And Willie Geist… This Is Not A Tango³

… Still to come,

I’m Chevy Chase and you are not. I’m serious, literally in The Fletch, —Dan.

³~. But Öüï thinks that The Silver Bullet Train will dig it.

Barbosos los Borbones esos, after the break, Öüï dig out our Civil Engineering notes from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua… peralteando por La Libre.


Waterloo Sunset Gazzette_Paris, France. In an historic turn of Event on Uncle Tom at The Supremes Court, Dorothy not only went around The World in 80 Theys, the “Deluxe Red Glitter Costume Shoes sparkle-wearing freak” also followed D.A.T. Trippy Ho, Alicia on Deadline, —down a Wabbit Ho.

Doña Pelos on the other side of that Timeline, unequivocally showed her almendras on the avocados.

Taiwan is your oyster, Madame Speaker.

At the spot, The Kansas floosy, orgasmically reminded Judge, Urgo, Michael Bidwill, and Phillip Merkle, just like she told Kavanaugh—that they don’t know where it’s at.

https ://theintercept .com /2018/10/04 /brett-kavanaugh-high-school-friends-loyalty/

… no chores por Mí, malvada Malvina.



Asi con ese estilo, lamentablemente inconfundible, WHO needs a plot… las fábulas de don Poquelin y tata Colbert

… Lorem ipSum and gilded trades with an assortments of French ‘devoirs’ 📐 follow

“It’s symbolic, of course », but the answer is always HOUSES OF THE HOLY. And if you’ve never been to Spain, then you know that at PASO DEL NORTE is where the the Child Separation program followed, in any case this is Last Week To They

In local news, District 3 of the 1er Arrt. trickled only a minuscule number of voters as opposed to the shoppers gracing the most recent return of the Samaritan’s elaborate Guilded Metro stop.

In Cleveland, Ali Vittali let her hair down, Ali is covering the Glam Rock scene with The New York Times, Peter Baker, who is framing the Scene in full Stryper regalia, and if you know who these Glamorous Monkees are then you know that Peter Baker is in full-Stripe-Spandex looking like a Zebra just like Senator Sinema, allá por “La Panamericana*

*.)_ OUT-fucking-STANDING! it seems that the ViP’s entourage to La Chingada en Guatemala finally read between the sheets… Wait that’s the wrong set of K’s… finally read between THE LINES, knot the sheets.

You might recall that Öüï pulled little Manu Chao’s ears for not paying attention during the Caminos y Puentes section of the class, where Eye told the class about the two Trajectories of La Carretera Panamericana… long route made Short, Little Manu Chao got extra-credit for explaining that he needed to add a New “panamericana” to make, IT!, rhyme WITT the San Diego… padre_s–es–Ese! ⚾️

Short people are known to gather here. The ratio of big people to short people on any school day is completely coincidental on voting They in, day. 📏 A Fr.Bleu* preliminary reports from All of The Short People joints RELAY that Adrianne ElRod is running circles on the Triple Threat allegiance of the Greens. 📐 Trou fact, a little short Frog named Poquelin (artistic name Molè ire… or something like that) invented the first Ballet Comedie there on a rush when Little “Molière” forgot to do his HOMEWORK the Night Before.

*.{ A Type of cheese:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /infos /elections /elections-regionales-et-departementales-en-ile-de-france-taux-de-participation-en-legere-hausse-a– 1624806873

…ISSY, Camus was a fag! 🏳️‍🌈 and Öüï find Sisyphus outside The Stonewall with Lindsey Reiser who is wearing Jean’s Jeans. Over at Studio 3A of the Rainbow Room, Alex Witt was heard saying that Lindsey could get used to all of the ruckus if need be, any how, Hilarity (with a Capital hache) ensues when GROOT walks into the Bar on “Leaving Las Vegas” Karaoke Night and heads over To New Orleans where Susana Poveda is feeling like a Cajun Ing’un Queen… SINGING, Hey🌶 Ho-Alina

Eye Am Groot! People who know, know that this place is Tranquility Base. Look it up, Madame Hidalgo’s tourism monkees think that they have an exceptional imagination, they don’t, it’s actually pretty damn over-rated… And ELVIS sports an afro in the after-life.

