Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO

“Vamos pues, a construir una escalera”… ¡Sancho Panza, —Los Maderos!


La biblioteca pública de La Información de. Georges Pompidou does not allow “social media” sites such as, YouTube or, the pain in the ass Facebook or It’s pimple–in–the nutsack pop-up, Twitter.

The reason, i been told, it is on account of the “fake news” and disinformation technology farms, or something like that.

Truth be told, the Paris Tourism Board has never been known for originality, let alone, vision. If they want to hear 🙉 Españolerias en tiempo real, coja usted UN tour de los patrimonios de París, en Castellano 🇪🇸,  y note usted mismo la proposición española en Francia (¿pochos, pues?) de el porqué hay mucha renovación de edificios en todo París, y luego vaya a visitar a Patti Smith en el SOCLE del Beaubourg.

Now the key here is, after the answer comes ( whatever the answer might be) the espontaneo will ask, if s/he dares, to ASK the following snippet:

— And where might the funds to fund such endeavor come from, the coffees of Colonialism, or the gross from the movie about Notre Dame on fire?

A Closer look


¡gRrrraBiel! Ese es el nombre que más odio en un pela’o.

El Chis-Chas at Ringside.

La tradicional pelea de Acción de Gracias a sus Mercedes is not a figment of Our imagination, just ask Saskia, she just came by accident!

Here’s how that improvisation went:

The 4 Seasons ain’t nuttin’ but a TimeStamp next to ShyWaWa.


— [ΩΩΩ… ] It’s not Greek! It’s interference on the RESISTANCE!!!

Publicité :

Producciones Pura Pantalla y Pablo Gleason present, a su Hartista exclusivo, Gael Luna Bernal del Diego García, en la continuación de la manifestación del documental de Natalia Aldama, “El General” — Y tú mamá también en Le Socle de Zacatecas.

Sunday! Sunday, Sunday! Los Acarreados del Socle y Los Franchutes de La Meseta en el Zócalo. Los Tigres del Norte no podrán asistir a razón de que el llamado “jefe de jefes” tendrá que reTacharSe a su celda.

Publicité :

Dear, Nathalie Piolé… I don’t know who Mozart in The Jungle is but he can go stick an ARIEL up his DESIERTO con Jon Stewart.

Interference… no knock down, FO’ist Down!

FIRST Round_Draft One
First and TEN.

Résumé 💃 Routes latines de Piolé

Chemín Correa
https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /banzzai /routes-latines-earl-fatha-hines-chivo-borraro-dave-brubeck-andrew-hill-et-d-autres -4265903

Topen eso 🧨


💃 En Amérique latine, des peuples se réveillent, des voix s’élèvent, et des micros sont semés, pour tout enregistrer !


Soy El Jefe de Olores segnores, y el pescado de Paloma hiede a mejillones en su pulpo, ‘inche Paco I. Taibo II no sabe lo que es un puto desodorante, ni mucho menos la historia de Aidé.

But FO’ist!

Bomberito Juárez is about to put out a fire 🚒… or is he‽


Issy, Señora Leos… Ana Anabitarte no nos puede dejar mentir: se la pasarón por El Arco del Triunfo (afuera del Tec de Monterrey en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Over at La rue de Berri y rue de Ponthieu, la Delegación Permanente hipotecó el Changarro de La O.C.D.E. a los “Dragones” de El 🇨🇳 Punto 🇨🇳 Club 🇨🇳 ahora VANINA y The Freedom Pub run the joint.


🟣 It’s purple. Plan not to scale.


Intermedio entre colonias — Sapo Verde to Ewe (After Midnight)

A Diana… Got your Jara…


… and in Washington, it’s “qué Linda está la Mañana, en qué Martín Luther King (ahora en México)” is the second rey in the Naipes from Yesterday’s hand, which as THEE, honorary Mexican citizen that you are, Reverend Sharpton, you should know that is Spanish for —Lutero, as in LUTERÍA; del que maneja la madera para hacer liras, no de Lutero y sus profecías, ni de el Lutero, of every black neighborhood on the Boulevard of crystal and crack.

Estás son—los sapo verdes— que canta-Haba, El Rey David (that’s the 3rd King in Spanish), a todos los hijos de Sánchez…

Jump to Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s Porfirio’s birthday Eve:

“Con Ángeles y Flores…

To the Moon, Alicia! To the Moon! 🌖

Rigo es Amor and dis’ are his roots

Bola de putos 🇲🇽…

Good luck in Qatar during the Dictatorship’s  Fifa Cup, HO’id your Mesías Tropical is sending National 🇫🇷 Gendarmerie trained Babysitters to look after los Hijos de H. Sánchez, eh–wey‽

Note to France Banzaï at musique de la ventana (o sea, una serenata) : Phat Basterd’ has no corazón, puro buche. You have no heart  💃🏻… But Augustine Öüïöüï agrees, you got Soul, —frog.


