Happy birthday mister Terror 👑 “Do you remember the 21st night of September?”

Fuck Chucky III… the meaning of a performance depended almost entirely on its BACKDROP 🎤 , period.

🌗… Mr. Moonlight.

Synopsis: It’s a terrible flic… and in 1961 a different kind of horror was brewing from the L’Olympia, but for now let’s get back to September of 1637 in Loudon Town in France where the motherfucking abbé d’Aubignac is about to ask the demons Levia°Than and Lo°rou if there are more Pelagians in Hell, or Donatists.

~. Ibid., but fuck it let Mí drop a ref. for the un-initiated:
Theiss, W., p. 80_82 in The Journal of The History of Ideas, Vol. 84 – n° 1, January 2023.

½  Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernERal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere ½

³~. GYPSY WimeN …
🎶 La da Dee la Dee da (5X) 🎹📺📻
… Previously on the body of the lay widdow Marie Beaulieu, d’Aubignac tried to converse with the demons (no less than SEVEN) inside of that po’WidoW, “♦ Oh, The Humanity ♦” and that ³Sorcellerie et politique sous Richelieu ³. Page 80, ibid.


« Hence, on that occasion the Pontiff referred to two of them: the Pelagian temptation and the temptation of Gnosticism. Thus it is that Francis told them, with regard to the first one, that the Pelagian temptationpushes the Church not to be humble, disinterested and blessed. And it does so under the guise of a good“. Because Pelagianismleads us to put our trust in structures, in organizations, in perfect planning, being abstract“. »

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

— 1947 Stephen King, American author and screenwriter

https ://www .vaticannews .va /es /papa /news /2018-03 /carta-placuit-deo-pelagianismo-y-gnosticismo-segun-el-papa

Page 81He later studied her body with more of the same scrutiny:

Rolling Stone Magazine présents: never mind the Negro, JANN WENNER,, and DUST MY BROOM before Donatus comes in from Libya.

When, in her exorcism on MONDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, sister Claire performed her contortions slowly and with languid mouvements, she found herself with her legs extended in a straight line, touching the EARTH with her two thighs. This is certainly difficult and painful, but not impossible. Many people even do this easily, once they PRACTICE… as an ITALIAN dancer did a hundred times in the THEATERS of PARIS, where one could observe that he had his son there, aged ten or twelve, to get him used to it.

— 1961 : Johnny Hallyday, qui vient d’avoir 18 ans, fait salle comble lors de son deuxième concert à l’Olympia

The concert hall would remain hunted by terrible rock and roll until the arrival of Trini López and some up-and-coming rosbifs who had just dropped the Silver part of Hamburg back at Capitol Records. Those chaps would of course inspire A Champagne Supernova in Lucy’s Sky or something like that! —And That’s The Way It Is, eh.

And in 1978, 🕖 Flavor Flav 🕗 sampled the 21st of September on an EARTH, WIND and FIRE beat. It soon became the official track of the infamous Virgil’s Dantenesque Purgatory tours.


! People who know, know that the abovementioned tours are guided by former employees of the Paris Tourism Board, and if you know who Stéphen Bern is, then you know that said frog has a special tour bus waiting for him just outside of the gate.

Los Hilos de Caro y la empresa de Alicia en el Paris 2

Hippo Crits, behold:

Thanks, Obama.

Across the Atlantic


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