55 + 4, is Arabic for the LV + IV {or} Louis Vuitton + Four (Billion)

Bolsas desde El Rubicon

And, Governor De Santis, sorry if i placed a space between that “de” and whatever the fuck SANTIS means, Eye knows that you ain’t no motherfucking SAINT; anyhow, here’s a little HIStory lesson for your STUPID constituents in FLORIDA.

Entre Lula y Bolsonaro hay un MALO… no se vaya, el Sazón de GOYA le da sabor a la SOPA de Camarón de Anthony Bourdain en París… no relation to KAISERSBERG, Kay.

Background information behind BAMBALINAS, the current president of México got his first political “gig” from a CIA employee in LOS PINOS, Chapultepec.

Trou story, I don’t know what it is about “soft dictators” and yatchs, but most importantly, soft dictators and THE GULF of MEXICO (1968). Long story short, the decision to annihilate the STUDENTS at La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas en La Ciudad de México, was made from a yatch floating just outside VERACRUZ.

TBC… Öüï is out of credit.

Cinéma Ré El follows.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/03/02 /politica /bartlett-confia-en-morenistas-para-aprobacion-de-reforma-electrica/

And, Mr. Conway, please relay to Mrs. Kellyanne that Señor Bartlett’s mistresses TRUST that morena-francia will approve of “HER” appartments and of course, “HER” Mercedes-es.

And, Andrea Mitchell (aka, THEE “fed’s Wife”) i don’t know if Mika’s mom raised her, {as her, hayseed-weed—Gizzard-eating-significant Number Two says} in a motherfucking BARN. Eye means, or what Öüï is trying to relay, is that ARMANDO SEGOVIA would not have cut your reporting off on account of HER Mercedes-es parts and accessories KNOT being shipped from MOTHER RUSSIA… “Oh, the humanity”… by default, ZEPPELIN goes here, on an ALL TRANSISTOR RADIO (rip).

https ://www .republicworld .com /amp /world-news /russia-ukraine-crisis /mercedes-benz-suspends-russia-exports-and-production-amid-putins-invasion-of-ukraine-articleshow .html

Cinéma RéAL en LA CFE
starring John Mill Ackerman as:
El mejor “AMIGO » de Mélenchon en FRANCIA

“Más lotes para vender, más casas, más comercios, más departamentos y… más dinero para el especulador y el inversionista, pero también más gente, más coches y menos agua, insuficiente drenaje y pésima vialidad.4

🎶 Satellite… Peeping Tom for the Mother station…

MARIO PANI en los 90’s.
Musical Track: The Dave Matthews Banda
… Bola de grifos.

JUMP from: La Jornada del día de la labor

Dear, John Mill Ackerman’s wife:

Señora Secretaria de La Función Pública, excelentísima doña doctora (Ph.D.), Irma E. Sandoval, might them stakes discovered inside of the commission for human rights in Mexico, be Trump Stakes®️?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/09/07 /tribunal-deja-firme-nombramiento-de-rosario-ibarra-en-cndh-3027 .html

Ahora bien, mis queridos CHILANGOS con palanca de sus queridos padres, —todos— no queda la menor duda, de que fueron luchadores sociales y en toda la extensión de esa frase, “sin Bargo”, como redacta esta nota de La Jornada aquí abajo, será verdad que doña Chayo* Stone también sea una iluminada por La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado? 

Note to Julianna Tattlebaum², you look great in green, period, you bring out the clorofila in all of the chaparros inmaduros¹ at the pond:

Tampico Surf & Turf

Tampico Surf & Turf 🥩 B937E687-739C-41F3-8CB8-071D9D23EA89 .:. Well, you’ve heard about Steak & Lobster… it’s KNOT one of those, Willie Geist, this here, Sir, is the Mariposa Elementary School Menu for Tuesday, September 8th of 2020…

… [A]nd in Washington, Mika goes to CHARTRES on a fact-finding mission, with musical guest:

On Technique and Tyrannies.
Jazz is so overrated

Inter•mission: JAZZ IS Sooooooo Overrated 🎺 7A761B00-841B-4BF8-85EB-62BBFFDD6011 Atentamente: La Pulpa.

