“El próximo toro, le corresponde a… Yolanda »

What’s The Frequency, Roscrans, and what are the odds that your assertions about the “private network” between the French government’s Ministry of Culture and the Mass Medias, would intersect with the GO’ill de Niza? — This Advertorial campaign is narrated by Ken Burns.

Pura Vida 🇨🇷 y dos con sal…

Pecsi, the choice of the Knew Generation ⚡🪐. The Song Remains The Same 🪄

No insistas, Susana 🇪🇸 PUBeda, and don’t you go sending Mí your “little prey’ers”, my Kite belongs to la Nat’ah Lair Piolé.

I tell you Who’s a Lie all the time dough (nut) Cardinal Biggles 🛩️, that Flyin’ Fokker! that’s Who, —Nacho Cano. Cardinal BIGGLES. (LES BIG g, he is called on that Jersey Shore) 🌉.

L’antier antes era « piso lejano ».

“NO-body, expects the Spanish Inquisition”


🧭 Ximénez

L.E. Aute y F. Cabrales están en un bar, risa sale a chorros cuando, P. Milanés canta Cielito Lindo con Nacho Cano en la Casa del Club América, en Madrid.

LoREM ipΣ… Ketch-up!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/11/22 /espectaculos/pablo-milanes-sera-velado-en-casa-america-de-madrid

Entre esos tipos y yo hay algo de Serrat


Ese tal Tarres 💃🏻


🎶 Come up, sir.Cheer up.Hang the skin on the sidewalk.Geton the wooden dapple.Forgetwhat it was and how.Jump intothe magic of moving on from it all.Get, — on El  Carrusel del Furo,hop onTwo tickets for a duro 🇪🇸.

Live from, El Cabaret del Furo, it’s the “after antro” from the Serrat recital at the Albóndigas de Granaditas.

Our first act brings the story

Primer verso:
Como árbol carnal,
Mis brazos y mis manos…
Doy a los cirujanos!
Para la libertad 🧑🏻‍🎓

Algo Personal
Song by Joan Manuel Serrat

Segunda estrofa…

And, señora de Scarborough, you get a Flauta if you guess the name of Camarena’s widow… in LaLa Land her last name was Peña and she drowned Kiki’s murder in a bottle 🍾.


Context follows, but if the “leader of the free world” can so-matter-of-factly piss Samuel Adams on journalism, what is happening on ABC?

— “The Wild World of Sports” sponsored by Budweiser™️, said Slim Pickens 🤠.

Jackie Ale Many reports:

1, 2, 3, 4, … Political Director for Hire

That’s not a Llama, Gumby! That’s a fucking GUACAMAYA, and you can double check THIS fact with Pablo Gleason, cousin of course of Miguel, the only Mexican in France allowed to write about MEXICANS ABROAD, and brother to the greatest Torero en Saltillo, Coahuila, y en Merida Yucatán, “El Glison”.

The chapel of the Pétètes | Ecrins National Park (ecrins-parcnational.fr)

My first Vernissage.

It checks out, pinches petetes son muñequitos de Piedra en una tal porte de La Chapelle… for context, to avoid getting an OTQF from the préfecture a Cité in 2014, all that I, Armando Segovia, had to do was give up the names of my sources, both here and in Mexico. 

Who knows, maybe if I had listened to Raphaël Moran, Pablo Gleason and el mono with the “PEPITO” hat below, jaraneando in a NICHO of anygiven banlieu parisina, pues a lo mejor [SoFy Belascoarán] ahorita sería también un HARTISTA en FRANCIA!!! como los integrantes de la Banda del Carro Lleno de La Embajada de México en la rue Longchamps.

El Charrito Pemex, con beca del CoNaCyT en la Comisión Federal de Electricidad y Bienes Raíces de Manuel Bartlett Díaz. Uso Justo de todos los GAMBI y los Petetes también. COPYLEFT, but not the Mexican LEFT, porque se ENOJA la Mujer de Nicolas.

Manuel Bartlett Díaz — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Not to be outdone by DAVID GUETTA, French ghetto artist and Llama lover, GAMBI (Gumby) joined forces with a former JARANERO from the JUANITO GUANAVACOA ranks at the NARCO CONSULATE SECTION of the Mexican Embassy in the 2eme Arrondisement to bring you a new vision in future FANDANGOS at the MEXICO HOUSE, inside of the perimeter of Cité Universitaire de Paris at the 14eme Arrondisement en GenTilly, laced with la porte d’Orleans in la FRANCE.

de mexicanos en fandangos de FRANCIA

¡Mesa, mesa, mesa al que más aplauda! Con ustedes, el hijo a-francesado de Juanito Guanabacoa en Francia, knot the one from CANADA: ALAN GARCÍA, no relation to the Peruvian ex-president who, par hasard, is also a Llama lover.

