El proceso de una metamorfosis en Francia… Y que chingue a su madre Raphaël Moran y rfi

It’s back to National Sports They, starring “La Rentrée y La Polaka”.


And, David French, fuck you and Donnie Deutsch, —también, and here is why:

“I’ll have the Avocado Roll Anguille with kimchi jjigae on the side, extra spicy, por favor.

Well… Öüï now knows who gave koalas thier syphilitic signature, eh! It was Éléonore’s escapades to the Pacific “Chinese” Theater in Hollywood’s China Town.


— Who, who actually listens to The Sounds of White Noise other than Anthrax junkies? Who Donnie Deutsch? Who?

Heck, Donnie Deutsch, you son of a bitch! If you had listened to Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, you’d known that Louis Pasteur obliterated a.m. static noise, all those years ago. You son of a bitch!

https ://www .imdb .com /title /howard-johnson /characters

God Damned Sushi is a Cult money maker for the Moonies! You eat sushi and you support a CULT, Donnie Deutsch§… you can’t subparagraph the CULTS on the Morning Mika Show, you BASTERD!!!

https ://www .theknowledge .com /2021/11/19 /the-moonies-made-america-love-sushi/

And one more paragraph, Donnie Deutsch, you motherfucker!!! When you eat sushi you also support the 2nd Ammendment freaks on the Fly Fishing Tournament of Rednecks §§§

Call Me “JUSTIN” mister TRUMP

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Kook-jin_Moon

Tattoo That on your EWE, and on Eleanor Roosevelt’s Bulldyke’s forearm!


A fresh WASHINGTON TIMES logo on that stupid billboard that your mirror-image identifies as a forehead, —you son of a bitch!


Any how, David French from the NYT, now that mister Madisonian Avenue Deutsch is out of the guey, here is why you and the promoters of Jim Caviezel’s latest conspiracy fiction (The NYT movie review) can go fuck yourselves:

but mostly because you look like a Smurf™️, David French. Are you sure that your headphones are not from the Republic of Brussels! Van Damme, It!.

When Newton throws you an apple, you produce The Beatles, silly.


* Sorry if I misspelt your name Rafael, el más puto de Los Ángeles junto con su apóstol Pablo 🍀.

But first, Local News 📰

Thanks For Going ARMY


Aussie, thanks, Obamas. The both of Ewes.

Deer, LORDE!!! … Get off that Horse, Kerschovas

In Paris, Denisa Kerschovas went Mid-Evil on Tim (not That One, Burton):

Uneaten cupcakes with the Batman logo could still be seen on the ground inside police tape hours after the shooting.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)… I told y’all that it would be in Burton’s style, –ask Hombres G.


An starring as El Hingenioso Idalgo, in Le Mans de La Mancha (urbana), Denisa Kerschovas… back then they just call Em# sacks, Jeffrey.


Happiness is a warm gun 🙃

This of course if you are new to this diatribe, is an INTER°MISSION for a Memorial in Texas and a reminder that with the support of ELON MUSK, the Brooklyn Bridge can be the beautiful bridge to a better CHINESE DEMOCRACY on both sides of the ATLANTIC… heck, we’ll have that Ken Burns motherfucker shoot a pretentious documentary for the Sacre Beaubourg, as the good people on the MorJo Show catch-up to our YESTERDAY triangulation with FLORENCE en la LUNA of ARTS et MÉTIERS (Métro Line 3 and 11) during our one-güey communication ex-change with Satan’s lover, the one and only, Senator Claire McCaskill³… look it up, it’s under the tag, “Lucifer”

And oh, the impetus of Susana Poveda@ fip dot Mingus Mangos Mandas para Mando, who knot to be outdone by the Disneyland Tokio 🗼, she rolled out her word Kamasutra on-air.

Eye will tell Ewe this, though … Audio with Musk smells like a demagogic possession “BATMAN”… are you gonna eat that cup cake?

³~. https ://www .nytimes .com /2023/05/24 /nyregion /brooklyn-bridge140years.html

Originally posted on 21/09/21… pleased to meet you, hope Ewe guessed my métier in Arts. It’s a High School Diploma from the University of Texas at El Paso. Goooooo, Miners.

And, Susana PUBeda… NO INSISTAS!!! Mí Cucharón belongs to Natalie Piole… hang on, NAT_A_LIE… gotta’ juxtapose the motherfucking humanity on the Knews. Hang on, womaN, i’m coming.

