Happy Birthday Captain Louis Renault

Today’s lucky Ween’er of the birthday suit Laguna edition of the Captain Louis Renault Award for the Year of the Wabbit 🐇 is none other than our favorite pundit, Stephanie Ruhle and the producers of the post-BriWi Show 🎹🥃

1939Ray Manzarek, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer ( 2013)

Turístico en décalage a Compostela.

But, first, Los Hijos de Andrés Manolopez el obrador, move to Arteaga², Coahuila (en la Madre Patria… Madre Patria es un oxímoron natural, la Madre Patria is the quintessential “Bull Dyke” de los países bajos), any how, los Hijos del Peje, nobles que son esos hijos de puta, se trasladan a un albergue turístico para ver cómo chingados plantar cacao en una zona árida.

²~. No confundir con Ar°Ti°eda° porque eso es aragonés, not from SPAIN, o como diría Juanito Guanabacoa, “La Madre Pat, ría.”

La idea no es nueva, esos hijos de puta, es decir los hijos de la primera esposa del presidente de México, no el hijo de la presidenta nacional del D.I.F., porque los niños no se tocan, esos cabrones ya habían echado a perder una selva con sus pinches mamadas empresariales, así son los nobles.

[Witty zinger remark 🕳️ goes here]

1502Isabella I 🇪🇸 issues an edict outlawing Islam 🕋 in the Crown 👑 of Castile 🏰, forcing virtually all her Muslim ☪️ subjects ♟️ to convert to Christianity ✝️. Over in Santiago, 🇨🇱 Chile gets a capital, and 🇪🇨Ecuador quitó en Quito el derecho a los 🇵🇪 peruchos de negarle a 🧬 CHARLES DARWIN 🇬🇧 el derecho de ⚓ merodear 🦤 en la Provincia 🗿 de 🐢 Galapagos.

Across The He Atlantic, it’s pigskin blues 💙

La fibula tibia – outsource your homework here are the Rhules

https ://www .usatoday .com /story /entertainment /tv /2021/12/09 /brian-williams-last-show-msnbc-11-th-hour-host-leaving /6445387001/

Tú the moon, and nevermind the Mano pachona.

It was bound to happen, one day I reckon Brian Williams would have to walk into the sunset and go the way of Ronald McDonald™, “just let the contract expire and hope he shows his way to the door,” said the top brass at the peacock lounge, “maybe Nobody, will notice,” added Joe “wardrobe malfunction” Scarborough.

Either this woman had sex with
COUNT Dracula,
or she is a
en FOX News.

The square fangs are a dead give-a-guey.

1915 🎬 D. W. Griffith’s controversial 🎞️ film 🎞️ The Birth of a Nation 🌌 premieres in 🔭 Los Angeles (8 de febrero).

“What the people of the government (POG) want is flashing flesh on cable tv,” argued Scarborough as that son of a bitch belittled Williams’es signature Zingers, ese, and that’s no lie D.A.R.E..

The most annoying part of the spectacle was Scarborough’s nasal voice overs of WWII propaganda at THE REX. Mocking with Évry reel at the big screen the fast-paced witty commentary from the former 11th hour ⚓ anchor, which that dumb Southern 🧐 cracker-barrel 🧑‍🌾 grits eatin’ lawyer 🎩, from Floribama on the Morning Mika Show always wanted to hold in contempt 🧑🏻‍⚖️.

Sponsored by Vania and Stein’s Burnt Champagne Cork


In Local news, it’s 🇨🇵 National Sports Day in France and over at RFPP . NET 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro is featuring the re-transmission of a guignol show from un Castillo en El Perú… after squeezing all of the toothpaste from its tube, Osler is trying to put the Floride back into the case.

Over at la bendita Bpi, black suits, those cock suckers, 🕴️had the Gall, France… The Gall, I tell Ya’, to have an entire cue of bookworms, winos and freaks waiting for an hour in the freezing cold, if it was Brasil… outside of the Beaubourg on the Green line only to be told 30 minutes after opening hours that they, the Black Suit Cocksuckers Union, might open at 16h. And with the charm of a French turd plopping on the Throne, Évry body clapped 🤜👏👏👏.

Well, as expected, The Black Suit Cocksuckers Union delivered, at exactly 15h55 them cocksuckers replaced the “maybe 1600h” with a here, take this Legion of Honor and Shut the Fuck up… and here’s a secret Lorne Michael doesn’t want you to Zzzzz.

2011 – 🇹🇳 Arab Spring: The first wave of the 🇪🇬 Egyptian revolution culminates in the resignation of 🎩 Hosni Mubarak 🇹🇳 and the transfer of power to the 🎩 Supreme 🇹🇳 Military 💶  Council after 17 days of protests.

