{and} Monsieur Dupond… “prise illégale d’intérêts³”, WOW! Wow.

Live from HILO, Hawaii, it’s another edition of madafakin’ PRIMETIME, featuring “Little George Strait” and his Number WAN hit! :

Straight out of Loué

Track Tú: F.A.Q. The Police (punto y coma) followed by, To They is your Birthday and tú, morro, is April FO’ist on your TRAPEZIUS.

And, Niño Luc… Stop shakin’ that ass, it’s unbecoming.

In 2015, I, Armando Segovia [two-each, if you count Armando Serrano-Prieto] was told by the boss of BRUNO and agent STEPHANIE MENOU at the dépôt section of The Paris Préfecture that no such word/concept had been INVENTED by the VERY FRENCH, yet.

Freedom just around the corner for you
But with truth so far off, what good will it do?

Raphaël Moran (rfi) was not silly. The first stop of a Paperboy in France is the newsstand at Cité.


Jokerman 6:19

Track One; Infidels (1983)

Robert Allen Zimmerman, dit Bob Dylan

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /politique /eric-dupond-moretti /soupcons-de-prise-illegale-d-interets-eric-dupond-moretti-entendu-ce-mardi-matin-par-les-magistrats-de-la-cjr _5051158.html

From the bottom of the CREATOR of the La carte de séjour « compétences et talents », Eye thanks you for finally inventing the concept of “CONFLICT of INTEREST³” in the French system. To tell you the truth, mister Minister of The Seals, it kind of made sense to me, PERSONALLY, at the time anyway; i mean, the motto is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. After all I do reckon —personally— that there is no JUSTICE in that stamp.

³.~ Archives — Immigration professionnelle.
https ://www .immigration .interieur .gouv .fr /Archives /Les-archives-du-site /Archives-Immigration /Archives-Immigration-professionnelle /La-carte-de-sejour-competences-et-talents

Know, as i was telliing BRUNO back in 2012:

I was on my way to Australia and made a pit-stop at Liberty Hall in Philadelphia, when all of a sudden, this little French-Canadian tramp got off of a Greyhound Bus coming from Quebec, this off-course happened right after the decapitation incident², in 2008. Eye was FRESH out of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

².~ https ://www .cbc .ca /news /canada /manitoba /greyhound-beheading-10th-anniversary -1.4760074


Attn: Camp… Avi Velshi is Live and he is Hungry



https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /41703-Kiss-Dynasty

Claiming that on account that he, “was born in Olympus” and proclaiming that to his father, “a son”, GENE SIMMONS bombarded Greece. The self-proclaimed “DRAGON” sealed his intentions when that son-of-a-bitch abducted HARMONIA.

Via the French translation of
Dizionario de teologia FONDA³mentale
bellARMIN/CERF; 1992.

TRACK V: Charisma
TRUE TEST, if it “was your money” [d.a.t.] bestowed “CHARISMA” upon your LANGUE, would “your money” be worth RUSSIA’s “OLD CENTS” if you had gone the way TRUMP went?

1.~ In Greek, chárisma is a substantif (noun) derived from a verb that translates to, « show generosity », however, the ‘ma’ part of “charisMA” points towards the result of AN ACTION.

Öüï does KNOT need to go beyond the FO’ist of the NÉOTESTAMENTAIRE vocabulary found in the Title Albums of KISS’ discography, take FO’instance the WO’id « créature » {and} NEVERMIND nirvana, focus on the “creature”, which is the effect of the ACTION on ktízein, which means CREATE… but don’t tell that to JOE ROGAN because you will break that stupid motherfucker’s heart on account that he believes that before “AMERICA” there were no examples of “democracies” in this nearly WELL-DONE world that we all live in.

https ://www .discogs .com /release /2429056-KissCreatures-Of-The-Night

Treating THEE snapshot of a TIME-WARP a THEY like an ALCOHOLIC treats the 12-Step program on a Runaway Train, which is by Knocking on the STANDARD MODEL bosinos DOORS {or} on thier SUPERPARTNERS universe, AKA: THEE WINOS.

A gent, eh‽ Good looking fella—that Celestial Lounge host, Eye will give HER that.

https ://wikidiff .com /alcoholic /wino

Good night.

wish i had this much confidence from confidentlyincorrect

Oh… The Humanity, Jason Soboroff is GENTRIFYING the Tent City at the Parvis of the Train Station In LvIv

And, Kelly CobiHer:

Öüï can only see a peephole of Santa Qtarina, watch this Saddle en El Cerro.

As the World turns, Öüï is going to transport our happy blog to La Sultana del Norte, where LAS BOMBAS son huastecas.

‘El Bronco’, derrière les barreaux pour crimes électoraux

¡i’Cñor! Así mismo como se dice en Perros Bravos, y dónde los cabritos son “Al Pastor” y los cabrones, —todos— tienen rebaño.

Mediate… Need you tonight.


Repent, motherfucker.

His position is that there are no poor people’s in West Virginia, only Country Rhodes hobos.


Previously on: “What’s M.O.R.E. American than Baseball and Apple Pie?”

Attention, editors; the narration of Society’s BD on this most non-consequential blog continues to correspond  to Phil McClure.


So•cie•tie .:. 8709F97A-47E8-4584-A288-CB07DFFFDC3A 📓 EFEMÉRIDES: viernes 24 de enero, 2020: Francia inventa el baloncesto, y el mundo de Le Monde descubre a una nueva especie de “sidewinder”, the French, making use of a newly installed decree that imposes the French Language as the official language (in 1794) they take it upon themselves to classify it, “The Black Mamba”; reached for comment,  Donald Trump sent his condolences to Mr. Mambo when he learnt of the tragic demise of the best baller of el tercer milenio.

… and now, it’s time to play Ketchup, or as martial artists in that “Old West Texas town of El Paso” say it: Catch-up, “Get it?”

Starring Flip Zimmerman

Starring Flip Zimmerman as “Fat Heinz Bastard” and Cecily Strong as “The Bride”… Chapter 8, when Eye mentions the Zimmerman “letter” .:. 80257792-BA77-4BC0-A7D8-8CBB3D586C29 ☝🏿 Dad jokes provided by JULES y Corona (Expand your Latitude) and Nike (bringing you Speed, Strength and Victory since the fall of them Titans). 🏀 CALIFORNIA.