School shooter asks for mercy from life sentence; teacher, principal want him to stay in prison, period!

Jeffrey Collins
May 23, 2023

https ://apnews .com /article /townville-school-shooting-jesse-osborne

Eye saved Willie Geist — And Mika Don’t Care

Over at The Rainbow Lounge, Está FANIA Rhules, she just invented a new alphabet and the letter AITCH just got promoted to number Eleven.

🌬️ 5 d’Enero 2023…

I’ve Seen That Movie, AUSSIE… En París, FRANCIA, ya es el Día de La Rosca, pero en HILO, HAWAII, allá en Hilo, sigue siendo el CREPÚSCULO del 6 d’Enero, SIN ALOHA, and Alex WaWa… Please relay to Ali Vitali that the 9th letter in CASTELLANO, es decir, la ache, is always MUDA, unless the THIRD-letter (SEE) precedes, it!, Period



A fellow member at The place Where Évry body knows your name had this thought a few, Theys, ago:

Can’t We All Just Get a Bike?… with a bag of bazooka 🌬️ bubble 💨 gum in the 🧺.

User 1:

1781American Revolutionary War: Richmond, Virginia, is burned by British naval forces led by former American general 🇺🇸 Benedict Arnold 🇬🇧.

— An intelligent person is someone who surrounds himself with stupid people who will do the work and he will be the one who takes the credit, the gifts or the money.

1822 – The government of Central America (🍌 ANCHURIA 🍌) votes for total annexation to the First Mexican Empire.

~. In this particular user’s universe women don’t have or deserve a place in the hierarchical structure.

El intel y, gente. — AND in WASHINGTON, D.C. today is NATIONAL BIRD THEY, and to celebrate, an opportunist WARhol, helps a black bird help Campbell’s 🥫 Soup stock. Profitez, motherfuckers, profitez.

User 2:
—What you are describing, my friend, is an ‘opportunist’, and not necessarily an intelligent person.


This is Why Eye, hates the ‘Sixties’ and Eric Clapton, but especially Campbell’s 🥫 Soup.

HEIL Hydro 🧬 genes 🧬!!!

LoREM ipSUM Groundhog They


MARA 📰 GAY: anybody can bring up SONNY BONO, but Eye keeps reminding you bums at the Babylon II Times, show your connections to THE BACON, “Babe”.

By the time The Sun Comes Up, dhu, dhu, dhu 🌬️🍌 Shequi Tita.

Do your homework, bitches:

—1994 – Tip O’Neill, American lawyer and politician, 55th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1912)

A¹, B², C³, CH, D⁵, E⁶, F⁷, G, H⁹ 

~. Eye ⛷️ Got 🌲 Ewe 💀, Cher.

—1998 – Sonny Bono, American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and politician (b. 1935)

And, Alicia Menéndez… Eye is SIRIUS and Ewe, of all calle (🙊) ocho Marielitas (🦇) de La House that Bacardi built knows that en 🇪🇸 Castellano 🇪🇸, the letter 💃🏻 aitch 💃🏻  is number NINE, number NINE, number nine ♾️


Ketching-up with Wallace… Say my name

Per your request, Ladies in Gemini ♊ Eye bring Ewe, the Q~vo, cabrones, told y’all that the Cue is knot 🪢 what Ewe thinks, D.A.T. IT!, is son… ask the Redd Fox, “Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth.”

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /quincy-jones-give-me-the-q

This is totally unrelated to Kier Simmons’ grief. Seriously. I’m Sirius and are you are knot 🪢.

How conVENNient, Évry body wants to be a Spearhead. Meanwhile at The Louvre, LADY BALANCE is on VACATION.

… And Justice For All (1979)

Say hello to my little friend

Al Pacino.

Nothing can save you
Justice is lostjustice is raped, justice is gone


The Cloak Room

The ultimate in vanity
Exploiting their supremacy
I can’t believe the things you say
I can’t believe
I can’t believe the price you pay
Nothing can save you

https ://www .metallica .com /songs /song-34650 .html

Oh, hey, Nicolle… ha’bout that, remember when you used to scream at your teleprompter, “delete your account!”, Eye knows, Eye knows, your recommendation was directed at the then candidate Donald John Trump, but are you going to continue to deny that your Google monkees came to this blog to get you Amp’d up?


