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That’s not a Llama, Gumby! That’s a fucking GUACAMAYA, and you can double check THIS fact with Pablo Gleason, cousin of course of Miguel, the only Mexican in France allowed to write about MEXICANS ABROAD, and brother to the greatest Torero en Saltillo, Coahuila, y en Merida Yucatán, “El Glison”.

The chapel of the Pétètes | Ecrins National Park (ecrins-parcnational.fr)

My first Vernissage.

It checks out, pinches petetes son muñequitos de Piedra en una tal porte de La Chapelle… for context, to avoid getting an OTQF from the préfecture a Cité in 2014, all that I, Armando Segovia, had to do was give up the names of my sources, both here and in Mexico. 

Who knows, maybe if I had listened to Raphaël Moran, Pablo Gleason and el mono with the “PEPITO” hat below, jaraneando in a NICHO of anygiven banlieu parisina, pues a lo mejor [SoFy Belascoarán] ahorita sería también un HARTISTA en FRANCIA!!! como los integrantes de la Banda del Carro Lleno de La Embajada de México en la rue Longchamps.

El Charrito Pemex, con beca del CoNaCyT en la Comisión Federal de Electricidad y Bienes Raíces de Manuel Bartlett Díaz. Uso Justo de todos los GAMBI y los Petetes también. COPYLEFT, but not the Mexican LEFT, porque se ENOJA la Mujer de Nicolas.

Manuel Bartlett Díaz — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Not to be outdone by DAVID GUETTA, French ghetto artist and Llama lover, GAMBI (Gumby) joined forces with a former JARANERO from the JUANITO GUANAVACOA ranks at the NARCO CONSULATE SECTION of the Mexican Embassy in the 2eme Arrondisement to bring you a new vision in future FANDANGOS at the MEXICO HOUSE, inside of the perimeter of Cité Universitaire de Paris at the 14eme Arrondisement en GenTilly, laced with la porte d’Orleans in la FRANCE.

de mexicanos en fandangos de FRANCIA

¡Mesa, mesa, mesa al que más aplauda! Con ustedes, el hijo a-francesado de Juanito Guanabacoa en Francia, knot the one from CANADA: ALAN GARCÍA, no relation to the Peruvian ex-president who, par hasard, is also a Llama lover.

Yup, that’s an eight!

Any how, never mind that pink-shade lizard face profile looking at rebmevoN on the B-Side of the “Dark Side of The Moon”, just in case you FORGOT who Pink was, and same as it Eva’ Was, the fak remains the same, it’s that dirty-old aging cajun mix between a Gray and a little gator, James Carville.

Now, across the Gulf of México from the Louisiana Swamps (Orleans, Fr.) in Tabasco, the Olmecas thought of the relief on the face of the moon as a ‘rabbit’ but as the pink moon close-up clearly reveals, the big’ol James Car Vile reptilian profile-looking face is there. The ears that which are, “supposedly” a wascaly wabbit doing a backflip is actually, Car Vile’s little gecko-like body.

It’s right D.A.R.E. in plain sight for all to see. Behold, motherfuckers:

It’s a pink elephant in Florida.


And, Mika can Eye have that pink elephant over Perth?


Petete Pedotes, featuring Gumbi

Who needs FOX News when it’s all Greek to Marc.


The Truth about Elon Musk… Musk is a fucking lizard Man like that Car Vile guy.

Don’t forget the Ca-Junes-ese 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎


So, yeah… Marc pinned the hammer on Piggly wiggly. Marc’s segue into the Pelosi affaire in San Francisco, California, might just be the runner-up to this year’s edition of the Alanis MorriSète Award.

… ∞

A KnowN Record… In The Name Of Love

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s high noon. In Central Europe it’s already too late.

For the record, The Foreign Mexican Service agents are “career professionals” and they keep the chain of succession, in a thing called « La Catafixia », ask Xavier López “Chabelo” in The Family.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/04/03 /politica /mexicana-no-sera-castigada-por-denunciar-abuso-sexual-en-qatar/

En contexto for the good people at La Sorbonne, and points in between, it all started before Su Serenísima Alteza,  El excelentísimo Carlos de Icaza, walked out on the FRENCH PROCLAMATION of February 6, 2011, which established the ☀️ Semaine de l’Amérique latine et les Caraïbes at the IHEAL {or} some institution comme ça.

Ketch Up 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼🏃rue des Victoires 🃏🛼

I, Armando Segovia/Armando serrano-PRIETO, reckon that had that snub from Mr. de Icaza not taken place, LOS AMIGOS DE MÉXICO EN FRANCIA, responsible for the arrondissement-level ORGANIGRAMME du les capos de événements (such as the film and other spectacles that supposedly represent the vision of LA COLONIA ROMA en el extranjero) would not have reacted like the character of FELICIA ALDEN in the WITCHES OF EASTWICK (1987), at the sight of Daryl Van Horn in the vicinity of their precious “cultural events”.

With regards to the Paris Marathon, FLORENCE CASSEZ kidnapped La GO’ill de Niza… on account of this event, Öüï is going to skip a Maverick episode, more specific, the one about The Third Rider.

Earlier in the They, it only took Five hours!!!

Across the street from Polandia in Ucraniaville no pasa nada.

GO HOME, Duke!!!

Never mind the accidents… here comes the “incidents”.


