Entre esos tipos y yo hay algo de Serrat


Ese tal Tarres 💃🏻


🎶 Come up, sir.Cheer up.Hang the skin on the sidewalk.Geton the wooden dapple.Forgetwhat it was and how.Jump intothe magic of moving on from it all.Get, — on El  Carrusel del Furo,hop onTwo tickets for a duro 🇪🇸.

Live from, El Cabaret del Furo, it’s the “after antro” from the Serrat recital at the Albóndigas de Granaditas.

Our first act brings the story

Primer verso:
Como árbol carnal,
Mis brazos y mis manos…
Doy a los cirujanos!
Para la libertad 🧑🏻‍🎓

Algo Personal
Song by Joan Manuel Serrat

Segunda estrofa…

And, señora de Scarborough, you get a Flauta if you guess the name of Camarena’s widow… in LaLa Land her last name was Peña and she drowned Kiki’s murder in a bottle 🍾.


Context follows, but if the “leader of the free world” can so-matter-of-factly piss Samuel Adams on journalism, what is happening on ABC?

— “The Wild World of Sports” sponsored by Budweiser™️, said Slim Pickens 🤠.

Jackie Ale Many reports:

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