Öüï knows, Öüï knows, allow me to explain, IT!, to Katie Benner. It all started with Joe Scarborough when he found a nude sketch of Mika smoking in “the boys room”, indeed. Fast ⏩ too, to to they, and the “dark web” consultant on the Peacock’s payroll who is describing the new MAGA mouvement outreach on the inner webs as a musical review of Gregorian Chants, or something like a church service led by David Icke and the abominable beer gut.

And pundit, if you are in on the JOKE, like the Dépôt bureau at the Cité Préfecture, then you might remember what I told the people close to me before the Ayotzinapa students incident… happened at the Gate de Lyon:

~. Some might say it looks 🚂 like a high-speed 🚬 low-drag 🕳️ train ‡‡‡‡ station .

If I write ✍️ my stuff before the Election I am going to give political opportunists a playbook on how to troll the opposition. 

So, no, Cerf-panthère (i know that you copypasta today’s horoscope while thinking of Mí) it’s not like that, and i am definitely not trying to keep my project a secret, the Administration of Manuel Valls did.

Αny hoot 🦉… if your name is Sergio Ávalos y usted es el líder del Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana en el mes de febrero del 2012 (en La cocina del Salón Juárez en La Casa de México en Cité Universitaire de Paris 75014) then you might recall when Pedro from ENSENADA and his lover Mauro, mocked me, Armando Segovia, for suggesting that among one my lines of questioning, WAS the cult-like fervor of the Mexican protests in France, against EVERY body that was not a Javier Sicilia or Andrés Manuel López OBRADOR supporter in EUROPE. Don Ávalos…

¡Bola de putos!

Here’s the rest of that chapter at the Desk of the bureau of Stephanie Menou’s [👮] supervisor BRUNO³ at the Préfecture de Cité 75001 and 04, but Évry body among the stars knows that is the Cité, is the Cradle of Paris, known as L°U°T°E°C°E°

³~. Officer Bruno would not tell me his name during our titre du séjour renewal interviews, but Dr. Johanne Poisson MD of the Geriatric school of nurses at Marie et Pierre Curie section of The IHEAL does, in fact there is a paper trail of that exchange (via e-mails) which were logged on the system on the day after the Ayotzinapa students and a little league soccer team was gunned down in Iguala, cradle of the Mexican Independence mouvement for Criollos y Criollas de l’ Ancien Régime de La Nueva España, —hoy Le Mexique.



It was about THYME! Brother, Brian!

Fire and crackers, Seattle Edition.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /Seattle /comments /gv0ru3 /this_is_the_moment_it_all_happened/

AirLand Battle change 3
Eminence FRONT

Eminence FRONT .::. E315F474-DF5D-4F82-BCDF-4931F4E2CC11 🥋It’s a Put ON! —_”¡”_— WHO is on FOist? AirLand Battle on the HomeLand Streets, that’s W.H.O.

It was Twenty Years ago today, when Dr. Cornell West showed his face. Now if Chomsky is allowed on the stage, then we will know that The Nation will be spared… shoes are optional, according to Old Flat Top.

Over at the Seth Meyers set, Michael Che is making a movie… for the Playboy Channel.

Meanwhile over at burner N°2:

Chocolate wheels - Cuéntale las muelas a Cantinflas

Chocolate wheelsCuéntale Las Muelas a Cantinflas .::. 15BFA88A-DA28-4F27-BCC3-82D3549898FD 🚘 Dear, John Mill Ackerman it’s too bad you don’t have Keyleigh McEnany’s cute sexy ass, Eye means… you sure are one fuckable propagandists 🚙 “Luxury vehicles” mis pelotas, —John Mill Ackerman— more like Salvaged vehicles a.k.a., NAFTA’s vehicular consolation prize for the extinct Mexican middle class”.

¡Oiga usted, mi profesor! no me levante la voz, because aquí y en China (Nuevo León), “I’m Your Huckleberry”, Chato.

https ://www .elsiglodetorreon .com .mx /noticia /1474662 .onappafa-se-une-a-morena .html

TimeStamp: 11h45 in Central NATO Times

Here's your visual

Mr. president… here’s your Visual, ya’CUNT! .::. C59892DC-45D4-433F-9C3B-327E3ECF41E7 🖕🏾 For the visually impaired, Donald John Trump has a throat tumor in the shape of a mini donald john trump bending over and spreading his cheeks, quite noticeable is a dangling mushroom-shaped penis and a pair of tiny Chinchilla nuts.