Yup, that’s an eight!

Any how, never mind that pink-shade lizard face profile looking at rebmevoN on the B-Side of the “Dark Side of The Moon”, just in case you FORGOT who Pink was, and same as it Eva’ Was, the fak remains the same, it’s that dirty-old aging cajun mix between a Gray and a little gator, James Carville.

Now, across the Gulf of México from the Louisiana Swamps (Orleans, Fr.) in Tabasco, the Olmecas thought of the relief on the face of the moon as a ‘rabbit’ but as the pink moon close-up clearly reveals, the big’ol James Car Vile reptilian profile-looking face is there. The ears that which are, “supposedly” a wascaly wabbit doing a backflip is actually, Car Vile’s little gecko-like body.

It’s right D.A.R.E. in plain sight for all to see. Behold, motherfuckers:

It’s a pink elephant in Florida.


And, Mika can Eye have that pink elephant over Perth?


Petete Pedotes, featuring Gumbi

Who needs FOX News when it’s all Greek to Marc.


The Truth about Elon Musk… Musk is a fucking lizard Man like that Car Vile guy.

Don’t forget the Ca-Junes-ese 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎


So, yeah… Marc pinned the hammer on Piggly wiggly. Marc’s segue into the Pelosi affaire in San Francisco, California, might just be the runner-up to this year’s edition of the Alanis MorriSète Award.

… ∞

ARTE – RETA… I’m your Huckleberry {and} that is no Bull³

How to bury a lead.

Still to FLY, “La Golondrina”… with musical guest:


Arvide – derivA… Detalles, mena’More sin conocerla.

It’s a long Güey to The Top…

³~. That is actually an i grec in French, and ARTE,  that is no 🐂, ask the WaWa man ♒.

¡Pregúntame! y si gustas, hasta te acomodo en dibujos animados.

The Lives of Others en un Airbnb…

That DARE there Λ is the 11th letter in Greek alphanumeric Logic {or} a Wavelenght if youse into Wikipedia. In any case scenario if you knew Mí back in my “cotton-pickin’ picker” days, that was the first constellation that caught my Eye, even before the obvious Dippers.

https ://youtube .com /watch? v=mztaLaZgM1U &feature =youtu.be

Deer, Alex d’Util (punto y coma) “desorientado” tu chingado TANGO!!!

¹~. For context, Mexico City is prospecting the possibility of allowing one of the “collaborators” of the KIDNAPPING, TORTURE, and CONSEQUENTIAL MURDER of Enrique Camarena (a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent), the possibility to rent his girlfriend’s apartments to FRENCH cyber-nomads.

How to bury a lead… ask the Unesco à Paris.

…. so, for the Record ⏺️ mister, señor, présidente de La “chingada” Francia, cualquier parecido with the MAL PRÁCTICA on Albertine Sarrazine’s kidneys à Saint-Roch en Montpellier, is not a far reach from what The Paris Préfecture and your Bendito Tribunal hizo conmigo, no es ninguna chingada coincidencia. ¡Viva México, cabrón!.


55 + 4, is Arabic for the LV + IV {or} Louis Vuitton + Four (Billion)

Bolsas desde El Rubicon

And, Governor De Santis, sorry if i placed a space between that “de” and whatever the fuck SANTIS means, Eye knows that you ain’t no motherfucking SAINT; anyhow, here’s a little HIStory lesson for your STUPID constituents in FLORIDA.

Entre Lula y Bolsonaro hay un MALO… no se vaya, el Sazón de GOYA le da sabor a la SOPA de Camarón de Anthony Bourdain en París… no relation to KAISERSBERG, Kay.

Background information behind BAMBALINAS, the current president of México got his first political “gig” from a CIA employee in LOS PINOS, Chapultepec.

Trou story, I don’t know what it is about “soft dictators” and yatchs, but most importantly, soft dictators and THE GULF of MEXICO (1968). Long story short, the decision to annihilate the STUDENTS at La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas en La Ciudad de México, was made from a yatch floating just outside VERACRUZ.

TBC… Öüï is out of credit.

