Vincennes, after yesterday’s results in l’europa, La Kerschovas wasted no time in plunging onto the back of the bus to “reach out and touch” them Catholic GO’ills 👯, and summoning Simmons summon the Tchec resistance.

For those in the great state of New Mexico just joining U.S., in Aix-en-Provincia, please be advised that the Bavarians are the only ones that can counter, effectively, the wannabee Bavarians in Europe. It’s a calco of “Fight fire with Fire, ”  {🔥} sort of a Suicidal Tendency. Which is why Frank Zappa is alive and well in the Austro-Hungarian Empire of le Pavillon de Puebla en BOTZARIS y Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, —en La France.


Ania comes courtesy of la RATP and the Museum of Immigration in Paris France… los huipiles son de Zara y de Anthropologie and Patowl.

Not really, Mika Brzezinski, last week today we [the staff] were reminding Marie-Ange Schiltz at the Communications Revue that ‘correlation’ does not equal ‘causation’, and ten years ago Eye reminded the good people of the ITESM at SciencesPo, that ‘la forma’ es ‘fondo’. What are the odds that 90 secondsñ after the 400-year Lakota Nation plea was made on The Mika Brzezinski Show, the cry was shrunk into a two-hour documentary, and then Alex at the controls of The Mika Brzezinski the aforementioned show, payed the guests honorary-fees with an advertisement of the Ruffalo 🦬 coin.

Neal Young was not a muse and Springfield is a generic cartoon on syndication.

Ahora cuéntame una de Mel Brookz!


Pretencioso pues, only if youse Ruse.

Jaraneros berliners… Juanito Guanavacoa is a fucking nazi³

With musical guest:

🎼 The Black Page… So, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico… truth or dare, con arpa, jarana y jarochos en Paname… It’s all Greek to Mí and Deutsch en Español. Pauline Paccard at Issy-les-Moulineaux reports, but she has to take on the role of El Llanero Solitario, Blue Demon… y ya no seas Tonto, deja de ser Toro 🪶.


The Mothers of Invention performing their architectural dance hit, Black Page nº1 and tú:


Wir können nicht still stehen bis sie alle tot sind!

Eric Cartman

South Park; S8 Ep3


Oh, the chicanery. It’s Truth or Consequences in New Mexico.


… and Marcus Ka on The Juanito Guanavacoa greatest hits, fuck you too. Öüï is now entering into severe sobaco de guayabera conditions and Eye has not the thyme para sancochar el tufo de truffles.

CHICANERY en France… Too Much Birthday. It’s like a cult, but sponsored by Mexican politicians. En los años del CHAMIZAL these fuckers where part of El Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Extranjero, a scheme developed by the great-grandfather of Natalia Almada, and some guy named Napoleón.


https ://www .facebook .com /events /89-rue-de-lourcq-75019-paris-france /concertfandango-jarocho

En París, Francia, el festival de jaraneros está en decadencia y Juanito Belmont, como buen francés, los ignoró. Cabe destacar que RFPP comenzó su  “aquí estamos, aquí está Osler Amaro y los herederos de celebridades chilenas,” en ALEMÁN del Bueno³.

³~. For those from New Mexico just joining U.S., what? Did’ya take the wrong TO’in in 🐰 AlbuKoi-qi? Please be advised that Paris Fréquence Plurielle does not have the balls to link the Juanito Guanabacoa Show on it’s its donations page. And Eye most certainly will not re-direct your asses to his “finca” en la pensada, —or some chingada comme ça.

Ladies in Gemini: Frank Zappa.


Pero bueno, los cimientos de HAUSMANN están fijados con TRAIDORES en la base. Y por eso los letreros en piedra en cada escuela, y los hornos de Guanabacoas en la memoria.

Habrá que destacar que los familiares de luchadores sociales (aquí en París, Francia) heredan el calibre de sus antecesores… pero no el de sus ancestros llámese el nieto de Diego Rivera o, los ahijados de VIOLETA PARRA, pero su pólvora es de SALVA, como en el GAUMONT 🎥… pura pantalla igual que con los Gleason’s en La Farce.

Which is why, Dr. Martin Luther King III, you should have been a cotton picker first, so that you may know how to identify (when invited to RFPP) the nazis in Mexico. But seriously dear Reverend, your name is invoked by a little afro-mexican rhythm called the fandango, but it’s not really fandango, but Öüï likes to think that it is puro oído jarocho, o algo así.

And, Reverend Sharpton, you, off all (honorary Mexican*) niggers, should know, that by virtue of The Cotton, I am blacker than your Brooklyn-ass… just ask MARIANA X. RIVERA en Guerrero, México.

*~. Please reference the Vicente Fox incident, “ni los negros tienen lavadoras de dos patas, o algo así”.

Why, Violeta Parra’s grandson is named “Irwin” (or Erwin) is probably because Violeta PARRA was a 1980’s LOS ANGELES LAKERS fan (32).

Mexicanos en el extranjero… Los Nazis en RFPP.

Una de Camargo… 🎶 and Öüï don’t take no trips on LSD

Centre Culturel Bonlieu… or just as good as any I reckon.

W/OFA. Without Fixed Abode… if you wish and please , Öüï can most certainly notch up a Waltz, mister Valls… bring mister Édouard.

Featuring: Papa Poule (El Gallo Claudio*) and El hArtista exclusivo de Montreuil-sous-Bois, the one and only, Freddy Cats.

*~ Marcelo Ebrard, candidato a Los Pinos… A-Gain.

