ACT I : Postcard from The Beaubourg


Previously on, “With All Due Respect”:

This film has not yet been rated. Viva LA France, pass the champagne 🍾.

Full disclosure.

All characters³  appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance³ to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental with what happened in a parallel dépôt groupe of the Paris Préfecture de Police à Cité, and the files of the international réseau de villes refuges (ICORN en Ingés), archived under the Paris Tourism Board files.


The relevance, Twitty Bird, is the following [wait for it after the permanence gets « logement »… In any case], Bella: Ti guardo le spalle.

But youse gonna have to check Urban Dictionary to translate that ditty.

Now talk among the fags.

³~. Including and Mine.

With that in mind, Nathalie my love 😘… BoJanGles was of course, —a fag!

Consider the above, our Pledge of Allegiance. Viva Lafrance… Now pass the bolony sandwich³.

Ye Men Eye… and Denisa Kerschova, i HO’id your ¿Qué Sacó? EYE tells you what Hairy, dump the Torino, these here STRIPES only look swell on a fastback, baby!

³~. … and Amira AL-Sharif, from the white page on the instructions to the staff of The Paris Tourism Board, youse been long enough in La France to know that when youse a captivé, all meals taste like bolony sandwiches, so grab yer’ Ketch-up, and Ms. AL–SHARIF, don’t take what follows personally, in fact, I hope that like Nathalie Piolé, you don’t read what’s in this blog.

‘cus I’m Mr. Blue… any how, if Garth wasn’t such a Red Neck, Elon Musk, we’d feature that cracker here, but because of that, instead, here’s The Lady is a Tramp.

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