Ladies in Gemini, Today is Día de Reyes, —Eve!

Quinto d’Enero, 2021.

Epiphany’s eve

🎶 Si au milieu de la guerre je devais mourir
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part
Si au milieu de la guerre, je me fais tuer
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part

Previously on, Steal The Word —word.

Dolly Parton, period! Y’all OUGHT TO KNOW that Dolly Parton relieved Alanis MoRieSette starring role in DOGMA, and in a parallel universe Silvester Stallone was about to rhinestone “the hype” out of Flavor Flav and 911 has literally, and parenthetically!!! Turned into a Joke in yo’town!!! THE Humanité

Deer, President-elect Biden,

Pease be advised that your parenthetical accusation of Mr. Messier (N° 45) not wanting to do the job is skewed at best, completely misinformed on account that Mr. Messier (N° 45) “will [parenthetically] WO’ik all They”, making MANY phone calls and TALKING at many meetings … parenthetically enunciating, off-course.

… [A]nd Ashley, no insistas, stick to your Damian’s (colas) at The Pentagone, Brasserie (at la Porte de ISSY casí esquina con el Equinoxe de COLAS à Balard).

https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /le-mexique-offre-lasile-politique-a-julian-assange -4016220

🎵 Colás, Colás, Colás y Nicolás
Lo mucho que te quiere y lo poco me das
Si quieres, si puedes, si no, tú me dirás
¡Ay, qué bonito baila la mujer de Nicolás!

🗣 ´Inche Andrés López Manuel Obrador
quién te viera tan Donald John Trump!
Ahora diga, Serenísima “criaturita”…
[D]e qué sabor va usted a querer
sus chingadas Swedish Meatballs, eh‽

… [O]ff-course, situational opportunist and President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, could not pass by LA OCASIÓN created by a Queen’s Court of Parliament regarding the extradition of Julian Assange.

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