Cinéma Ré El follows.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/03/02 /politica /bartlett-confia-en-morenistas-para-aprobacion-de-reforma-electrica/

And, Mr. Conway, please relay to Mrs. Kellyanne that Señor Bartlett’s mistresses TRUST that morena-francia will approve of “HER” appartments and of course, “HER” Mercedes-es.

And, Andrea Mitchell (aka, THEE “fed’s Wife”) i don’t know if Mika’s mom raised her, {as her, hayseed-weed—Gizzard-eating-significant Number Two says} in a motherfucking BARN. Eye means, or what Öüï is trying to relay, is that ARMANDO SEGOVIA would not have cut your reporting off on account of HER Mercedes-es parts and accessories KNOT being shipped from MOTHER RUSSIA… “Oh, the humanity”… by default, ZEPPELIN goes here, on an ALL TRANSISTOR RADIO (rip).

https ://www .republicworld .com /amp /world-news /russia-ukraine-crisis /mercedes-benz-suspends-russia-exports-and-production-amid-putins-invasion-of-ukraine-articleshow .html

Cinéma RéAL en LA CFE
starring John Mill Ackerman as:
El mejor “AMIGO » de Mélenchon en FRANCIA

“Más lotes para vender, más casas, más comercios, más departamentos y… más dinero para el especulador y el inversionista, pero también más gente, más coches y menos agua, insuficiente drenaje y pésima vialidad.4

🎶 Satellite… Peeping Tom for the Mother station…

MARIO PANI en los 90’s.
Musical Track: The Dave Matthews Banda
… Bola de grifos.

Question directed to the “apparent” Democratic party candidate:

Sir, if elected, will you prosecute your opponent, President Donald John Trump for a long list of negligence, and corruption?


Four more deaths!

Four more deaths! Four more deaths! Four more deaths! .::. 8375C4F7-32F2-42BE-BC13-97FBCDBA6B76 🔚

Will you behave in the same fashion, as the current Mexican president who pardoned the behavior and long–track record of corruption of politicians in his cabinet, including one with ties to the torturing and murder of a D.E.A. Agent in the mid–1980’s?

… por ejemplo, Mr. Biden, meet: ¡BROZO!

¡BROZOOOOO! con una Chin–Gada.

¿BROZO, en dónde estás cabrón? ¡BROZO!

And just like his neighbor to the North, who at the beginning of his first year in office made a statement of unity, which he did not keep, el presidente de Brozo made a very insightful declaration that every Mexican citizen (except el wüapito*, Carlitos Loret de Mola) knew, and which now he cannot see, and/or know about .::. 7589499D-919F-4ED2-B56F-D73BAE8C0A69 🚂✈️⚾️ ¡PLAYBOL!!! —_•!•_— https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gcjjps /el_presidenteo_es_cómplice_o_se_hace_de_la_vista/

* Washington Post columnist, W.H.O. coincidentally collaborated with a KNOWN  Minister of The Interior (Secretaia de Gobernación) that used his position of power to WORK with Drug Traffickers and kidnappers like La Banda de Florence Cassez.

Mira, pinche Brozo, antes de que te ponga unas cachetadas, —¡por payaso, q’eres!— cabrón, Eye FOist have to address Garret Haike W.H.O. is speaking (without his Mortal Kombat mask) at The Hill.

Garrett!!! GARRETT! To quote Matilda’s Favorite son, “Show some respect,” Andrea Mitchell is working 24 for Mr. Fed and you show up to work out of uniform. C’mon, Garrett, get with the Program.

It's Mexican Independence They!!!

And over at the Redneck Riviera, it’s Mexican Independence Day! .::. E0B5EAB2-FDCF-4F12-A642-7B34C3BE4467 ⛱🏖🤧🚑🏥⚰️🦠🚬

Y de paso, méndigo cachetón, Eye is going to Ketch-up! Get it? With an observance from Yesterday May3, anyhow, Licenciado (con mayúscula, porque aunque su camarada Vero no lo crea, nos cae bien… pinche botijón) today on May4 we observe the Rise of Mayan king Bird Jaguar IV Also Known As “Willie Geist*” of Yaxchilan in modern-day Chiapas, which used to be GUATEMALA, before Porfirio Díaz assumed the presidential trone, also known as “la silla presidencial”… así que para responder la pregunta de Ricardo Arjona, en su rola “Si el Norte fuera el Sur”, se me hace, pinche Brozo que Sam Houston nos quedaría del tamaño de uno de los rocanroleros y paisanos de Carlos Loret de Mola: Los Baby’s.