… Öüï’ll Scream-ah for 🍦, Ewe 🗣, Öüï all 🗣 Ma’ for Eye 🗣 Ma’4🍧 https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-la-nouvelle-orleans

In Hilo, Hawaii, the needle in the sand ⏳ is about about to sweep the 11th hour, and in Paris it’s the 10 o’Clock hour and it appears that the Orleans ⚜️ version of Adrianne Elrod (V. Pecrésse) is leading in the top 40’some percent of yesterday’s Regional vote at La RATP (punto y coma) Steve-Oh and the “Neapolitan” duo of Alexis and Elise are left-out holding a 🍰. Let’s see what happens next.

Jueves, 27 de junio 2018 — T (minus) Three

El Sueco, Chihuahua
Población: 3 mujeres, 3 hombres
Carretera Panamericana
México 45
… La hora de la verdad en todo el municipio

El chapopote… 75001 — Ancienne Route de Saint–Denis.

La historía de El Sueco, según los oriundos de esa localidad, es de que allí habitaba un señor de nacionalidad sueca en los tiempos cuando el General Francisco Villa era gobernador de ese estado en arido–américa; la historia para el sueco, o sea la historia para el terrateniente europeo en tiempos de La Gran revuelta mexicana no tuvo un final feliz. Claro, que eso es de la boca de uno de los habitantes de esa estación; de esa parada y comedor en la Carretera Panamericana… amen, si don Paco Ignacio Taibo (dos), autor de No Habrá Final Feliz, concuerde con esa anecdota ya que de él, y del profe Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés son las únicas historias y los recuentos que supuestamente tienen validez en las cosas que conciernen con la “llamada” Revolución Mexicana….

TimeStamp: 09h00
t (minus) 11–hours
for game time.

Liar–liar your big bird’s feet are on Fire…

En fin, almost 4 years ago Monsieur le President, François Holland, was getting ready to give a full–blown pomp and circumstance welcoming ceremony for his counter-part in Mexico. The affair/preparation for The Grand Climax on Bastille Day 2015 took over an entire year if you add and count the myriad of events that celebrated Mexican culture in France; behind it all, of course, as it has always been the case was an “Economic and Strategic Accord” between La France et Le Mexique; not much different than the one that Monsieur le President Emmanuel Macron just arranged with this “happy–go–get’her”:

La JUNTA à l’Élysée.

TimeStamp: 10 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.


Peraltando la libre… por La Panamericana

Para San Andreas GTA

José Luis Barraza: “ un peligro para México.” Barraza luis josé es un peligro para lo que queda de la memoria Mexicana.

Redacción de AhoraMismo,

Uso justo de los medios. | Uso justo de El Diario de Juárez para ilustrar a cómo está el tipo de cambio, en Ysleta.

Uso justo de los medios. | Uso justo de El Diario de Juárez para ilustrar a cómo está el tipo de cambio, en Ysleta. Vía: diario punto mx /Estado 2016-03-15 _710650f2 /barraza-ya-es-candidato /

Las Fuentes: The Pretenders… of course —silly rabbit!  Y por supuesto don Carlos y “[su] frontera de Cristal“.

  1. Uso justo de la palbra del día para ilustrar la función de el peraltaje en el sector de la llamada: ingeniería civil.

    Uso justo de la palabra del día para ilustrar la función de el peraltaje en el sector de la llamada: ingeniería civil. Vía: http ://dle .rae .es /?id =SWokYfK

    2., “¿Por qué quebró Mexicana?”… porque se vendió por $1000 pesotes de los del Banco de México. Vía: http ://www .sopitas .com /310527 -que-pasa-con-mexicana /