Las Jaras : https ://forum .wordreference .com/threads/jara-las-jaras-del-indio-ad%C3%A1n-donde-pegan-dan-loter%C3%ADa.2462422/

Smile 😁, youse on fagRADIOgraphies…

Over at france musique, Denisa KersSHova is all wet, ISSY, she’s dancing in the rain, in Naples (Florida—no less)…

It’s Raining Narcos

And, Denisa Kerschova, how-ah’Bout that bandwagon of Viejas Feas from CNEWS matin, Eye tells Ewe, de Niza, thèse people mustha’ve graduated from the Paris Tourism Board at the Matamoros chapter of La France Alliance in Antony, Nueva Espagna… feudo de CEMEX y de Qatar.

Tengo orgullo de Ser del Norte
del mero San Luisito
porque d’Ay es — San José³

https ://distancem .com /from-hong-kong-hk-to-monterrey- mx

Luchaaaaaaaar᪪ªªªn, dedos caidas a très Éric and the phallocrats versus Lizzy and the Vag’s.
This bout is sanctioned by Les Arènes del Coliseum {and} is SanCtioNed as Always®️, by the Nevada State Commission {not} Vania®️… Vania is barred from getting anywhere near “SNOW” on account of her Crack conviction.

Cigarros a Hong Kong, on account that in Australia 🦘 unos FAROS, a la distancia Will set you back an ARM, a LEG, and your Kidney Stones.

https ://www .lexology .com /library /detail.aspx?g =645089c4-d6d9-4b5e-810d-34ac2fe985c7

³~. de Las Panochas, Mpio. de La Zona del Silencio en Ceballos.

And they all played ball happily ever after

Dear, Niño Luc… what good are Ewe if you ain’t never been to Disneyland, —in Guatemala!

ISSY, mi querida “radio France », this is what Emmanuel Macron would look like if he was the hitter {and} la Alianza Verde de Mélenchon con los Comunistas Ayotzinapa en Paris, Francia, was at The Mound, motherfucker—@da’Mound!

And, Niño Luc… if you happen to fuck up the Texture of the show, ask Alf for directions… {and} Suzy Siren, “play ball” in Castellano de La Havana, Cuba, se pronuncia como “AL”, as in:

PLEY b’AL, motherfuckers!… {or} All, but if-and-only IF, you swing de ambidextrous.

And remember, Niño Luc, Ewe must show your work {or} as, ‘Thundercats’ said the night before:

at least know what it is, what it is, that Ewe is talking about.

Little known fact about Mongo

… following the successful unification of ‘Les Deplorables’ over at Rock Ridge, Mongo became a consultant at “El Libro Vaquero,” a Mexican Westerns animated series that became a hit with wanna-be cowboys in the New Frontier, especially in a growing city we know today simply as Monterrey. After hearing a rumor that his local idol, Joaquín Murrieta, was a Chilean national trying his luck on the 49’ers roster over at ‘the’ Levi’s mining company; and not a Mexican renegade, Mongo packed his saddles and headed over to the lands of El Libertador, Simón Bolivar, to investigate.

His first stop was Brazil where he caught up with fellow foragidos Butch Cassidy y El Chavo del Baile del Sol. In Rio, Mongo met a child entertainer by the name of XuXa and picked up a little bit of Portuguese . Things didn’t work out and Mongo moved on to greener pastures in La Argentina where the ‘buzz’ over at las milongas was that he had fathered a son [some say the offspring was a daughter] from a bombshell that was only known as “La Su Giménez”… desde entonces, la leyenda cuenta que al hijo de Mongo solamente se le conoce como “El Hijo de Su“.

Rare, and we mean “Big Foot” rare footage of Mongo’s offspring was caught on camera in the latter years of the last century.  Judge for  yourself  if  the  Butthole below ↓ fits the genes of the Mighty Mighty Mongo:

[Uso justo de la última dedada del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft.

[Uso justo de la última década del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft… if you don’t then g’ahead, fold the index and ring fingers.

Gooooood Morning Busan [Our hearts and prayers are with you].
Today is Heavy Metal Tuesday over at ‘the’ FIP, and right now over at the Rockefeller Center, TRMS show is almost ready to pass ‘the’ Election 2016 medical files, to ‘the’ Last Word.
TimeStamp: 03h 45m CET… time flies, when you are having rum.

Later in the day…
En la novela de la mañana:

El Zorro que soltó a la Perra de la Granja

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Con Vicente Fox y los arribistas de la marihuana medicinal.

Señoras y señores, con ustedes:
Los Tigres del Norte cantan Let’s get it on*

One Step Beyond… Madness follows, when little Katy Tur runs a red light at a babysitters’ fair.

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