“Y ya no seas tan puta*”, aconseja cónsul a mexicana agredida en Qatar

Live Local News

Behold, fuckers!
It’s another edition of Coq Fight’s at Emmaüs…
Sponsored by THEE Melle. PITCH AWARDS in Châtelet.

https ://www .marianne .net /politique /gouvernement /gerald-darmanin-veut-revoquer-le-policier-qui-a-insulte-une-victime-dune-agression-sexuelle


Smoke Alarm at Gallieni

At 17h40 in CET, THE Bel Est métro stop {M3} decided to take a Smoke break.

Meanwhile at the daily Mexican presidential State of the Union address, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a known baseball fanatic, touched on the 100 lashes and 7-year prison sentence which TAINTED the “carrera” of a career-professional in THE INSTITUTION:

El cónsul Luis Ancona is TONE-DEAF… but throws a heck of a PITCH, which is why he is at the MOUND in BOLIVIA.

You probably think that Eye selects the themes of the THEY… and AVI VELSHI, nevermind what the Random Penguin and his little banned book says, worry about the books that will never be …

https ://saladeprensa .sre .gob .mx /index .php /comunicados-de-sala-de-prensa-global /4313 -embamex-fra

https ://wradio .com .mx /programa /2022/02/16 /el_weso /1644987854_599316 .html

I did tell you all that they don’t care. Now, to be fair, I can’t be for certain that, el Serenísimo cónsul mexicano en Qatar, Luis Ancona, le HAYA dicho eso allá, a Paola Schietekat, pero viéndolo desde mi cobertura EXCLUSIVA del Segundo Congreso de Mexicanos en Europa (2014) no me queda la menor duda que los diplomáticos DE CARRERA en México se conporten de otra manera, en sus mentes LA SECRETARIA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES es independiente “del pueblo”, ellos son DE CARRERA por el nepotismo aristocrático que los mantiene rotando posiciones en LA ONU, LA OCDE, la unesco, y por supesto, en LA PREFECTURA DE PARIS.

Previously on Lune (p.435) — who are “the” Watchmen?

— When they have those Sunday afternoon jam sessions, with Chuck Todd.

Live from The Penthouse

… [D]ispensers. Eye loves PEZ®️ dispensaries and M.A.S.H. Units. .:. 77F74D2F-E182-4C83-B24F-045206252D79 •|• Live from the Puget Sound (radio) Penthouse.

They have 500 hundred 82 million 322 billion Saxophones wailing at one time [on the Hollywood Bowl].

… we now return to our Local Tour Guide, at la rue Lune:


Rótulos… .:. E1D01862-D771-4F06-8ABC-E230250EC8EC •|• So, Moon Street in Paris, France, was not necessarily named after our very own NatSat, which The All–In Guy from ChiKAgo, openly despises, (look it up, it’s in the Archives –p.44) but rather for the sign on top of one of TWO establishments, which the Very French call in a Speak–Easy tone, “Tolerance House” for the lonely hearts club band. Not to be confused with Heartbreak Hotel, which happens to be located located on page 517. Anygüey, la rue Lune existe en Paris, desde 1632.

It’s the year of the Woman,
y para
El Recuerdo de mis viejas putas“…
o algo así; la cosa fue de que:
a prostitute got her wings
—today in France.

In just a few days

In just a few days” .:. 598AA542-3762-4AA8-AE9D-B4329952AA03 •€• The last paragraph on this particular news-byte states that, “in just a few days a now motherless 3–year old who will be celebrating his 4th birthday.” •|• Meanwhile, at the Second Congress of Mexican Associations in Europe (2015) there is a TAPE where the Mexican Consul belittled and poked fun at women with similar circumstances as the victim of this screen-grab. Look it up!

PAGE 606…
However, dearest Marianne
before Eye continues,
that we [the staff] do not,
Eye repeats, DO NOT
select « des Rues »
öüï just walk the streets
and lay the trajectory as
we see it dealt.

Impasse Putigneux

Page 606, Impasse Putigneux, a un costado de El Memorial de La Shoah .:. 39CD85C5-ECB3-4528-9BDD-2D2B6518B1FD _–•¡•–_ PUTI•GNEUX es una contracción de PUTA y TIÑOSO o AGRESIVO, según las disculpas de Mr. Bernard Stéphane en el diccionario de las calles de París (Éditions Mengès), dos palabras que designaran “perfectamente” la actividad más vista en ese lugar en el siglo XIV, cabe mencionar, agrega Mr. Stéphane que hoy en día, el callejón Putigneux no es frecuentado más que por pura gente que “La Moral Oficial” califica de respetables.

Va por ti, amigo
Ramón Quintana “Woodstock”…
“Si yo fuera Mujer”
Patxi Andión
(Muerte al violador
premio a la infidelidad)


La Cage Aux Folles:
https ://www .proceso .com.mx/612314/el-poder-cantor-de-patxi-andion-1947-2019

https: //en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ Memories_of_My_Melancholy_Whores

GONE! — ¡A Salvar A Tu Chingada Madre!

Saving Mexico.

… y de paso, Sr. Peña, me saluda a su Cónsul Peyorativa, y a todas las ovejitas asociativas del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia.

Armando Serrano Prieto


Año de Hidalgo, 2018… el mono es cortesía de Rictus, en una chingadera que se llama El Financiero, o algo así. •—_¡_—•  Enrique, ¡este es un PUTO uso de todos los Putos medios, eh!

15 de septiembre, 2018
we [the staff] never thought that we’d make it this far.
It’s 3 a.m. in Central Europe Time…
de paso; at 3:01…
que Chingue a su Madre Donald Trump,

¿Por qué, el llamado « Año de México en Francia » amerita una lápida en el recorte?

…pues, ora verán: