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10 years EVE!!!

Out Two of Three… Bill Gates is on Centerfield, the ball from the first tag remains in play, and for those just not tuning in, Mexican Secretary of domestic Affairs, and former Supreme Court Magistrate was at the plate and Republican honcho, Richard Steele remains on the mound.

An insider tip from The Bank of America, the baseball nucleus is tightly wrapped with LOS HILOS DE SASHA y el forro con LOS CUEROS DE LA TÍAIRMA. Witt that in mind, we hope that that our non-readers keep their eye on the ball and remember that we are trying to draft a Third World Parody with the Absurdities of The First World. And since i am writing this from LA LUCHA LIBRE* we really have no other choice than to look at the following declaration as a flat world platitude (context follows).

And Louie Gilot at El Paso Times (2005-6) will probably want to know if by “Bien“, her président means “bien portado”, como México. .:. 99DE8360-E0D4-4C08-9A9F-5875CCABF6A7 ⚾️ Emmanuel Macron: “Todos los que escriben bien sirven a Francia*“.

* Sr. Presidente de la República de Francia, ahora por favor cuénteme una de Western Rodeos, porqué de antemano yo sé (pronounced José) que Francia aún no ha inventado “la charreada”.

LA OTRA CONQUISTA… follows, y tu mamá Aussi.

But FO’ist, it’s The Saturday Night BEECH-NUT Juice SHOW, with musical guest: Wilbur Harrison, and if you are wondering why the needle (SPACE) sent us back to the 1950’s, well then you need to KETCH-up with Bill Gates Chimney Mantle in Nice… and our next stop is 1959 KANSAS CITY HERE I COME

🎶🗣 Wellll You’ve HO’id about The Wacky Races; it’s kind of like those, but hooked on WaWa.

— How long have you known this fella’?

* The Faber Book of Mexican Sinema

Foreward: Télérecourse Citoyens — réponse au rappel concernant la requête non finalisée

To Whom it may concern*: 🏛

* A la atención de
https ://www .wordreference .com /fren /


* Comparer [verbe transitif: verbe qui s’utilise avec un complément d’objet direct] .:. DEA3DC76-2DD1-4FBD-863D-D3706DC9888D Il s’agit ici de comparer les copies avec les originaux, de s’assurer qu’elles sont conformes aux documents originaux.

Pour éviter la suppression de notre requête de ce procès, [Armando Segovia | Armando Serrano Prieto] nous faisons une demande à l’administrateur des archives du site « Télérecourse citoyens » afin que notre brouillon ne disparaisse pas du portail administratif de la Ville de Paris.

post-scriptum* :

Où est mon Juan Branco?

Il reste à voir si mon avocat nommé par le tribunal plaidera ma cause jusqu’à la fin de l’audience, ou s’il partira avant que le juge me dicte sa décision, en tout cas, un juriste et un avocat m’ont dit qu’il n’est pas inhabituel de faire la connaissance d’un avocat le matin avant le procès, donc pour ceci et d’autres raisons que je peux essayer d’expliquer à un professionnel du droit dans le temps qu’il faut remplir un formulaire; Je demande que l’administrateur d’archives et / ou greffier du leTribunal Administratif ne me dérange pas les erreurs orthographiques et d’accepter cette traduction internet au lieu de la loi Allgood (Toubon, loi 94-665 of 4 août 1994) et une fois de plus, s’il vous plaît ne pas effacer mon projet. S’il y a autre chose dont j’ai besoin d’être mis au courant, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.

* For the record,
“o como dicen los franceses”:

Le Solid Statut de Réfugié

[1] Le Solid Statut de Réfugié .:. EF05E30B-2AE1-4B23-B7AD-96AE128EBD7C ⚖️ Oui, nous portons « des bagages », mais pas comparable à l’invité russe qui s’est impliqué dans votre élection la plus importante de 2020. Et nous n’avons jamais demandé quelque chose que nous n’avons pas gagné. 📰 Yes, we carry some “baggage,” but not comparable to the Russian guest who got involved in your most important election of 2020. And we never asked for anything we did not earn.

[1] Actualité: Piotr Pavlenski


It remains to be seen if my court appointed lawyer will argue my case until the end of the audience, or if he or she will leave before the judge dictates his decision, in any case, both a jurist and a lawyer have told me that it is not unusual to make the acquaintence of a legal counsel on the morning before trial, so for this and other reasons which I can try to explain to a law Professional in the time that it takes to fill a formulaire; I ask that the archive administrator and/or clerk don’t mind the orthographic errors and accept this internet-based translation in lieu of the Allgood Law (Toubon, Law 94-665 of August 4, 1994) and, once again, please don’t erase my draft. If there is something else that I need to be made aware of, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

For WHAT is Worth / Pour ce que ça vaut: I might have lost  « le contrôle » of the means, but never the means to a thing called, “agency“.

FOREWARD: Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris; casi esquina con el Impasse Putigneux

Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris, j’ai reçu un message me demandant de finaliser une requête au « télérecourse citoyens »

Carlos Slim's buddies

Los Amigos de México en Francia .:. 113BE431-8352-4585-8B1D-714216769C64 🇲🇽 Versión “netflix”. Of course, if you did not go to “el KINDER” with them, or if you did not wash dishes for them, or if you did not “adhere” to the Rules of “decorum” at  “La Casa de México” en la Ciudad Universitaria de París —and most important— if you did not do “los mandados” for La Confederación de mexicanos en Europa durante los años 2012–13–14-15–16–17–y, XVIII, then it followed that you, as an « outsider » must be a SPY… today, those same fat cats, who pledged a political oath of silence during the years of EL AÑO DE MÉXICO en Francia (Versión Peña Nieto / Hollande) in exchange for getting their names as “organizers and/or producers” on an “artistic event” in France just shifted their NOMENKLATURA to the political party that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] ORIGINALLY came in 2011 to document, for that particular audacity, the leaders of Morena–Francia labeled me a spy, because of course, only THEY and only them had the Sorbonne literary criticism  degrees and the SciencesPo Seal of Approval to speak about FLORENCE CASSEZ on BFM TV (por decir*) on the third week of January of 2012. ⚖️ So, no, Mme. Juriste at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (75001) my so-called “non–integration” to your French Culture and Economy extends beyond the month of December of 2017, which the French prosecution wants to seal, as my start in the city of lights; FOR THE ARCHIVES, I lost my job here in Paris because I dared to ask questions about Mexican politics when El PRESIDENTE François “flamby” HOLLANDE and his lap-dog MANUEL VALLS used to have a MEXICAN ARMY as an official “communication / P.R.[i]” squad… [IBID^]

* … [P]or decir:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/01/25 /aplazan-audiencia-en-el-proceso-de-el-amante-de-florence-cassez/
André, A., Rissouli, K., “Conversations privées avec le président“. Chapter Seven ; pp, 48-53. «The Mexican Army », 2016 Éditions Albin Michel.

Jazz, Monsieur le président de la court is in full effect, and if you know the folcklore, you don’t need the French only law to make sense of what follows, but—öüï will comply, per the interwebs translators, et. al.



Hold the line .:. 2C5CFC10-0602-46EE-9AE5-CE676BE356DE 💾 Personne n’est en train d’effacer une putain de chose.

Conscients qu’il y a une grève générale qui met un frein à tous les services publics en France, on peut comprendre que notre demande d’aide juridictionnelle en cours pour la même affaire est au point mort ; en attendant, nous demandons que votre administrateur du télérecourse citoyens, et/ou le système n’efface pas notre brouillon pour ce processus entre la Prèfecture de Police et Bibi*.


* Bibi, https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr/yours%20truly

Inter Bandas with Luc – Deer, Danielle Democratish

Up and At’em!

It’s Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday

and in 1541, The French take it upon themselves to invent CaNaDa.

Woke as Fegluzzi

Woke as Fegluzzi, Frank Fegluzzi .:. 07E8F345-0680-48B6-B934-C1DAE6ACA064 ~_!_• Meanwhile in the You Crane channel, Rachel Glasses interviews an Eastern European plumber versed in the fixer Arts.

You think you Woke?
You best see what the best sleeping-bag paper filling in France is projecting for the next Five years, before Donald Trump follows in Vladimir Putin’s simple chess strategy to remain in power and even flip the Queen while he is at it… Oh, the humanity. As  Donald celebrates his China deal, China just moved–in on the Auto Manufacturing in Macuspana, Distrito Federal.

Öüï consider this

Öüï, Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the Préfecture de Paris, We Armando Segovia (Anglophone) / Armando Serrano PRIETO* (Castellanoparlante) considers the European Union announcement a personal milestone for u.s.,  considering that in one of your observations to kick me (yours truly) to the curb, —motherfucker— you went ahead and officially stated that we [the staff] never showed “cause” or “proved by showing” that, indeed (motherfucker) we were journalists; this Monsieur YANNICK, after your entire LAW-of-the-LAND apparatus Tapped danced to the tune of Ray Charles the fact that a VERY French general consulate in Our Lady of Los Angeles, California (more-of-her–fucker) delivered to your colleagues’ desk at the Bobigny (93000)  préfecture, my motherfucking Credentials; including one from the first French Syndicated news outlet a.k.a., AFP.

In 1870, a political cartoon for the first time symbolizes the donkey (“A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion” by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly). that The Reverend Al Sharpton will ride until Kingdom Come; source: ibid.

* Deer, Reverend Sharpton, this little green Hasterisk "PRIETO" means that Eye is BLACKER than any "latte colored Latin Socialist" and of course just as Black as you; after all Reverend Al, we both agree that "el amigo de Bill Maher", el presidente Vicente Fox is at his best a dumb–ass, and at his worst, a pedophile and/Or fascist Organization frequent donor (Legionarios de Cristo).

Öüï have NOW!, caught up with the Start of a Brand-spanking new Circus…

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn .:. BB88C619-DA50-4982-9AC6-8FB879F44B65

Senator Crenshaw is on stand–by while we [the staff] drop a “el niño” Luc at the Club de los “antiguos” algodoneros de Harlem.

Al regresar...
Ventaneando con Patty Chamois
Season: Summer Thyme
Ep: Soul


Patty Chamois picks up the trail of “The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo”, in this episode öüï find Mongo discussing and explaining a new sport to a young PRIista en Saltillo, Coahuila. Mongo was fresh from a river rapids trip (literally) at the Poudre in Fort Collins, Colorado where our hero saw the Harlem Globe Trotters vacationing and eating for the first time, the local dish from a neighboring hippie town called Boulder, the meal à degustar: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Any güey, Mongo was telling the young politician from the then ruling party, El PRI, about this pair of fags who were on a mushroom trip trying to play baseball using the Harlem Globe Trotters basketballs. Mongo never knew what happened to them two, except for a rumor that told of those two South Park fags joining up with a cult known for not drinking coffee and a ‘flair’ for Knocking on Doors in Heaven’s name, or something like D.A.T.

Dear, Victoria DeFRANCEsco Soto, meet Charlie

Fwd: Yannick ALLAIN—Chef de la section rédaction du 11éme Bureau

Bcc: 6éme et 7éme Bureau de la prefectura de París, en la Île-de-Cité; 75004.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_France

En Francia, los franceses hoy celebran el Día Internacional de la Libertad de Expresión and because we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] seen the immediate aftermath, or could physically touch persons affected by at least EIGHT of the 33 known terrorist attacks of the Second decade of the 21st Century on French soil, —we covered it.

… Please stand–by for context, because as you will not see below the plus marks öüï don’t choose the “tunes” or the news thrown at u.s., we just play’em.


Goo’Day! Today is Tuesday, January the 7th and America’s Faith (no more) is Falling to Pieces after that D.umb T.anker, Mike Pompeo (a disgrace to Distinguished Armor Technicians) sold Magic D.U.S.T. to “the americans” as a strategy to divert the attention of sycophant Senator Marco Rubio (R–FL) and other Vladimir Putin american allies.

Dear, Katty Kay

Dear, Katty Kay .:. 3629F68B-6BB9-453B-B877-DE48ABF8BFF7 👌🏽 Un Tango en milonga “It’s never enough”, period 🤘🏽And, Cousin Joe, get your OWN quotes, ya’Bum. Por Ejemplo, Willie Geist: Don’t call it a comeback, Bernie was never Gone; Witt Kasie, Sanders’ Strikes Back, —motherfuckeeers!— Lightning Bolt Optional. ✍🏽 Any güey Kasie D.C., bee careful, bee vegüi, vegüi CAREFUL, Eye has it on good authority that Cousin Joe eats babies, furtherMOORE, he relies on Michael (Steele) to bamboozle MorJo Boomers.

In other news, Ozzy Osbourne walked on the Yellow Brick Road, and then he watered the Rats at The Alamo. VIVA OZZY, fuck his stupid dumb wife…

Sincerely: IRON MAIDEN

Episode Önë

Episode Önë: She turned in a Martian .:. CED53404-8F33-4936-8BBA-9EEC7461A54F -_•!•_- All that Cousin Joe could see, was how “chunky” Baby Martian was… musical guest: The Misfits.

and in Washington, Cousin Joe is blowing a fuse and the Alabama country LAWyer is taking it out on the lovely Mika and po’Boy Willie Geist, stand-down Blind-Boy!!! —_•!•_— EYE said, “Stand Down,” boy!

Coming up on La Semana que Philippe Labró

“How does it feel?”

http ://www .rfi .fr/en/france/20191227-paris-summons-iran-envoy-academics-detention-Adelkhah-moore-gilbert-marchal

Context follows

Context on Brontis, Raphaël, and Pablo Gleason, follows —oh, but Öüï!. —_!_— Looking back, mi querido corresponsal del “proceso”, I, Armando Segovia sure is glad that my LIFE in France starts in Los Angeles, California — and not from Irán.

Seriously, Mr. Yannick à la préfecture de París (redaction), before you (by order of your Superiors) pLAy the Nanterre card, remember that it is the Methods Used, not the “regime”, be it here in Paris, or in Teheran.

Hidalgo 79019 follows

Hidalgo 75019 follows .:. ACDF4A97-C619-462C-AFCA-F55D1B896F64

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris — nº 2

nº1: ISSY, c’est une continuation de réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France, p.2 de la correspondance de 31 du octobre, 2019.

Shubi–du Bee

Shubi–du Bee Deux bee, hit Mí.:.56D4647F-AB7E-40C6-A780-2B8E806611A5 :|: Profile in chorizo.

« Monsieur Armando SEGOVIA ne justifie pas le caractère indispensable de sa présence en France », Le chief of the Paris Police.

Reply: because of a conflict of interest, which placed Mí. armando segovia, in the middle of the bloodiest body–count in Mexican territory since the 1970’s (guerra sucia) and you (préfecture) though that i was CONACYT lambiscón.

[From the start, it was made quite clear that if i was to wash dishes for a “SnootY” wanna bee frenchie, i would have [tossed salad at U.c.L.A.] instead of the Streets of le 6ème.

Monsieur le Chef de la Rédaction au 6ème bureau

Monsieur le Chef de la Rédaction au 6ème bureau.:.3B73B7CE-5437-4F22-92F1-A5F9B65E764F •|• “Algerian cock” for the fishes follows. Eye is your Gallo Pinto: pura vida 2009; actual snapshot in this particular frame is 6/11/2019.

The Yannick files… only on

BITCH, i am a gift… look it up, said Eye. But seriously, monsieur Le Préfecto de la Polizo, you make Mme. Hidalgo and the Entire cadre of Parisian lawyers look bad; as in not gOOd, let the InterWebs translator for la Loi Toubon explain:

The make–up artist

La redacción de la Sexta sección de la Prefectura de París es un maquillista de DATOS. ISSY (motherfucker) context for the fishes follows.