BELOVED, cotejados:
Loft 3Bonlieu.
Pendant huit ans, j’ai côtoyé des hommes, des femmes, des jeunes, des moins jeunes, certains ouverts, d’autres renfermés, parfois propres, parfois moins propres, amicaux ou pas, dont la seule caractéristique commune était l’absence d’un domicile. L’interaction était quasi quotidienne : réunions, assemblées générales, démarches auprès des autorités, permanences, comptes rendus, gestion des fichiers, entretien des locaux, actions collectives (vide-greniers, vestiaire, collectes…) destinées à assurer l’autonomie financière de l’association pour les dépenses courantes. Proximité, familiarité et parfois sympathie, parfois antipathie, avec une frange de la populationque tout un chacun croise avec, usuellement, peu d’interactions – ne veut pas dire discours scientifiquement établi. Je n’ai pratiqué ni l’observation participante, ni le carnet de notes de l’ethnologue. Je n’ai jamais passé la frontière, fondamentale, me semble-t-il, celle de « ne pas avoir un chez soi ». Je suis restée ce que je suis, une ADF – de surcroît, par tempérament, peu encline à l’écoute. Aussi tout ce que je peux dire leur sujet n’est-il, à mon sens, que partiel et partial.


Note to editors:
“Bonlieu” is not listed in the holy petit Robert, however, “bon-chrétien” is, donc, “how do, —you like them Bartlett pears?”… no pun intended, just the facts, Sonia en Annecy?

His eyes did the talking, he followed the security guards on their rounds with a downward glance, monitoring the cameras

Live Libé: 

X marks the spot, indeed, IT!, does.
… For eight years, I amalgamated¹ with men and women, young and old, some open-minded, others withdrawn, some clean, some not so clean, some friendly, some not, their only common characteristic was the lack of a domicile of a chante².


Libération  N° 13048
Friday June 9th, 2023
Page 3

¹~. Côtoyer, a false friend for all of the dyslexic non-readers of the Mexican vernacular agro🍅speak, ‘coyotear‘.

… No aggressiveness, yet I sensed the dangerousness in him.

Anonymous employee at the CCB in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). 

Schiltz continues:

Interaction was almost daily: meetings, general assemblies, approaches to the authorities, red tape³, standby duty, reports, file management, upkeep of the premises, collective actions (garage sales, checkroom [cloakroom], collections, etc.) designed to ensure the association’s financial autonomy for day-to-day expenses.

²~. Chante, basically a pad 📰✍️… ask Beto O’Rourke at the El Paso Times, Bobby is the Calo expert.

Ten years ago, Edward Snowden warned us about state spying. Spare a thought for him, and worry about the future.

³~. démarches auprès des autorités, red tape.

Hail, Hail Rock and Roll ✌🏾

And, Reverend Al, as you pray for repented criminals, spend some Pennies for Benny:


https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/06 /edward-snowden-state-spying-guardian

🎶 Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen…

🎶 Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear… Hee-Haw!
Proximity, familiarity and sometimes sympathy, sometimes antipathy, with marginal group of the population – whom everyone usually comes across with little interaction – no quiere decir, a scientifically established discourse. I didn’t use participant observation nor the ethnologist’s notebook. I’ve never crossed the fundamental boundary, it seems to me, of “not having a place“. I’ve remained what I am, a WFA (whoof’Ah) – and by temperament, not a very good listener. So anything I can say about them is, in my view, only partial and tendencioso.

⁴~. I don’t wish to sound bias, but the Sacré lengua de Molière knows not what a home or an hogar (en Castellano es), en Francés pues, un ‘chez’ es un lugar, this does not mean that the French don’t have ‘houses’ or an abode to dwell. Linguistically it seems, that in translation the French simply don’t have a word with the scent and humor of a home… sin embargo the French do have las muy mentadas Madeleines de Proust por todo el mundo y puntos intermedios.

⁵~. Biased.

Hello, Pat… say hello to TED. You two are sharing eternity together.


Previously on Ween it’s, “piss up a rope” with your host, Jack Santa Luz.

Raindrops are falling on Mí Park.

Note to Thomas de Corbillón:
Naturally, the minute I asked Jack not to piss on the green, the motherfucker sent the water clouds over the Bleu Hex.

The WO’ild is a ghetto.

And starring as a ham sandwich, Donald John Trump

It’s The Rachel Glasses club sandwich show.


*~.Schiltz. Mar 2023, p 175.

Quelques mois plus tard, me parvient la demande d’un article sur le quotidien des exclus, des gens à la rue, de ceux que l’on désigne sous le sigle « SDF ».  Je devrais avoir quelque chose à dire sur leur quotidien, car en tant qu’ADF (avec domicile fixe), j’ai œuvré à leurs côtés à la mise en place et à la marche d’un service à destination des personnes à la rue dans le secteur des Halles à Paris, la bagagerie Mains libres.

“Nitrates!” Ewe can’t handle the NO-₃ … pass the 🛁 salt.

Low archaeological value… Carnac 🪨 Mon incompetence.*” 


https ://www .rtl .fr /politique /noticias-de-las-5-a-m-se destruyeron-los -peñascos-de-carnac-para construir-un-mister-bricolage [¿?]

A few months later, I received a request to write an article on the daily lives of the excluded, of people living on the streets, the ones branded with the initials « W/OFA » “homeless1“. I should have something to say about their daily lives because as a « WFA » (with fixed address), I arranged and worked alongside them to run a serviceI worked alongside them to set up and run a service2 destined for the homeless in the Les Halles area of Paris, la bagagerie Mains Libres3[the Hands Free luggage room].




https ://www .lemonde .fr /societe /article /2023/06/07 /nitrites-in-ham-the-yuka-app-wins-appeal-against-butchers

WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)…


Mika Brzezinski drove the get-a-güey car… Willie Geist put on the Ronald Reagan mask and robbed a bank. Claire McCaskill was the look-out working girl on the corner. Mike Barnicle was the security guard (sleeping) on the job and… ⏰ Riiiiiiing, the alarm went off, time to get up.