Mientras tanto en 🇧🇴 Bolivia, el Festival de 🎬 Cine de Los Derechos Humanos, —en film 🎥, any how, emprendió la huída a 🇨🇵 Francia motivados, quizás, por el aniversario del Triunfo de 🇹🇳 La Primavera Árabe (Tunisia, 2011) en un documental, dicho triunfo de la Primavera Árabe inspiró el Triunfo de Los Ciudadanos 🇨🇵 Por La Paz 🇲🇽 Con Justicia ⚖️ Dignidad (en un 📼 documental, también) en la Primavera del 2011 en frente de la Bendita Torre Eiffel. That industry of “los Derechos humanos”, by the way, is in its Silent Stage, y con El Ojo Enchilado.

Trou 🕳️ to form, Öüï caught up with The 11th Hour in CET earlier to They and caught Pundita Bonita cheating on her assignment and more specifically, outsourcing her homework to a FOX News junkie. But that’s alright because she showed some Shin 🦿 on her Show.

Who’s Gonna Build Your HandiCapable Village?

People often stop Mí in the middle of a trip to ask where “el toledo 🚾 ” is located at, and my first reaction is, ‘watt’EM# Eye, a salarié de la bendita Paris Tourism Board 🛹 ?’, and then after seeing their jeepers turn de UN indigo indigne-vous is when Eye tells them trav’Lers, “la taza 🚽 del lugar está al Fondo; ala Derecha”.

Jump from, “By the numbers with nombres” y viceversa en dorso, off–course.

🌬️🎶 Yo! Ha’ ya doin’

Sorry Eye can’t get true

Why don’t Ewe leave your nombre y tu número?

De La Soul, putos!

From l’Alma, putos!



Just the facts, Timeline. Where where you when Guerrero comenzó a temblar… and Timeline responds, en el 5⁰ Sueño, siñor del Toro. I know no Chronos!

In Contexto:

¿Dónde te agarró el temblor?
La Crisis sin Chico, Che!

Won’t Ewe, come see about Mí?

To The Moon, Alicia. , the Moon.


Don’t you Simple French Fuchs Forget about Mí, because Eye, unlike otros ojos mexicanos lindos 🕵🏻‍♂️, Eye knows that l’Alma termina en dónde Longchamps comienza, es decir, en el mero culo del Caballo del General George WaWaLand en París, casi esquina con Tokio, el Palacio, —knot the Risin’ Sun 🌞.

Over at the Juanito Wannabacoa orbit, rfpp is sucking a big Bleu coq of Le Roi, no less. It’s not only tributary, but symbolic of yesterday’s Rosbif catastrophe.

A la memoria de Nazar Haro, mentor de los Guanabacoas en RFPP… Before Eye Accuse, Ewe… take another look in the mirror, mister Le Roi, or whatever your Nombre est.


†~. That’s French for nomenclature… Can Ewe, entendre moi bien, mon écoute?

But speaking of slaves, is there anything missing in this 🚾? Except for accountability, and a Bud™ if youse a lowly peasant, Eye can’t think of a doG danG ThinG.

In the WO’ids of Pundita Rhulita³: don’t hate the Game, hate the ⚽ FIFA ⚽ and the 🇫🇷 elite 🇫🇷, not the game 🌬️ :

The RATP HandiCapable Bleus. In local News, Valérie Pécresse, Île-de-Saint Louis préfet, vows to install some kick-ass screens on Évry privatized inner-city collective transportation system bus 🚌 for the 2024 Olympics. The funds for such endeavor de envergadura, of course arrive via the SPLASH FUND from the Burning of Nuestra Señora de París, and that pesky hunchback, NostraCosa.

³~. Stephanie Rhule’s, “Hate the Game not the Players” δ Hour.

Any how, SoFy Velasco is not scheduled to tell those tales that she tells so well, Dommage en Dimanche, and–so, Öüï (that motherfucker) is going to continue reviewing Cousin Joe’s criticism of Messi 🇦🇷, and substitute El Gran LIO, for the soup sandwich of Sir Kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.


And, Pao’ Ramos… Ewe think daddy’ill mind if I SuperImpose Emma on Ewe?

Natty Le Pio translates from Thailandés:

You have no memory… is Thai for: no tienes madre, grandissimmo cabrón.


If you are already versed in the Rhules of 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon, please go to jail… 🧐 without collecting after passing GO. Don’t be like los Juanitos Ganabacoas de Ameri-cue 🎩🎩🎩

But speaking about La Emisión Americas, I don’t know what the peruchos de Botzaris are going to be covering tomorrow, probably a re-transmission. In any case, I did not decide to close el llamado “mes de la hispanidad” with Chile 🇨🇱, but here I am, with a review of “La Resentida”… So come on, 🎶 CREAM, get on top. crEAM you will cop. Cream on Deadline.

Los detectives de Salvárcar, Freddy Cats cameos as a cholo Reloaded.