* Because Willie Geist is more human than human, of course.

Deer, Nick Confessore* — part ii of iii

* Deer, Nick, please say hellooooooo! To professor John Mill Ackerman’s bread–winner; for the record, just like SCOTUS (justice⁉️) John Roberts, but in the role of an MEXICAN CORRUPTION INVESTIGATOR, she (Mrs. Sandoval de Ackerman) heard all of the facts (and known evidence) of Manuel Bartlett’s irregularities, including the witnessing of a D.E.A. undercover agent’s torture and subsequent murder at the Hands of DIEGO LUNA’s made–for–TV cousin, —el CARO sobrino de, “un hombre fuera de SERIE; alegre y apasionado” — mejor conocido como el señor, Lamberto Quintero.

Yespor Eso Que

Yiesporesou Que .:. 727A6C19-77BF-4B7C-BDEC-945F3BE8145B —_•!•_— … [P]reviously on: López Obrador is stoking CORRUPTION, not fighting it; part ii of a Translation in INTERpretation excercise:  The head of Lopez Obrador’s political party (Citlali Ibáñez Camacho*) claims to havemade an accounting errorwhen filing her 2013 taxes, one that saved her $850,000(4in the process.

But F.O.ist, the REAL POLES¹ are relaying info from Satellites in Ay–Oh–Gua
… Oh, the humanity.

Teflon Don

Teflon Don .:. E5A88E63-233F-4331-9740-9490599307BF 🍌


[1] A real Polish person (Steve Kornacki) and not a fake wannabe Communist Bourgeois, such as “the”  EX -president of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s political CULT: https ://en .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Yeidckol_

[4]. La cabeza del partido político de López Obrador (Yiedckol Polevnski*) afirma haber “cometió un error contable” al presentar sus impuestos de 2013, uno que le ahorró $850,000(4) en el proceso. El presidente mexicano, hizo uso de su borrador mágico y solventó la hipocresía con el clásico: ahora sí, a partir de este “error legal” la valona con los de la casa se acabó.

La Valona: a favor; or, as the very French from Brussels —en Perros Bravos, Nuevo Lyon— say, “Hook me up“.

SUSAN COLLINS en: La Valona de Trump

SUSAN COLLINS en: La Valona de Trump. La historia detrás de “El Gran Favor”.

Deer, Nick Confessore — Say, Helloooooo! To John Mill Ackerman

Señor, Nick:

Please give my regards to Bloomberg, and please cut back on the “Cough Medicine”, you know damn well that you are not foolin’ that D.A.R.E. Purple Pundit, eh! So just go ahead and go F.U.L.L. Brokaw.

La Mafia de Macuspana

La mafia de Macuspana .:. 074CC4E3-A547-4F3E-B3FE-22B2E4C12B61 — Translation courtesy of a most non–Consequential CALIFORNIAN Vibration: … [B]ut members of his inner circle seem prone to wrongdoing. Electricity sector head Manuel Bartlett failed to report nearly two dozen luxury homes (1he owns in Mexico City worth more than $40 million. Senator NapoleónNapitoGómez Urrutia, a former labor leader, now travels by private jet (2), while his son posts YouTube videos of his Mercedes, Porsches, Land Rovers and other luxury cars (3). And despite his son’s lack of professional experience, he’s jumping into the mining and energy businesses, economic sectors that his father oversees. The head of Lopez Obrador’s political party (Citlali Ibáñez Camacho*) claims to have “made an accounting error” when filing her 2013 taxes, one that saved her $850,000 (4in the process.

For the record, Gin is odorless when it mixes with human taste buds, so have at it, this is NOW the AGE of go’ahead: smoke’EM if you got’EM.

[1]. Propenso a Irregularidades

Official OBServer

Official OBServer .:. 4181D71B-D808-4E5C-95C4-2020F9FCA51C 🧶 “… [E]l jefe del sector eléctrico Manuel Bartlett no reportó casi dos docenas de casas de lujo (1) que posee en la Ciudad de México por valor de más de $40 millones.”

Trollie McTroll

PS.: Deer, Nick; please be advised that following last night’s expected virtual blow-job to the Virtual Monarch (isn’t it IRONIC; Stanley Kubrick) of them United States of america, Senator Gómez Urrutia’s translation will appear later in the Programming on part ii of: Deer, Nick Confessore – Say helloooooo to John Mill Ackerman’s bread winner. TimeNow, High-Noon of the morning after 5 de febrero) Mexican Constitution Day at CAPITOL HILL