Deer, John Meacham, is D.A.T. a Gulf of Cortéz map? Or are you just happy 2–SEA–MÍ‽

Thing ONE: Dear, Early Jaz… wanna know when it Ends? Wait For thing Three, and please stop crossing your ARMS, you make feel like a pervert, Eye likes porn but not the kind that you think.

Anyhow, Professor West, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog is that your colleagues at The Nation and, especially Professor John Mill Ackerman and all of his “beautiful” in–laws working for the federal Mexican government, —from the beautiful Sea of Cortéz (La Rumorosa) to el hermoso Istmo de Tehuantepec (Gulf of México, casi esquina con « el 🚂-tren•e•cito » de La Riviera Maya) is that Katrina Vanden Huevel won’t read, IT! And neither will you… But the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, Home to the Picpus “square” where @therealLafayette lays, probably will, because in due-time The President of that Court will get a BING translated copy of this riff. It’s part of the process… K?

Grand Paris No. 2367 — Mardi 5 Fev… REIR

Meanwhile, at les pompi’s krew, perplexed crossroads crossed paths in different dimensions.

Sure:C138B48F-63C3-4DD7-9A3C-BF30C2D2B270•—•This living mirror is proof that ÖÜÏ, the staff, are not vampires. This Mirror, or the motherfucking ” Réflection cybernétique” is a data base in progress at the Forum des Images, level –3 (That’s a minus sign, because we are in purgatory level minus Three). Now, in the MGMT’s own conception of the explication “dedans-dehors”: are part of the day by day images captured from passer-bys, which in turn create what the motherfucking French call, “behavioral artwork”, which they (the motherfucking MGMT) claim that it is influenced by the motherfucking weather and the god-damned Air Quality that reacts to the crowds and (dig this) interacts (Ha, ha!!!) with the users; Maaaaaan, Eye tell’ya, —and Media-motherfucking-Part knows that this ain’t no Jive… as a bonus track, this distraction has it’s own theme music and it’s pretty fucking awesome. — Here motherfuckers, take my S.O.U.L.

Out of the bleu. We [the staff] do not chose the cards.

Page 4.
How does it feel to BEE so Abnegados,
mis aquilatados pompiers,
and yet tener que chambear entre
Tendencias Inquietantes
y lo pior:
Agresiones de víctimas en apuros

This SEGMENT IS BEING SPONSORED BY: la nuit de KIF:012EE5C1-D842-458E-83BE-7CF6F8E62070

ÖnË just plays like they Play U2.

Evidence of La Cité:E1B109EC-DFB1-4436-9E20-5E1EDC86D6F8

Really, Siren, you have the Gall to ask for Evidence?
Well, we [the staff] don’t know how to put it.
Or, where to begin, but for starters, if you give US $150 euros via the VISA center, we’ll let you play Gestapo/Stassy and for good measure even FRAME THE motherfucking process for yo’slippery tail.

Source, Process and the Beat follows. Then ÖÜÏ play motherfucking HARDBALL, BITCHES.

Ahhhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhhjhhcvhhrdfypkgdfiykhnzjfsjfdlhfpjfkhflhfpuflydlf and fho.

F646D7BC-38AA-486B-824B-E8F7735EAABF—•:•— El león no es como lo pintan.

Now, we know that ÖÜÏ [the staff] can come across as The Animals, but Baby, please—PleasE, bitch! Please don’t let Mi bee Miss–understood.

Joaquín López Doriga.

5 de febrero. DÍA de la constitución mexicana:
99 % corruption
.5 % family ties
.5 % toadyism
VIVA Carlos Romero-DesChamps

Fair use of EWE:F8D99627-7711-4A95-B60C-AFAE877BAC53


Tomorrow… Trump will be “Amarillo by morning”.

Right now, however, (mr.) Benson, it’s 19 hundred hours in Central Marvel Time.

If Ewe ever in a Dead pool… check The Beat of Your Heart.

Issy, later in the programming,
it’s Los Hermanos Carry–on…
que las Cerezas están maduras,
eso lo sé”,
lo que no sé es si Eagle Eye is hanging around La Seine, eh?