1. Los Enanitos Verdes, not to BEE CONFUSED, Florence MARIE Cassez, with the Little Green Men on The Rachel Maddow Blog because that would BEE like mixing The Nazis From Natchez with La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado.

2. And starring as Florence Marie Cassez: JULIANNA TATTLEBAUM!!!

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur 🦀 0D2583A8-CBE8-4D42-BF74-456BCE12DC94 🥩 … [F]eaturing The Washington Post’s guapo, Bob Costa, as Carlitos Loret de Mola, Yeah Buddy!

Not to be outdone by Bill de Blasio…

Paris, France_ Et Si…

Courtesy of msnbc

Courtesy of msnbc .:. 7F96EBB6-6598-4F68-8033-77FC9608B881 .:. A Hamburgers in paradise productions.


True to form, Donald John Trump is complaining about a “Black Lives Matter” mural in front of the hotel where the current president of the United States hinted that he would someday, —could shoot a person and get away with it.

Happy Birthday, America

Happy Birthday, America! .:. 9F4039C4-10BE-45DF-A553-99C6EFEA309A .:. The African Diaspora and a band apart VOSTF presents: La Semana Que Philippe Labró… in association with: don’t you D.A.R.E. Shoot The Messenger productions.

At Champs Élysées, the French have already started to promote a “What if” documentary on the history that öüï go through life with, and not the history that some would hypothesize about.

At Avenida Reforma casi entrada de la Embajada de los EEUU, pues allí nomás (marchantita) nomas no sigue pasando mas que una chingada y pues para muestra un David Brooks, en Versión Original Sur con Tratados Forzados (en la letra “chiquita*”).

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /economia /2020/07/02 /trump-el-t-mec-es-201cmi-triunfo-politico201d-anuncia-visita-de-amlo -5548 .html

… but never•mind the Brooks–es–es—esos, because we [the staff] are just getting to the part of John Mill Ackerman’s Russian Television opinion spin regarding the sub-servant relation of the President of Mexico, on the occasion of being summoned by the president of them united states of America.

Fair use of all media

Fair use of all media in the overhaul of a political spin .::. 5138A7DC-8E32-4FCB-8A56-5BBF82074BD1 .::. * Dear, John Mill Ackerman, your opinion on paragraph 4 (referenced below under the Fair Use clause) leaves me wondering if you remain an American citizen or, if you just went ahead and Jim-it by going ahead and canceling your subscription to that Ivy League (☠️) heritage of yours, —doctor?


AMLO y Trump, ¶ 4:


Trump será muchas cosas, pero no deja de ser el presidente constitucional de nuestro principal socio comercial*. Mantener una buena relación diplomática con Washington, de respeto mutuo y sin subordinación alguna, es esencial para la fortaleza de la economía nacional y las relaciones internacionales de nuestra nación.

John Mill Ackerman

180° from 2020 to 2011 … Pateando Piedras

The good thing about this blog is that former Attorney General, Eric Holder, does not read it, but the best feeling about writing this sketch from Paris, France, right now, in 2020, is that we get to revisit 2011 for The PRESIDENT of the Administrative Tribunal in Paris.


*revolution .::. 3C64C2EA-FB3D-45D6-B477-C309B32F19E6 💨 “Ahhhhhh—you say you want a revolution, oh well…”, please refer to item *227, then give Mí, a call.

For the record, “Fast & Furious“ one of the very consequential political threads that lead me, Armando Segovia, to knock on the door of the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, in 2010 to see about documenting a Six–Year POLITICAL ELECTION PROCESS in Paris, during the Year of Mexico in France IS BACK IN THE NEWS.