So, by the power vested in El Chavo del Ocho, Katie Benner is going to plot the degrees of Bacon:

1. Old El Paso del Norte (Cantina Felina)

Yup, Felina’s cantina was in El Chuco, but that “hill overlooking El Paso” is located across the Río Bravo, in front of The School of Minas, and of course, Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s front yard in Sunset Heights.

To the West, Palomas and in front, Douglas. Don’t ask me about the East, I’ve never been to Marfa, ni mucho menos Ojinaga.

Los Amigos de Miguel Baylon (Nadieshda Asso. 1901) en Saint Merry. Y Alicia Leos no me puede dejar mentir, PAOLA RAMOS, el segnor Baylon es de los que se subieron a las gradas del Ayuntamiento de París durante una sesión del consejo administrativo de la Ciudad (bajo el líderazgo de Anne Hidalgo) para “gritar” la protesta en CONTRA DE LA VISITA de Estado de Enrique Peña Nieto… o algo así, la cosa es de que Micha y sus secuaces le besan la mano a Dios, y luego-luego al salir de ese encierro, van a la Embajada de México en Francia a besarle el Culo al DIABLO en turno. Los Masones hacen eso para simbolizar que están más allá del bien y el mal… or something like that, PAOLA RAMOS, any how, Your Father Should Know, though he was born a long-long time ago, when Micha, was just ADELA.

http ://www .parisinfo .com /sortie-paris /180113 /la-fete-des-morts-a-paris

So, Old El Paso, add del Norte and and even Francisco Primero will tell you, that the strip in which the Air Italia flight landed was in the Abraham González (Señor de los cielos) Airport, and not at the Don Haskins International Airport.

In El Paso, Clear Chanel Communications would not allow the local papers, except for one diario, to bill the Pope’s visit to Ciudad Juárez, as that, and so for the length of time that the Pope was in the vicinity of Las Dunas de Samalayuca, Ciudad Juárez conveniently became a part of “El Paso del Norte”… the same thing happens when José Díaz-Balart visits Santa Teresa, the racetrack in New Mexico in front of Lomas del Poleo, becomes a part of Coronado and Mesa Drive, casi esquina con la calle Stanton.

Lo que ví [Paz Corona]. I saw nothing. I’m serious Lo que ví always had a thick set of curtains across the gallery’s storefront.

2. If you can’t connect what Pao’s religulous reporting is trying to communicate, then you need to go to El Teatro del Pueblo en Abbesses-de-Montmartre.


3… Jump to Page :  “Pare de Sur Fear is Knot what His Panic think that it is ».


And in Washington… Stephanie Ruhle hijacked CSPAN

Capitol Records Hill.

It's Twue!

It’s Twue! .:. 0F094346-E06C-47CC-AB69-46739F11BD89 🦠 The COVID-19 pandemic is about to pass self-inflicted accidents and become the #3 killer this year in the u.s., next to Heartbreak and Cancer. —_•!•_— Gracing the mapa mundi, Frida Kahlo makes a cameo appearance as Stephanie’s entrelazado de estahmbre and as all the non-readers of this most non-consequential plot noticed, the unibrow at Bustos height gave the Mexican diva away.

If you ever wanted to know how the audio buttons and chat option of internal communications during a House committee meeting function, or work, just tune in to La Pundita Live, on Weekend Edition, —off-course.

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte .:. DAF5EB85-7FEE-47C0-ACC3-6B1E143F2975 🧶 Extra!!! Extra!!! Andy García is in talks with PANTELION Films in Santa Monica, California, to audition for the role of former Mexican president Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, of South Park fame.

… 40 minutes later, Dr. Fauci finally gets to enumerate the 4 points that delineate the properties of propaganda (good propaganda) about the fundamentals of the fucking virus in question.

Know, EvryBody knows… D.A.T. the hot word in the headline of today’s post, Hijacked, can only mean one thing, SIRENE/SIRET:

Oh happy theys

🎶 Oh happy theys .:. 740FAC05-55CC-439D-9696-73BCDA2698DE ⚖️ Context from the SOURCE on that day of Florence’s and Israel’s re-transmission of a staged capture, follows; just for you, Monsieur le président de La Court à Paris.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/31 /va-la-fiscalia-de-ny-por-dos-ex-allegados-de-garcia-luna -1653 .html

Indeed, Pundita, In•Deed. The hot word of the They can only mean one thing, and D.A.T. is; that if Florence Cassez can walk free and happy (why knot‽) so should the other half of that Zodiaco duo, Israel. Independientemente de los cargos que Televisa (Bernardo Gómez) les imputó… a los dos! y no na’más al mexicano que por ser mexicano, encarcelado SIN SER SENTENCIADO, —se queda.

Still to come after the Jazz intermezzo on Sunset Blvd: The Club.


FreeLance .::. 79642D48-EBF7-4A81-891E-6EA1D2A2DFE2 🌻 En Jiménez, Chihuahua, el profesor Víctor M. Quintana Silveyra lo llama “atando cabos”, y en Torreón, Coahuila, son una red.