15 de julio, Paris PM / 14 juillet, Hilo AM

Previously on, Las Fuentes de doña Vilma…

https ://www .fip .fr /evenements /fip-contest-listeners-portraits

 las entrañas

Entonces, Mr. Vladimir (Russian trombone player from the old USSR, affectionately called among the fellows, Mr. Putin) the answer is yes. Yes mr. Vladimir, you may have my travelin’ tripod chair after i die or i am killed at The Bourse de Paris. As a matter of fact, Mr. Putin, i enjoy your love of music and so you may have all of the crap inside of cubicle 15 at the place where Evry body knows your name. But not before i am shipped, Tovarish.

Ayotzinapa para pendejos.

15 de julio (la placa de Gilberto Bosques)

And this, Mr. Pérez, this is where you and your portraits come in, here’s the context (first) and then the template for the next speech of a Mairie de Paris sponsored vernissage… but FO’ist, Öüï is entering a photo contest, which happens to be open to All-Ages, All-nationalities* and, all genders (whatever that means).

* The catch is that you have got to be French; not necessarily Free.


Decirlo en voz alta, in💀deed: Pablito clavó un clavito

¡Hola, Pablo!, pásale a lo barrido que para regresar a Segovia, y antes de que el artista Roger Pérez te rinda los honores en Saint Eustache, yo te voy a brindar tu obituario.

Desde las entrañas

https ://dle .rae .es /entraña

LOREM IpSum… and all that yada yada ding-dong follows, but FO’ist is the news.

And i, armando segovia, begin my round-about (glorieta en el registro de intersecciones de la RAE) at la rue de Las Tres Puertas (casi-casi con El Rocky Horror Picture Show en La Maub, where doña Vilma Fuentes and her inseparable fedora witnessed the first of three runs from the French Air Corps (From Rafales to Cougars and all the way to the Firefighters jumbo-jets) as the Elite Wings prep for Bastille Day celebrations, which promises to be like 1000% more patriotic since that one time when President Donald “Mr. Trump®️ » Trump visited the French White House in 2017.

Mas que nada, es una oportunidad para escuchar el disco de la semana, something about Satchmocracy or some Habanera like that, — pass the Ketchup.

In RAINBOWS/reckoner 📻👨🏻‍🦲