Indeed, for all intent and purposes, it could be argued that during the Spring of 2011, the political party of the current Mexican President, Andrés M. López Obrador, was not officially constituted… but they (morena) did navigate Paris with the multi-purpose flag of a “Frente Amplio”, and the very mention of asking a question that included the words “Mexican army and Ciudad Juárez”, could and would get anybody blacklisted from “el movimiento”, which would in 2018 be renamed “La Cuarta Transformación”.

La nota de Bernardo

La nota de Pantalion Films en Santa Monica de Churubusco, California. .::. 69F1A23E-74B4-49A1-8A92-71D9C07F768C 🌬 Paragraph V: In the diplomatic scribbles, ambassador (chancellor) Ebrard pointed out that U.S. (governmental) agencies show that the operation (Fast & furious) bagan its implementation towards the end of 2009 (during the governments of Calderón and Obama).

At this point in this section of the blog it should be noted that the focus of this post will not be on the forner Attorney General of The United States and the ATF’s involvement on a Crisis called “Fast & Furious”, sorry about that; but i will revisit AMLO’s people issue with getting the Mexican army back on the streets.

Additionally, it should be noted that along with that particular presidential decree (the army on the streets) AMLO’s Foreign Relations minister (and former Hillary Clinton‘s Latino outreach go-to-guy) is requesting from THE TRUMP administration that they release all of the files and records available regarding the weapons running program Rápido y furioso. How convenient, eh‽  The government of Mexico opening old wounds to dismiss any criticism from one of the promises that got AMLO the top post in the Mexican federation, while indirectly hitting the flanks of the Obama Administration on the same 72 hours of the week when Donald John Trump is letting his personal political lawyer, attorney general William Barr, loose on a lie called “obama gate”.

Why it matters… after a nap, i’ll let you know, but before that here is a paraphrased echo from 2016:

If someone tells you that they have the Mexican vote, you better believe that MARCELO is going to fight for it.


Dangling Participles 101 • Intro to Tying the known unknowns

Robin Hood dix it!

Robin Hood dix it! So don’t go shooting the flute player, the drum beater or that guideon bearer; It’s  Time for the Brickmakers March in Emmaus, PA, via la Rue des Bourdonnais… on the msnbc’s. (You love mí, you really really love mí).

April 2011

Ras de Bol en Trocadéro meets “Estamos hasta la madre” en el Instituto Cervantes de París.

Deer, Alexis Axios — ^ The origins of los Super KaKas en la tierra de el nopal.

Forward to: Dion Rabouin

Ca-ca$$$$h-Chink .:. 7542DD34-699E-4445-921E-D605FAF66FAB 💵💶💰💸🛢🔫💡🎚⛽️🛥✈️🚂⚾️🌮🌶🍌🌵🦖🦗🎩🧶 —_•!•_—  “Just like Starting Over”, «Watching the wheels go by», ‘It’s cleanup time’— BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, plebe.

Dear, Alexis McCammond, please inform Dion “the wanderer” Rabouin that he is giving socialism a bad rap-sheet when he starts the first sentence of his profound understanding of a the “dinosaur” syndrome in politics, with AMLO as an example of socialism; to put it on a Venn Diagram for his “perspicacia”, identifying AMLO as a socialist cat is like establishing that Mike Bloomberg is a “donkey–riding” democrat; capire l’antifona? Or…

_would you prefer, Cousin Joe, if öüï [the staff] dress the 12–year Mexican candidate as a messiah and strap his holy-ass to the mexican president’s buttocks? Because don Andrés sure is acting like a Jim Jones en La Nueva Jerusalén, Michoacán, for as you know, mr. Rabouin [if that is in fact –is your real name], it’s not just “investors” that AMLO is making richer, phony evangelists are also on the ledger under “accounts payable”.

https ://es .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Nueva_Jerusalén_(Michoacán)